History of Modern Astrology video interview by Helena Avelar and Luis Ribeiro

Last month, I was interviewed by Helena Avelar and Luis Ribeiro, authors of two books in the astrology library here, towards their recently launched series of video podcasts collectively entitled ‘Ad Astra: Academic Conversations on the History of Astrology’.

The interview was principally about the astrology library I founded, but it very much took the form of a collegiate academic discussion to which all parties present contributed, with a particularly strong focus on the historical development of modern astrology from the mid-17th century to the present day. I’ve embedded it below.

Two Latin books in the library here to which I referred, but whose full titles I could not instantly recall, were:

1. Galeni, Claudii; tr. Andernaco, Ioanne Guinterio ‘De Diebus Decretoriis Libri Tres, Ioanne Guinterio Andernaco interprete: Nuperrime ad exemplar Venetum recogniti & divulgati, cum indice rerum scitu dignarum’ Apud Gulielmum Rouillium, sub Scuto Veneto, Lugduni, 1553

2. [De Titis, Placido] ‘Tabulae Primi Mobilis cum Thesibus ad Theoricen, & Canonibus ad praxim, additis In rerum demonstrationem, & supputationum Exemplum Triginta clarissimorum natalium Thematibus, authore D. Placido de Titis Perusino Olivetano à mathematicis serenissimi Leopoldi Guilielmi Archiducis Austriae &c. Iuxta principia ab eodem Authore in sua Coelesti Philosophia exposita, atque ibidem tum rationibus è natura deductis, tum Physicae, & Mathematicae Principum Assertionibus evidentissimè comprobata’ Typis Pauli Frambotti Bibliop. Superiorum permißu, Patavii, 1657

Other books presented and / or discussed here (all but one of which are in the library here) include: 

3. Ventura, Augusta Faria Gersão, Prof. do Liceu da Infanta D. Maria ‘[Faculdade de Letras da Universidade de Coimbra, Publicações Vicentinas III:] Estudos Vicentinos I: Astronomia – Astrologia’ Edições de «Biblos», Coimbra, 1937 [NB: At the time of interview, I was deceived by a web reference into thinking this was published in Brazil, based on an Internet search identifying Coimbra as being located there. It turns out that there are at least two Coimbras, of which one is indeed in Brazil, but the other, much larger city, containing the University, is in Portugal, where this was evidently published] 

4. Ranzovii, Henrici ‘Tractatus Astrologicus. De Genethliacorum Thematum Iudiciis Pro Singulis nati accidentibus. Ex Vetustis et Optimis quibusque auctoribus Industria Henrici Ranzovii Producis Cimbrici collectus’ Secunda Editio multo auctior & emendatior. Cum Indice capitum & rerum – excudebat Wolffgangus Meisnerus, 1594

5. Morini, Joannis Baptistae, apud Gallos e Bellejocensibus Francopolitani, Doctoris Medici, & Parisiis Regii Mathematum Professoris ‘Astrologia Gallica Principiis & Rationibus propriis stabilita, Atque in XXVI. Libros distributa. Non solum Astrologiae Judiciariae Studiosis, sed etiam Philosophis, Medicis, & Theologis omnibus per-necessaria: Quippe multa complectens eximia ad scientias illas spectantia’ Ex Typographia Adriani Vlacq, Hagae-Comitis, 1661

6. Figulus, F.R.C., D.D. ‘Evolutional Astrology: a Philosophical Consideration of the Evolutionary Progress of Man in his Expressions of Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow – Number One: the Houses’ Privately Printed under the Auspices of Metropolitan College, S.R.I.A. (Societas Rosicruciana in America), 1916

7. White, Frederick R. ‘Heliocentric Astrology’ [Self-published], Minneapolis, Minn., [1896]

8. White, Frederick R. ‘White’s Geo-centric Astrology: a Manual of Geocentric Astrology Especially Prepared for the Beginner, With All Necessary Tables’ [Self-Published], [502 5th Avenue So. ,] Minneapolis, Minn., undated in print [bibliographic records indicate 1896].

Periodicals presented and / or discussed include:

9. Zenit – Zentralblatt für Astrologische Forschung – edited by Dr. H. Korsch, Jan. 1930 – Nov. 1938
– Title was then relaunched in 1950s under other management

10. The Adept – edited by Frederick White, 1898-1921. Was succeeded by The American Astrological Student and Adept (Nov. 1921 – still publishing March 1928) –
– Edited by Henry A. Macaulay, who had purchased the rights from White following his retirement

11. La Revue Belge d’Astrologie Moderne – Organe Officiel de l’Institut Astrologique de Belgique (founded by Gustave-Lambert Brahy, first issue Dec. 1926)
– Name evolved to Demain, Revue d’Astrologie Scientifique; publication continued irregularly through to Dec. 1960 after gaps during the 1940s and 1950s. Magazine was then relaunched in late 1976 and ran for several more years in this new format

12. Tradition und Fortschritt der Klassischen Astrologie, published by the Österreichische Astrologische Gesellschaft, Wien (März 1956 – circa 1970)
– Name evolved then to Qualität der Zeit, with publication continuing sporadically thus through to Issue 60, Sep. 2001

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