Simmonite Catastrophe Mundi 1844

Simmonite, W. J., A. M. Ph. Mat. ‘Catastrophe Mundi, the Effects of the Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn, For 200 Years to come. The Meteorologist and Catastrophe Mundi; or, the World’s Fate for 1844. Containing an Almanack: Also an Aspectarian of the Planets and Asteroids; Astrologer’s Guide; Predictions of Epidemic Diseases of 1844 – Sixth Yearly Edition’ Simpkin and Marshall, Stationers’-Hall Court, London, [1843].

Cloth (split down both hinges, torn towards top of spine, and worn at outer corners of boards). [3] + [pp. 4-64]

About this Book Scan

Carefully scanned in full colour from our original printing purchased in the 2010s.

William Joseph Simmonite was one of the leading British astrologers of the mid-19th century. He published astrological almanacs from the late 1830s through to the early 1860s. Most were named Simonite’s Meteorologist, but the present work was a special edition given a different name to reflect its singular focus on the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction.