Bibliography of Astrology Page 51:
Dobyns – Drew

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Dobys, Zipporah – see also under Bach, Eleanor, above; and under Pottenger, Maritha, below

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Dorotheus of Sidon – see also under Stegemann, Viktor (multiple titles), below

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Drew, Marion ‘101 Hard-To-Find Horoscopes, Comiled and Analyzed’ [Self-Published], no place stated, 1962[14]. Large-format slightly oversized thick card covers (1.2 cm separation to both extremities of front hinge; light separation to extremities of rear hinge). Bound by three metal rings threaded through holes punched in inner margins. Text contents printed in typescript throughout. (Birth data for Steve Allen queried in ink by a former owner to p. 7.) [1 leaf] + 107 + [1 leaf of charts] + [1 leaf of tables] + [5 pages of tables]

Drew, Marion Meyer ‘[101 Horoscope Series:] 101 Headline Horoscopes’ [Self-Published], Beacon, New York, 1941. Large-format wider-than-A4 oversized thick card binder, with cloth tape adhered around inner margins of covers and underlying flaps. No spine. Bound by single long metal clasp threaded through twin holes punched in inner margins of extended cover flaps underlying covers. Contents printed on single-sided leaves in pale purple printer ink throughout. [118 unnumbered leaves]

Drew, Marion Meyer ‘[101 Horoscope Series:] 101 Health Horoscopes’ Marion Meyer Drew, Publisher, Beacon, New York, undated[15]. This copy signed apparently by author to ffep: ‘To Shirley – Hoping she will read a second work by Marion Drew[16]‘. Quarter-cloth (wear to extremities of spine; light wear to front hinge) with different cloth-covered boards (light wear to outer corners). [2 leaves] + [pp. 5-90]


[1] Dated 1975; but it is unclear to which edition this refers

[2] Dated 1975; but it is unclear to which edition this refers

[2a] The original copyright date is given as 1973

[3] A recent reprint

[3a] A series of publications collectively edited by a board of ten scholars, chaired at this time by W. Butler Burton

[3b] After the original edition of 1976

[3c] The date of the original edition is given as 1982

[4] There are no other publication references, although this appears a suspiciously fresh copy for the date, and the possibility that it is an undeclared later reprint cannot be ruled out

[5] A series of publications edited by Christopher M. Bellitto (Kean University). The series is subtitled thus: “A series of handbooks and reference works on the intellectual and religious life of Europe, 500-1800”

[6] A collection of eleven essays by scholars including Wolfgang Hübner, Giuseppe Bezza, Ornella Faracovi, Graziella Federici Vescovini, Steven Vanden Broecke, Hiro HIrai, Dieter Blume, Claudia Brosseder, and the editor of the present volume.

[7] This edition is a resetting of the English translation fro David Pingree’s edition of 1976, q. v. below.

[8] A very long-running series of critical editions of ancient Greek and Latin texts, edited at this time by Günther Christian Hansen

[9] A critical edition of the Arabic text, with complete English translation following, and an edition of surviving Greek and Latin fragments lastly.

[10] A short compendium of fragments attributed to Dorotheus, Orpheus, Anubio, and Valens (collectively spanning pp. 1-23 of the present volume), together with two lengthy appendices

[10a] A series of publications collectively edited at this time by Chia-Feng Chang, Michael Lackner, Klaus Herbers and Alexander Fidora, under the overall co-ordination of Fabrizio Pregadio

[10b] A collection of eight essays by different scholars, together with a shorter introduction by the editor. The contributions include Sheila Rabin’s ‘Pico on Magic and Astrology’ (pp. 152-178)

[10c] Copyrighted thus, but a further note indicates that the first paperback edition was published in 2014; and this appears to be a print-on-demand Lightning Source printing of the hardback edition from 2017, to judge by the imprimatur at the back

[10d] Critical edition with translation of an ancient Jewish astronomical text from the Second Temple period, drawn from four fragmentary manuscripts that were found in caves near the Dead Sea in Israel in 1952

[11] A print-on-demand facsimile-based reprint, issued March 2009, of the original dissertation

[12] I have not yet been able to paginate this because it remains shrink-wrapped within temporary card end-supports awaiting binding

[13] Interally appears an exact reprint of the original edition published In Commission bei F. C. Janssen, Dresden, 1855. To further complicate matters, over the top of the revised publication details to the lower margin of the title page on this copy has been pasted a sticker reading “Zodiakus-Verlag (Fritz Lens) Freiburg-Baden: Verlags-, Sortiments-, Versandbuchhandlung und Antiquariat Zentralbuchhandlung für astrologische und okkulte Literatur”

[14] Sticker of D. G. Nelson Astrology & Occult Books, 651 North State Street,Chicago, Illinois adhered to lower margin of title page. Nelson may have acted as a distributor or just as a retailer in this case; it is not clear which

[15] An internal reference suggests that it was written in 1941

[16] From the third-person wording it is not entirely clear that it has been signed by the author but it appears probably so

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