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Walker – Wassilko-Serecki

Walker, Charlotte Abell ‘Under a Lucky Star: Explaining characteristics, tendencies and possibilities, choice of partners and employees, suggestions on marriage and government of children’ G. W. Dillingham Co., New York, 1901. Cloth with elaborate art illustration to front board (moderate wear to extremities of spine hinges and outer corners of boards). (Frontis. and pp. 83-6 detached from binding but present. Light separation between pp. 92-3 and before [p. 109]. Virgo and Libra forms still joined at top edge; first two free endpapers following last form also still joined at top edge: need separating.) [1] + [1 leaf] + [Frontis. entitled ‘Diana’] + [2] + [pp. 3-6] + [1 leaf] + [pp. 9-25] + [plate] + [pp. 27-41] + [pp. 43-54] + [plate] + [pp. 55-79] + [plate] + [pp. 81-93] + [plate] + [pp. 95-107] + [pp. 109-121] + [plate] + [pp. 123-158] + [plate (detaching at uppermost and lowermost 2 inches)] + [pp. 159-171] + [plate] + [pp. 173-189] + [12 single-sided leaves of zodiacal sign forms supposed to be filled in by reader with names and dates, but blank]

Walker, Charlotte Abell ‘Your Fortune Told Under Your Lucky Star: Explaining Characteristics, Tendencies, and Possibilities. choice[1] of partners and employees, suggestions on marriage and government of children’ M. A. Donohue & Company, Chicago / New York, undated.[2] Cloth (wear to parts of extremities of spine, towards top of rear hinge; and to outer corners of boards). (Light separation to inner paper hinge between pp. 98-9.) [Frontis. entitled ‘Saturn’] + [2] + [pp. 3-6][3] + [pp. 9-25] + [pp. 27-41] + [pp. 43-79] + [pp. 81-93] + [pp. 95-107] + [pp. 109-121] + [pp. 123-171] + [pp. 173-189] + [12 single-sided leaves of zodiacal sign forms supposed to be filled in by reader with names and dates, but blank] + [5 pages of advertisements]

Walker, Myles Wilson ‘Intro to Astro Tech Trading[4]’ Halliker’s Inc., 2508 Grayrock St., Springfield, MO, 2001. A4-sized cloth (light wear to extremities of spine hinges and some outer corners of boards). [1 leaf] + [p. 2] + [p. 3] + [single-sided leaves 2-161]

Walker, Myles Wilson ‘Super Timing: W. D. Gann’s Astrological Method’ [Self-Published], copyrighted 1999[5]. Cache of supplementary looseleaf A4 sheets comprising 22 pages of charts, 5 pages of text and 1 page of planetary glphs laid in, together with two fold-out A3 charts, presumed as issued by the author. A4-sized laminated card covers. Bound by comb threaded through holes punched in inner margins. [1 leaf] + [81] + [31] + [1 leaf] + [30]

Walsh, Patricia L. ‘Understanding Karmic Complexes: Evolutionary Astrology and Regression Therapy’ The Wessex Astrologer Ltd., 4a Woodside Road, Bournemouth BH5, 2009. Glossy card covers

Walter, Hans-Jörg ‘Divina Commedia Astrologica: Prim-Harmonics: Die Computer-Tomographie des Horoskops’ Verlag der Häretischen Blätter, Frankfurt am Main, 1999. Card covers. 263 + [1 page of advertisements]

Walter, Hans-Jörg ‘Entschlüsselte Aspektfiguren: Ein neu entdeckter kosmischer Code und seine praktische Auswertung bei der astrologischen Charakter- und Schicksalsdeutung’ Ebertin Verlag, Freiburg im Breisgau, 1981. Cloth in dj. 367pp + [32 leaves of charts]

Walter, Dr. Hans-Jörg ’Kosmobiologie und Sexualität I. Untersuchung der Kosmogramme von fünf Triebmördern [Sonderheft der Zeitschrift ”Kosmobiologie”, Nr. 7, 8, 9, 1972]’ Ebertin-Verlag, D-7080 Aalen, Tulpenweg 15, [1972]. Two copies. Both copies: Original paper covers. Staplebound pamphlet. [2] + [pp. 3-53] + [pp. 55-6 of advertisements]

Walter, Max; intr. Rigel, P. ‘Les Évènements Importants de la Destinée, Année par Année d’après la Date de Naissance – Une méthode simple qui permet de suivre vous même votre vie, celle d’autrui, de déceler les “récifs”, les contourner et atteindre le succès en toutes circonstances’ Éditions du Zodiaque, 159, Boulevard de la Gare, Paris XIIIe, 1951[6]. Publisher’s errata slip glued to inner margin of half-title page. Card covers (tearing to top 1.5 cm of spine). (1-inch tear to outer margin of leaf comprising pp. 47-8.) [1 leaf] + [4] + [pp. 7-8] + [1 leaf on plate paper] + [3 leaves of plates] + [pp. 17-20] + [2] + [1 leaf] + [pp. 25-35] + [1 leaf] + [pp. 39-88] + [1 leaf] + [pp. 93-105 of advertisements] + [pp. 107-9 of advertisements]  + [imprimatur]

Walters, Derek ’Chinese Astrology: Interpreting the Revelations of the Celestial Messengers’ Second Impression – The Aquarian Press, Wellingborough, Northamptonshire, April 1987[6a]. Outwardly originally glossy card covers (1.2 cm separation to top of front hinge; trace of damp-staining to spine; light general edgewear)

Walters, Derek ‘Chinese Astrology: the Most Comprehensive Study of the Subject Ever Published in the English Language’ Watkins Publishing, London WC1B, 2002

Walters, J. Donald (Kriyananda) ‘Your Sun Sign as a Spiritual Guide: How Understanding Your Astrological Sign Can Help You Improve Your Life’ MJF Books, Fine Communications, 322 Eighth Avenue, New York, N.Y., undated[7]. Quarter-cloth with paper-covered boards, in dj (light wear to top of rear flap-fold). [3] + [1 leaf] + [p. 9] + [2] + [pp. 13-47] + [1] + [pp. 50-159]

Wang, Xing ’[Sinica Leidensia[7a], Volume 149:] Physiognomy in Ming China: Fortune and the Body’ Koninklijke Brill NV, Leiden, the Netherlands, 2020. Matt printed paper-covered boards (bump to lower outer corner of front board). [4] + [pp. v-vi] + [4] + 325

Waram, Marilyn ‘The Book of Jupiter’ ACS Publications, San Diego, CA, 1993

Waram, Marilyn ‘The Book of Neptune’ ACS Publications, San Diego, CA, 1989

Warburg, Aby; tr. Cantimori, Emma  ‘Arte e Astrologia nel Palazzo Schifanoja di Ferrara’ Abscondita SRL, Milano 2006

Warburg, Aby; ed. Stimilli, Davide and Wedepohl, Claudia ‘[Kleine Schriften des Warburg Institute London und des Warburg Archivs im Warburg Haus Hamburg Heft 3:] ”Per Monstra ad Sphaeram”: Sternglaube und Bilddeutung – Vortrag in Gedenken an Franz Boll und andere Schriften 1923 bis 1925’ Dölling und Gaitz Verlag GmbH, Schwanthalerstraße 79, 80036 München / Friedensallee 26, 22765 Hamburg, 2008. Paper-covered boards (light wear to top of rear hinge, upper outer corners of boards, and lower outer corner of rear board). [3] + [1] + [pp. 6-29] + [pp. 31-38] + [1] + [pp. 42-50] + [pp. 53-7] + [pp. 59-61] + [1] + [pp. 64-127] + [1] + [pp. 130-153] + [1]

Ward, Nora ‘The World Horoscope” and Secret Cycles of the Kabbalists – a Study in Bible Astrology’ Printed by the Landvidi Research Centre, Larkfield, Kent, undated[8]. Large format card covers with cloth-tape spine. [4] + 92

Ward, Louise ‘Instant Astrology Workbook’  Second Edition – [Self-published], Available from Theosophical Society Book Department, 119 North East 62nd Street, Miami, Florida 33138, 1969[9]. A4-format card covers. Bound by three metal pins threaded through holes punched in inner margins. (One line of ruled pink underlining to foot of title page; another line to each of four of the main unnumbered pages within.) [5] + [25] + [3] + [1 leaf] + [33] + [1 leaf] + [7] + [3 leaves of chart blanks] + [1 leaf] + [3] + [3] + [9] + [3 leaves] + [15] + [9] + [2] + [3] + [working volvelle device mounted on card]

Ward, Sue ’Sue Ward’s Collected Essays: Reflections on Traditional Astrology’ Stated 1st Edition – Prisma Edições / Coleção Academia de Astrologia, March 2022. Matt card covers

Ward, Sue ’Sue Ward’s Traditional Astrology Course’ Stated 1st Edition – Prisma Edições / Coleção Academia de Astrologia, no place stated, September 2021. Matt card covers

Warnock, Christopher; ed. Sutherland, Kathleen ‘The Celestial Way: The Spiritual Path of the Stars & Planets’ Renaissance Astrology, 2022. Outwardly glossy card covers (light wear to tops of spine hinges; light delayering to most upper outer corners of covers). [2] + [2 leaves] + 129 + [imprimatur]

Warnock, Christopher; ill. Jackson, Nigel & Place, Robert M. ‘Fixed Star, Sign & Constellation Magic’ Renaissance Astrology, 2019. Outwardly glossy card covers. [2] + [2 leaves] + 135 + [imprimatur]

Warnock, Christopher, Esq.; ill. Jackson, Nigel ‘The Mansions of the Moon: a Lunar Zodiac for Astrology & Magic’ Renaissance Astrology, no place stated, 2006. Card covers. [5] + 163 + [pp. 164-191 of tables]

Warnock, Christopher, Esq. ‘The Picatrix Guide’ Renaissance Astrology, no place stated, undated[10]. Card covers. Staplebound pamphlet. 25pp

Warnock, Christopher ‘Renaissance Electional Astrology Compendium[11]’ Revised 3rd Edition – Renaissance Astrology, no place stated, 2009. Large-format card covers. Prelims.: [16]. Main contents comprise[12]:

  • Gadbury, John ‘Nauticum Astrologicum[13][pp. 16-37]
  • Ramesey, William ‘[Astrologia Restaurata] Liber III: De Iudiciis Astrorum in Electionibus, or an Introduction to Elections, Fully comprehending the Rules of the Ancients in Electing a time for any manner of Work’ [pp. 121-202]
  • Blagrave, Joseph ‘Blagrave’s Introduction to Astrology. The Second Part. Shewing the Manner and Use of Elections as they are constituted on the twelve Celestial Houses…’ [pp. 187-217]
  • Culpeper, Nich., Gent. ‘Opus Astrologicum, &c. Or, An Astrological Work Left to Posterity’[14] [45 unnumbered pages]
  • Partridge, John ‘Mikropanastron’ [pp. 235-275] + [pp. 290-333]
  • Dariot, Claude ‘A Briefe and most easie Introduction to the Astrological Iudgement of the Starres’ [12 unnumbered pages]
  • Coley, Henry ‘Clavis Astrologiae Elimata: or a Key to the whole Art of Astrology’ [pp. 264-287]
  • Middleton, John ‘Practical Astrology’ [pp. 274-281]
  • Lilly, William ‘Anima Astrologiae: or, a Guide for Astrologers’ [6 unnumbered pages] + [pp. 1-118]
  • Searle, John, Master in Chryurgie ‘An Ephemeris for Nine years Inclusive, from The yeere of our Lord God 1609 to the yeere 1718[15][pp. 144-165]

Warnock, Christopher, Esq. ‘The Secrets of Planetary Magic’ Renaissance Astrology, no place stated, 2009. Card covers. [2] + [2 leaves] + 98

Warnock, Christopher ‘Warnock’s Horary Case Book’ Renaissance Astrology, no place stated, 2009

Warnock, Christopher – see also under Anonymous (14); Anonymous (49); and Ibn Qurra, Thabit, above

Warrain, Francis ‘[Actualités Scientifiques et Industrielles 913:] Essai sur l’Harmonices Mundi ou Musique du Monde de Johann Kepler par Francis Warrain –  Tome II: l’Harmonie Planétaire d’après Kepler, adaptée à nos connaissances actuelles’ Hermann & Cie, Éditeurs, 6, Rue de la Sorbonne, Paris, 1942. Original card covers (1 cm tear to front spine hinge; moderate wear to top of spine and to extremities of front hinge; 2-inch separation to foot of front inner paper hinge). [Front cover backed with advertisements] + [2] + [pp. 3-7] + [1 leaf] + [pp. 11-34] + [12] + [pp. 47-69] + [1 leaf] + [pp. 73-114] + [1 leaf] + [pp. 117-141] + [2] + [p. 144] + [1] + [rear cover featuring 2 pages of advertisements]

Warren, Adrienne ‘Measuring Compatibility’ Ninth Sign Publications, Hoboken, New Jersey, 1977. Two, variantly bound copies. Both copies: large-format card covers. Copy A: Bound by plastic comb threaded through many small holes punched in inner margins. Copy B: Cloth-tape spine glued down to inner margins. Bound by sub-surface staples through inner margins. Both copies: Main contents printed in dual columns on single-sided leaves throughout. [1 leaf] + [leaves 1-32] + [leaves 33-4 of charts] + [leaves 35-42] + [leaves 1-34 of tables]

Warren, David ‘Your Best Place: a Guide to Astrological Relocation Techniques’ First Revised Edition – Ninth Sign Publications, Hoboken, N.J., 1978[16]. Thin card covers (heavy crease across upper outer margin of rear cover, also affecting later pages). Staplebound pamphlet. [2] + 62 pp

Wasilko-Serecki, Gräfin Zoe, Präsidentin der Oesterr. Astrol. Gesellschaft ’[Astrologische Universal Harmonien, Sonderdruck 41:] Astrologische Betrachtungen über die Krebs-Krankheit’ Baumgartner Verlag, (20a) Warpke-Billerbeck (Hann.), 1955. Original card covers. (Former owner’s red-inked marginal lines and dots to pp. 3-12 and pp. 31-2.) [1] + [pp. 2-34] + [rear cover backed with advertisements]

Wassilko-Serecki, Gräfin Zoé, Präsidentin der Österreichischen Astrologischen Gesellschaft ‘[Astrologisches Universal Harmonien[17], Sonderdruck 71:] Astrologische Weisheiten: Ein Buch der klassischen Astrologie für den denkenden Menschen von heute’ Baumgartner-Verlag, D-3135 Warpke-Billerbeck, undated[18]. Original card covers with cloth spine. [1] + [pp. 2-160]

Wassilko-Serecki, Gräfin Zoé, Präsidentin der Österr. Astrol. Gesellschaft ‘[Astrologische Universal Harmonien, Sonderdruck 43:] Das Pendel in der Astrologie: Eine wertvolle Hilfsmethode der Horoskopie’ Baumgartner-Verlag, (20a) Warpke-Billerbeck (Hann.), undated[19]. Original card covers. Staplebound pamphlet. [1] + [pp. 2-20] + [rear cover featuring 2 pages of advertisements]

Wassilko-Serecki, Gräfin Zoé, Präsidentin der Österreichischen Astrologischen Gesellschaft ‘Warum verändert sich die Welt?’ Baumgartner-Verlag, (20a) Warpke-Billerbeck (Hann.), undated[20]. Original thin card covers. Staplebound pamphlet. 23 + [1 page of advertisements]

Wassilko-Serecki, Gräfin Zoé ‘Winke zur Horoskop-Deutung an Hand von 22 Beispielen’ Astrologischer Verlag Wilhelm Becker, Berlin-Steglitz, 1936. Original paper covers (2 cm separation to top of rear hinge; light separation to foot of same; some tearing towards top of front hinge). [2] + [p. 3] + [pp. 5-44] + [4 pages of advertisements]

Wassilko-Serecki, Gräfin Zoé ‘[Astrologische Universal Harmonien, Sonderdruck 61:] Winke zur Horoskop-Deutung an Hand von 22 Beispielen – Beilage: 1 Beispiel-Horoskope, aufgezeichnet nach Placidus’ 2. Unveränderte Auflage – Baumgartner-Verlag / Druck u. Verlagsanstalt Hans Baumgartner, (20a) Warpke-Billerbek / Han., undated[21]. With separate pamphlet entitled ‘Beilage des Verlages zu: Winke zur Horoskop-Deutung von Gräfin Zoé Wassilko-Serecki: 21 Beispiel-Horoskope aufgezeichnet nach Placidus’ laid in, as issued. Main book: Original card covers. [2] + [p. 3] + [1] + [pp. 5-42] + [1] + [4 pages of advertising book reviews] + [1 page of advertisements] + [rear cover backed with advertisements]. Beilage: No covers. Staplebound pamphlet. 11pp


[1] [sic] – despite the full stop, the new sentence begins with a lower-case letter

[2] Copyrighted 1901, with copyright credited to G. W. Dillingham Co. and dated 1901; but this is clearly a later, cheaper reprint of the work above, bearing in mind revised publisher identity, simpler cover design and omission of all but one of the plates in the original edition

[3] The leaf following p. 6 in the original edition was a list of plates, which has been removed from the reprint together with most of the plates themselves.

[4] This book is mostly example graphs serving a relatively small amount of text outlining several different astrological trading concepts. A reprint of an article by William D. Gann originally published in December 1909 is incidentally included

[5] With separate title page to leaf before final 30 unnumbered pages: “Super Timing 2001 Annual Forecast, By Myles Wilson Walker”. This would possibly suggest a late 2000 printing date for this copy although the main text is copyrighted 1999.

[6] A further foreword is provided by the publisher, a Madame Blondel

[6a] After the original printing of February 1987

[7] Worldcat suggests 2001 for this printing, while indicating the original to have been published in 1978. However, the author’s own preface indicates 1971 as the date of first publication.

[7a] A series of publications jointly edited by Barend J. ter Haar and Maghiel van Crevel, in co-operation with a team of five other scholars

[8] COPAC records 1961 for this imprimatur

[9] The date of the original edition is given as 1967

[10] Issued in the mid-late 2000s

[11] A compilation of extracts on electional astrology topics from facsimiles of ten different 17th century English astrological works, as detailed below

[12] Except for those sources expressly referenced with footnotes here, all the sources used are found in full in the same editions elsewhere in this catalogue, to which entries the enquiring reader is referred. Except for Ramesey’s book, two pages of original source text are presented side-by-side on every one page of this facsimile edition. The paginations given are for the pages in the original source editions, excluding reproduced title pages (which are unpaginated). Thus, the true number of pages filled in the new, overall unpaginated edition is roughly half the number indicated, except in the case of Ramesey, where it is unchanged

[13] From the first edition of 1691, bearing the publication credit: “Printed for Matthew Street, London”

[14] From the original edition bearing the publication credit: “Printed by J. Cottrel, for Ri. Moone and Steph. Chatfield; at the seven stars in Paul’s Church-yard, and in the middle of St. Dunstan’s Church-yard, London, 1654”

[15] From the original edition bearing the publication credit: “Printed by John Windet, for William Cotten and John Tapp, London, 1609”

[16] The date of the original edition is given as 1977

[17] In this instance, only “Sonderdruck” is printed, the series title being omitted

[18] The original edition is presumed to be from the mid-1960s (after 1963); but the present appears to be a much later undeclared, albeit official, facsimile reprint

[19] Presumed late 1950s or early 1960s

[20] DNB records give 1954

[21] Not in DNB. Swiss library records give 1957; German library records estimate”about 1960″

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