Alfred Pearce Star Lore and Future Events Volume III, 1899


  • Editor of Zadkiel’s Almanac, the[2] (Mar. 1899 – Dec. 1899)

Publication credits:

  • None[3] (Mar. 1899 – Dec. 1899)

Holdings included in this file:

  • Vol. III, No. 21, March 1899. 16pp
  • Vol. III, No. 22, June, 1899. [pp. 17-32]
  • Vol. III, No. 23, September, 1899. [pp. 33-48]
  • Vol. III, No. 24, December, 1899. [pp. 49-64]

[2] Pseud. of Pearce, A. J.

[3] At least, none specified on the issues themselves, although it is unclear in the absence of the original separate issue covers whether or not Glen & Co. continued to be specified as the publisher on them


About this Book Scan

Carefully reproduced in full colour from our original printing of the whole-year volume of the astrological magazine Star Lore and Future Events spanning March 1899 to December 1899, which was the third year of publication of this publication edited by Alfred Pearce.

Pearce bridged the English astrological movements of the 19th and early 20th centuries, serving as editor of Zadkiel’s Almanac for many years after the death of Commander Richard Morrison, and authoring several important books in the late 19th century. He also edited a succession of astrological magazines, of which this was his third and final effort after Urania and The Future (see our scans also of those titles).