Astrology Books and Papers by 84 authors acquired in 2020

First entry, February 21st, 2020: 2020 has got off to a flying start in terms of acquisitions, chiefly as a result of a continued focus on catching up with new paperback books of the 2010s, while filling in gaps in the holdings of other, slightly older modern books (1980s-2000s) published by major astrological publishers has been an ancillary focus. This is still very much a work in progress, but significant strides are being made. Additionally, there have been some generous donations by Margaret Cahill of books published by The Wessex Astrologer that had not previously been a part of the library in those editions, or in several cases in any edition at all. Three Japanese-language originals by Kagami Ryuji, one of Japan’s highest-profile astrologers, were also kindly donated by the author himself in late December 2019; and these arrived at the library here in the UK this January and will await reading by future visitors and scholars who can speak or have studied Japanese. A couple of auction lots of second-hand German books ranging in date from the 19th century to the 1970s have also borne fruit although their condition is very mixed. As a result, acquisitions by 84 first-named authors have been recorded as of February 21st, with none further expected now before March. I do not plan to set a target this year, as acquisitions are likely to be heavily interrupted by saving for additional works on the library property, but my plan is to continue to catch up with modern works of the 21st century that have previously been lacked, at the same time as remaining vigilant for affordable second-hand rarities.


2020 book acquisitions by author, A-Z:

Andrikopoulos, Laura; Cox, Cat and Taylor, Carole, eds. (2015)

Annand, Alan (2019)

Anonymous (77) (undated)

Anonymous (78) (1934)

Anonymous (79) (1931)

Ashcroft-Nowicki, Dolores and Norris, Stephanie V. (2009)

Ashman, Bernie (2014; 2018)

Avcin, Şifa (2019)

Bennett, Patsy (2015)

Bimpel, Chas F. (1852)

Blackwood, Danielle (2018)

Boxer, Alexander (2020)

Braha, James (1994)

Canfield, Thomas (2010; 2016; 2018)

Ceppi, Claudia Beltramo; Capaccioli, Marco, eds. (1980)

Clark, Brian (2019)

Clow, Barbara Hand (2011)

Crane, Rev. Pam (2019)

Dimino, Monica Hable and Sherwin, Paula (2016)

Donath, Emma Belle (1977; 1979)

Döşer, Öner (2019)

Dreyer, Ronnie Gale (1990; 2004)

Ebertin, [Elsbeth], (1922)

Elwell, Dennis (2008)

Erlewine, Michael (2007 *2)

Falconer, Kim (2005)

Fishof, Iris, [Dr.] (2001)

Freudenberg, Dr. med. F. (1921)

Gadbury, John (2011)

[Garrett], Helen (1980)

Garrison, Cal (2018)

Geffner, Gayle (2009; 2014)

Gehrz, Andrea and Cardoso, Casey (2019)

Green, Deva (2012)

Green, Jeffrey Wolf (2009; 2011)

Gunzburg, Darrelyn (2004)

Guttman, Arielle (2019)

Hamilton, Alan (2015)

Hansen, Cornelia (2018)

Herring, Amy (2019)

Hoefer, Edmund (1870)

Hofman, Oscar (2019)

Idemon, Richard (2010 * 2)

Jacobs, Tom (2012)

Jakubowski, Frank (2014)

James, Reina (2010)

Kagami, Ryuji (3 books, assorted dates)

Kenner, Corrine (2013)

Knapp, M. L. (c. 1879-1881)

Kohlhauf, K. (1922)

Kokott, Herta (1933)

Kronen, Brad (undated, c. late 2010s)

Lyons, Tim (2014)

Martin, Clare (2016 * 2)

McRae, Chris (2016)

Némethy, Geyza (1889)

Noah, Bruno (1934)

Oken, Alan (2009)

Page, James Lynn (2018)

Papps, Patricia (2017)

Paris, Neil D. (2012)

Porphyry of Tyre (2015)

[Reich, Heinrich] (1948-9) [NB: original correspondence only]

Reimer, Carol A. (2018)

Ring, Thomas (1975)

Sandbach, John (2012 * 2)

Saxby, S. M. (1864)

Schulman, Martin (1980)

Scofield, Bruce (2017)

Shapiro, Amy (2013; 2014)

Shepherd, Jessica (2015)

Simms, Maria Kay (2017)

Stanley, Ena (2012)

Steiner, Rudolf (1912; 1913)

Stockinger, Peter (2014)

Tanzer, Elliot Jay (2010)

Thibodeau, Robert (2013)

Trilby (undated)

Von Rohr, Wulfing (1993 * 5; 1994 * 5)

Wickenburg, Joanne (1981)

Wilde, George (1911)

Wodin, Armin (1919; 1932)

Wolmar, V. (1919)

Zanzinger, E. (1920)

For full catalogue records of all these books, please consult the main alphabetical listings by author from the Bibliography page, but note that authors entirely new to the library this year will not be added to the four A-Z index pages until the end of the year (because updating the index pages only annually is more efficient), although their books received this year are already in the main catalogue listings, so in these cases you will have to work out the correct page to enter from the index based on the alphabetical position of the author’s surname


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