Alan Leo A New Factor in Education Astrology 1916

Leo, Alan; intr. De Normann, Beatrice ‘A New Factor in Education: Astrology – The Zodiac as the Basis of Temperament’ “Modern Astrology” Office, 40, Imperial Buildings, Ludgate Circus, E. C., London, 1916.

Two copies. Both copies: Original thin card covers. Copy A: (Front cover detached; chipping to outer margin and outer corners of rear cover, with further small chip lost from top edge of same; chipping to extremities of spine and upper inner corner of front cover; some shortish tears to outer margin of front cover). Copy B: (Rear cover detached; chipping to top and bottom 2 cm of spine, upper inner and outer corners of front cover; and lower inner and outer corners of rear cover; 1.5 cm tear to top edge of rear cover; staples rusty). Both copies: Staplebound pamphlet (covers, title page and final internal page of advertisements browned). [4] + 28 + [4 pages of advertisements] + [rear cover featuring 2 pages of advertisements]

About this Book Scan

Carefully scanned in full colour from one of our two copies of the 1916 first edition.

A New Factor in Education: Astrology – The Zodiac as the Basis of Temperament is an essay by Alan Leo giving succinct information on the zodiacal elements, constitutions and signs, with particular reference to their impact on children, with further succinct information on the planetary temperaments. His thesis is that those involved in educating children should have knowledge of the basic differences in temperament between them according to the dominant signs and planets in their birth charts.

Bound as a discrete pamphlet, A New Factor in Education: Astrology seems to have achieved only moderate sales, and perhaps because of its slender appearance and fragile binding, has since become one of Alan Leo’s rarest works.