Bibliography of Astrology Page 19, Benjamine : How – Bessière

Benjamine, Elbert, President of “The Church of Light” ‘How to Select a Vocation[;] with Statistical Analysis of Three Thousand Birth-Charts and Thirty Vocations’ The Aries Press, Chicago, Ill., 1942. Cloth (very light wear to extremities of spine and outer corners of boards). [3] + [pp. 4-142] + [p. 143 of advertisements]

Benjamine, Elbert ’How to Use Modern Ephemerides – Computed for Midnight, noon, Greenwich and Other Places’ The Aries Press, Chicago, 1940. Original small-format card covers. Staplebound pamphlet. [Front cover backed with advertisements] + [2] + [1 leaf] + [pp. 5-59] + [pp. 60-3 of tables] + [1 page of advertisements] + [rear cover featuring 2 pages of advertisements]

Benjamine, Elbert, President of “The Church of Light” ‘The Influence of the Planet Pluto Including Ephemeris of Pluto 1840 to 1960’ The Aries Press, Chicago, 1939. No covers (title page serving as front cover). Staplebound pamphlet with further staples through inner margins reconnecting otherwise detached first and last leaves. (First leaf with long diagonal tear crossing some text.) [2] + [pp. 3-6] + [18 pages of tables]

Benjamine, Elbert, President of “The Church of Light” ‘Progressed Aspects of Standard Astrology: The Easy Way to Calculate and Judge’ The Aries Press, Chicago, 1942. Cloth. [3] + [pp. 5-109] + [1 page of advertisements]

Benjamine, Elbert, President of “The Church of Light” ‘Stellar Dietetics: The Astrological Road Map to Diet and Health’ Second Edition – The Aries Press, Publishers, Chicago, 1942. Original paper covers; binding internally reinforced by subsurface staples through inner margins. [3] + [pp. 4-95] + [1 page of advertisements]

Benjamine, Elbert, President of “The Church of Light” ‘When and What Events Will Happen[;] with Statistical Analysis of 2,000 Charts Progressed to Time of Events’ The Aries Press, Chicago, 1942. Cloth in dj (chipped at extremities of spine and of flap-folds). (Binding internally cracked between pp. 96-7 but strong beneath.) [4] + [pp. 5-143] + [p. 144 of advertisements]

Benjamine, Elbert  – see also under Zain, C. C., below

Benner, Samuel , An Ohio Farmer ‘Benner’s Prophecies of Future Ups and Downs in Prices. What Years to Make Money on Pig-Iron, Hogs, Corn, and Provisions[1]’ Third Edition – Robert Clarke & Co., Cincinnati, 1884[2]. Original pictorially gilt-stamped cloth (moderate wear to extremities of spine; wear to lower outer corners of boards and upper outer corner of front board; moderate wear to upper outer corner of rear board). (Upper half of inner front paper-hinge split. Separation after title leaf, but webbing beneath mostly holding, though a little loose at top. Leaves comprising pp. 137-40 still joined along upper half of outer edges; need cutting apart.) [5] + [pp. vii-ix] + [pp. 10-11] + [pp. 13-165] + [pp. 166-8 of tables] + [p. 169]

Bennet, Julius R. ‘The Riddle of the Aquarian Age. Foretelling the Birth of a New Age and showing how the problem of time is solved’ No Publisher Stated (‘Copies may be had from the London Astrological Research Society, and The Rally, 28, Denmark Street, London, W.C.2′), 1925. Two copies. Both copies: Original gilt-printed paper-covered boards. Copy A: (light chipping to tops of spine hinges and foot of front hinge; gilt lightly faded). Copy B: (gilt severely faded; 3 inches’ separation to top of front spine hinge; further 4cm tear down centre of spine paper from top; moderate wear to outer corners of front board). Both copies: [4] + [1 leaf] + [pp. 7-26] + [1 leaf] + [pp. 29-34] + [1 leaf] + [2-panel fold-out chart] + [pp. 37-44] + [1 leaf] + [pp. 47-63] + [1] + [plate] + [pp. 66-85] + v

Bennett, Colin ‘What Is Astrology?’ Rider & Co., Paternoster House, Paternoster Row, London, E.C.4, undated[3]. Cloth in dj. [1 leaf] + [2] + pp. ix-xi] + [pp. 13-124]

Bennett, Ellen H. ‘Astrology, Science of Knowledge and Reason: A Treatise on the Heavenly Bodies in an Easy and Comprehensive Form’ Published by The Author, 761 Sixth Ave., New York City, 1897. Cloth (wear to extremities of spine and upper outer corners of boards; heavy wear to lower outer corners; moderate wear to bottom edges of boards; light wear to parts of spine hinges). Printed on slightly glossy paper throughout.  (Light separation between pp. 112-3; 128-9; 208-9; and lower parts of 192-3 and 224-5. Wear to paper at lower inner margin of rear paste-down, with slight loss of paper to preceding rear free endpaper in same area.) [Frontis.] + [3] + [pp. vi-xvi] + 296 + [2] + [pp. 299-334]

Bennett, Judith ‘Sex Signs: Every Woman’s Astrological and Psychological Guide to Love, Men, Sex, Anger, and Personal Power’ Macmillan London Limited, London / Basingstoke, 1981[4]. Textured paper-covered boards in dj (light wear to top of rear flap-fold). [1 leaf] + [2] + [1 leaf] + [pp. vii-xxiii] + 392

Bennett, Naomi ‘Foundations of Astrology’ Bonami Publishing, Austin, Texas, 2014. [3] + [1 leaf] + 29 + [pp. 31-9] + [pp. 41-55] + [pp. 57-67] + [pp. 69-160] + [1]

Bennett, Naomi C. and Tobey, Carl Payne ’Moon Wobbles and Eclipses in Astrology: Looking at the Moon’ BonAmi Publishing, no place stated, 2021. Matt card covers

Bennett, Patsy ‘Astrology Secrets of the Moon: Discover Your True Life Path and Purpose’ [Third Printing] – Rock Pool Publishing, Summer Hill, NSW 2130, Australia, unclearly dated.[4a]  Glossy card covers (light wear to extremities of front hinge)

Bennett, Sidney K. (“Wynn”) ‘Astrology, Science of Prediction: Proofs of the Correspondences between Manand the Solar System, Reasons Why, and Replies to False Arguments by Critics Who Have Not Studied This Science’ Wynn Publishing Company, Los Angeles, 27, California, 1945. Cloth. [3] + [5] + [pp. 12-318]

Bennett, Sidney K., Ph.D. (Wynn) ’The Astrology Students’ Note Book: the Aspect Houses’ [Self-Published], Fishkill, N.Y., 1932. A4-sized textured card covers (2cm separation to top of spine; 1 inch separation to foot of same). Bound by staples through inner margins. Contents printed on single-sided leaves in typescript throughout. [1 leaf] +  [leaves 1-19] + [1 leaf of advertisements]

Bennett, Sidney K., Ph.D. (Wynn) ’The Astrology Students’ Note Book: the Equilibrium Principle’ [Self-Published], Fishkill, N.Y., 1932. A4-sized textured card covers. Bound by staples through inner margins. Contents printed on single-sided leaves in typescript throughout. [2 leaves] +  [leaves 1-28] + [1 leaf of advertisements]

Bennett, Sidney K., Ph.D. (Wynn) ’The Astrology Students’ Note Book: the Sign-Houses of the Zodiac’ [Self-Published], Fishkill, N.Y., 1931. A4-sized textured card covers (1 inch separation to top of spine; 4 cm partial separation to foot of same). Bound by staples through inner margins. Contents printed on single-sided leaves in typescript throughout. [1 leaf] +  [leaves 1-11] + [ruled blank leaf headed ‘Notes’] + [leaves 12-14] + [ruled blank leaf headed ‘Notes’] + [leaves 15-21] + [ruled blank leaf headed ‘Notes’] + [leaves 22-7] + [ruled blank leaf headed ‘Notes’] + [leaves 28-9] + [ruled blank leaf headed ‘Notes’] + [leaf 30] + [1 leaf of advertisements]

Bennett, Sidney K., Ph. D. (Wynn) ‘The Key Cycle’ No publisher or place stated, 1931[4b]. Original brick-pattern-textured large-format card covers (chips lost from lower inner corner of front cover and upper inner corner of rear; two tears to bottom edge of front cover; tear across lower inner corner of rear cover; bottom three inches and top cm of spine chipped away; remainder of spine rubbed and occasionally torn; several small tears to overhanging top edges of front cover). Bound by three staples driven through inner margins of covers and all pages within. Contents printed on single-sided leaves in typescript throughout. [Leaves 1-28] + [9 leaves of tables]

[Bennett, Sidney] ‘Screen Stars’ Horoscopes and Portraits[5]‘ Syndicate Publishing Company, Inc., 100 Fifth Avenue, New York, New York, undated[6].

Bennett, Sidney K., Ph.D. – see also under Wynn, below

Benski, Claude et al. ‘The “Mars Effect”: a French Test of over 1000 Sports Champions for the French Committee for the Study of Paranormal Phenomena’ Prometheus Books, Amhurst, New York, 1996

Bento, William, II ‘Astrology: A Service for Psychological Growth’ No publisher or place stated, undated. No covers. Single-sided leaves bound by staples through one corner. [Leaves 1-8]

Bento, William, II ‘Introduction to Mentality’  No publisher or place stated, undated[6a]. No covers. Single-sided leaves bound by staples through one corner. [Leaves 1-6]

Bento, William ‘Karma Within Astrology’ No publisher or place stated, undated[6b]. No covers. Single-sided leaves of typescript bound by staples through one corner. [Leaves 1-20]

Bento, William ‘Plutonian Crisis: the Search for Cosmic Identity’ No publisher or place stated, undated[6c]. No covers. Single-sided leaves of typescript bound by staples through one corner. [Leaves 1-14]

Bento, William, II ‘Solar Returns’ No publisher or place stated, undated. No covers. Single-sided leaves of typescript bound by staples through one corner. [Leaves 1-6]

Bento, William, II ‘The Uranian and Neptunian Crises: the Search for Dynamic Sanity’ No publisher or place stated, undated[6d]. No covers. Single-sided leaves of typescript bound by staples through one corner. [Leaves 1-17]

Berg, Dr. Philip S. ‘Astrology: the Star Connection’ Research Center of Kabbalah International, New York / Paris / Jerusalem, 1986

Berg, Rabbi Philip S. ‘Time Zones: Creating Order from Chaos’ Second Edition – Kabbalah Centre Books, Research Centre of Kabbalah, Richmond Hill, NY, 1993

Bergdolt, Klaus and Ludwig, Walther, eds., unter Mitwirkung von Schäfer, Daniel ‘[Wolfenbütteler Abhandlungen zur Renaissanceforschung[6e], Band 23: Zukunftsvoraussagen in der Renaissance’[6f] Herzog August Bibliothek, Wolfenbüttel / Harrassowitz Verlag [in Kommission], Wiesbaden, 2005. Matt paper-covered boards (light wear to outer corners). [3] + [pp. 5-239] + [pp. 241-279] + [pp. 281-347] + [pp. 349-444]

Bergen, Michael ’The Astrology Code: Statistical Evidence of Universal Design’ Seven Lights Press, Brooklyn, N.Y., 2014. Medium-format matt card covers. Some contents printed in colour

[Bergeron, Pascale] ‘Les Cahiers de l’école d’Astrologie de Lyon, 134 Cycle – Débutants – Données de bases indispensables’ E. A. L. Formations et Consultations, undated[7]. Set of 14 separate publications (of 15 published in this series[8]), each in A4-sized card covers, of which front covers covered in clear plastic sheets, and bound by plastic combs threaded through holes punched in inner margins. Contents printed on single-sided leaves throughout. Comprises:

  • Cahier No 1: Présentation de l’Astrologie – Application actuelle – Code déontologique
  • Cahier No 2: Présentation et calcul du thème de naissance – Bases d’astronomie
  • Cahier No 4: Les Planètes, leurs Symbolismes et leurs Fonctions
  • Cahier No 5: Les Maisons: Les différents champs d’expériences
  • Cahier No 6: Les grands dessins Planétaires – Planètes rétrogrades
  • Cahier No 7: Les Aspects – Les grands cycles planétaires. (Some previous owner’s highlighting)
  • Cahier No 8: L’interprétation du Thème de Naissance
  • Cahier No 9: Le couple Soleil et Lune – Importance de la Lune
  • Cahier No 10: Mercure et Céres – l’intellect et le mental. (Front plastic sheet creased.)
  • Cahier No 11: Vénus et Mars – l’expression physique et la créativité
  • Cahier No 12: Jupiter et Saturne
  • Cahier No 13: Uranus, Neptune et Pluton – Les planètes transpersonnelles
  • Cahier No 14: Les Ascendants et leurs Planètes maîtrisses
  • Cahier No 15: Application du thème de naissance – Niveaux d’interprétation

Berling, Peter ‘Zodiak: Die Geschichte der Astrologie: Elemente, Symbole und Hintergründe von den Anfängen bis in die Gegenwart’ Ullstein Verlag, Ullstein Heyne List GmbH & Co. HG, München, 2002. Paper-covered boards in dj. 447pp

Bernard, A. ’Cours d’Astrologie Chaldéo-Égyptienne’ Éditions du Scarabée, rue Gallaie 74, 1030 Bruxelles, 1979[8a]. Double-sided printed sheet entitled ’Annexe au ”Cours d’Astrologie Chaldéo-Égyptienne”’ laid in, together with two single-sided printed sheets together comprising most of a very large circular astrological diagram, as issued. Large-format card covers. Bound by cloth-tape glued to spine and wrapped around inner margins. Contents printed on single-sided leaves throughout. Text in typescript. (Occasional leaves printed too far to the outside, with consequent partial loss of outermost characters of text, not affecting comprehension.). [1] + [1 leaf] + [leaves i-xi] + [leaves 1-166] + [imprimatur]

Bernard, Anne ‘Au Banquet des Astres: Votre Santé et Vos Habitudes Alimentaires Décrites par l’Astrologie’ M. A. Editions, 90 rue d’Assas, Paris, 1983

Bernard-Decroze, Paul A. ‘Les Blasons Astrologiques: L’histoire des hommes dessinée dans le ciel’ Editions du Rocher, no place stated, 1999

Bernardus Silvestris, ed. / tr. Wetherbee, Winthrop ’[Dunbarton Oaks Medieval Library[8b], 38:] Poetic Works’[8c] Harvard University Press, Cambridge, Massachusetts / London, England, 2015. Cloth with gilt titling to front board and spine, in matt dj. [4] + [1 leaf] + [pp. vii-l] + [1] + [pp. 2-181] + [1] + [pp. 184-245] + [1] + [pp. 248-255] + [1] + [pp. 258-261] + [pp. 263-9] + [pp. 271-303] + [pp. 305-327]

Bernart, Leo ‘Ogilvie’s Astrological Birthday Book: Is Your Birthday To-Day? A Character Reading for Every Day in the Year Compiled from Observations of the Effect upon Character-Making, of the Aspect of the Heavenly Bodies at the Moment of Birth’ J. S. Ogilvie Publishing Company, 57 Rose Street, New York, 1915. Cloth (light wear to extremities of spine and outer corners of boards). [3] + [pp. 3-264] + [20 pages of advertisements]

Bernhart, Arnold[9] ‘Fixed Stars and Constellations, their Myths and Meanings[10]’ Arnold Bernhart, 3839-24 Vista Campana S., Oceanside, CA, dated 1989[11]. (Defective copy: lacks leaf 308[12] and also appears to lack original chapter title pages to Chapters IV-VII inclusive, replaced in manuscript.)  Large-format card covers. Bound by plastic comb threaded through holes punched in inner margins. Contents printed on single-sided leaves throughout. (Former owner’s black- and blue-inked notes to verso of leaf 261, with further blue notes to verso of leaf 264.) [4 leaves] + [leaves 1-142] + [leaf 117 (2)[13]] + [leaves 144-266] + [blank leaf labelled in ink ‘Chapter IV: Example Horoscopes’ by a former owner] + [leaves 268-9] + [chart] + [leaves 270-1] + [chart] + [leaves 272-6] + [chart] + [leaves 277-280] + [blank leaf labelled in ink ‘Chapter V: Star Ephemeris’ by a former owner] + [leaves 282-9] + [blank leaf labelled in ink ‘Chapter VI: Glossary of Metaphysical Terms’ by a former owner] + [leaves 291-307] + [leaf 309] + [blank leaf labelled in ink ‘Chapter VII: Glossary of Greek Names’ by a former owner] +  [leaves 311-329]

Berry, Lynda and Cochrane, David ‘Vibrational Astrology: Interpreting Aspects’ Cosmic Patterns Software, Inc., 6212 NW 43rd Street, Suite B, Gainesville, FL 32653, 2016. Card covers

Berthelet, Yann et Rochette, Bruno, eds. ’[Série Histoire, 5:] L’Astrologie et les empereurs romains 150 ans après Cumont’ Presses Universitaires de Liège, Place du 20 août, 7, B-4000 Liège (Belgique), 2022. Matt card covers. [2] + [2 leaves] + [pp. 7-14] + [1 leaf] + [pp. 17-46] + [1 leaf] + [pp. 49-81] + [pp. 83-103] + [pp. 104-6 of illustrations] + [1 leaf] + [pp. 109-121] + [pp. 123-133] + [pp. 135-173] + [pp. 175-6] + [imprimatur]

Berthelot, René ‘La Pensée de l’Asie et l’Astrobiologie’ Payot, Paris, 1949

Berthon, Jacques, ed. ‘300 Thèmes Astrologiques de Notabilités (dont 150 avant 1850)’ L’École Supérieur de Paris / Jacques Berthon, 4 rue Edouard Vaillant, Levalloit-Perret, 1974

Berthon, Jacques ’Les Magie du Scorpion’ Centre International d’Astrologie, 1971. Edition stated limited to 70 copies. Large-format card covers. Contents printed in xerographed typescript on single-sided leaves throughout. [1 leaf] + [leaves i-iii] + [leaves 1-232] + [leaf 333] + [leaf 234]

Berthon, Jacques, Directeur de l’École Supérieure d’Astrologie de Paris ‘L’Univers des Poissons’ Éditions Traditionnelles, Quai Saint-Michel, Paris V, 1980. Card covers. [1 leaf] + [3] + [pp. 9-186] + [2] + [Imprimatur] + [rear cover backed with advertisements]

Bertozzi, Marco, ed. ‘[Centro Internazionale di Cultura “Giovanni Pico della Mirandola” Studi Pichanni 12:] Nello Specchio del Cielo: Giovanni Pico della Mirandola e le Disputationes contro l’astrologia divinatoria: Atti del Convegno di studi – Mirandola, 16 aprile 2004[;] Ferrera, 17 aprile 2004[14]’ Case Editrice Leo S. Olschki, Viuzzo del Pozzetto, 8, 50126 Firenze, 2008. Textured card covers. [3] + [pp. v-vi] + 17 + [pp. 19-29] + [pp. 31-45] + [pp. 47-93] + [pp. 95-115] + [pp. 117-141] + [pp. 143-165] + [Imprimatur] + [1 page of advertisements]

Bertozzi, Marco; intr. Hübner, Wolfgang ‘La Tirannia degli Astri: Gli Affreschi Astrologici di Palazzo Schifanoia’ Sillabe, Livorno, 1999[15]. Card wrappers (bookseller’s label adhered to rear cover). [6] + [pp. 7-23] + [illustration] + [pp. 25-112] + [16 pages of colour plates] + [pp. 113-143]

Bertucelli, Penelope ‘Friends, Family, Romance and Uranian Astrology Pictures’ Penelope Publications, 7671 NW 6th Court, Plantation, Florida, 1996. Card covers. Staplebound pamphlet. [2 leaves] + 28pp + [1 page of advertisements]

Bertucelli, Penelope ‘Phoenix Workshop Cosmobiology Conference, August 17-20, 1995 – Uranian Astrology Manual[16]’ Penelope Publications, 937 Crestview Circle, Weston, Florida, 1995. Large-format laminated card covers. Bound by plastic comb threaded through holes punched in inner margins. [4 leaves] + [2] + 3 + [p. 5 in red print] + [pp. 6-11] + [p. 13 in red print] + [pp. 14-19] + [p. 21 in red print] + [pp. 22-30] + [p. 31 in red print] + [pp. 32-7] + [p. 39 in red print] + [pp. 40-6] + [1 leaf] + [p. 49 in red print] + [pp. 50-6] + [p. 57 in red print] + [pp. 58-66] + [p. 67 in red print] + [pp. 68-76] + [p. 77 in red print] + [pp. 78-89] + [p. 91 in red print] + [pp. 92-133] + [1 in red print] + [pp. 136-8] + [pp. 140-9]

Bertucelli, Penelope – see also under Brummund, Ruth, below

Bessière, Jany ‘Les Éclipses, les Lunaisons et Vous’ Éditions du Rocher, Monaco, 1996

Bessière, Jany ‘L’Europe & Les Astres de 1950 à 2005’. This copy signed by author to title page in seemingly separate dedication to two people, first dedication partly illegible but part of it is to ‘mon frère’; the other is to ‘ma chère Catherine’. Card covers. [3 leaves] + [pp. 9-135] + [pp. 137-143]


[1] This book is mostly an historical review of observed price cycles in the commodities discussed, with some extrapolated predictions; but in a brief theoretical section of the book, the author links these cycles causally to the Jupiter and sun spot cycles, while postulating possible influences of Saturn, Uranus and Neptune. It is therefore one of the earliest sources on financial astrology theory, although sketchy

[2] The original edition is dated to 1875

[3] COPAC records give 1935

[4] Declared first published by St. Martin’s Press Inc., USA, 1980. The present volume would appear to be the first British edition.

[4a] Copyrighted 2015; but this printing, purchased new in January 2020, is undated

[4b] The printed copyright date, which in this case is likely to be the actual date of printing, since the binding size format closely tallies with the author’s contemporaneous ‘Astrology Student’s Note Book’ series, q. v.. For the later A.F.A. reprint, see under authorship entry for Wynn below

[5] The contents are identical to those of Vol. 1 No. 2 of the periodical ‘Horoscope Screen Album’, dated June 1931 (q. v. above), suggesting that this is just a standalone reissue of of that issue as a separate publication.

[6] Presumed 1931 or soon after

[6a] Internal references to Meyer’s ‘A Handbook for the Humanistic Astrologer’ and Busteed’s ‘Phases of the Moon’ place the date no earlier than 1974. The other books referenced predate this.

[6b] Internal reference to Meyer’s ‘A Handbook for the Humanistic Astrologer’ places the date no earlier than 1974. The other books (and records) referred to in the text range in date from 1970-1973

[6c] Internal reference to Joseph Campbell’s ‘Hero With a Thousand Faces’ places the date no earlier than 1972

[6d] Reference to a ‘recent lecture’ delivered by Dane Rudhyar in December 1974 suggests 1975 as an accurate date for this document

[6e] A series of publications prepared in collaboration with the Wolfenbütteler Arbeitskreis für Renaissanceforschung and published by the Herzog August Bibliothek

[6f] A compilation of 13 essays by different scholars including Wolfgang Hübner, Stephan Heilen and (individually) the editors. Hübner’s contribution is an essay ‘Astrologie in der Renaissance’, while Heilen’s relates to Bonincontrius. Also included is a lengthy study on Pope Sixtus V’s papal bull against judicial astrology of 1586

[7] Estimated 2000s

[8] Lacking No. 3. The series of fifteen publications collectively is the most basic tier of three series of publications in the full tiered course

[8a] Said to have been developed in 1975 as an improved and corrected new edition of a correspondence course originally composed in 1948 and issued thus only to a limited number of students. The text contents of the present edition are nominally divided into 21 lessons of varying length

[8b] A series of publications edited at this time by Jan M. Ziolkowski, General Editor, and Danuta Shanzer, Medieval Latin Editor, supported by an Editorial Board of 7

[8c] A compilation of four works by Bernardus: Cosmographia, Mathematicus, De Gemellis, and De paupere ingrato, with facing English translations. Mathematicus is rendered as ‘The Astrologer’ and fills pp. 184-245. Cosmographia is by far the longest work, spanning pp. 2-181

[9] The author is described on the front cover as co-founder and minister of the Unicorn Ashram, which appears to be a church in Oceanside

[10] A Jungian astrological work, not just general mythology

[11] The contents of this volume, and the front cover, appear to have been produced by photocopying the equivalent pages on another bound copy, bearing facsimile hole-punched marks on the front cover and many pages. But whether this is how the author published at least one batch of his books, or whether copy might be an unauthorised duplicate, is not clear. No library records or other Internet references to the work could be found at the time of writing, and it is suspected of having been produced in very small quantities

[12] Part of the glossary at the back of the volume

[13] Text is continuous; the error is in the pagination

[14] A collection of eight essays on Pico-related themes by different scholars, including Ornella Pompeo Faracovi, Stefano Caroti, and Marco Bertozzi

[15] The original edition is said to have been published in 1985 by Cappelli of Bologna.

[16] This volume is divided into four themed ‘books’: Book I – Techniques of Uranian Astrology (pp. 1-76); Book II – The Annual Horoscope (pp. 77-89); Book III – Health, Astrology and the Planetary Picture (pp. 91-133); and Book IV – Horary AStrology (pp. 135-149)

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