‘Almanach Prophétique’, pittoresque et utile[1]

Full title:

  • ‘Almanach Prophétique’, pittoresque et utile, pour 18XX (both issues held)


  • Les Notabilités Scientifiques et Littéraires (1856 issue)
  • Babinet, M., de l’Institut (1861 issue)

Publication credits:

  • Pagnerre, Libraire, 18 rue de Seine, Paris (both issues held)


  • 1856. 192pp + [2 pages of advertisements]
  • 1861. (Rear cover missing). 185pp + [7 pages of advertisements]

Binding format and presentation notes:

  • Small-format original separate paperback publications in paper covers.


[1] The first part of the title is presented in inverted commas in print, presumably because it is tongue-in-cheek, since the content makes no claims to be prophetic, but rather mischievously parodies the idea of the prophetic almanac

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