C. Heydon Astrophilo Wisdom of Solomon in Miniature 1792

Heydon, C., Astrophilo. (pseud.) ‘Astrology. The Wisdom of Solomon in Miniature, Being a New Doctrine of Nativities, Reduced to Accuracy and Certainty; Or, the Art of Determining Future Events by the Only True Method, the Radical Figure of Birth. A Science, by many years intense Study and Labour, brought to a Degree of Perfection hitherto unknown. The whole containing The Essence, Beauties, and Substance of all Pieces, Ancient and Modern, conjoined; a Variety of new Matter added; the Jargon of obsolete, and the Errors of Modern Authors expunged; and digested in a Manner so plain, familiar, and easy, that a Person of the meanest Capacity, may become Proficient in it. Demonstrating to a Certainty Every Person’s future Rise or Fall in the World, And shewing him whether he is subject to have Riches, Poverty, Honour, Dignities, Sickness, Health, Marriage, Children, Friends, Enemies. No matter whether descended from a Prince or a Beggar. Also, a Curious Collection of Nativities, Never Before Published’ Printed for A. Hamilton, No. 18, near Gray’s-Inn-Gate; Holborn, London, 1792.

Half-cloth with paper-covered boards. (Pp. 51-8 missing from this copy. Tears to inner margins of pp. 207-10 repaired with browned clear tape.) [1 leaf] + [pp. iii-viii] + 50[1] + [pp. 59-85] + [pp. 87-222] + [2 pages of advertisements]

[1] Our original lacks the four successive leaves comprising pp. 51-8. These have been reproduced in modern typing from another source

About this Book Scan

Carefully scanned in full colour from our original printing of the 1792 first edition.

C. Heydon Astrophilo., previously known as C. Heydon Jr., was the pseudonym adopted by an anonymous late 18th century English astrologer in honour of Sir Christopher Heydon. The second of his two textbooks to appear, The Wisdom of Solomon in Miniature (1792) was focused on nativities (natal astrology).