Astrologischer Kalender

Editor: Anonymous (sole issue held)

Full title:

  • Astrologischer Kalender für das Jahr 19XX (sole issue held)

Publication credits:

  • Buchdruckerei und Gedruckt von der Buchdruckerei und Verlagsanstalt Moritz Stadler Ges. M. B. H., Villach (sole issue held)


  • 1949[1]. Original textured thin card covers (light chipping to top of spine; 1 cm separation to foot of front hinge; small internal tear to spine). [2] + [pp. 3-151] + [pp. 152-8 of advertisements] + [pp. 159-160]


[1] Presumed published 1948. Features many articles, mostly on astrology, by both famous and lesser-known names. The authors listed in the table of contents are Karl Gustave Bittner; Erich Carl Kühr; Werner Schaefer; Dr. Wolfgang Burghart; Ing. Benno Stefan; Edouard Symours; Fritz Brunhübner; Dr. Otto Myrbach; Else Bachmann; Reinhold Ebertin; Dr. Franz Oprchal; Hans Georg Schütz; Fritz Hocke; Josef Brydl; F. Dietrich; Maria Siegel-Oliva; Dr. Adolf Weiß; Franz Spunda; Bill Behm; M. Schöppl; and Rose Peinlich-Immenburg. The calendar is confined to pp. 5-16

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