Bibliography of Astrology Page 204:
Wharton – Whitfield

Wharton, George; ed. Gadbury, John, Student in Physick and Astrology ‘The Works of that Late Most Excellent Philosopher and Astronomer, Sir George Wharton, Bar. – Collected into one Entire Volume[1]’ Printed by H. H. for John Leigh, at Stationers Hall, London, 1683. Leather. Former ownership label of Robert Sinclair. Former ownership stamp of Charles A. Muses. (Pp. 659-670 together but loose from binding.) [Frontis.] + [2 leaves] (upper half of first torn from binding) + [21] + [6] + 11 + [p. 2 (2)] + [pp. 13-208] + [1 leaf]  [2] + [pp. 213-222] + [1 leaf] + [2] + [pp. 227-249] + [p. 150 (2)] + [pp. 251-272] + [2] + [pp. 275-415] + [1 leaf] + [4] + [pp. 423-433] + [illegibly partially numbered page] + [pp. 435-514] + [Frontis.] + [1 leaf]  [10] + [pp. 527-670] + [1]

Whitaker, Anne ‘Jupiter Meets Uranus: From Erotic Bathing to Star Gazing: a Research Study Exploring some Collective and Individual Manifestations of the February, 1997 Jupiter – Uranus conjunction in Aquarius, set in its mythological and historical context’ American Federation of Astrologers, Inc., Tempe, AZ, 2003

Whitaker, Anne; intr. Clifford, Frank C. ’Postcards to the Future: Mercurial Musings 1995-2021’ Writing from the Twelfth House Publications, Glasgow, Scotland, 2021. Outwardly glossy card covers

[White, Frederick]  ‘The Adept: The American Journal of Astrology’ Sacred Science Institute, no place stated, undated[1a]. Large-format suede-effect cloth with gilt print to front board

White, Fredrick ‘Correcting the Time of Birth’ No Publisher Stated, undated[2]. Original card covers. Staplebound pamphlet. [4] + 28pp + [rear cover featuring chart blank]

White, Fredrick ’A Guide to Astrology’ Fredrick White, Minneapolis, Minn., undated[2a]. Early custom cloth rebinding (heavy wear to spine ends and lower outer corners of boards; wear to upper outer corners) , with gilt titling and rule to spine. Custom green floral endpapers. (First three internal leaves, including original paper front cover, heavily torn at all margins, and crudely tape-repaired at inner margins, with lower inner margin of original paper front cover completely obscured by taped-over paper, and further crude tape repairs down outer margins of same, and to top margin of same and of second internal leaf.) [Original paper front cover backed with chart] + [6] + 115 + [1 page of chart blanks]

White, Fredrick [sic] ‘A Guide to Astrology[3]‘ published at Crystal Bay, Minn., undated[4]. Paper covers (light chipping to extremities of spine; a few tears to edges of rear cover). 14 + [2 pages of tables] + [pp. 17-23] + [2] + [pp. 26-46] + [3] + [pp. 50-59] + [1] + 23 + [1 page of advertisements] + [rear cover featuring 1 page of advertisements]

White, Fredrick [sic] ‘Guide to Astrology Version 1’ (front board title[5]) – This Edition – Sacred Science Library, no place stated, 2003[6]. A4-sized cloth. Reprint publication credits: [2] + … [2][7]. Contents:

  • [White, Frederick] ‘A Guide to Astrology’[8] Fredrick White [sic], Minneapolis, Minn., undated. [1 leaf] + [6[9]] + 115 + [1 page of chart blanks]
  • White, Fredrick [sic] ‘Correcting the Time of Birth’ No publication details present, undated[10]. [1 leaf] + 28 + [1 page of chart blanks]

White, Fredrick ‘A Guide to Astrology Version 2′ This Edition – Sacred Science Library, no place stated, 2003[11]. A4-sized cloth. Reprint credits: [2]. Contents:

  • White, Frederick ‘A Guide to Astrology. A Course of Instructions in which Either the Geo-Centric or Helio-Centric Places of the Planets May Be Used’ No publication information provided, unclearly dated.[12]. [2] + [pp. 3-70]
  • Regulus[13] ‘Tables of Ascendants, Showing, Approximately, the Sign and Degree of the Zodiac Rising Each Hour of Every Fourth Day in Any Year. Also, a Table of Houses for Latitude 40o 43′, North; Answering for Localities in the Range of the Cities of New Haven, New York, Trenton, Harrisburgh, Pittsburgh, Des Moines, Cheyenne, and Salt Lake City, and approximately for the Cities of Boston, Providence, Hartford, Philadelphia, Cleveland, Columbus, Cincinnati, Indianapolis, Chicago, Springfield, Lincoln in Nebraska, and Denver in Colorado; Together with Instructions for Erecting a Figure of the Heavens by that Table’ Occult Publishing Company, Boston, 1896[14]. [2] + [plates i-xiv[15]] + 32
  • Regulus ‘Regulus’ Brief Ephemeris. Showing the Longitudes and Declinations of the Four Principal Superior Planets on the First Day of Each Month in the Years from 1791 to 1887; and the same, approximately, from 1888 to 1918, all inclusive. – Computed to Greenwich Noon’ Occult Publishing Company, Boston, 1896[16]. [3] + 16
  • [No author or title stated], undated[17]. [41]
  • [MacDonald, Prof. J. ‘The Secrets of Astrology Revealed’] No publication details present.[18] 46 + [1 page of advertisements] + [3]
  • [No author stated] ‘Business Adaptability of the People of the Zodiac’ No publication details present[19]. [4]
  • [Mackay, Chas ‘Zodiacal Influences’] No publication details present[20]. [2] + [pp. 5-26]
  • Ackroyd, Professor, Lecturer on, and Teacher of, Astro-Phrenology ‘Astrology. Egyptian Astronomy: being a Discourse or Introductory Lecture on the Influences of the Stars on Mankind, Divested of all the Superstition of the Early Ages, showing What Astrology Is & How It Was Discovered’ Printed by J. Clegg, Bookbinder, &c, 10, Milnrow Road, Rochdale, 1878. [2] + [pp. 3-16]
  • F., H. ‘Astrology Made Easy; or, the Influence of the Stars and Planets upon Human Life’ F. M. Lupton, Publisher, Nos. 23-27 City Hall Place, New York, undated[21]. Main text contents printed in dual columns. [Illustration] + [2 leaves] + [pp. 5-54]
  • [No author stated] ‘General Rules Applying to a Nativity]’ No publication details present[22]. [1]

White, Frederick ‘Helio-Centric Ephemeris for Ninety Years, 1825 to 1916’ Frederick White, Minneapolis, Minn., undated[23]. Whole volume held in an old (heavily edge-torn) former owner’s paper envelope ink-labelled ‘Heliocentric Ephemeris for 90 years – 1825-1916. Frederic White publisher’. Original paper front cover (heavily chipped at upper margin with slight loss of text on reverse side, and at lower inner margin; further slightly chipped at upper outer corner; rear cover missing). Bound by staples through inner margins. [Front cover backed with instructions] + [74 pages of tables] + [1] + [3 pages of tables]

[White, Frederick][23a] ’Lessons in Astrology. One Two Three. The Marriage Indications’ No publisher or place stated, undated[23b]. Plain card covers. Staplebound pamphlet. [5] + [pp. 1-4] + [4 pages of tables] + [pp. 9-11] + [chart]

White, Fredrick R. ‘Lessons in Heliocentric Astrology – Being a Simple Method of Instruction by the Heliocentric System[23c]‘ No publisher or place stated, undated. Bound with (extracts from) ‘Helio-Centric Ephemeris for 90 Years, 1825-1916[23d]‘ Fredrick White Author and Publisher, Minneapolis, Minn., undated. Custom old quarter-leather (rubbed at spine; separation down whole length of both hinges, but underlying webbing holding) with cloth-covered boards (light wear at outer corners). (Original staples to first title have been removed at the time of binding.) Lessons: [2] + 111 + [1] + [26]. Helio-Centric Ephemeris: [Original front cover] + [6] + [23 pages of tables] + [1] + [2 pages of tables] + [2 pages of diagrams] + [2 pages of tables]

White, Frederick R. ‘White’s Geo-centric Astrology: a Manual of Geocentric Astrology Especially Prepared for the Beginner, With All Necessary Tables’ [Self-Published], [502 5th Avenue So.[24],] Minneapolis, Minn., undated[25]. Original paper covers (separation down central and lower parts of front spine hinge and upper third of rear equivalent; 1 cm chip lost from foot of spine). [1] + [1 leaf] + [1] + [1 leaf] + 4 + [duplicates of pp. 1-4] + [pp. 5-8] + [pp. 9-12 of tables] + [pp. 13-116] + [8 pages of advertisements]

White [Frederick] and Hollingsworth [R.] ‘Ephemeris for 1900 and Horary Astrology[25a](internal title) / ‘Horary Astrology. – Book of Instructions for The Dial of Ahaz’ (front cover title) – no publication details specified, presumed self-published, undated[25b]. Original paper covers (chips lost from foot of front cover and lower outer corner of rear cover; top cm of spine chipped away; 1-inch separation to foot of front hinge; some separation along rear hinge; 2 cm tear to top edge of front cover; two short lateral tears to inner margin of front cover; heavy creasing to part of front cover). Binding internally reinforced by sub-surface staples through inner margins. [1] + [24 pages of tables] + [1] + [9 pages of tables] + [15]

White, F. R.; Hollingsworth, R.[26] ‘A Treatise on Medical Astrology’ Aetna Pub. Co., Minneapolis, Minn., 1899. Small-format pebbled cloth (rebound thus, without original paper covers). (Moderate wear to extremities of spine and lower outer corners of boards).  [7] + [pp. 9-69] + [1] + [1 page of advertisements] + [publisher’s address]

[White, Frederick and Hollingsworth, R.[26a]] ‘A Treatise on Medical Astrology’ Isha Books, B-69, New Gupta Colony, New DDA Market, New Delhi, 2013[27]Paper-covered boards in dj. [1 leaf] + [7] + [pp. 9-69] + [1] + [1 page of advertisements] + [illustration]

White, Frederick R. – see also under Bishop, John; and Urania, above

White, Gavin ‘Babylonian Star-Lore: an Illustrated Guide to the Star-Lore and Constellations of Ancient Babylonia’ Solaria Publications, 4 Sanford Walk, New Cross, London SE14 6NB, 2008. Card covers. [6] + [pp. 7-14] + [1 leaf] + [pp. 17-21] + [pp. 23-41] + [1 leaf] + [pp. 45-234] + [1 leaf] + [pp. 237-305] + [1 leaf] + [pp. 309-321] + [imprimatur]

White, Gavin ‘Queen of the Night: The Role of the Stars in the Creation of the Child’ Solaria Publications, 9 Sanford Walk, New Cross, London SE 14, 2014. Card covers. [2] + [4] + [pp. 9-215]

White, George (Founder of the London Astrological Research Society) ‘The Moon’s Nodes and their Importance in Natal Astrology’ C. D. Dutton, 19 Newgate Street, London, E.C.1, 1927. Original printed paper-covered thick card covers (light wear to foot of front hinge and part of outer edge of front cover). (1-inch tear to outer edge of leaf comprising pp. 51-2.) [3 leaves] + [pp. 7-66] + [pp. 67; 69; and 71 of charts] + [pp. 73-4] + [Imprimatur]

White, George ‘The Moon’s Nodes and their Importance in Natal Astrology’ Samuel Weiser Inc., undated[28]. Card covers. Staplebound pamphlet

White, George – see also under Privat, Maurice, above

White, Suzanne ’The New Chinese Astrology’ First U.S. Edition – Thomas Dunne Books, an imprint of St. Martin’s Press, New York, December 2009[28a]. Paper-covered boards with silver titling to spine, in dj. [4] + [3 leaves] + [pp. xi-xvii] + [pp. xix-xxvii] + [pp. xxix-xxxii of tables] + 87 + [pp. 89-131] + [pp. 133-219] + [pp. 221-263] + [pp. 265-353] + [pp. 355-431] + [pp. 433-529] + [pp. 531-577] + [pp. 579-589 of tables]

White, Thomas ‘The Beauties of Occult Science Investigated; Or, the Celestial Intelligencer: In Two Parts. Part the First Containing A Plain, Easy, and Comprehensive Introduction to Astrology, With All the Requisites for Obtaining a Familiar and General Knowledge of the Science; A New Table of Ascensional Differences For Thirty Degrees of Declination to the Poles of the Houses for the British Metropolis; And many other Particulars never before published. Part the Second Containing the Method of Calculating, Directing, and Judging Nativities, both according to the Argolian System and the Doctrine of Ptolemy: The Whole Illustrated by the Nativities of Several Eminent Personages, viz. Lewis XVI (late King of France), Napoleon Bonaparte; And several others never before made public’ Printed for and Published by Anne Davis, 2, Albion Buildings, Aldersgate Street; and J. S. Dickson, 18, Ivy Lane, Paternoster Row,  London, 1811. Quarter-leather with paper-covered boards (scuffed and edgeworn). (A little old ink underlining to p. 267. Leaf comprising pp. 273-4 shaved at outer margin with loss of a few characters to p. 274.) [2 leaves] + vii + [1] + [pp. 9-50] + [fold-out table] + [pp. 51-59] + [p. 0] + [pp. 61-124 (1)] + [pp. 113(2) – 127] + [p. 120 (3)] + pp. 129-268] + [1 leaf] + [2] + [pp. 273-436]

Whitehead, Willis F. ’Studies of the Zodiac: Your Astral Number – Quadrature of the Circle – The Star of the Magi: The Signs of the Zodiac and Their Influence on Human Life’ Regan Publishing Corporation, Chicago, Illinois, 1925. Original printed plain card covers (light chipping and separation to extremities of front hinge). (Former owner’s hand-inked alphabet and numerals to lower outer margin of title page.) [3] + [pp. 4-64] + [16 pages of advertisements]

Whitfield, Peter ‘Astrology: a History’ Harry N. Abrams Inc., Publishers, 100 Fifth Avenue, New York, N.Y. 10011, copyrighted 2001[29]. Cloth (light wear to extremities of spine and outer corners of boards) in dj (5 cm tear to upper inner corner of front cover; moderate wear to foot of spine; light wear to extremities of front flap-fold; 1.5 cm separation and some horizontal tearing to foot of rear flap-fold). (Remainder mark in black ink to top edge of page-block, slightly penetrating tops of upper margins of pages within. Heavy creasing and slight tearing to lower margin of rear free endpaper.) [5] + [pp. 7-13] + [colour plate] + [p. 15] + [1] + [colour plate] + [pp. 18-19] + [colour plate] + [pp. 21-9] + [2] + [pp. 32-5] + [2] + [colour plate] + [pp. 39-44] + [page of colour diagrams] + [pp. 46-50] + [colour plate] + [2] + [colour plate] + [pp. 55-63] + [1] + [monochrome plate] + [pp. 66-71] + [2] + [pp. 74-77] + [2] + [pp. 80-2] + [colour plate] + [p. 84] + [2 colour plates] + [pp. 87-8] + [colour plate] + [pp. 90-1] + [colour plate] + [1] + [p. 94] + [colour plate] + [pp. 96-101] + [2] + [colour plate] + [pp.  105-111] + [2] + [pp. 114-5] + [2] + [full-page colour plate] + [pp. 119-123] + [full-page colour plate] + [1] + p. 126] + [colour plate] + [p. 128] + [colour plate] + [pp. 130-6] + [colour plate] + [pp.  138-141] + [1] + [colour plate] + [pp. 144-150] + [colour plate] + [pp. 152-9] + [2] + [colour plate] + [pp. 163-177] + [2] + [pp. 180-1] + [2] + [pp. 184-194] + [colour plate] + [pp. 196-9] + [2] + [p. 202] + [full-page colour illustration] + [pp. 204-7] + [page blank except for small illustration]. [Dj rear flap with some advertisements]


[1] With additional title page to p. 209: Wharton, Geo. “An Astrological Judgment upon his Majesties Present March: Begun from Oxford, May 7. 1645” As it was Printed at Oxford, by H. Hall, 1645. With additional title page to p. 223: Wharton, Capt. Geo., Student in Astronomy “Bellum Hybernicale: Or, Ireland’s War Astrologically demonstrated, from the late Coelestial-congress of the two Malevolent Planets, Saturn and Mars, in Taurus, the Ascendant of that Kingdom. Wherein likewise, their future Opposition in the Signs Sagittary and Gemini, (most ominous in London, and many other of the South and West parts of England) is Mathematically handled. The Ignorance, Malice, Mistakes, Errors, Insolencies, and Impertinences, of John Booker, (in his Astrological Observations upon the said Conjunction, in a late Pamphlet of his, styled, A Bloody Irish Almanack, &c.) discovered, corrected, refuted, and retorted: And The Author further vindicated, from his, and Master Lilly’s former frivolous, false, and malicious Aspersions, throughout the whole Discourse” As it was Printed in the Year, 1647. With additional title page to p. 273: Wharton, C. George, Student in Astronomy “Merlini Anglici Errata: Or, The Errors, Mistakes, and Mis-aplications of Mr. Lilly’s New Ephemeris for the Year 1647. Discovered, Refuted, and Corrected” Printed in the Year 1647. With additional title page to p. 415: Wharton, Geo., Collected by “Gesta Britannorum: Or, A Succinct Chronology of the Actions and Exploits, Battails, Sieges, Conflicts, and other Signal and Remarkable Passages, which have happened in these Dominions, From the Year of Christ, 1600. (In which the late King Charles was Born) untill the Year 1667. Being the space of 66 Complete Years” Printed in the Year 1657, London. With additional title page to p. 517: Rothman, Jo., D. in Physick; tr. Wharton, George, Esq. “XEIPOMANTI’A: Or, the Art of Divining By The Lines and Signatures Engraven in the Hand of Man, By the Hand of Nature, Theorically, Practically. Wherein you have the Secret Concordance, and Harmony betwixt It, and Astrology, made Evident in Nineteen Genitures. Together with A Learned Philosophical Discourse of the Soul of the World, and the Universal Spirit thereof” As it was Printed in the Year 1652, London

[1a] A recent facsimile reprint, received new in 2016, of the issues of The Adept for January, 1920; February, 1920; March, 1920; April, 1920; May, 1920; July, 1920; [undated issue = August 1920, pp. 2-16 only]; October 1920; December, 1920; January, 1921; September, 1921; and October, 1921. On this copy, every facsimile page has been overlain with the web address of the reprint publisher at diagonal angles, ostensibly as a copy protection measure, unfortunately obscuring several characters of text on about sixteen lines per page. It is mostly possible to decipher what the incomplete words should read. For the original copies held by this collection of numerous earlier issues, see entry for The Adept in English-language journals section

[2] Presumed self-published in common with all White’s other works; guessed 1910s, though could be a decade or more either side; no firm records found online

[2a] Internal evidence from p. 114 suggests mid-1901 or later for this edition, and certainly no earlier than the Autumn of 1900

[3] With separate title page to [p. 61]: “White’s Geocentric Ephemeris. 1850-1860”

[4] This copy was apparently printed and bound around 1910, as shown from advertising for Llewellyn George’s ‘Planetary Daily Guide for All’ for 1911 on the rear cover. The different pagination from the edition above indicates in combination with this advertisement that it is probably a later abridgement and revision. The book would appear to have gone through at least two other printings with varying typesetting and contents, as shown from the differences with the Sacred Science Institute’s bound reprint dubbed ‘Version 2’ listed below, as well as those with another differently paginated edition recorded on Worldcat

[5] There is no overall internally printed title given to this volume, but the intention was clearly to use the title shown on the front board to represent its contents collectively

[6] Internally consists of a combined monochrome facsimile reprint of the two works listed beneath, the first being a quite separate issue of “A Guide to Astrology” from the one featured in “Version 2” of Sacred Science Institute’s publication, as shown below

[7] In this volume, two pages of reprint credits are given before both the internal reprinted works

[8]The longest edition of this work in terms of page count. Whether it is earlier or later than the others is not yet known, but it is suspected of being earlier, with some of the content having been culled in later printings and / or moved to other dedicated works

[9] A section in a larger font than the rest of the book, but with the same overarching header identifying it as belonging to the book. The section is entitled “Special Lessons in Astrology” and comprises numbered Lessons I-IV

[10] An omission carried forward from the original edition, q. v. above

[11] Internally consists of a combined monochrome facsimile reprint of the eight works and two short articles listed beneath

[12] A facsimile handwritten note above the facsimile title page reads: “Mme. Earley, Los Angeles, Calif, 1900”, suggesting that this is a very early edition, if the date of the former owner’s signature is reliable

[13] Presumed to be the erstwhile editor of “Signs of the Times”, q. v. in English journals section

[14] The copyright is attributed instead to Grant and Company, 1887. Grant and Company published the author’s journal “Signs of the Times” during that time frame. The Occult Publishing Company edition would thus appear probably an early reprint.

[15] These plates are illustrative of zodiacal physiognomy from the perspective of the sign ascending

[16] Again the copyright is attributed instead to Grant and Company, 1887

[17] An unidentified extract from an elementary work believed to be probably by Frederick White. The contents begin with a six-page discussion treating of the Zodiac,  Motion of the Planets, Houses of the Planets, Aspects, Nodes of the Planets, and How to Place the Planets. 14 pages of apparently heliocentric planetary ephemerides follow. Then come 9 tables of lunar ephemerides, 2 pages of discussion and tables of latitude, 1 page of Rules for Finding the Houses of the Horoscope, 2 pages of Best Times to Plant and Harvest, and 7 pages of Significations of the Rulers of the Houses. The title font is a close match for that in White’s “Guide to Astrology”; the section on Best Times to Plant etc. is a duplicate in terms of text content of the equivalent section in the “Guide to Astrology” as reprinted in this volume (i.e. “Version 2”), but reset from it with shorter lines and pages; the section on Significations of the Rulers of the Houses is a near-duplicate in terms of text content of the equivalent section in Version 1 of “A Guide to Astrology” (q. v. above), but again reset from it with much shorter lines and pages and some additional text in the final note; and the emphasis on heliocentric planetary positions in the ephemeris is a hallmark of White since he practised and wrote on heliocentric astrology as well as geocentric. The contents clearly do not belong to either of the particular editions of “A Guide to Astrology” reproduced by the Sacred Science Institute, however; and their exact sourcing remains for the present a mystery

[18] I have been able to identify this as the 1898 edition of Macdonald’s work, q. v. under its own separate entry, although the title page is altogether absent here

[19] This article does not match the type size of either the previous or the next book and is clearly not a part of either of them. I have not yet been able to source it

[20] The identifying title page is again lacking, but it was easy to identify this particular source. It is known to have been published in 1897. See the separate entry for the original publication.

[21] See also the entry for the original edition under the abbreviated name of the author

[22] This isolated page is not a part of the H. F. book and does not match its type. However, the title font is a match for Frederick White’s work, and this would appear to be some more content of his from an as-yet unidentified source

[23] The internal evidence strongly indicates 1896

[23a] Anonymous in print, but bears the distinctive hallmarks of his work, including typeface and reference to The Occult Bookshop, Crystal Bay, Minnesota, as a source of supplies; therefore catalogued under his name

[23b] Internal evidence indicates approx. 1934

[23c] This title is likely to be one of a number of issues of lessons advertised by mail order in the pages of The Adept. The 26 unnumbered pages following the main page run appear to comprise the first five lessons of a different issue, and specify the purpose of their lessons as being to clarify points in the author’s book Heliocentric Astrology (1896), not in this collection but found in several Worldcat-listed libraries in the United States

[23d] This is not the complete volume of this title as separately published – q. v. above for details of content and length. Nor does it correspond in other details such as the additional text pages at the beginning. It is presumed a custom gathering of pages issued with one of the lots of the mail-order lessons in astrology. The closing two pages, giving the heliocentric longitude of the planets in 1909, could be an indication of the overall date when this particular gathering was issued, or when the custom binding was made. The original ephemeris was published in or around 1896

[24] This fuller address appears in the author’s advertising at the rear though not on the preliminary pages

[25] Bibliographical records indicate 1896

[25a] The final 11 pages of text are a guide to horary astrology

[25b] Presumed 1899 or early 1900

[26] Title page attributions thus. On the copyright page, their names are given as Fredrick White and Ralph Hollingsworth

[26a] The authors’ identity is misrepresented as that of a single author, one ‘Frank White Hollingsworth’, by the Indian publisher

[27] A facsimile reprint of the original American edition of 1899, q. v. above. The facsimile retains White’s usual distinctive typeface, and an early advertisement for his journal “The Adept”

[28] A reprint of the above, circa 1970s

[28a] Revised from the original British edition of 1983

[29] There is no other date given, but this would appear to be the first American edition. The original publication is credited to The British Library, London

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