Astrology Books and Papers by 374 authors acquired in 2020

First entry, February 21st, 2020: 2020 has got off to a flying start in terms of acquisitions, chiefly as a result of a continued focus on catching up with new paperback books of the 2010s, while filling in gaps in the holdings of other, slightly older modern books (1980s-2000s) published by major astrological publishers has been an ancillary focus. This is still very much a work in progress, but significant strides are being made. Additionally, there have been some generous donations by Margaret Cahill of books published by The Wessex Astrologer that had not previously been a part of the library in those editions, or in several cases in any edition at all. Three Japanese-language originals by Kagami Ryuji, one of Japan’s highest-profile astrologers, were also kindly donated by the author himself in late December 2019; and these arrived at the library here in the UK this January and will await reading by future visitors and scholars who can speak or have studied Japanese. A couple of auction lots of second-hand German books ranging in date from the 19th century to the 1970s have also borne fruit although their condition is very mixed. As a result, acquisitions by 84 first-named authors have been recorded as of February 21st, with none further expected now before March. I do not plan to set a target this year, as acquisitions are likely to be heavily interrupted by saving for additional works on the library property, but my plan is to continue to catch up with modern works of the 21st century that have previously been lacked, at the same time as remaining vigilant for affordable second-hand rarities.

Second entry, June 12th 2020: the receipt of three further lots of much-appreciated donations during the period from February to March (some of which could not be catalogued until considerably later as a result of the travel restrictions arising from the lockdown), in combination with the receipt of further new books and second-hand books personally purchased by me at home and abroad, has boosted the first-named author total for the first six months of the year to either 213 or 214 (depending on whether or not D., W. M. is the same individual as William M. Davidson) with just over half the year still to go. Some of the books received during this time are variant editions or printings previously held, and a few are on subjects tangential to astrology such as mythology, but this takes nothing away from the remarkable pace of acquisitions in the first half of this year despite the adverse circumstances of the coronavirus-related lockdown coming into force from late March onwards. Because I was not able to be present at the library for quite some time as a result of the lockdown, the integration into the online catalogue of additions since those catalogued by late February has only just been completed today, allowing me to update this log. I am expecting the remainder of 2020 to be very much slower. Finances have been severely stretched, and will need time to recover before any further significant acquisitions are made. Thank you all in the meantime for your patience and support during these severely trying times!

Third entry, June 29th 2020: In the past few weeks, a shipment of two months’ second-hand purchases from the United States has arrived, in addition to a separately purchased original 1937 edition of a book by André Boudineau previously only held as a much later reprint, allowing for the updating of this page with an additional 18 author entries, which brings the total for the year to date to 231 or 232, although the Belle Bart pamphlet unfortunately proved incomplete (with missing pages not stated by the seller’s description – an all too common failing as booksellers just don’t bother to check for the completeness of 20th century books in my experience)

Fourth entry, July 31st 2020: Although savings have had to be made to allow finances to recover in the past month, another shipment of second-hand purchases from the United States has just been received and catalogued, and this together with the resumption within the last week of collecting new and recent titles within the UK has swollen the author count for the year to date by another 19 authors within the past month to 250 or 251. Additionally, a second-hand shipment of a small number of books originally owned by the American astrologer Alma Crawford Graning arrived about a month ago, together with one later book from 1972, and this has added another three authors (Graning herself, Louise McWhirter, and Daniel Logan) to the roll call for the year, raising the author count to 253 or 254.

Fifth entry, September 16th, 2020: Since the end of July, various inevitable costs and other time priorities have forced me to pause my plan to catch up with new non-academic general astrology books for another two months until October. However, some did arrive in early August, by Donald Boone, Raven Kaldera, William Morris and Lynne Palmer. Additionally, a number of late 20th century second-hand books in editions not previously held was received as part of a kind donation of mixed used English-language astrological books and magazines from Frank Clifford. In recent weeks, I’ve just begun to fill in a few gaps in the academic side of the collection, acquiring some previously lacked materials by Wilhelm and Hans Georg Gundel, and a facsimile reprint from the early 1970s of the first two volumes of Frisch’s edition of Johannes Kepler’s Opera Omnia. Also received has been the latest of Shlomo Sela’s editions and translations into English of Abraham Ibn Ezra’s Collected Astrological Works. All of these together have swollen the author count for the year to date by another 17 to 270 or 271 since mid-July. Further received but not yet catalogued (a process that will take some time) has been a bundle of academic offprints and in a few cases photocopies by Wolfgang Hübner, including many essays of relevance to the history of astrology, some of which were not held by the library in their original forms. Four more new academic books are on order, and it is to be hoped that they will have arrived in time for the next update here.

Sixth entry, October 10th, 2020: Since the middle of September, the cache of Wolfgang Hübner offprints and photocopies has been fully catalogued; and several additional academic books have arrived, plus a limited array of second-hand modern general astrological book purchases from the United States, and, as new books, two of the most high-profile exemplars of the recent wave of American astrology books capturing demand chiefly from the youth market, by Annabel Gat and Chani Nicholas. Additionally, an original set of Stephan Steinlein’s ‘Astrologie und Heilkunde’ (1915) has been procured. The result of these collective developments is an increase in the first-listed author count by seventeen to 287 or 288, with just over two months of the year remaining before it becomes wise to hold off on purchases in the run-up to the usually more chaotic and less reliable Christmas post. Several more academic books are on order as part of a drive to capture some of the more important previously lacked titles of recent years; and those that make it here are expected to be integrated into the next update in a few weeks’ time.

Seventh entry, October 23rd, 2020: Within the past fortnight, most of the remaining academic books on order have arrived, in addition to some second-hand books and magazines from France, including scarce book titles by Jacques Berthon and Boris Paque. This along with the discovery of an English-language financial astrology book by Dr. Hans Gerhard Lenz, previously uncatalogued although received in 2018 as part of the auction lots from the collection of the late Heinz Specht, has swollen the count of first-named authors among books catalogued this year by another 18 to 305 or 306. Although strictly speaking the book by Dr. Lenz belongs in the 2018 count, as it was received then, it seems reasonable to count it this year as it has only just been catalogued. Some other books by Dr. Lenz from the same source, in the original German, have yet to be catalogued. The English edition in particular seems to be rare and expensive second-hand, so it was a most fortunate find. For the purposes of the headline count on this page, Lenz will be excluded, so the official total now stands at 304 or 305 authors

Eighth entry, November 7th, 2020: Another two weeks on, several second-hand books have shown up, including four kindly donated by Dr. Fabio Silva, one of the founding editors of the Journal of Skyscape Archaeology, along with Stephan Heilen’s new book on the great conjunctions, a volume edited by Paul Magdalino on predictive knowledge and divinatory techniques in late antiquity at Byzantium, and a Latin edition with facing English translation of the poetic works of medieval scholar Bernardus Silvestris, including Cosmographia and Mathematicus. The additional authors have lifted the count for the year by to 13 to 317 or 318

Ninth entry, November 21st, 2020: During the past two weeks, the library has taken delivery of its most expensive antiquarian acquisitions of the year, with the result that further purchases have of necessity been abruptly halted and are unlikely to be able to resume before January. These comprise a fine original vellum-bound copy of Elias Stoeber’s critical edition of Manilius from 1767 (derided by Housman, but still a part of the history of scholarship on the famous ancient Latin astrological poem The Astronomica); an original 1681 printing (minus the overall title page) of the Rev. John Butler’s Hagiastrologia or Astrology A Sacred science, and an original copy circa 1929-1931 of the undated ‘new impression’ by D. B. Taraporevala Sons of R. L. Sutaria’s scarce book The Astrology of the Racecourse, previously held only in facsimile form. Additionally received have been two further late books by Nicolaus Sementowski-Kurilo dating from 1960 and 1979 respectively, a recent academic study of astrology and magic in the medicine of the 15th and 16th centuries by Ernesto Riva; a first edition from 1969 of Boris Pâque’s Traité d’Astrologie Médicale; and an Italian edition and study from 1982, credited to Salvatore Pezzella, of a medieval astronomical and astronomical manuscript. Further received was a second-hand copy of Kepler’s Harmonice Mundi in the original Latin, as published by C. H. Beck, originally around 1940, but this seems to be an undeclared reprint around the early 1980s, hardbound in a cardboard slipcase that matches that of another issue already held from the same series of Kepler’s collected works. 2020 is surely going out in style at Astrolearn HQ, as far as library acquisitions are concerned! In December, I still have to have sent on from the USA various recent second-hand purchases there; and I hope to be in a position to report on them before the end of the year. In the meantime, the author count for the year has increased by another 10 to about 327 or 328, though it’s possible my count may have gone astray somewhere along the way as the last time I checked, the number of first-named authors listed below was slightly greater than my running total, but the discrepancy would be minor if so. This has been an intensive year for acquisitions, the like of which seems most unlikely to be repeated for want of means

Tenth entry, December 25th, 2020

Within the past five weeks, a last lot of purchases from the USA has arrived, and also several miscellaneous second-hand works, including two biographies and an important academic study of John Dee, and a biography of Nicholas Culpeper. Additionally, two recent works published by SISMEL in their Micrologus series, one a critical edition of two works by Michael Scot, and one a collection of essays by Jean-Patrice Boudet, have shown up. Some further scarce French-language materials in typescript format by Belgian astrologers of the mid-20th century have been added to the collection, and I’ve undertaken a thorough reconciliation of the acquisitions shortlist with the full additions catalogue file to add in any I’d somehow missed. The result is that the total number of first-named authors by whom acquisitions have been made in 2020 now narrowly exceeds one for every day in the year, at 370 (not counting Dr. Lenz, whose book was already in the collection only newly catalogued this year). That is a record in recent times, although not compared with the heady years of rapid collection expansion from 2004-9, and is unlikely to be surpassed again soon, if ever, given that there were considerable numbers of donations in that number and that spending has also gone significantly over budget during the past six months of the year and will therefore have to be severely reined in. The first quarter of next year, in any case, will have to be much quieter for new acquisitions.

Final entry, retrospective to December 31st, 2020

During the last week of the year, two further classic biographies of John Dee arrived: one by Charlotte Fell Smith and the other by Richard Deacon. Further, a remarkably scarce early pamphlet by Gustave-Lambert Brahy from 1929, and Alexander Jones’s study of the Antikythera mechanism as published in 2017, have been received, taking the total number of featured authors whose books have been added in 2020 up by four to 374, a recent record at least since 2010 that I don’t expect ever to surpass again, at least not while the library remains without institutional funding or major sponsorship.

The first three months of 2021 will need to be very much quieter to compensate for unsustainable rates of spending on bought acquisitions in the latter six months of 2020, but it is worth noting that all acquisitions are permanent, so even if the library stands virtually still for a few months, it will be doing so in a better place than it found itself in just a year earlier.


2020 book acquisitions by author, A-Z:

Abusch, Tzvi and Van der Toorn, Karel, eds. (1999)

Adams, Eugene H. (1974)

Andrikopoulos, Laura; Cox, Cat and Taylor, Carole, eds. (2015)

Annand, Alan (2019)

Anonymous (77) (undated)

Anonymous (78) (1934)

Anonymous (79) (1931)

Anonymous (80) (c. 1971)

Anonymous (81) (1906)

Anonymous (82) (circa 1939-40)

Ashcroft-Nowicki, Dolores and Norris, Stephanie V. (2009)

Ashman, Bernie (2014; 2018)

Astrophel ([1939])

Avcin, Şifa (2019)

Aveni, Anthony (1997)

Aylward, Thomas F. (2007)

Baker, Douglas (1982)

Balabhadra; ed. Gansten, Martin (2020)

Baldini, Renzo (2016, * 2)

Barbault, André (2016)

Barelhako, Mr. (1913)

Barrera, Laura Caso (2019)

Bart, Belle (1927)

Benedetto, Marienza et al. (2019)

Bennett, Patsy (2015)

Bergen, Michael (2014)

Bernardus Silvestris (2015)

Berthon, Jacques (1971)

Bimpel, Chas F. (1852)

Birkbeck, Lyn (1996)

Blackman, Everett (1972)

Blackwood, Danielle (2018)

Boissier, Alfred (1905; 1906)

Boone, Donald L. (2000; 2020 * 2)

Boudet, Jean-Patrice (2020)

Boudineau, André (1937)

Boxer, Alexander (2020)

Braha, James (1994)

Brahy, Gustave-Lambert (1929)

Brandler-Pracht, Karl (1920; undated * 6) 

Brixner, David (2000)

Brown, Philip (2006)

Brummund, Ruth (1978; 1979)

Busse, Henry (1933)

Butler, John (1680)

Butler, Renn (2020)

Campion, Nicholas (2000)

Canfield, Thomas (2010; 2012; 2016; 2018)

Casey, Caroline W. (1998)

Ceppi, Claudia Beltramo; Capaccioli, Marco, eds. (1980)

Chabás, José and Goldstein, Bernard R. (2012)

Chawdhri, L. R. (1977)

Clark, Brian (1991; 2019)

Clement, Stephanie J. (2003)

Clow, Barbara Hand (2011)

Clulee, Nicholas H. (1988)

Cochrane, Ev (1997; 2001)

Cole, Mr. John (1824)

Coleman, M. E. (1985)

Coleman, Walter (1972-6 * 31) 

Conrad, Adele (1980)

Cornelius, Geoffrey (2000)

Crane, Rev. Pam (2019)

Craze, Richard (2013)

Crisostomo, C. Jay et al. (2018)

Crossley, Patricia G. (1972)

Crowmarsh, Preston (1971)

Cumont, Franz (1909; 1925)

D., W. M. (1931-4)

Daton, Lois (1977)

Davidson, Dr. William (1958)

Davison, Ronald (1963)

De Jersey, Katherine and Taves, Isabella (1995)

De Larche, Jean (1990; 1992)

De Nerciat, André-Robert Andrea; tr. Zahrt, Dr. Jennifer (2013)

Deacon, Richard (1968)

Decker, Ronald and Dummett, Michael (2002)

Dimino, Monica Hable and Sherwin, Paula (2016)

Doane, Doris Chase (1984; 1994; 1991)

Donath, Emma Belle (1977; 1979)

Döşer, Öner (2019)

Drawnel, Henryk (2011)

Dreyer, Ronnie Gale (1990; 2004)

Duchateau, M. (1875)

Ebertin, [Elsbeth], (ca. 1919; 1922)

Ebertin, Reinhold, (1951; undated; 1970)

Elwell, Dennis (2008)

Erlewine, Michael (2007 *2; 2012 * 2)

Ernst, Germana and Giglioni, Guido, eds. (2012)

Falconer, Kim (2005)

Fearrington, Basil (1999)

Fenton, Sasha (1991)

Fernandez, Maurice (2018)

Filbey, John (1996)

Fishof, Iris, [Dr.] (2001)

Flack, Diane and Rudy (2001)

Fleuret, Pam (2016)

Foli, Professor P. R. S. ([1902])

Folly, Poppe (1985)

Forman, Henry James (1936)

Fortune, Dion (1976; 1984)

Fregly, Bart (1976)

French, Peter J. (1972)

Freudenberg, Dr. med. F. (1921)

Frith, Henry and Heron-Allen, Edward (1886)

Furst, Dan (2009)

Gadbury, John (2011)

Gansten, Martin (2020)

Garçon, Maurice ([1941])

[Garrett], Helen (1980)

Garrison, Cal (2018)

Gat, Annabel (2019)

Geddes, Sheila (1981)

Geppi Sam (2015; 2019)

Geffner, Gayle (2009; 2014)

Gehrz, Andrea and Cardoso, Casey (2019)

George, A. R. (2013)

Gibson, Mitchell (2002)

Gibson, Walter B. (1927)

Gillman, Kennet (2010)

Glassner, Jean-Jacques (2019)

Golder, Carole (1999)

Goldstein-Jacobson, Ivy M. (1969)

Graning, Alma Crawford (1932)

Grasse, Ray (2020)

Grebner, Bernice Prill (1991; 1992; 1993)

Green, Deva (2012)

Green, Jeffrey Wolf (2009; 2011)

Green, Lorna (2008)

Greene, Liz (1997; 2003)

Gregory, Pam (2017)

Griffin, Anthony (2013)

Gunzburg, Darrelyn (2004)

Gundel, Hans Georg (1970; 1972; 1978 * 2; undated)

Gundel, Wilhelm (1912; 1913; 1927; 1934; 1937; 1947; 1958; undated * 4) 

Gunzburg, Darrelyn (2004)

Guttman, Arielle (2019)

Hadravová, Alena; Hadrava, Petr and Lippincott, Kristen, eds. (2019)

Hall, Judy (1990; 1993; 2002)

Hamaker-Zondag, Karen (1982; 1984; 1989)

Hamilton, Alan (2015)

Hampar, Joann (2012)

Hansen, Cornelia (2018)

Harvey, Ross (1995)

Haubold, Johannes, et al. (2019)

Hawks, Wendy (1992)

Heilen, Stephan (2020)

Heiles, Marco (2018)

Heindel, Mrs. Max [sic] (1919 * 3)

Herring, Amy (2019)

Hickey, Isabel (1976)

Hirsig, Huguette (1980)

Hoefer, Edmund (1870)

Hofman, Oscar (2019)

Hogue, John (after 2003)

Holiday, Katie (1980)

Holmes, Tiffany (1977)

Hopewell, Joyce (2008; 2014 * 2)

Houck, Richard, ed. (1997)

Howland, Ronald W. (2014)

Hübner, Wolfgang (various dates)

Hueber, Brigitte (2017)

Hughes, Emylu Lander (1982)

Hyvrier, Sylviane ([1995]; [1996])

Ibn Ezra, Abraham (2020)

Idemon, Richard (2010 * 2)

Jaccard, Michel (2019)

Jacobs, Tom (2012)

Jakubowski, Frank (2014)

James, Herman (c. 2000s)

James, Reina (2010)

Jay, Delphine (1981)

Jones, Alexander (2017)

Jones, Marc Edmund (1973)

Jones, Mark (2015)

Junctin de Florence (2016 * 2; 2017; 2018)

Juste, David et al. (2020)

Kagami, Ryuji (3 books, assorted dates)

Kaldera, Raven (2004; 2009; 2011; 2020)

Katz, David S. (2007)

Kay, Tom (after 1997)

Keane, Jerryl L. (1975)

Keehn, Amy (1997)

Kenner, Corrine (2013)

Kepler, Johannes (1971; 1977; undated circa 1982)

Kidston, Roderick (2016)

Klingner, Annett (2012)

Knapp, M. L. (ca. 1879-1881)

Kniepf, Albert (1914; undated * 2)

Kohlhauf, K. (1922)

Kokott, Herta (1933)

Kollerstrom, Nick (2019)

Konrad, Greg (1985)

Krishnamurti, K. S. (1966?)

Kronen, Brad (2015; undated, ca. late 2010s)

Kröncke, Karsten F. (1978)

Kynes, Sandra (2015)

L’Orange, H. P. (1953)

Labouré, Denis (2014 * 2; 2018; 2019)

Lagier, René (1937)

Ledbury, John (1981)

Lefeldt, Hermann (undated)

Lellough, Arielle (1978)

Lenz, Dr. Hans Gerhard (1985)

Leo, Alan (1897; ca. 1907)

Lestienne, Jean; Nicola, Jean-Pierre (1982)

Lévi, Éliphas (1861)

Lilly, William; Labouré, Denis (2018)

Link, I. (undated)

Littlejohn, Frances J. (1971)

Livingstone, Alasdair (2013)

Logan, Daniel (1972)

Luijendijk, Annemarie; Klingshirn, William E. (2019)

Lyons, Tim (2014)

Magdalino, Paul and Timotin, Andrei, eds. (2019)

Mahadeva (1967)

Manilius (1767)

Mann, A. T. (1991; 1995)

Mannan, Sothida (2004)

Mansell, Cordelia (after 1985)

March, Marion D., ed. (1998)

Marks, Tracy (1978)

Marr, Alexander (1959)

Marshall, Melissa (1994)

Marshall, Peter (2004)

Martin, Clare (2016 * 2; 2020)

Masha’Allah (2011)

Mason, Sophia (1976 – with Mary Lou Sheperd; 1977; 1980)

Maurer, Petra; Rossi, Donatella; Scheuermann, Rolf, eds. (2020)

Maxwell-Stuart, P. G. (2012)

Mayo, Jeff (1979)

McDevitt, Theresa H. (1991)

McEvoy, Frances Coman (undated)

McIntosh, Christopher (1969)

McNutt, Minne & Boehrer, Kt (1975)

McRae, Chris (2016)

McWhirter, Louise (1938)

Melville, John (1920)

Meyer, Michael R. (1996; 1997)

Michaux, Didier; Nicola, Jean-Pierre (1981)

Millat, Louis (1970)

Mody, Ramniklal (1955)

Morris, William (2018)

Motley, Maureen (2001)

Muir, Ada (c. 1940; 1947)

Murphy, Simonne (2013)

Murthi, G. Sri Rama (1950)

Naumann, Dr. Phil. Gerhard (1929)

Naylor, P. I. H. (1967)

Némethy, Geyza (1889)

Ness, Timothy (2020)

Neugebauer-Wölk, Monika (2019)

Nicholas, Chani (2020)

Noah, Bruno (1934)

North, John (2002)

Obert, Charles (2019)

Oken, Alan (2009)

Osborn, Kevin and Burgess, Dana L. (2004)

Page, James Lynn (2018)

Palmer, Lynne ([1981]; 1982; 2000; 2012; 2016; 2017; 2018; 2000)

Panayotov, Strahil V. and Vacín, Luděk, eds. (2018)

Papps, Patricia (2017)

Pâque, B. (undated, circa 1950s-1960s, * 13; [1965]; [1967]; 1969)

Paris, Neil D. (2012)

Parker, Derek and Julia (2009)

Parker, Julia (1988)

Parry, Glyn (2011)

Perkins, Elizabeth (2007)

Pestka, Ralph (2003)

Pezzella, Salvatore (1982)

Pond, David (2017)

Porphyry of Tyre (2015)

Powell, Richard A. (1973)

Privat, Maurice (c. 1937)

Ptolomeo, Claudio (1980)

Raman, Bangalore Venkata (1935; 1943; 1948; 1956; 1958; 1962; 1965; 1969; 1970)

Rao, B. Suryanaran (1932)

Rehm, Albert (1941)

[Reich, Heinrich] (1948-9) [NB: original correspondence only]

Reigle, David and Reigle, Nancy (1999)

Reimer, Carol A. (2018)

Revill, Joan (2000)

Richard, Jean-François (2005)

Richards, George (1929)

Riley, Shirlee; Gordon, Rochelle (1980)

Ring, Thomas (1939; 1975)

Riva, Ernesto (2018)

Roberts, Courtney (2004)

Robertson, Arlene (1979)

Robertson, Mrs. Dorothy (1971)

Rosicrucian Fellowship (1969)

Row, R. Gopalakrishna: (1954; c. 1954 * 2)

Rowland, Edna (1996)

Rudhyar, [Dane] (1928; 1929; 1930; 1938; c. 1979; 2010 * 2)

Rudolph, Ludwig ([1926])

Ruperti, Alexander with Cavaignac, Marief (1979; 1981 * 2; 1982 * 2; after 1982)

Rutz, Matthew (2013)

Sandbach, John (2012 * 2)

Sasportas, Howard (2007)

Saxby, S. M. (1864)

Schulman, Martin (1980; 1987)

Scofield, Bruce (2017)

Scot, Michael (2019)

Scott, Randall (2009)

Sellar, Wanda (2019)

Sementowsky-Kurilo (1960; 1966; 1970; 1979)

Sepharial (1887; [1914]; 1919; after 1921; ca. 1930; 1965; 1970)

Seymour-Smith, Martin (1981)

Shaneman, Jhampa & Angel, Jan V. (2003)

Shapiro, Amy (2013; 2014)

Shepherd, Jessica (2015)

Sibly, the Great Prophet (pseud.) (1924 or later)

Simms, Maria Kay (2017)

Sirius, Bernd vom (undated)

Smirnova-Mierau, Nadia (2020)

Smith, Charlotte Fell (1909)

Spiller, Jan (2014)

Sporner, Hermann (1990)

Sripati (1957)

St. John, Oliver (2015)

Stahl, Carl (1961; 1963)

Stanley, Ena (2012)

Starck, Marcia (1998)

Steiner, Rudolf (1912; 1913)

Steinlein, Stephan (1915 * 2)

Stickel, Claire & McCuistion, Kathleen (1984)

Stockinger, Peter (2014)

Strusiner, Dovid (2000)

Sturlese, Loris, ed. (2011)

Sucher, W. O. (1953 * 2; 1955)

Sullivan, Erin (2020)

Sutaria, R. L. (c. 1929-1931)

Sutton, Komilla (2020)

Svehla, Richard; tr. Labouré, Denis (2016)

Tanzer, Elliot Jay (2010)

Tarvainen, Kyösti; Raimo, Nikula (2020)

Taylor, Donna (2003)

Taylor, Maxine (1976)

Teal, Celeste (1999)

Thibodeau, Robert (2013)

Thulesius, Olav (1992)

Tompkins, Sue (2001)

Torné-Chavigny, l’abbé H. (1878)

Tresemer, David (2011)

Trilby (undated)

Tyl, Noel (1996; 2007)

Tyson, Donald (2009)

Ulreich, Alois (1937)

Valen, Tina (1946)

Van Grevenynge, [Madame Alyette] (c. 1989)

Voltmer, Ulrike and Stiehle, Reinhardt, ed. (2011)

Von Rohr, Wulfing (1993 * 5; 1994 * 5)

Walters, Derek (1987)

Warren, Adrienne (1977)

Watkins, J. A. (1937)

Wesenick, Peggy (2002)

White, Suzanne (2009)

Whitman, Edward W. (c. 1965 * 8)

Wickenburg, Joanne (1978; 1981)

Wilde, George (1911)

Wilhelm, Ernst (2002; 2006)

Willis, Roy, ed. (2000)

Willner, John (1998; 2001)

Wilson-Ludlam, Mae R. (1979; 1999)

Winitzer, Abraham (2017)

Wodin, Armin (1919; 1932)

Wolmar, V. (1919)

Wu, Shelly (2010)

Wynn ([1930]; 1934)

Yahya, Farouk (2016)

Yott, Donald H. (1978)

Young, Arthur M. (1987)

Zanzinger, E. (1920)

Zolar (c. 1965-6)

Zöppritz, August (1909)


For full catalogue records of all these books, please consult the main alphabetical listings by author from the Bibliography page, but note that authors entirely new to the library this year will not be added to the four A-Z index pages until the end of the year (because updating the index pages only annually is more efficient), although their books received this year are already in the main catalogue listings, so in these cases you will have to work out the correct page to enter from the index based on the alphabetical position of the author’s surname.

You can also now view a web page dedicated to the full catalogue records of just the books newly acquired or catalogued in 2020 here.


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