Bibliography of Astrology Page 43:
Daivagna – Daton

[Daivagna, Sri Venkatesha]; tr. Rao, B. Suryanarain, Professor, B.A., M.R.A.S., F.R.H.S., Editor of the Astrological Magazine, Member of the Asiatic Society of Bengal, Medico, Legal Society of New York, Etc.[1] ‘Sri Sarwarthachintaman, English Translation – Part II’ Third Edition Revised, Reprint – Published by Narendra Prakash Jain for Motilal Banarsidass Publishers Private Limited, Bungalow Road, Delhi, 2002.[2] Cloth in dj (light wear to feet of spine hinges and tops of flap-folds). [1 leaf] + [2] + [pp. v-vi]+ 20 +  259] + [pp. 261-276] + [pp. 376a-376e] + [2 pages of tables] + [pp. 376h-376i]

[Daivagna, Sri Venkatesha]; Rao, B. Suryanarain ‘Sri Sarwarthachintamani, English Translation – Part II’ Third Edition Revised, Reprint – Published by Narendra Prakash Jain for Motilal Banarsidass Publishers Private Limited, Bungalow Road, Delhi, 2002[3]. Cloth in dj (light wear to top of spine and extremities of flap-folds). [1 leaf] + [2] + [pp. 377-400] + [pp. 400a-400h] + [pp. 401-835]

Dalton, J. G. ‘The Sixteen Principal Stars 1824-1948 – Their Positions and Aspects[,] with Instructions for Use in Nativities – Also Ephemeris of Uranus and Neptune 1835-1876 – Added 1901: Neptune 1800-1834’ No publisher stated, Boston, undated[3a]. Original thin card covers (lower half and top 3 cm of spine split down centre; light chipping to extremities of spine; some wear to bottom edge of front cover, also affecting first two internal leaves). String-bound pamphlet. [pp. 3-7] + [pp. 8-23 of tables] + [p. 23a of tables] + [p. 24] + [pp. 25- 47 of tables] + [p. 48]

Dalton, J. G. ‘The Sixteen Principal Stars 1824-1948 – Their Positions and Aspects[,] with Instructions for Use in Nativities – Also Ephemeris of Uranus and Neptune 1835-1876 – Added 1901: Neptune 1800-1834’ Macoy Publishing & Masonic Supply Co., 35 West 32nd Street, New York, N. Y., unclearly dated[4]. Original paper covers (front cover detached; several short tears to inner margin of rear cover). Staplebound pamphlet. [pp. 3-7] + [pp. 8-23 of tables] + [p. 23a of tables] + [p. 24] + [pp. 25- 47 of tables] + [p. 48]

Dalton, Joseph G. ‘The Spherical Basis of Astrology, Being a Comprehensive Table of Houses for Latitudes 22º to 56º, with Rational Views and Suggestions, Explanation and Instructions, Correction of Wrong Methods, and Auxiliary Tables’ Arena Publishing Company, Copley Square, Boston, 1893. Cloth (slightly bumped and torn at foot of spine). [2] + [pp. iii-vi] + [1] + [pp. 2-67]

Dalton, Lynn G. ‘Pluto in Libra’ CSA Press, Lakemont, Georgia, 1972

Damian, Peter ‘An Astrological Study of the Bach Flower Remedies’ The C. W. Daniel Company Limited, Saffron Walden, 1997[5]

Damian, Peter ‘The Twelve Healers of the Zodiac: the Astrology Handbook of the Bach Flower Remedies’ Second Printing – Samuel Weiser Inc., York Beach, Maine, 1991

Damiani, Anthony[6] ‘Astronoesis: Philosophy’s Empirical Context; Astrology’s Transcendental Ground’ [2nd Impression] – Published for Wisdom’s Goldenrod, Ltd. by Larson Publications, 4936 NYS Route 414, Burdett, New York, a division of the Paul Brunton Philosophic Foundation[7], 2001[8]. Eccentrically wide-format cloth (light wear to feet of spine hinges and lower outer corners of boards) in dj. [5] + [pp. vi-xv] + [1] + [p. xvii] + 393 + [pp. 395-6] + [imprimatur]

Dante – see under Crane, Joseph, above; and under Kay, Richard; Palgen, Rudolf; and Rabuse, Georg, below

Dariot, Claude; tr. W., F. (= Withers, Fabian) ‘A Brief and most easie Introduction to the Astrological Iudgement of the Starres. Whereby the diligent Reader with easie laboure may give a certen, true, and determinate Iudgement to any Question demanded, upon the naturall causes thereof. Written by the most famous Phisition Claudius Dariot: and translated by F. W. gent. And lately renued, and in some places augmented and amended by G. C. Gentl. Whereunto is annexed a most necessarie Table for the finding out of the Planetarie and unequall houre, under the Latitude of 52 Gr. 30 Mi. exactly calculated by the sayde F. W.[9] Printed by Thomas Purfoot, London, 1598; bound (as issued) with G. C.[10] ‘A Treatise of Mathematicall Phisicke, or briefe Introduction to Phisicke, by Iudiciall Astronomy. Intreating very exactly and compendiously of the Natures and Qualities of all disaeases incident to humane bodyes by the naturall influence of the Caelestiall motions. Never before handled in this our Native language, written by G. C. gent. Practicioner in Phisicke. Whereunto is added a most ready and perfect Table, of the Planetarie and unequall howers under the Latitude of 51 deg. 43 mi. which is the true meridian of this most famous Citie of London, exactly calculated by the sayde G. C.’ Printed by Thomas Purfoot, London, 1598. Vellum (heavily chipped and torn at rear cover; slightly chipped at front cover and top of spine). Dariot: [1 leaf] + [3] + [134] + [leaf of volvelle cut-outs][11] +[11] + [2]. G. C.: [1 leaf] + [66][12] + [2]

Dariot, Claudius, Physician; tr. Wither, Fabian ‘A Brief and Most Easy Introduction to the Astrological Judgement of the Stars. Whereby Every Man May With Small Labor Give Answers To Any Question Demanded. [H]ereunto is annexed a most necessary, and brief table, for the speedy finding out of the planetary and unequal hours of every day through the year, exactly calculated by the said Fabian Wither’ JustUs & Associates, Issaquah, WA, 1996[13]. Large-format card front cover with lightly textured card rear cover, spine, and inner margin of front cover. (Small tear to inner margin of title page.) [1] + [pp. 2-14] + [p. 16[14]] + [p. 15] + [pp. 17-100]

Dariot, Claude ‘Ad Astrorum Judicia Facilis Introductio Claudio Dario (1557)[15]’ Kessinger Publishing, LaVergne, TN, 2010[16]. Paper-covered boards (light wear to lower outer corner of front board). [3] + [4] + 120 pp

Dariot, Claude; tr. Etienne, Chantal ‘Introduction au Jugement des Astres, suivie d’une Traité des élections propres pour le commencement des choses’ Éditions Spiritualité Occident, 6 Impasse de la Fontaine, Diedendorf, 2014

Darling, Harry F., M.D. ‘Essentials of Medical Astrology’ American Federation of Astrologers, Inc., Tempe, AZ, 1981

Darling, Harry F., M.D. and Oliver, Ruth Hale ‘Astro-Psychiatry[17]’ CSA Press, Lakemont, Georgia 30522, 1972. Cloth (moderate wear to extremities of spine hinges and lower outer corners of boards; light wear to upper outer corners) in dj (minimal tearing to extremities of spine; light wear to extremities of flap-folds). (Previous owner’s inked underlining to pp. 19-20.) (Defective copy: lacks pp. 275-6.) [1 leaf] + [6] + [pp. 9-21] + [pp. 23-5] + [pp. 27-71] + [pp. 73-87] + [pp. 89-105] + [pp. 107-207] + [pp. 209-274][18] + [pp. 277-323] + [pp. 325-7] + [pp. 329-330] + [2-panel folding table] + [p. 333] + [pp. 335]

Darlison, Bill[19] ‘The Gospel and the Zodiac: the Secret Truth About Jesus’ Duckworth Overlook, 90-93 Cowcross Street, London EC1M 6BF / 141 Wooster Street, New York, NY 10012/ One Overlook Drive, Woodstock, 2007. Cloth in dj. [1 leaf] + [2] + [pp. v-viii] + 51 + [pp. 53-219] + [pp. 221-279]

Darr, Clara; transcr. Fein, Beverly; ed. Nielsen, Leslie ‘Chart Comparison Notes – Lecture Given by Clara Darr to Astrological Institute of Minnesota, October 17, 1973’ Leslie Nielsen, no place stated, undated. Textured card folder (moderate wear to extremities of spine) with clear plastic sheet as front cover. Bound by three flexible metal clasps threaded through holes set in twin flaps extending across inner margins of interior of folder, and through holes punched through inner margins of pages. Contents printed on single-sided leaves throughout. Main contents in typescript; final leaf in facsimile handwriting. [1 leaf] + [leaves 1-12] + [6 leaves]

Darr, Clara M. ‘Comparisons and Friends’ Revised – Clara M. Darr, 2527 Broadway, Toledo, Ohio, 1977[20]. Textured card covers. Staplebound pamphlet. iv + [pp. 5-65] + [p. 66 of advertisements]

Darr, Clara ‘Cyclic Astrology as Interpreted by the Point-of-Self System by Irene Howell for Rectification of Charts to the Correct Hour of Birth’ Reprinted – Darr Publications, 1974

Darr, Clara M. ‘Keys to Inter Relations’ 5th Printing – [Self-Published], 2527 Broadway, Toledo, Ohio, 1976[21]. Textured card covers. Staplebound pamphlet. i + [p. iii] + [p. iv of advertisements] + 25 + [p. 26 of advertisements]

Darr, Clara M., MAFA ‘Mercury Observations: A lecture given at Boston 1964 AFA Convention’ No publisher or place stated, undated in print[22]. No covers. Large-format single-sided leaves, loosely bound by single staple at one corner. Contents printed in typescript throughout. [Leaves 1-5]

Darr, Clara M. ‘Neptune in Transit with Aspects’ [Self-Published], Toledo, Ohio, unclearly dated[23]

Darr, Clara M. ‘Nodes in Transit with Aspects’ Current Printing – American Federation of Astrologers, Inc., 6535 S. Rural Road,Tempe, AZ, 1995[24].  Large-format paper covers, overlain with clear plastic sheets. Textured fabric spine turned back under itself over inner margins and adhered to them. [2] + [p. iii] + [p. v] + [p. vii] + 7 + [pp. 9-13] + [pp. 15-27]

Darr, Clara M. ‘Uranus in Transit with Aspects’ [Self-Published], Toledo, Ohio, unclearly dated[25]. Textured card covers. Staplebound pamphlet. iii + [p. iv of advertisements] + 48 pp

Darr, Clara ‘Transits’ Second Printing – [Self-Published], no place stated, dated 1971[26]

Das, Tapan, Ph.D., P.Eng ‘Why Astrology is Science: Five Good Reasons’ i.Universe, Inc., New York / 1663 Liberty Drive, Bloomington, IN, 2009. Cloth in dj. [2] + [p. v] + [p. vii] + [pp. ix-xi] + [pp. xiii-xv] + [pp. xvii-xxi] + 167 + [1] + [Imprimatur]

Daton, Lois ‘Cusps, cusps, cusps and more cusps’ Starr Publications, Dayton, Ohio, 1980. Card covers. Bound by plastic comb threaded through holes punched in inner margins. [2] + [leaf iii on pink paper] + [leaf v] + [pp. vii-viii] + [1 leaf on pink paper] + [pp. 3-9] + [1 leaf on pink paper] + [pp. 13-18] + [leaf 18a] + [1 leaf on pink paper] + [pp. 21-49] + [1 leaf on pink paper] + [pp. 53-76] + [1 leaf on pink paper] + [pp. 79-90] + [1 leaf on pink paper] + [pp. 93-97] + [1 leaf on pink paper] + [pp. 101-7] + [pp. 108-9 of tables] + [2 blank pages headed ‘NOTES’]

Daton, Lois ’Lilith: the Planet of the Doodler – Including an Ephemeris’ Rod’s Composing Service, Inc., 1936 South Lynhurst Drive, Indianapolis, Indiana, 1977. Outwardly glossy card covers (small tear towards foot of spine)


[1] These additional credits feature on the internal reproduction of the original title page, although not on the added new title page representing the reprint

[2] After the Third Revised Edition of 1996, also reprinted 1997. The Second Edition is dated to 1933. It is noted in B. V. Raman’s foreword to the Third Edition, dated 10-6-1994, that the first part of the work only was originally published in 1899 with both source text and translation, before only the translation was reprinted in 1933. Raman goes on to note that the second and third parts were translated by Rao (his grandfather) in the 1920s, and that those translations were published separately then; but that they were not included in the 1933 reprint of the translation of the first part. Thus, the 1994 edition would appear to be only the second of Parts II and III.

[3] See note above. It is not apparent why the 1994 edition (as reprinted here) is presented in two “Parts” when it represents the content of three according to Raman’s original scheme, but it can reasonably be presumed that the second volume of the present edition contains the original Parts II and III although it is labelled “Part II”

[3a] Presumed the original printing of the 2nd edition, thus published in or shortly after 1901. Dalton’s earliest editions of his ‘The Spherical Basis of Astrology’ were also published in Boston.

[4] Presumed an undated later reprint from the 2nd edition (q. v. above) that was originally published in 1901. The Macoy Publishing and Masonic Supply Co. was active in publishing from New York during a wide range of dates spanning 1904 to 1953 at least, according to Worldcat records; but their other issues of publications by Joseph Dalton are credited to their operation in Richmond, Virginia. There are no obvious clues to the date of this printing, but in view of the ephemeris not having revised to include years beyond 1948, it cannot be later than this and seems most likely to date from the 1910s along with the first Macoy Publishing issue of Dalton’s “The Spherical Basis of Astrology”, which was published thus in 1911

[5] A reprint under an altered title of Damian (1991), q.v. below

[6] The author lived from August 24, 1922 to October 2, 1984. This volume was produced from unfinished manuscripts left behind after his death by others who had been involved with him as part of the Wisdom’s Goldenrod Centre for Philosophic Studies in Valois, New York, a group he had founded in 1972, and whose activities appear to have included study and meditation

[7] It is not immediately apparent whether it is Wisdom’s Goldenrod or Larson Publications that is a division of the Paul Brunton Philosophic Foundation. The word order has been reproduced as printed

[8] The original copyright date is 2000

[9] The main title page continues with a notice of the G. C. treatise to follow: ‘Also hereunto is added a brief Treatise of Mathematicall Phisicke…’ (the remainder takes almost exactly the same form as the separate title page for the G. C. treatise

[10] The identity of this author is not known. He is represented perplexingly as “Buxtorfius, Joannes Ludovicus” in the Arhat Bibliography (in the Association for the Retrieval of Historical Astrological Texts Journal No. 1)

[11] This leaf is supposed to have been cut out and its parts fitted to two volvelle diagrams earlier in the book, but this has not yet been done; and in view of the antique age of the book probably now never will be

[12] Of 68: lacks leaf A2 ‘To the Courteous Reader’ with diagram ‘On the Anatomie of Man’s Body’ to the reverse; following the 66 (of 68) pages, a fold-out table of ‘planetary howers’ is also missing from this copy.

[13] Copyrighted 1992, so this is clearly a slightly later printing of the JustUs edition. It has been retyped chiefly from the original English edition “Imprinted at London by Thomas Pursfoote, and are to be sold at his shop without Newgate over against Saint Sepulchers Church, 1583”, but also reportedly with reference to a 1609 printing

[14] The text is continuous; the error is in the pagination

[15] The title has been inaccurately and incompletely rendered by Kessinger, even to the point of the author’s surname being incompletely rendered. The facsimile of the original title page reads: “Ad Astrorum Iudicia Facilis Introductio Claudio Darioto Pomarcensi Medico ac Mathematico authore. Eiusdem Tractatus De Electionibus Principiorum idoneorum rebus inchoandis. Quibus Accessit Fragmentum de morbis & diebus Criticis ex astrorum motu cognoscendis, eodem authore: Ad illustrisssimum & eruditissimum virum dominum Anthonium Themam Savium doctorem medicum Lugdunensem”. The original imprint is difficult to read in places but appears to be: “Apud Mauricium Rey, et Ludovicum Pesnet, Lugduni, 1557”.

[16] A monochrome facsimile of the original published Apud Mauricium Rey, & Ludouicum [?] Pesnet, Lugduni, 1557.

[17] Stated as being ‘an enlarged and revised edition of the original title Organum Quarterni first published by CSA Press in 1968’

[18] The leaf that should comprise pp. 275-6 appears to have been cut out of this copy.

[19] “The Senior Minister of the Dublin Unitarian Church”

[20] The original copyright date is given as 1973

[21] The original copyright date is given as 1961

[22] Hand-dated “[19]64” by a former owner

[23] Dated 1975, but this may relate only to the first impression, of which this is likely to be  a later reprint

[24] The original copyright date is given as 1976

[25] Copyrighted 1976, but this may be a later undeclared reprinting

[26] This date, however, may relate only to the first impression

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