C. Heydon Junior The New Astrology 1786

Heydon, C., jun. Astro-Philo. (pseud.) Assisted by a Person of great Professional Abilities ‘The New Astrology; or, the Art of Predicting and Foretelling Future Events, by the Aspects, Positions, and Influences, of the Heavenly Bodies; Founded on Scripture, Experience, and Reason; The Whole being the Result of many Years’ intense Study and Labour; now first made familiar and easy to any Person of ordinary Talents. In Two Parts. Part I. contains, An easy Introduction to the Whole of this Celestial Science, teaching how to erect a Figure of the Heavens, and to place the Planets and Part of Fortune therein; and directs the Student how to proceed in the Whole of this comprehensive Science. Part II. consists of, The Art of resolving all Sorts of Horary Questions, on any Subject, with Accuracy and Pleasure, and how to give Judgement thereon, viz. Whether the Party enquiring shall have Riches or Poverty, Sickness or Health, Prosperous Voyages or Journeys, Friends or Enemies, Wives or Children, Money lent, or due for Goods sold, &c. &c. Any other Questions of Importance are solved by this Science; with Celestial Figures; and many curious Questions answered’ The Second Edition, with large Additions, Improvements, and an Appendix – Printed for G. Kearsley, No. 46, Fleet-Street; T. Lovewell, Stationer, No. 158, St. John-Street; T. Wagstaffe, Brick-Lane, Spitalfields; and W. Battersby and Son, facing Artillery-Lane, Bishopsgate-Street Without, London, 1786.

Leather (lightly separating towards tops of hinges; moderately worn at outer corners of boards). [Frontis. (cut out and pasted down on reverse of ffep)] + [1 leaf] + [folding diagram) + [1 leaf] + [pp. v-xii] + 188 + [4]

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Carefully scanned in full colour from our original printing purchased in the 2000s

C. Heydon Junior was the pseudonym used by an unidentified late 18th century English astrologer to honour the late Sir Christopher Heydon. The earlier of his two books, The New Astrology focuses chiefly on horary astrology. The second edition as featured here, which was published in the same year as the first, expanded significantly on it and is regarded as the definitive one.