Bibliography of Astrology Page 157:
Reiner – Richer

Reiner, Erica ‘[Transactions of the American Philosophical Society Held at Philadelphia for Promoting Useful Knowledge – Volume 85, Part 4, 1995:] Astral Magic in Babylonia’ The American Philosophical Society, Independence Square, Philadelphia, 1995. Card covers. Contents printed on glossy paper throughout. [1 leaf] + [3] + [pp. vi-xiii] + 143 + [pp. 145-150]

Reiner, Erica ‘Celestial Omen Tablets and Fragments in the British Museum[1]in Maul, Stefan M., ed. ‘[Cuneiform Monographs 10:] Festschrift für Rykle Borger zu seinem 65. Geburtstag am 24. Mai 1994 – tikip santakki mala basmu…’ Styx Publications, 9704 CR Groningen, 1998. Cloth in dj. [1] + [frontis.] + [2] + [pp. v-xvii] + 7 + [pp. 9-57] + [pp. 59-69] + [pp. 71-121] + [pp. 123-5] + [pp. 127-197] + [pp. 199-213] + [pp. 215-327] + [pp. 329-341] + [pp. 343-357] + [pp. 359-377]

Reiner, Erica – see also under Rochberg-Halton, Francesca, below

Reiner, Erica, in collaboration with Pingree, David ‘[Bibliotheca Mesopotamia[2] Volume Two, Fascicle One:] Babylonian Planetary Omens Part One: Enuma Anu Enlil Tablet 63: the Venus Tablet of Ammisaduqa’ Undena Publications, Malibu, Calif. 90265, 1975. Card wrappers. [1 leaf] + [4] + [pp. 3-4] + [1 leaf] + [pp. 7-65] + [4 pages of advertisements]

Reiner, Erica, in collaboration with Pingree, David ‘[Bibliotheca Mesopotamia Volume Two, Fascicle Two:] Babylonian Planetary Omens: Part Two – Enuma Anu Enlil, Tablets 50-51’ Undena Publications, Malibu, Calif. 90265[3], 1981. Original A4-sized Undena Publications General Catalog, dated December 1980 (staplebound without covers; 18pp + order form), laid in. Also laid in, a single-sheet document densely printed in triple columns on both sides, entitled “Undena Publications: Index of Current Titles No. 6 – May 1982”, and accompanied by a separate document comprising 2 single-sized A4 typescript sheets, loosely stapled at upper inner corners, entitled “Undena Publications: Update to Index of Current Titles No. 6, December 1982”.  Card wrappers. (Former owner’s sparse blue-inked underlinings, marginal ticks and annotations to foreword and pp. [1]-3, 6-8, 10-12, 15, 19, and 21-2.) [5] + [1 leaf] + 100pp

Reiner, Erica, in collaboration with Pingree, David ‘[Cuneiform Monographs[4] 11:] Babylonian Planetary Omens Part Three[5]’ Styx Publications, 9704 CR Groningen, the Netherlands, 1998. Cloth in dj. [4] + [p. v] + [pp. vii-viii] + 54 + [pp. 56-80] + [pp. 82-102] + [pp. 104-130] + [pp. 132-141] + [pp. 143-159] + [pp.  161-7] + [pp. 169-197] + [pp. 199-208] + [pp. 210-242] + [pp. 244-257] + [pp. 259-273] + [pp. 275-290]

Reiner, Erica, in collaboration with Pingree, David ‘[Cuneiform Monographs[6] 30:] Babylonian Planetary Omens Part Four[7]’ Styx / Koninklijke Brill NV, Leiden, the Netherlands, 2005. Cloth in dj. [4] + [pp. v-ix] + 37 + [1] + [pp. 40-62] + [pp. 64-5] + [pp. 67-96] + [pp. 98-118] + [pp. 120-142] + [pp. 144-150] + [pp. 152-161] + [pp. 163-4] + [pp. 166-182] + [pp. 184-6] + [pp. 188-195] + [pp. 197-9] + [pp. 201-7] + [pp. 209-217]

Reiners, Ludwig ‘Steht es in den Sternen? Eine wissenschaftliche Untersuchung über Wahrheit und Irrtum der Astrologie’ Paul List Verlag, München, 1951. Original cloth (light wear to extremities of spine hinges and lower outer corners of boards) in dj (light chipping to extremities of spine hinges and of flap-folds; 8mm chip lost from bottom edge of front cover; further 1 cm tear to same; some surface wear to flap-folds; small holed area to inner margin of front cover). [1 leaf] + [2] + [1 leaf] + [2] + [pp. 9-201] + [5 pages of advertisements]. [Rear dj flap with advertisement]

Reinhardt, Martin ’A Nymph for Every Season’[7a] Carlyle Communications Inc., New York, 1975. Small-format card covers (lightly edgeworn; vertical crease to rear cover)

Reinhart, Melanie ‘Chiron and the Healing Journey: an Astrological and Psychological Perspective’ [5th Impression] – Arkana, Penguin Books Ltd., Harmondsworth, Middlesex, unclearly dated (date of [1989] given relates clearly to 1st impression)

Reinhart, Melanie ‘Incarnation: the Four Angles and the Moon’s Nodes’ First Paperback Edition – The Centre for Psychological Press, London WC1N, 2004

Reinhart, Melanie ‘Saturn, Chiron and the Centaurs: to the Edge and Beyond’ First Paperback Edition – CPA Press, London WC1, 2002

Reinhart, Melanie ‘[CPA Seminar Series: Volume 4] To the Edge and Beyond: Saturn, Chiron, Pholus and the Centaurs’ The Centre for Psychological Astrology Press,  London WC1 3XX, 1996. Cloth (light wear to feet of spine hinges and lower outer corners of boards). [3]+ [4] + 285 + [pp. 286-293 of advertisements]

Reinhart, Melanie – see also under Bell, Lynn, above

Reinsch, Hans H. ‘Die Dynamik des Kosmos’ Verlag Jos. C. Hüber, Diessen vor München, 1937. Original card covers (detached, but page block solidly held together by cords). [1 leaf] + [4] + [pp. 7-9] + [1] + [pp. 11-19] + [1] + [pp. 21-53] + [1] + [pp. 55-95] + [1] + [pp. 97-137] + [1] + [pp. 139-140] + [3 pages of illustrations]

Reis, Robert ’Addiction As Seen Through Astrology: An Astrological Perspective on Addiction and the Addictive Personality, Book 1 – The Planets’ No publisher or place stated, printed by Amazon, 2015. Matt card covers

Reisinger, Reiner ‘[Gratia: Bamberger Schriften zur Renaissanceforschung[8], 32:] Historische Horoskopie: Das Iudicium Magnum des Johannes Carion für Abrecht Dürers Patenkind’ Harrassowitz Verlag, Wiesbaden, 1997. Outwardly lightly textured card covers. [4] + [pp. v-vii] + [pp. ix-xi] + [p. xiii] + 117 + [pp. 119-243] + [pp. 245-305] + [pp. 307-11] + [pp. 313-339] + [2 pages of advertisements]

Reitlinger, Dr. Edmund, k. k. Professor am Polytechnikum in Wien; under Mitwirkung von Neumann, C. W.[9], und dem herausgeber Gruner, C.[10] ‘Johannes Kepler. Vier Bücher in drei Theilen. – Mit vielen Illustrationen. – Erster Theil’ Im Selbstverlag des Herausgabers. Druck und Commissions-Verlag von Carl Grüninger in Stuttgart (K. Hofbuchdruckerei Zu Guttenberg), 1868, bound with Gruner, C. ‘Kepler’s wahrer Geburtsort. Mit einer Original-Photographie des Modells seines Denkmals’ Im Selbstverlag des Herausgebers. Druck und Commissions-Verlag von Emil Ebner in Stuttgart, unclearly dated[11]. Custom half-textured cloth (light wear to extremities of spine and outer corners of boards) with paper-covered boards (patches of wear to top edge of rear board and bottom edge of front board; scattered moderate edgewear elsewhere). Apparent original title label for Reitlinger book adhered to spine. Reitlinger: Inset colour illustration to p. 24. All pages to 186 and advertisements at end in gothic script; pp. 187-224 in modern type. [Frontis.] + [2] + [1 leaf] + [pp. v-xvi] + [sepia-tinted plate] + 224 + [2 leaves of advertisements]. Gruner: Contents printed in gothic script throughout. [Sepia-tinted frontis.] + [2 leaves] + [pp. vii – xii] + [pp.  13-29]

Rejaunier, Jeanne and Horstman, Lu Ann ’Astrology for Lovers’ New English Library, 1972

Rele, Dr. V. G., L.M. & S., F.C.P.S. ‘Directional Astrology of the Hindus as propounded in Vimshottari Dasa – Part I: Theoretical, Part II: Practical’ Fifth Edition – D. V. Taraporevala Sons & Co. Ltd., Hornby Road, Fort, Bombay, undated[11a]. Paper-covered boards (wear to bottom edge of front board) in textured dj. [2] + [1 leaf] + [pp. v-vi] + 37 + [pp. 38-9 of tables] + [p. 40] + [working volvelle diagram on card, with movable central wheel] + [p. 41] + [1 leaf] + [pp. 45-127] + [pp. 128-130 of tables] + [1] + [pp. 132-140 of tables]. [Rear dj flap and cover with advertisements]

Rele, Dr. V. G., L.M. & S., F.C.P.S. ‘Directional Astrology of the Hindus as propounded in Vimshottari Dasa – Part I: Theoretical, Part II: Practical’ Sixth Edition – D. V. Taraporevala Sons & Co. Private Ltd., 210, Dr. D. Naoroji Road, Fort, Bombay-1, 1965[11b]. Paper-covered boards in dj (2 cm tear to top of rear hinge; 1.5 cm tear to top of rear flap-fold; moderate chipping to extremities of front flap-fold; some short tears to bottom edges of covers). [2] + [1 leaf] + [pp. v-vi] + 37 + [pp. 38-9 of tables] + [pp. 40-1] + [diagram on card, with movable central wheel] + [1 leaf] + [pp. 45-127] + [pp. 128-130 of tables] + [1] + [pp. 132-140 of tables]. [Rear dj flap and cover with advertisements]

Rele, V. G., L.M. & S., F.C.P.S. ‘Practical Astro-Numerology: a Planetary Guide for all Purposes’ Fourth Edition – D. B. Taraporevala Sons & Co., Ltd., 210, Hornby Road, undated[12]. Former ownership label of Mr. & Mrs. J. A. Jones, Jr. to front blank, together with label of transfer from Golden Seal Research Headquarters Research Library to Chapel of Reflection Reference Library on 20 March 1961. Original paper-covered boards in dj (light chipping to extremities of spine; moderate wear to extremities of front flap-fold). Volvelle ‘Planetary Tima-Metre’ by author adhered to front paste-down, presumed as issued. [4] + [2 pages of advertisements] + [pp. vii-viii] + 44 + [p. 45 of tables]. [Rear dj cover and flap with advertisements]

Renard, Pierre C. ‘La Révolution Solaire est commencé… ou le nouveau romantisme du Verseau: l’expérience d’une société nouvelle’ Éditions Prosveta S.A., Fréjus, 1981

Renoux, J.-L.; intr. De France, Henri, Mr. ‘Les Périodes Favorables en Rapport avec le Rythme Astrologique Individuel’ L’Auteur, 104, Avenue de Villiers, Paris XVIIe, 1950. Card covers (light wear to top of spine and towards foot of same; 1.2 cm tear along front spine hinge adjacent to staple, from which front cover is therefore detached). Singly staplebound pamphlet. [1 leaf] + [2] + [pp. 7-45] + [1 page of advertisements] + [1]

Renstrom, Christopher ‘Ruling Planets: Your Astrological Guide to Life’s Ups and Downs’ Harper Resource, HarperCollinsPublishers Inc., New York, NY, 2002. Cloth in dj. xiii + 610 pp

Renucci, Jean-François et Guiraud, Louisiane ‘Choisir l’Heure Idéal pour Agir et Réussir: Guide astrologique des heures planétaires’ Éditions de Vecchi S.A., Paris, 1991

Resnick, Irven M., ed. ‘[Brill’s Companions to the Christian Tradition[12a], Volume 38:] A Companion to Albert the Great’[12b] Koninkljike Brill NV, Leiden, the Netherlands, 2013. Matt paper-covered boards (slight creasing towards top of spine and to foot of rear hinge). [4] + [pp. v-vii] + [1 leaf] + [pp. xi-xv] + 11 + [1 leaf] + [pp. 15-67] + [pp. 69-161] + [1 leaf] + [pp. 165-219] + [pp. 221-7] + [2 pages of illustrations] + [pp. 230-3] + [2 pages of illustrations] + [pp. 236-8] + [5 pages of illustrations] + [pp. 244-7] + [2 pages of illustrations] + [pp. 250-263] + [2 pages of illustrations] + [pp. 266-7] + [pp. 269-297] + [pp. 299-379] + [pp. 381-449] + [pp. 451-505] + [pp. 507-721] + [1 leaf] + [pp. 725-757] + [pp. 759-765] + [pp. 767-833]

Reverchon, J. ‘L’Astrologie est-elle contraire à la raison?’ Éditions des Cahiers Astrologiques 15, Rue Rouget-de-l’Isle, Nice, 1949. Original thin card covers. Staplebound pamphlet. (All page gatherings still joined at top edges; pp. 13-16 and 17-20 also at outer edges; need opening.) [Front cover backed with advertisements] + [2] + [pp. 5-21] + [Imprimatur] + [rear cover featuring 2 pages of advertisements]

Reverchon, J. ‘Notions d’Astrologie: Éléments Fondamentaux d’Interprétation du Thème Natal’ Éditions Dangles, 38, rue de Moscou, Paris (VIIIe), 1946. Original thin card covers (separation to top two inches of front hinge and to parts of front inner paper hinge).  [Front cover backed with advertisements] + [4] + [pp. 7-123] + [1] + [Imprimatur] + [2 pages of advertisements] + [rear cover featuring 2 pages of advertisements]

Reverchon, J. ‘La Vérité sur l’Astrologie’ Éditions des Cahiers Astrologiques, 7, rue Condorcet, Paris, 1978. Card covers (moderate wear to spine hinges and edges of covers). [Tipped-in double-sided errata slip] + [2] + [1 leaf] + [pp. 7-9] + [pp. 11-45] + [p. 47] + [pp. 49-59] + [pp. 61-75] + [1] + [19 pages of tables] + [p. 97] + [pp. 99-103] + [p. 105] + [Imprimatur]

Reverchon, J.  see also under Gouchon, Henri, above

Revill, Joan ’The Sun Sign Reader: What Astrology Reveals About Authors, Books and Fictional Characters’ Flare Publications, London NW3, 2000. Outwardly glossy card covers

Reymond, Marie-Christine; Comte, Marcelle ‘Prédominance de la Vie Foetale dans un Thème Astrologique’ [Self-Published], Paris, 2004

Reynolds, Jane ‘The Life Blueprint’ Research Institute of Cosmobiology, Inc., Glendale, California, 1978

Reynolds, Jane ‘Natal Chart Principles’ Second Edition – Research Institute of Cosmobiology, La Canada, California, 1977  

Rhetorius the Egyptian; tr. Holden, James H., M. A., Fellow of the American Federation of Astrologers ‘Astrological Compendium, Containing his Explanation and Narration of the Whole Art of Astrology[13]’ First Published Edition[14] – American Federation of Astrologers, Inc., 6535 S. Rural Road, Tempe, AZ, 2009. Card covers. [1] + [pp. ii-vii] + [pp. ix-xiii] + [p. xv] + [pp. xvii-xx] + 193 + [pp. 195-209] + [pp. 211-5] + [pp. 217-222] + [imprimatur]

Rhetorius the Egyptian – see also under Antiochus, above

Ribémont, Bernard, ed. ‘[Collection “Sapience”[15]:] Observer, Lire, Écrire le Ciel au Moyen Age: Actes du Colloque d’Orléans 22-23 avril 1989’ Éditions Klincksieck, 11, Rue de Lille, Paris, 1991. Card covers (light wear to extremities of spine hinges and outer corners of front cover).  [4] + [pp. 3-5] + [pp. 7-61] + [pp. 63-99] + [pp. 101-113] + [pp. 115-239] + [pp. 241-270] + [pp. 271-281 of monochrome illustrations and photographs] + [pp. 283-313] + [pp. 315-6] + [imprimatur]

Richard, Jean-François ’Bourse: Ce qu’anticipent les astres jusqu’en 2010’ Éditions du Rocher, 28, rue Comte-Félix-Gastaldi, Monaco, février 2005. Outwardly glossy card covers

Richard of Wallingford – see under North, J. D., above

Richards, George ’What’s Yours?’[15a] Macrae Smith Company, Philadelphia, 1929. Original cloth (light wear to extremities of spine hinges and some outer corners of boards) in illustrated dj (chipped at extremities of spine and of flap-folds).  [1 leaf] + [2] + [pp. 5-9] + [pp. 11-143]

Richardson, Dale ‘Plutonian Phoenix’ American Federation of Astrologers, Inc., Washington D.C., 1974

Richer, Jean ‘L’Astrologie: Source d’Inspiration: de Hugo à Lorca: Psychologie, Astrologie & Littérature’ Guy Trédaniel Éditeur, Paris, 1996

Richer, Jean ‘Géographie Sacrée dans le Monde Romain’ Guy Trédaniel, Éditeur / Éditions de la Maisnie, 76, rue Claude-Bernard, Paris, dated 1985. Card wrappers (traces of surface wear towards extremities of front spine hinge; barcode label adhered to rear cover). (Creases across lower outer corners of leaves comprising pp. 401-8.) [7] + [pp. 11-19] + [2 pages of illustrations] + [pp. 22-27] + [map] + [pp. 29-57] + [double-page map] + [pp. 60-190] + [2] + [pp. 193-291] + [1 leaf] + [p. 295-462] + [imprimatur]

Richer, Jean ‘Lecture Astrologique des Pièces Romaines de Shakespeare: Titus Andronicus, Jules César, Antoine et Cléopâtre, Coriolan’ Guy Trédaniel, Éditions de la Maisnie, 76 rue Claude-Bernard, 75005 Paris, 1984. Card covers (light wear to top of spine and upper outer corner of front cover). [4] + [pp. 7-9] + [pp. 11-25] + [pp. 27-94] + [imprimatur]

Richer, Jean ‘Théâtre et Astrologie: Prestiges de la Lune et Damnation par les Étoiles dans le Théâtre de Shakespeare’ Société d’Édition “Les Belles Lettres”, 95 bd Raspail – 75006 Paris, 1982. Card covers (some staining to rear cover). [4] + [pp. 3-51] + [pp. 53-103] + [2] + [pp. 106-119] + [imprimatur]

Richer, Jean; tr. Rhone, Christine ‘[SUNY Series in Western Esoteric Traditions:] Sacred Geography of the Ancient Greeks: Astrological Symbolism in Art, Architecture and Landscape’ State University of New York Press, Albany, 1994. Two copies in different bindings. Copy A: Paper-covered boards (moderate wear to extremities of spine and outer corners of boards). Copy B: [2nd Impression[16]]. Card covers. Both copies: [4] + [pp. v-ix] + [p. xi] + [1] + [pp. xiii-xxv] + [pp. xxvii-xxix] + [pp. xxxi-xli] + 27 + [pp. 29-37] + [pp. 39-51] + [pp. 53-71] + [pp. 73-89] + [pp. 91-107] + [pp. 109-125] + [2 pages of photographs] + [pp. 128-183] + [pp. 185-195] + [pp. 197-223] + [pp. 225-237] + [pp. 239-257] + [p. 259] + [pp. 261-299] + [pp. 301-319]

Richer, Jean – see also under Engel Johann, above


[1] Comprises pp. 215-302 of the present volume, which also contains seventeen other, mostly short, studies by different scholars, and a bibliography of the works of R. Borger

[2] A series edited by Giorgio Buccellati, subtitled: “Primary sources and interpretive analyses for the study of Mesopotamian civilization and its influences from late prehistory to the end of the cuneiform tradition”

[3] A further credit reads: “Published under the Auspices of IIMAS: The International Institute for Mesopotamian Area Studies”.

[4] A series of publications edited at this time by T. Abusch, M. J. Geller, Th. P. J. van den Hout, S. M. Maul and F. A. M. Wiggermann

[5] This volume presents a transcription and English translation of the surviving Venus omens in tablets other than those in Tablet 63, which were previously presented in Part One, q. v. above. In particular, the omens featured in the Enuma Anu Enlil Tablets 59 and 60 are presented here.

[6] A series of publications whose overall managing editor at this time is Geerd Haayer, and whose other editors are T. Abusch, M.J. Geller, M.P. Maidman, S.M. Maul and F.A.M. Wiggermann

[7] This volume presents a transcription and English translation of the surviving tables of Jupiter omens, especially those comprising the Enuma Anu Enlil Tablets 64 and 65.

[7a] A work of popular romance fiction testifying to the widespread permeation of zodiac sign consciousness into the culture of the United States during the 1970s. The writing appears adult-oriented and follows the adventures of a young man dating representatives of each of the Sun signs

[8] A series of publications directed by Dieter Wuttke, “in Verbindung mit Stephan Füssel und Joachim Knape”

[9] “k. bayer. Hauptmann in Regensburg; Inhaber der k. k. österr. großen goldenen Medaille für Kunst und Wissenschaft; Mitglied mehrerer historischen Vereine”

[10] “k. württ. Ober-Justiz-Revisor in Ulm; Geschäftsführer beim Kepler-Denkmal; Inhaber des k. bayer. Verdienst-Ordens vom heil. Michael, des k. k. österr. Franz-Joseph- und des k. preuß Kron-Ordens”

[11] The preface is dated 6. März, 1866, but there is no publication date provided. However, the DNB records 1866, agreeing with the preface

[11a] Advertising on the rear dj cover for Jupiter’s ‘For the Stars Foretell’ shows cannot predate 1960. Presumed 1960 or very early 1960s. After the original edition of 1924, revised second edition in 1935, and undated third and fourth editions

[11b] The original edition was published in 1924, with the revised second edition in 1935, according to library records. The third and fourth editions are unclearly dated, with some library records giving them the same year as the second, but this is likely to be false. No public library records for the fifth edition (q. v. above) could be found at the time of writing.

[12] Library records show that the first edition was published in 1943 and the sixth in 1965, so this one is guessed at having been published approximately in the 1950s

[12a] Subtitled ‘A series of handbooks and reference works on the intellectual and religious life of Europe, 500-1800’, this series was edited at this time by Christopher M. Bellitto of Kean University

[12b] This volume consists chiefly of a compilation of essays by different scholars on the theology (pp. 15-161) and philosophy (pp. 165-721) of Albertus Magnus. There are four essays in the theology section and 13 in the philosophy section, with the last of these, on metaphysics, itself being subdivided into 13 shorter essays by different scholars. An epilogue entitled ‘Albert’s Contributions to or Influence on Vernacular Literatures’ (pp. 725-757) concludes the main text. The philosophy section includes three successive chapters comprising over 100 pages on Astronomy, the Speculum Astronomiae, and Astrology and Magic

[13] According to Holden, this work can be inferred as having been written at the beginning of the sixth century A.D.. Holden’s translation is taken chiefly from CCAG VIII.4, partly from CCAG II, partly from an appendix to David Pignree’s edition of the Arabic verison of Dorotheus of Sidon, and partly from a draft of chapters 108-112 of David Pingree’s unpublished Greek critical edition of the text of Dorotheus

[14] The present volume is said to contain the fourth edition of the translation. The previous editions were circulated privately in 1985, 2000 and 2005

[15] A series of publications focused on the middle ages, directed by the present editor, Bernard Ribémont

[15a] A unique popular astrology work giving separate character readings for every calendar day of any month, without reference to the month. The delineations are said to be based on the ’Sunrise figure’ for each day of the calendar month, thus to be astrological and not numerological. The unpromising, keyword-deficient title would appear to suggest that it was marketed at the non-astrological mass-public who might otherwise have been put off by obviously astrological references in it., and that the author did not particularly wish to have his work critiqued by astrologers, although the front flap of the dust jacket bills the book as a ‘Book of Horoscopes’ – which mention is not made in the book itself

[16] This is apparent from the line of numbers at the foot of the title page, besides the fact that it is a paperback edition whereas the first copy held, from the original printing, is a hardback

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