Bibliography of Astrology Page 89:
Hodges – Horicks

Hodges, Henry Clay; rev. / ed. Howard, G. Hamilton, of the Detroit Bar ‘Two Thousand Years in Celestial Life. Introduction to Science and Key of Life; Manifestations of Divine Law. [Received through Psychic Telegraphy.] Autobiography of Clytina; Born in Athens, 147 B. C. Passed to Celestial Life, 131 B. C.’ Published by Astro Publishing Company, Hodges Building, Detroit, Michigan, U. S. A., 1901. Cloth (wear to foot of spine and outer corners of boards; moderate wear to top of spine and bottom edges of boards). [Frontis.] + [2] + [pp. iii-xiv] + 64 + [plate] + [pp. 65-108] + [colour plate] + [pp. 109-146] + [1 leaf] + [pp. 147-201]

Hodges, Henry Clay – see also under Alvidas, above

Hodgson, Joan ‘Astrology: the Sacred Science: a Spiritual Perspective’ The White Eagle Publishing Trust, New Lands, Liss, Hampshire / CRCS Publications, Sebastopol, California, 1990

Hodgson, Joan; ill. Clarke, Margaret ‘Planetary Harmonies: an Astrological Book of Meditation’ The White Eagle Publishing Trust, Liss, Hampshire, England, October 1980. Cloth with gilt emblem to front board and titling to spine, in dj. Many singly colour-tinted illustrations within. [1] + [1 page of advertisements] + [2] + [1 leaf] + 145 + [pp. 147-151] + [spacer] + [2 pages of advertisements]. [Advertisement to dj rear cover]

Hodgson, Joan ‘Reincarnation through the Zodiac’ First American Edition – CRCS Publications, Vancouver, Washington, 1978

Hodgson, Joan ‘The Stars & the Chakras: the Astrology of Spiritual Unfoldment’ The White Eagle Publishing Trust, New Lands, Liss, Hampshire, September 1990. Cloth in dj (light wear to extremities of flap-folds). [1 leaf] + [2] + [pp. v-vii] + [pp. 9-15] + [pp. 17-191] + [1 page of advertisements]. [Advertisements to rear dj flap.]

Hodgson, Leoni ’Astrology of Spirit, Soul and Body: a Handbook for Esoteric Astrology’ No publisher or place stated, November 2018[1]. Glossy card covers

Hodgson, Leoni ’Medical Astrology: Discovering the Psychology of Disease using Triangles – the Rays, the Signs, the Planets, the Chakras’ No publisher or place stated, undated[1a]. Large-format outwardly glossy card covers. [1] + [pp. ii-iv] + [1] + [pp. vi-ix] + 7 + [leaf 9] + [pp. 11-25] + [pp. 27-51] + [pp. 53-93] + [pp. 95-216] + [imprimatur]

Hodgson, Leoni ’The Spiritual Evolution of Nations: Astrology, Eclipses, Stars & Planet Transits’ No publisher or place stated, copyrighted April 2021[1b]. Outwardly glossy card covers

Hoefer, Edmund ‘Goethe und Charlotte von Stein (fortsetzung und Schluß)’ No publisher or place stated, Juni 1870[1c]. Custom paper covers. [Pp. 244-272]. (Some previous owner’s small red-inked marginal marks.)

Hof, Dr. phil. W; Schäck, E., Dipl. Astrologin ‘[Astrologische Universal Harmonien[1d], Sonderdruck No. 72:] Rationale Astrologie: Exakte Deutung der Konstellationen’ 2. Auflage – Baumgartner-Verlag, Schnega-Warpke, undated[2]. Original card covers. [2] + [pp. 3-91]

Hoffman, Mary Elizabeth ‘An Introduction to Karmic Galactic Astrology’ Revised – Alma Tara Publishing, Blaine, WA, 1995[3]. Large-format card covers (light wear to inner corners; some scurffing to centre of front cover, and patch of adhesive residue from removal of former price sticker). Bound by plastic comb threaded through holes punched in inner margins. Most text printed in dual columns. [1] + [pp. 2-3] + [pp. 5-7] + [p. 9] + [p. 11] + [p. 13] + [pp. 15-19] + [pp. 21-3] + [pp. 25-47] + [pp. 49-68] + [1 leaf of advertisements] + [13 further pages of advertisements]

Hoffmann, Georg ‘SMA Tabelle: Sternzeit-Meridian-Aszendent – Tabelle’ Ebertin-Verlag, D-7080 Aalen / Württ., Tulpenweg 15, Germany, 1972[4]. 4-page printed flyer for the book ‘Proportions-Logarithmen’ by Walter Koch and Elizabeth Schäck laid in[5]. Textured card covers. (Small red-inked note to p. x.) [1 leaf] + [2] + [pp. v-xxiv] + [pp. 1-181 of tables] + [p. 182]

Hoffmann und Ebertin, E. ‘Sternenwandel und Weltgeschehen 1928[6]: Aktuelle astro-politische Zwiegespräche und Prophezeiungen über die nächste Zukunft’ 1. – 5. Tausend – Gesellschaft für Bildungs- und Lebensreform, Kempten im Allgäu, 1927. Original textured thin card covers. Contents printed in gothic script throughout. (Contains former owner’s red marginal circular stickers to quite a few pages.) [Front cover backed with advertisements] + [2] + [1 leaf] + [pp. 5-70] + [2 pages of advertisements] + [rear cover featuring 2 pages of advertisements]

Hofman, Oscar ‘Classical Medical Astrology: Healing with the Elements’ The Wessex Astrologer, 2009

Hofman, Oscar ‘Fixed Stars in the Chart: Constellations, Lunar Mansions and Mythology’ The Wessex Astrologer Ltd., Swanage BH19, 2019. Matt card covers

Hofman, Oscar ’The Lunar Mansions Guide: Rediscovering the Western Lunar Zodiac’ The Wessex Astrologer Ltd., Swanage BH19, 2022. Outwardly glossy card covers

Hogue, John ’Nostradamus, a Life and Myth – the First Complete Biography of the World’s Most Famous and Controversial Prophet’ [3rd Impression] – Element, an imprint of HarperCollinsPublishers, 77-85 Fulham Palace Road, Hammersmith, London W6, unclearly dated[6a]. Cloth with silver titling to spine, in dj. (Remains of former library lending label adhered to top of ffep. [6] + [1 leaf] + [pp. ix-xviii] + 222 + [8 pages of plates] + [pp. 223-444] + [1 page of advertisements]

Holden, James Herschel, M.A., Fellow of the American Federation of Astrologers; tr. / ed. ‘Five Medieval Astrologers: an Astrological Miscellany[7]’ First Printing – American Federation of Astrologers, Inc., 6535 S. Rural Road, Tempe, AZ 85283, 2008. Card covers. [1] + [pp. ii-iii] + [pp. v-vii] + [1 leaf] + [pp. 3-11] + [1] + [pp. 13-65] + [1 leaf] + [pp. 69-87] + [2 leaves] + [pp. 93-106] + [1 leaf] + [pp. 109-123] + [2 leaves] + [pp. 129-153] + [Imprimatur]. Contents comprise:

  • Albumasar ‘The Book of Flowers, Translated from the 12th Century Latin Edition by John of Seville’[8];
  • [Pseudo-Ptolemy] ‘Ptolemy’s Centiloquy, Translated from the Greek’[9];
  • [Hermes Trismegistus, attrib.] ‘The Centiloquy of Hermes Trismegistus’[10];
  • [Bethen, attrib.] ‘The Centiloquy of Bethen’[11];
  • [Almansor] ‘The Propositions of the Astrologer Almansor to the King of the Saracens’[12]

Holden, James Herschel, M.A. ‘Biographical Dictionary of Western Astrologers’ American Federation of Astrologers, Inc., Tempe, AZ, 2013

Holden, James Herschel, M.A., Fellow of the American Federation of Astrologers ‘A History of Horoscopic Astrology from the Babylonian Period to the Modern Age’ Stated First Printing – American Federation of Astrologers Inc., 6535 S. Rural Road, Tempe, AZ 85285, 1996. Card covers. [2] + [pp. iii-xv] + 9 + [pp. 11-97] + [pp. 99-181] + [pp. 183-259] + [pp. 261-277] + [pp. 279-283] + [pp. 285-311] + [pp. 313-357] + [p. 359]

Holden, James Herschel, M.A., Fellow of the American Federation of Astrologers ‘A History of Horoscopic Astrology from the Babylonian Period to the Modern Age’ Second Edition – American Federation of Astrologers Inc., 6535 S. Rural Road, Tempe, AZ, 2006. Card covers. [2] + [pp. iii-ix] + [pp. xi-xvii] + 9 + [pp. 11-155] + [pp. 157-327 + [pp. 329-373] + [p. 375] + [imprimatur]

Holden, James Heschel – see also under Abu ‘Ali Al-Khayat; and Firmicus Maternus, Julius, above; and under Masha’allah; Morin, Jean-Baptiste (multiple titles); Paul of Alexandria; Porphyry the Philosopher; Rhetorius the Egyptian; and Sahl Ibn Bishr, below

Holden, James H. and Hughes, Robert A. ‘Astrological Pioneers of America’ American Federation of Astrologers Inc., 6535 South Rural Road, Tempe, Arizona 85282, 1988. Card covers. Contents printed in a very small equal-spaced font throughout. [1] + [p. ii] + [3] + [pp. 7-11] + 237

Holden, Ralph William, B.Tech., B.D., Th.L., D.F. Astrol. S. ‘The Elements of House Division’ L. N. Fowler & Co., Ltd., 1201 / 1203 High Road, Chadwell Heath, Romford, Essex, 1977. Card covers. [1 leaf] + [2] + [pp. 5-6] + [2] + [pp. 9-14] + [3 pages of diagrams] + [pp. 18-136] + [1 leaf] + [pp. 139-144] + [1] + [illustration] + [pp. 147] + [1] + [illustration] + [pp. 150-3] + [pp. 155-7]

Holiday, Katie ’Primer for Natal Chart – Midnight Ephemeris’ American Federation of Astrologers, Inc., Tempe, AZ, 1980. Large-format card covers (1 cm tear to foot of spine; former bookseller’s barcode label adhered to rear cover). Main text contents in equal-spaced font. [4] + [pp. iii-iv] + [1] + 93 + [pp. 94-7 of tables] + [pp. 98-105]

Holiday, Katie ‘Primer for Secondary Progressions’ American Federation of Astrologers, Inc., Tempe, AZ, 1980. Large-format card covers (former bookseller’s sticker to inside of front cover). [6] + 69

Holley, Germaine ‘Astrologie: Au-Delà de la Rencontre’ Éditions du Rocher, Monaco, 1989

Holley, Germaine ‘Astrologie: Dynamique de l’Évolution’ Éditions du Rocher, Monaco, 1984

Holley, Germaine ‘Pluto Neptune, including analysis and interpretation of Pisces duality’ Samuel Weiser Inc., New York, N. Y., 1974

Holley, Germaine ‘[Astrologie Expérimentale:] Rythmes Cosmiques et Destinée Humaine’ Villain et Belhomme – Éditions Traditionnelles, 9, 11, Quai Saint-Michel, Paris, 1975. Card covers. (Leaf commencing p. 85 still joined to following leaf at top edge; needs separating.) [2] + [pp. 2-5] + [1] + [1 leaf] + [pp. 9-43] + [1 leaf] + [pp. 47-66] + [1 leaf] + [pp. 69-85] + [1] + [Imprimatur]

Holley, Germaine – see also under Vouga, Charles E., below

Hollins, David ‘Horoscopes of 100 Great Horses[,] Containing Rules for Determining the Speed, Gait and Sex’ The Democrat-News Press, Warren, Ark., 1915. Textured paper covers (heavily chipped at spine and at overhanging outer margins where they were cut too wide for the page block beneath). [2] + iv + [100] + [pp. 101-149] + [Perforated leaf featuring form to be filled in and returned to the author, stamped ‘No. 183’ in an apparent attempt to individually track his responses.]

Holmes, Tiffany ‘How to Transform Your Life with Astrology (even if you don’t know when you were born!)’ American Federation of Astrologers, Inc., Tempe, Arizona, 1986

Holmes, Tiffany ‘On the Ascendant: Self-Awareness is Only the Beginning’ American Federation of Astrologers, Inc., Tempe, AZ, 1986

Holmes, Tiffany ’Woman’s Astrology: Your Astrological Guide to a Future Worth Having’ Stated First Edition – E. P. Dutton & Co., Inc., New York, 1977. Cloth in dj (light wear to top of spine and extremities of flap-folds). (Separation between pp. 96-7, but backstrip holding.) [1 leaf] + [2] + [3 leaves] + [pp. xi-xvi] + [1 leaf] + [pp. 3-85] + [1 leaf] + [pp. 89-152] + [1 leaf] + [pp. 155-232] + [1 leaf] + [pp. 235-301]

Homan, Frank ‘Energy in Astrology’ [Self-Published], no place stated, 1978. This copy signed by author to unnamed recipient to title page: “Thanks much for coming to the Lecture. Glad to see you again. Love, Frank”. Partly filled-in sheet of chart blanks labelled in print “Copyright 1977, Aquarian Ventures” laid in. Large-format (wider than A4) card binder. Bound by metal clasps threaded through holes punched in inner margins of extended cover flaps underlying covers. Contents printed on single-sided leaves throughout, in typescript. [6 leaves] + [leaves 1-6 of tables] + [leaves 1-3 of tables]

Hon, Tze-ki, ed. ’[Prognostication in History[13], Volume 8:] The Other Yijing: The Book of Changes in Chinese History, Politics, and Everyday Life’[13a] Koninklijke Brill NV, Leiden, the Netherlands, 2022. Matt paper-covered boards. [4] + [1 leaf] + [pp. vii-viii] + [1] + [pp. x-xv] + 19 + [1 leaf] + [pp. 23-122] + [1 leaf] + [pp. 125-220] + [1 leaf] + [pp. 223-254] + [pp. 255-267 of tables] + [pp. 268-301] + [pp. 303-7]

Hone, Margaret E., D.F.Astrol.S., Vice-President of the Astrological Lodge of London; Vice-Principal of the Faculty of Astrological Studies ‘Applied Astrology: Companion Book to the Modern Text-Book of Astrology’ Third Impression – L. N. Fowler & Co. Ltd. 15, New Bridge St., London, E.C. 4, 1968. Cloth in dj (very slightly worn at top of spine). [1 leaf] + [2] + [p. v] + [pp. vii-viii] + [pp. 9-24] + [fold-out chart] + [pp. 25-70] + [fold-out chart] + [pp. 71-119]

Hone, Margaret E., D. F. Astrol S., Vice-President of the Astrological Lodge of London, Vice-Principal of the Faculty of Astrological Studies ‘The Modern Text Book of Astrology’ L. N. Fowler & Co., Ltd., 29 Ludgate Hill, E. C. 4, London[13b], undated[14]. Cloth (moderate wear to extremities of spine hinges, outer corners of boards, and parts of lower edge of front board) in dj (light wear to top of spine; slight chipping to top of rear flap-fold). [4] + [pp. v-vi] + [1] + [p. ix] + [p. xi] + [pp. 13-107] + [table] + [pp. 109-117] + [table] + [pp. 119-199] + [1] + [fold-out chart] + [pp. 201-222] + [fold-out chart] + [2] + [2-panel fold-out chart] + [pp. 223-314] + [1] + [pp. 317-320]

Hone, Margaret, D. F. Astrol S., Principal of the Faculty of Astrological Studies, 1954 – 1969 ‘The Modern Text Book of Astrology’ Revised [Fifth] Edition, L. N. Fowler & Co., Ltd., 15 New Bridge St., London, E.C.4, 1972. Cloth in dj (light tearing to extremities of spine and tops of flap-folds). [4] + [pp. v-vii] + [1] + [pp. ix-xii] + [pp. 13-200] + [2-panel fold-out chart] + [pp. 201-222] + [2-panel fold-out chart] + [2] + [2-panel fold-out chart] + [pp. 223-315] + [pp. 317-20]

Honigmann, Ernst ‘Die Sieben Klimata und die ΠΟΛΕΙΣ ΕΠΙΣΗΜΟΙ: Eine Untersuchungen zum Geschichte der Geographie und Astrologie im Altertum und Mittelalter von Ernst Honigmann, mit Unterstützung der Notgemeinschaft der Deutschen Wissenschaft und des Forschungsinstituts für Geschichte der Naturwissenschaften’ Carl Winter’s Universitätsbuchhandlung, Hedelberg, 1929. Original card covers (two-inch split down centre of top of spine, with some further adjacent minor tearing). (Top page edges of most gatherings and outer edges of many still unopened; need opening.) [3] + [2 leaves] + 247pp + [rear cover featuring 1 page of advertisements]

Hooke, S. H.[15] ‘Babylonian and Assyrian Religion’ University of Oklahoma Press, Norman, 1963[16]. Cloth in dj (light wear to extremities of spine and of front flap-fold). [1 leaf] + [2] + [pp. v-vii] + [p. ix] + [pp. xi-xv] + [1 leaf] + [pp. 3-48] + [2 pages of plates] + [pp. 49-64] + [2 pages of plates] + [pp. 65-131] + [imprimatur]

Hopewell, Joyce ‘Aspect Patterns in Colour’ HopeWell, Knutsford, Cheshire WA16, 2010. Card covers. Contents printed with colour illustrations throughout

Hopewell, Joyce and Llewellyn, Richard; ed. Hopewell, Barry; ill. Burton, Annabel ’The Cosmic Egg Timer – Astrological Psychology: an Introduction to the Huber Method’ HopeWell, Knutsford, Cheshire WA16, 2014. Glossy card covers

Hopewell, Joyce; ed. Hopewell, Barry ’The Living Birth Chart – Astrological Psychology: a Practical Workbook’ HopeWell, 130 Grove Park, Knutsford, Cheshire WA16, 2008. Glossy card covers

Hopewell, Barry and Joyce ’Piercing the Eggshell: the Hubers and their Astrological Psychology’ HopeWell, 130 Grove Park, Knutsford, Cheshire WA16, 2020. Outwardly glossy card covers

Hopewell, Joyce; ed. Hopewell, Barry ’Using Age Progression: Understanding Life’s Journey’ HopeWell, 130 Grove Park, Knutsford, Cheshire WA16, 2014. Glossy card covers. Contents printed with colour headings and illustrations throughout

Hopper, Vincent Foster, Assistant Professor of Literature, New York University School of Commerce, Accounts and Finance ‘[Columbia University Studies in English and Comparative Literature Number 132:] Medieval Number Symbolism: its Sources, Meaning, and Influence on Thought and Expression’ Columbia University Press, Morningside Heights, New York, 1938. Cloth (trace of wear to extremities of spine). [1 leaf] + [3] + [pp. vii-xii] + [1 leaf] + [2] + [pp. 3-201] + [pp. 203-211] + [pp. 213-241]

Hoppmann, Jürgen G. H. ’Astrologie der Reformationszeit: Faust, Luther, Melanchthon und die Sternedeuterei, Mit kompletten Horoskopdeutungen aus der Astronomia Teutsch von 1580’ Verlag Clemens Zerling, Berlin, 1998. Cloth-effect paper-covered boards. [4 leaves] + [pp. 7-220] + [1 leaf]

Hoppmann, Jürgen G. H., ed. ‘Melanchthons Astrologie: Der Weg der Sternenwissenschaft zur Zeit von Humanismus und Reformation – Katalog zur Ausstellung vom 15. September bis 15. Dezember 1997 im Reformationsgeschichtlichen Museum Lutherhalle Wittenberg[16a]‘ Drei Katanien Verlag, Wittenberg, 1997. A4 card covers. Contents printed on glossy paper throughout. Main text contents in triple columns. [1 leaf] + [5] + [pp. 8-126] + [1 page of advertisements].

Horicks, Louis – see also under Privat, Maurice, below

Horicks, L. et Michaux, H. (Spica), Diplômés de l’Institut de Recherches Astro-Dynamiques de Belgique; Collaborateurs à la Revue “Demain”; Fondateurs des Soirées Astrologiques de Bruxelles; Membres de la Société Belge d’Astronomie et de Physique du Globe; Membres de la Société d’Études Psychiques de Nice ‘Traité Pratique d’Astrologie Mondiale: Significations des Signes zu Zodiaque, des Planètes, des Conjonctions et Aspects planétaires, des Nouvelles-Lunes et Planètes dans les Signes, des transmissions d’aspects lourds (échéances mondiales), des cycles, des Maisons (pour la mondiale et les sociétés), des Maisons dérivées, des Nouvelles-Lunes et des Planètes dans les Maisons. Diagramme des civilisations depuis -2600 (Chaldéens) jusqu’à +2386’ Édition des “Soirées Astrologiques”, 1, Place Quetelet, Bruxelles[17], 1941. Two 8-panel large fold-out ephemeris graphs and one 4-panel wide fold-out ‘Diagramme des civilisations de -2.600 à + 2.400’ laid in, as issued.[18] Original card covers. [1 leaf] + [3] + [1 leaf] + [pp. 9-11] + [pp. 13-17] + [pp. 19-21] + [pp. 23-131] + [pp. 133-145] + [pp. 147-215] + [pp. 217-8] + [Imprimatur]

Horicks, L. et Michaux, M.  – see also under Spica – Cappella, below


[1] A print-on-demand publication, this copy printed June 2021

[1a] A print-on-demand publication; this copy printed February 2021

[1b] A print-on-demand publication; this copy printed 2022

[1c] A custom binding of an article extracted from [Westermanns] Illustrutierte Deutsche Monatshefte. The last part of the previous article and the first part of the next one are also included. An online index for the magazine dates them to 1878, and identifies the issue number as 261. The article began in Issue 260. A book by Hoefer with the same title as the article also appeared that year

[1d] The series name is not printed, but “Sonderdruck” is, in this issue

[2] This edition is not found in library records, but internal evidence indicates its publication in 1981. The original 48-page edition bearing a different subtitle would appear from DNB records to have been self-published by the authors in 1968. The foreword to the present expanded edition indicates that it was published a year after Schäck’s death in 1980, having been worked on by her together with Hof during her lifetime

[3] After the original edition copyrighted 1988

[4] The original copyright date is given as 1963

[5] (There are short tears to the feet of both pages; and “Proportions” has been underlined in red ink on the first page.)

[6] For the 1924-7 edition of this series of two works, see under Ebertin, E., above

[6a] Only the original copyright date of 2003 is retained

[7] With separate half-title pages to each of the component source texts

[8] The original privately circulated edition of Holden’s translation of this work is dated to 1986; a second, revised , privately circulated edition is dated to 1995.

[9] Holden’s translation is from revised 2nd edition (1961) of the Greek critical edition edited by Emilie Boer and published by Teubner. Holden points out that the true author of this centiloquy is unknown, and that it was mistakenly attributed to Ptolemy. He notes that a medieval Latin translation from an Arabic verison bearing extensive commentaries by Haly Abenragel was made by John of Seville and later printed at Venice in 1484 and 1493; and that Giovanni Pontano produced his own, independent Latin translation from Greek manuscripts and had it published in 1477. The Arabic edition of Haly is itself presumed to have been translated from earlier Greek manuscripts.

[10] Said to have been translated into Latin from Arabic sources by Stephen of Messina around 1262, and first printed by Erhard Ratdolt at Venice in 1484. Holden’s translation is from a 1533 printing of the Latin translation at Basel by Ioannis Hervagius.

[11] Said to be derived from a Latin translation, mistakenly attributed to “Bethen”, of an Old French translation from 1273 by Hagin le Juif of a Hebrew work by Abraham Ibn Ezra from 1148 whose original title meant “The Book of Consultations of the Stars”. The Latin translation of the Old French translation was itself first published in 1484; but Holden’s English translation is from a 1533 printing published at Basel by Ioannis Hervagius.

[12] “A translation of the Latin version of Almansor’s Propositions that was first translated from the Arabic in 1136 by Plato of Tivoli with the help of Abraham bar Hiyya”. Said to have been first published in print as a supplement to a Latin edition of Ptolemy’s Quadripartite by Bonatus Locatellus at Venice, 1493.

[13] A series of publications jointly edited at this time by Michael Lackner, Chia-Feng Chang, Klaus Herbers and Alexander Fidora

[13a] A collection of ten essays by different scholars

[13b] A distributor’s sticker below reads “Sold by The Theosophical press, Wheaton, Illinois”.

[14] The British Library records 1951 for this original edition

[15] Former Professor of Old Testament Studies at the University of London. Described on the dj rear flap as a “renowned authority on Biblical archaeology”

[16] The first American edition, after the original English edition published by Basil Blackwell, Oxford, 1962

[16a] A collection of 28 brief essays by different scholars related to astrology and astrological art in the Renaissance, with many inset monochrome illustrations. Among the many contributors are Günther Oestmann, Rüdiger Plantiko, Bernd A. Mertz, Paola Zambelli, Olivia Barclay, and the editor. All essays are presented in German

[17] The address is apparent from the publisher’s stamps to the half-title page with which the volume commences. It lacks a full title page except on the front cover, which gives only the publisher’s name and no part of its address

[18] These are promised by one of the stamps to the half-title page as ‘3 graphiques’. The same stamp also announces ‘1 règlette’ but this is lacking from this copy

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