Bibliography of Astrology Page 156:
Rapisarda – Reimer

Rapisarda, Stefano and Niblaeus, Erik, eds. ‘[Micrologus’ Library 65:] Dialogues among Books in Medieval Magic and Divination’[0] SISMEL – Edizioni del Galluzzo, c.p. 90, l-50023 Tavarnuzze – Impruneta (Firenze), 2014. Matt card wrappers. [1 leaf] + [2] + [p. v] + [colour plate] + [pp. ix-x] + [1 leaf] + [pp. 3-31] + [pp. 33-47] + [pp. 49-75] + [pp. 77-105] + [2 pages of tables] + [pp. 108-125] + [pp. 127-145] + [pp. 147-174] + [2 pages of tables] + [pp. 177-8] + [1 leaf] + [pp. 181-192] + [imprimatur] + 1 page of advertisements]. [Further advertisements to flaps.]

Rapoza ‘Planets of the Months: Your Lucky Stars; Astral Colours; Lucky Days; etc.’ Weldons Ltd., 30 & 31, Southampton St., Strand, W.C., London, For the Proprietor, undated[1]. Original small-format cloth (moderate wear to extremities of spine, along spine hinges, and to outer corners of boards; titles faded, especially at spine). (Rear inner paper hinge entirely split; front hinge with heavy separation but binding still hanging by a few threads for now. Heavy separation also between pp. 4-5 and pp. 38-9: both joints hanging by just a few threads and will need eventual repair.) [1] + [1 page of advertisements] +  [3 leaves] + 11 + [plate] + [pp. 13-16] + [plate] + [pp. 19-22] + [plate] + [pp. 25-30] + [plate] + [pp. 33-6] + [plate] + [pp. 39-42] + [plate] + [pp. 45-8] + [plate] + [pp. 51-4] + [plate] + [pp. 57-60] + [plate] + [pp. 63-7] + [plate] + [pp. 69-72] + [plate] + [pp. 75-8] + [plate] + [pp. 81-4]

Rasajo ‘Horary Numerology of the Turf’ Fifth Revised Edition – D. B. Taraporevala Sons & Co. Private Ltd. Treasure House of Books, 210, Dr. D. Naoroji Road, Fort, Bombay, 1961. Paper-covered boards in dj (torn across parts of spine and inner margin of front cover; heavily at upper inner corner of front cover; front flap detached but retained within; light chipping to extremities of rear flap-fold). (Previous owner’s red circles to table on p. 15.) [1] + [1 page of advertisements] + [3] + [pp. vi-vii] + 3 + [pp. 5-72] + [1] + [pp. 75-136] + [1] + [pp. 139-146]. [Dj with advertisements to rear flap and rear cover]

Rasmussen, Eskild ‘Neoastrology I: How to Make Exact and Precise Predictions’ Sky-Service, 2008

Rath, Sanjay ‘Vedic Remedies in Astrology’ Reprinted – Sagar Publications, New Delhi, 2002

Rathgeb, Marlene Masini ‘Success Signs: a Practical Astrological Guide to Career Fulfilment’ St. Martin’s Griffin, New York, 1999

Rau, Nemmara N. Krishna, (tr.)[1a] ‘Ashta Varga Phala & Ashta Varga Dasa: A handy guide book detailing all about Ashta Varga of Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, Dragon’s Head, Dragon’s Tail, Asdt and Sarwa Ashta Varga and their effects; and Five methods of Ashta Varga Dasa System of computing longevity (including Visha Kanyaka (unfortunate girls) & Vandhya (barren) Lakshana for women) and Ayur Yogas (Planetary mappings which reveal longevity) – Translated from original Sanskrit Texts by one with long practical experience in the art of predicting Major Period and Sub Period effects with the aid of Ashta Varga charts’ Second Edition (Enlarged) – Nemmara N. Krishna Rau, 345 Chandavarkar Cross Road, Matunga, Bombay-19, Oct. 1958[1b]. Original eccentrically tall large-format quarter-cloth (light wear to extremities of spine and outer corners of boards) with paper-covered boards (heavy wear to paper at top and bottom edges). Contents printed in typescript on single-sided leaves throughout. [9 leaves] + [leaves 1-82] + [2 leaves]

Rau, Nemmara N. Krishna – see also under Anonymous (60) above

Raymond de Marseille; ed. / tr. D’Alverny, Marie-Thérèse; Burnett, Charles and Poulle, Emmanuel ‘[Sources d’Histoire Médiévale Publiées par l’Institut de Recherche et d’Histoire des Textes – 40:] Raymond de Marseille Opera Omnia Tome I: Traité de l’Astrolabe; Liber Cursuum Planetarum – édition critique et traduction[2]’ CNRS Editions, 15 rue Malebranche, Paris, 2009. [4] + [pp. 7-33] + [1 leaf] + [pp. 37-45] + [pp. 47-9] + [2] + [pp. 52-111] + [pp. 113-125] + [2] + [pp. 128-233] + [1] + [pp. 236-341] + [pp. 343-5[3]] + [pp. 349-397] + [1] + [4 pages of monochrome illustrations] + [imprimatur]

Rayudu, P. V. R.[4] ‘How to Read a Horoscope: a Scientific Model of Prediction based on benefic & malefic analysis of planets & bhavas as per Hindu astrology’ Stated First Edition – Published by Narenda Prakash Jain for Motilal Banarsidass Publishers Private Limited, Bungalow Road, Delhi, 1997. Publisher’s Addenda and Corrigenda sheet laid in. Cloth in dj (light wear to top of spine and foot of front flap-fold). [1 leaf] + [2] + [pp. v-vii] + [pp. ix-xv] + 7 + [pp. 9-13] + [pp. 15-37] + [pp. 39-442]. [Advertisements to rear dj cover.]

Rechter, Christine Lorrigan ‘Electional Astrology: The art of choosing the proper birth time for an event’ Lorrigan Enterprises, Chicago, Illinois, 1975. Large-format card covers. No spine. Bound by pins between plastic edgings crimped across inner margins. Text contents printed in typescript throughout. [3 leaves] + [p. 5] + [pp. 7-25] + [pp. 26-8 of charts] + [pp. 29-31] + [pp. 32-4 of charts] + [pp. 35-43] + [p. 45] + [pp. 47-9] + [p. 51] + [4 pages of tables]

Rechter, Christine Lorrigan ‘Electional Astrology’ Revised Edition – Astro-Analytics Publications, 16440 Haynes Street, Van Nuys, California, 1979[5]. Large-format card covers. No spine. Bound by pins driven between plastic edgings crimped across inner margins (uppermost pin missing; second slightly loose). Contents after first leaf printed on single-sided leaves. (Former bookseller’s sticker to title page.) [2] + [leaves i-ii] + [leaves 1-19] + [leaves 20-3 of charts] + [leaf 24] + [leaves 25-6 of charts] + [leaves 27-9] + [leaves 30-1 of charts] + [leaf 32] + [leaves 33-6 of charts] + [leaves 37-9] + [leaves 40-2] + [leaf 43] + [leaves 44-6 of charts] + [leaf 47] + [leaves 48-9 of charts] + [leaves 50-7] + [leaf 58 on pale blue paper] + [leaf 59 of tables]

Rechter, Christine Lorrigan ‘Fine Points of Delineation’ Revised Edition – Astro-Analytics Publications, 16440 Haynes Street, Van Nuys, California, 1979[6]. Large-format card covers. Bound by pins driven between plastic edgings crimped across inner margins. Contents beyond first leaf printed on single-sided leaves. [2] + [leaf i] + [leaves 1-49] + [leaf 50 of advertisements]

Rechter, Christine Lorrigan ‘Vocational Astrology’ Lorrigan Enterprises, Chicago, copyrighted 1976. Large-format card covers. No spine. Bound by pins driven between plastic edgings crimped across inner margins. Text contents printed in facsimile typescript throughout. [2 leaves] + [2] + [pp. 7-21] + [pp. 23-7] + [pp. 29-35] + [pp. 37-42] + [p. 43 of advertisements]

Redd, Ry ‘Toward a New Astrology[6a]‘ Second Printing – Seagull Publishing Company, 4598 Broad Street, Virginia Beach, Va, December 1987[6b]. Card covers

Reed, Thomas E., M. D. ‘…Cyclic Law… – Its Influence Over Man In Both Health and Disease, – Determining The Sex. – Its Influence Upon Births, Deaths, etc.’ Thomas E. Reed, Middleton, Ohio / Editor Publishing Company[7], 1898. Original cloth (moderate wear to extremities of spine and outer corners of boards). [2] + [2 leaves] + viii + [pp. 9-136] + [folding table] + [pp. 137-167] + [1 page of advertisements for the present volume]

Reese, Gladys ‘Power Over Fate’[7a] The Fantasy Press, Los Angeles 5, California, 1956. Original card covers. [2] + [p. 3] + [pp. 5-7] + [pp. 9-96] + [rear cover backed with advertisements]

Reeves, Ricki ‘The Quindecile: the Astrology & Psychology of Obsession’ Llewellyn Publications, St. Paul, Minnesota, 2001

Regardie, Israel ‘The Golden Dawn: an Account of the Teachings, Rights and Ceremonies of the Order of the Golden Dawn – Volume 1′ The Aries Press, Chicago, 1937. Cloth (light wear to extremities of spine and outer corners of boards) in dj (chipped at extremities of spine and of flap-folds; 3.5 cm separation to foot of front hinge; small chip lost from foot of rear cover; complex tear to upper margin of same; general edge-wear). [2] + [hand-coloured frontis.] + [3] + [1 leaf] + [3] + [pp. 13-96] + [1 leaf] + [pp. 99-117] + [pp. 119-133] + [pp. 135-146] + [4-panel fold-out hand-coloured plate] + [pp. 147-151] + [4-panel fold-out hand-coloured plate] + [pp.  153-190] + [hand-coloured plate] + [pp. 191-226] + [1] + [1 leaf] + [2 pages of advertisements]

Regardie, Israel ‘The Golden Dawn: an Account of the Teachings, Rights and Ceremonies of the Order of the Golden Dawn – Volume 2′ The Aries Press, Chicago, Illinois, 1938. Cloth (light wear to extremities of spine and outer corners of boards) in dj (slightly chipped at extremities of hinges and some extremities of flap-folds; 2.5 cm chip lost from foot of front cover; scattered light edgewear). (Two insect-holes in upper edge of page block; two more in outer edge, not affecting text or strength of remaining paper.) [2] + [Frontis.] + [3] + [1 leaf] + [pp. 11-43] + [2 pages of illustrations] + [pp. 44-152] + [1 leaf] + [pp. 155-161] + [pp. 163-238] + [plate] + [pp. 239-300]

Regardie, Israel ‘The Golden Dawn: an Account of the Teachings, Rights and Ceremonies of the Order of the Golden Dawn – Volume 3′ The Aries Press, Chicago, Illinois, 1939. Cloth (moderate wear to extremities of spine; light wear to outer corners of boards). [7] + [pp. 9-78] + [1 leaf] + [pp. 81-192] + [1 leaf] + [pp. 195-276] + [1 leaf] + [1 page of advertisements]

Regardie, Israel ‘The Golden Dawn: an Account of the Teachings, Rights and Ceremonies of the Order of the Golden Dawn – Volume 4′ The Aries Press, Chicago, 1940. Cloth (moderate wear to extremities of spine; light wear to outer corners of boards). [5] + [3] + [pp. 11-109] + [1] + [pp. 112-257] + [1] + [pp. 260-368]

Reger, Karl Heinz ‘Astrologie und Handlesekunst: als Wegweiser für ihr Persönliches Leben’ Wilhelm Goldmann Verlag, München, 1985

Regiomontanus; ed. / tr. Kolev, Rumen K. ‘1459: The Horoscope of Maximilian I, Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire, Transliterated and translated into English from the Latin Manuscript Codex Vindobonensis Palatinus 5179’ Placidus Research Center, Varna, Bulgaria, 2012. This copy signed by Kolev in Varna, 27th July 2012, in personalised dedication to Graves as the original purchaser: “May you be illuminated with the secrets of the Ancient Astrology!” Textured cloth. [Pp. 1-2 on orange card] + [pp. 3-83] + [1 page of facsimile] + [pp. 85-6 of illustrations on pale blue card] + [pp. 87-124] + [pp. 125-6 of facsimile on yellow card] + [pp. 127-135 of facsimile] + [3 pages of facsimile] + [pp. 139-161 of facsimile] + [1 page of facsimile] + [pp. 163-6] + [2 pages of illustrations on orange card]

Regiomontanus – see also under [Beckstein, Ludwig, ed.]; Koch, Walter A.; Kolev, Rumen; Lorenz, Dona Marie; and Morin, Robert, above; and under Schwickert, Gustav, below

Regnicoli, Philippe ‘Cérès, la mal aimée de l’astrologie: manuel pratique visant à l’intégration de Cérès dans la pratique astrologique’, no place stated, 2008

Régny, Jane[7b]; ill. Lydis, Mariette ‘Le Zodiaque’ G. Govone, Éditeur, Paris, January 1928. Edition limited to 1100 copies, of which this is No. 1030[7c]. Separate printed slip naming the named recipient as Madame Mitzi Buzi-Quattrini retained within. Medium-format oversized plain paper covers (short tear to top edge of front cover) bound into card dj (slight chipping to top of spine). (Four pairs of leaves still joined at top edges: need separating.) [Two leaves] + [hand-coloured two-panel fold-out frontis.] + [1 leaf] + [6] + [hand-coloured plate] + [2] + [imprimatur]

Regulus Astrology LLC ‘America is Born: Introducing the Regulus USA National Horoscope’ Regulus Astrology LLC, Princeton, New Jersey, 2008

Regulus Astrology LLC ‘Rectification Manual: the American Presidency’ Regulus Astrology LLC, Princeton, New Jersey, 2007

Rehm, Albert ’[Abhandlungen der Bayerischen Akademie der Wissenschaften, Philosophisch-historische Abteilung, Neue Folge, Heft 19:] Parapegmastudien – Mit einem Anhang, Euktemon und das Buch De signis – Vorgetragen am 4. Mai 1940’ Verlag der Bayerischen Akademie der Wissenschaften, München, in Kommission bei der C. H. Beck’schen Verlagsbuchhandlung, München, 1941. Large-format oversized thin covers (chipped and torn at overhanging bottom edge of front cover; two heavy chips to bottom edge of rear cover; 4-inch tear to bottom edge of rear cover; 3-inch tear to outer edge of same; chipping and tearing to overhanging outer edge and upper outer corner of same). (All successive pages still joined at top edges; need separating.) [2 leaves] + [pp. 5-145]

[Reich, Heinrich] Cache of more than 20 original typed letters sent by Reich to Fritz Werle or vice versa during 1948-9. Loose blue folder

Reich, Heinrich, Dr. med. ‘Das Geheimnis des Tierkreises: Eine Tiefenpsychologische Begründung der Astrologie’ Otto Wilhelm Barth-Verlag GmbH, München-Planegg, 1949. Two original typed letters signed by the author and addressed to the publisher, dated 4. Mai 1949 and 14. Juni 1949, laid in. The first letter is clipped to Reich’s mock-up pictorial vision for the book cover. Also laid in, a shorter typed response to the second letter from the publisher, dated 20.6.49; and an original Tuanima Verlag[8] bookmark advertising various of the author’s products and services. Original pictorially blind-stamped cloth with gilt-stamped spine (gilt partly eroded). [1 leaf] + [2] + [pp. 7-8] + [2] + [pp. 11-60] + [2] + [pp. 63-105] + [2] + [pp. 109-150] + [2] + [pp. 153-199] + [pp. 201-216 of illustrations]

Reich, Heinrich, Dr. ‘Die Kosmische Prägung des Charakters: Leitfaden einer neuen Kosmographie für alle ernsthaften Forscher und Praktiker zugleich eine Antwort an den Kosmosophen Aramus und an Dr. Ludwig Reiners “Steht es in den Sternen?” – 12 Abbildungen – Ein Original-Kosmometer als Beilage’ TUANIMA Verlag München, 1953. Card overlay published by Tuanima-Verlag entitled ‘Psychometer’[8a] laid in. Original A4 paper covers with card spine (crudely reinforced with deteriorating wrap-around of clear tape). Contents printed in typescript on single-sided leaves throughout. (Leaves 29-33 detached from binding but joined to each other. Former owner’s copious red-pencilled annotations to diagram on leaf 18, and small marginal red mark to leaf 24. Further coloured, mostly red, pencil annotations to leaves 26-31, 34, 36 and 44; underlinings to leaf 33 and crossings-out to leaf 35.) [1 leaf] + [leaves 1-27] + [1 leaf of diagrams] + [leaves 29-31] + [1 leaf of diagrams] + [leaves 33-38] + [1 leaf of diagrams] + [leaves 39-44] + [2 leaves]

Reichel, Ute ‘[Naturwissenschaftliche Reihe Band 6:] Von Gestirnumbläuften, Talismanen und der Kunst Alchymia – Die Rolle der Astrologen an den deutschen Fürstenhöfen des 16. Jahrhunderts’ Dissertations Druck Darmstadt GmbH, Gagerstraße 10-12, Darmstadt, 1996. Outwardly lightly textured card covers. [4] + [1 leaf] + [2] + [pp. 5-193]

Reid, Chas., A.M.I.Mech.E. ‘Planetary Emotions: Your Guide to Health & Happiness’ Health Science Press, Rustington, Sussex, 1964. Small-format cloth in dj. [7] + 114 + [1 page of advertisements]. [Rear dj cover with advertisements.]

Reid, Linda ‘Astrological Synthesis: Get the Chart to Reveal its Secrets’ Canopus Enterprises Pty Ltd., for Canopus Academy of Astrology, 14 Freestone Crescent, Wynyard, Tasmania, Australia, 2006[9]. Large-format card covers. [1] + [pp. 2-104]

Reid, Linda ‘The Astrology of Relationships [Classes with Canopus Series]’ Canopus Enterprises Pty Ltd, 1 Freestone Crescent, Wynyard, Tasmania, unclearly dated[10]. Medium-large-format glossy card covers. Bound by plastic-coated spiral threaded through holes punched in inner margins. [1] + [pp. 2-65]

Reid, Linda ‘Astrology Step by Step: from Beginner to Practitioner’ Second Edition – Canopus Publications, Tasmania, Australia, 2001

Reid, Linda ‘Crossing the Threshold: the Astrology of Dreaming’ [2nd Impression] – Arkana, Penguin Group, unclearly dated[11]

Reid, Linda ‘Vocational Astrology: Classes with Canopus’ Canopus Enterprises Pty Ltd, 14 Freestone Crescent, Wynyard, Tasmania, 2004. A4-sized card covers. [1] + [pp. 2-72]

Reid, Lori ‘Moon Magic: How to Use the Moon’s Phases to Inspire and Influence Your Relationships, Home Life and Business’ Three Rivers Press, Crown Publishers Inc., 201 East 50th Street, New York, N.Y., 1998

Reid, Vera W. ‘Towards Aquarius’ Rider & Co., 68, Fleet Street, London, E.C.4, undated[12]. Cloth (very light wear to extremities of spine and outer corners of boards) in dj (1inch tear and slight chipping to top of front hinge; light chipping to top of rear hinge and upper outer corner of rear cover; very slight chipping and tearing to feet of flap-folds and of spine; wear and slight tearing to top edge of front cover). [1 leaf] + [6] + [pp. 9-111] 

Reigle, David and Reigle, Nancy ’Blavatsky’s Secret Books: Twenty Years’ Research’ Wizards Bookshelf, San Diego, California, 1999. Textured cloth (light wear to tops of spine hinges and upper outer corners of boards) with gilt titling to front board and spine. [2] + [2 leaves] + 181 + [1 page of advertisements]

Reimer, Carol A. ’Eris’  Rosebud Publications, South Huntington, NY, 2018. Glossy card covers


[0] A collection of seven scholarly essays on topics connected with mediaeval astrological and divinatory books and manuscripts

[1] Presumed within a few years before or after 1916, the date of another title by same author

[1a] No indication is given of the apparently multiple authors of the original sources translated in this text, and it is presumed that they are unknown. I have therefore credited it to the translator

[1b] Excerpts given from several reviews dated 1957 appear to suggest that as being the probable date of the original edition

[2] The main part of this book is organised with Latin source text and facing French translation. As of September 2015, Tome 2, expected to be devoted to Raymond’s Liber judiciorum, had not yet been published.

[3] There is no blank leaf present to account for the lapse in pagination between the blank [p. 346] and p. 349. The error appears to be in the pagination, since there is no evidence of any missing content

[4] Styled on the dj rear flap as “Sri P.V.R. Rayudu, B.E., M.Tech”, and described as a former Senior Scientist and Deputy Director at the Defence Research and Development Laboratory of the Government of India

[5] After the first printing of 1975, q. v. above

[6] After the first printing of 1975

[6a] On the front cover, but not on the inner title page, appears the added subtitle: ‘The Approach of Edgar Cayce’

[6b] After the first of October 1985

[7] According to the spine

[7a] The contents comprise some introductory chapters on assorted occult and divinatory topics, followed by a detailed analysis of the Sun signs in turn

[7b] A pseudonym used by the author of this brief tract, a sports fashion designer, to represent her fashion house. She is said to have earlier been a successful tennis player under her real name of Balouzet Tillard de Tigny

[7c] One of fifty, numbered from 1001 to 1050, reserved and personalised in print for friends of the illustrator. A further fifty, numbered from 1051 to 1100, were reserved for friends of the publisher. It would seem that only these hundred copies feature the hand-coloured frontis. though all have the coloured internal plate

[8] Reich’s own business. See also under “Additional items held” at the end of this catalogue

[8a] This is likely to be the ‘Kosmometer’ referred to on the title page, since it corresponds to a diagram on leaf 6, while ‘Der Kosmograph oder Psychometer’ is a heading to leaf 19; but it is not immediately clear if it was a part of a larger device, the rest of which has been lost

[9] After the original edition copyrighted 2002

[10] A print-on-demand issue via of the revised edition of 2004, after the original edition of 1995. This printing from the late 2000s

[11] Dated 1997; but it is unclear if this relates only to the first printing, as seems likely

[12] Suggested 1944 or 1946 by COPAC, with the latter appearing more definite

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