Bibliography of Astrology Page 73:
Giamario – Gladigow

Giamario, Daniel and Brent, Carolyn ‘[Harbingers of the Turning of the Ages Presents:] The Shamanic Astrology Handbook: the Archetypes and Symbols of the Signs and Planets and their Role in Shamanic Astrology’ Third Edition – JCA Unlimited, Tucson, AZ, unclearly dated[1]. Large-format card covers (some tears to outer edge of rear cover caused by stress from the metal binding). Tenuously bound by a long length of metal wire shaped into incomplete paired rings with looped ends, each pair threaded through one of nineteen holes punched in inner margins, but with the the looped ends designed in such a way as to fail to saisfactorily secure the rear cover. [2 leaves] + 13 + [2 leaves of illustrations] + [p. 16] + [1] + [pp. 18-77] + [1] + [pp. 79-172] + [1] + [7 pages of advertisements] + [rear cover with advertisements]

Giamario, Daniel ‘A Shamanic Investigation of Venus and Mars: Part One, Venus; Part Two, Mars and the Venus Saga’ Harbingers of the Turning of the Ages / JCA Unlimited, Tucson, AZ, 1997

Gibbons, John P. ‘An Introduction to Biblical Astrology and Modern World Problems[2]’ The New Order Publishers, Chicago, Illinois, 1940. Original gilt-stamped textured cloth (gilt faded; light wear to extremities of spine). [2] + [1 leaf] + [partly-colour-printed plate] + [2 leaves] + [pp. 13-20] + [1] + [pp. 22-31] + [1] + [pp. 34-78]

Gibbons, John P. ‘An Introduction to Biblical Astrology and Modern World Problems’ [Ballantrae Reprint], no place stated, undated[3]. Laminated card covers. Bound by plastic comb threaded through inner margins. [4 leaves] + [pp. 13-31] + [1] + [pp. 34-78]

Gibson, Mitchell E., M. D. ‘Signs of Mental Illness’ Second Printing – Llewellyn Publications, Llewellyn Worldwide, Ltd., St. Paul, MN, 1999

Gibson, Mitchell, M. D. ’Signs of Psychic and Spiritual Ability’ Modern Astrology Publishing / Dr. Mitchell Gibson, 2600 East Southern, Tempe, AZ, 2002. Outwardly glossy card covers

Gibson, Richard ‘Flagellum Placidianum, or a whip for Placidianism wherein is detected and deservedly retorted the notorious absurdities and scandalous invectives made by Mr. Whalley (on his Translation of Ptolomy’s Quadrapartite and his Treatise of Eclipses) against the laudable and genuine Astrology’ Recent facsimile reprint of original edition printed by James Philpott, at the upper end of Middle Street, Gosport, [1711]

Gibson, Walter ‘Astrology Explained[4]: a Complete, Concise and Modern System of Applying the Principles of Astrology to the Affairs of Every-day Life’ Vista House Publishers, 105 East 16th Street, New York, 1959. Cloth (light wear to feet of spine hinges) in dj (light wear to top of spine and foot of front flap-fold). [2] + [pp. ii-iv] + [2] + 186

Gibson, Walter B. ’The Science of Numerology: What Numbers Mean to You’ George Sully & Company, no place stated, 1927. Original cloth (moderate wear to extremities of spine hinges and outer corners of boards). [4] + [pp. v-x] + 16 + [pp. 18-24] + [pp. 26-32] + [pp. 34-54] + [pp. 56-70] + [pp. 72-130] + [diagram] + [pp. 133-181] + [pp. 183-6]

Gibson, Walter – see also under Gaston, Wilbur, above

Gilbert, Adrian Geoffrey ‘The Cosmic Wisdom Beyond Astrology: Towards a New Gnosis of the Stars’ Solos Press / Ashgrove Distribution, Bath, Avon, 1991

Gilbert, Adrian ‘Signs in the Sky: the Astrological & Archaeological Evidence for the Birth of a New Age’ First American Edition [2nd overall impression] – Three Rivers Press, Crown Publishing Group, New York, NY, 2000

Gilbert, Adrian ‘Signs in the Sky: the Astrological & Archaeological Evidence for the Birth of a New Age’ A.R.E. Press, Virginia Beach, VA, 2005[5]

Gilbert, Priscilla M. ‘Potential Fulfilled Vol. 1: Accident Patterns’ American Federation of Astrologers Inc., Tempe, Arizona, 1976

Gilbert, Priscilla M. ‘Potential Fulfilled Vol. 2: What Saved Them?’ American Federation of Astrologers Inc., Tempe, Arizona, 1976

Gilchrist, Cherry ‘[History in Focus[5a]:] Astrology’ Batsford Academic and Educational Ltd., an imprint of B. T. Batsford Ltd., 4 Firtzhardinge Street, London W1H, 1982. Glossy paper-covered boards (moderate wear to tops of spine hinges, some outer corners of boards, and part of outer edge of front board). (Some damage to outer margins of leaves comprising pp. 34-5, where paper from p. 35 has become adhered to p. 34 instead, obscuring one character only to p. 34, without loss of legibility.) [2] + [pp. 3-71] + [1]

Gilchrist, Cherry ‘Planetary Symbolism in Astrology’ Saros Foundation, Buxton, Derbyshire / Astrological Association of Great Britain, No Place Stated, 1980

Gilher, Miss, Personal Counselor ‘Golden Gems of Psychological Astrology[6]’ No Publisher Stated, Beverly Hills, California, 1940. Original, apparently originally gilt-stamped cloth (gilt mostly perished, leaving just a few silvery traces; moderate wear to outer corners of front board). [2] + [4 leaves] + 78 + [1 page of advertisements]

Gillen, Jack ‘Jack Gillen Predicts’ Stated First Edition – Grand Trine Publications Inc., Hollywood, Florida, 1975. Textured paper-covered boards in dj (moderate wear to tops of flap-folds; light wear to extremities of spine and feet of flap-folds; some surface scuffing to front cover). [1 leaf] + [4] + [1 leaf] + [pp. ix-xvii] + 39 + [pp. 41-67] + [pp. 69-79] + [pp. 81-91] + [pp. 93-117] + [pp. 119-213]

Gillen, Jack ‘The Key to Speculation for Casino and Lottery Games’ No publisher stated[7], undated[8]. Thin card covers. Bound by plastic comb threaded through holes punched in inner margins. (A few red-inked marks to p. 103.) 16 + [pp. 19-36 of tables] + [pp. 37-40] + [pp. 41-55 of tables] + [pp. 56-76] + [pp. 79-109] + [pp. 110-121 of tables] + [pp. 122-4]

Gillen, Jack; ed. Gillen, Tom ‘The Key to Speculation for Pro Football’ No publisher stated, 2003[9]. Card covers. Bound by plastic comb threaded through holes punched in inner margins. [1] + 72 + [1] + [pp. 74-95] + [2] + [pp. 98-100] + [3] + [pp. 104-7] + [2 pages of tables] + [pp. 110-1]

Gillen, Jack ‘The Key to Speculation on the New York Stock Exchange’ The Bear Publishers Inc., San Antonio, Texas, 1979. Lightly textured paper-covered boards (moderate wear to extremities of spine and outer corners of boards) in dj (1 cm tear to top edge of front cover; moderate wear to extremities of spine and of flap-folds). [1 leaf] + xi + 73 + [p. 74] + [pp. 74a-74i] + [pp. 75-97] + [pp. 99-103] + [pp. 105-139] + [pp. 141-189] + [pp. 191-278] + [1]

Gillen, Jack ‘The Key to Speculation on the New York Stock Exchange for the 21st Century’ Jack Gillen Seminars, Apopka, FL, 2002[10]. Card covers. Bound by plastic comb threaded through holes punched in inner margins. [4] + [2 pages of charts] + 73 + [pp. 74-195] + [pp. 196-266] + [pp. 268-275]

Gillen, Jack , a member of the American Federation of Astrologers ‘Your Personal Chart’ Astrology Researcher Publisher, Tamiami Station, Miami, Florida 33144, 1970. Card covers. Bound by plastic comb driven through holes punched in inner margins. (Previous owner’s inked underlining and marginal glyphs to five early pages within.) [50 unnumbered single-sided leaves.]

Gillett, Roy ‘Astrology and Compassion: the Convenient Truth’ Second Printing – Kings Hart Books, Publishers Uk Ltd., Oxford, England, 2008

Gillett, Roy ‘Economy, Ecology & Kindness: World Economy & Astro-cycles, 1984-2024: What are the real causes and lasting solutions to our current crises?’ Second Edition – Crucial Books, Camberley GU15, 2018[10a]Card covers

Gillett, Roy ‘Reversing the Race to Global Destruction: Abandoning the Politics of Greed’ Crucial Books, Camberley GU15, 2017. Card covers

Gilram ‘Astrologie Traditionnelle des Noeuds Lunaires’ Guy Tredaniel Editeur, 1988

Giovannelli, Flavia ‘Le Descendant’ Éditions Fernand Lanore, 1999

Giovannelli, Flavia ‘Les 144 Positions de Vénus’ Editions Lanore, 2002

Giraud, Daniel ‘Le Soleil, le Coeur et l’Or: Introduction à l’Interfusion Astrologie-Alchimie’ Éditions Cohérence, Strasbourg, 1982. Card covers (traces of wear to spine hinges and edges of covers). [4] + [pp. 7-9] + [pp. 11-49] + [pp. 51-9] + [pp. 61-97] + [pp. 99-129] + [pp. 131-149] + [pp. 151-183] + [pp. 185-323] + [pp. 325-9] + [p. 331] + [pp. 333-5] + [1 page of advertisements]

Giraud, Daniel ‘Métaphysique de l’Astrologie’ Henri Veyrier, Paris, 1988

[Giuntini, Francisco] (Iunctinus, Franciscus) ‘Speculum Astrologiae, Universam Mathematicam Scientiam, in Certas Classes Digestam, Complectens. Auctore Francisco Iunctino Florentino S. T. D. ac Eleemosynario ordinario Serenissimi Principis Francisci Valesii, Christianiss. Francorum, ac Poloniae Regis fratris unici, Andegavensis Ducis, &c. Accesserunt etiam Commentaria absolutissima in duos posteriores Quadripartiti Ptolemaei libros, innumeris observationibus referta, & certissimis aphorismis (quatenus ex siderum positione liceat Christiono more aliquid coniicere) ex probatissimorum Astrologorum scriptis depromptis insignita. Quid in priori & posteriori Tomo contineatur, Elenchus post epistolam ad Lectorem subiunctus, indicabit. Omnia sub censura sanctae Ecclesiae Catholicae Romanae – Tomus Prior[11]‘ In Officina Q. Phil. Tinghi, Florentini: Apud Simphorianum Beraud, Lugduni, 1581. Vellum (cracked at rear joint but strings holding beneath; peeling at inner edge of front board and top of inner edge of rear board; worn at outer corners of boards). (Damp-staining to marginal parts of prefatory pages, and again starting from pp. 1025 and continuing increasingly heavily towards the end of the volume.) [1 leaf] + [18] + 15 + [1] + [pp. 17-47] + [pp. 49-111] + [p. 118 (1)] + [pp. 113-163] + [p. 364 (1)] + [pp. 165-218] + [p. 819 (1)] + [pp. 220-265] + [p. 626 (1)] + [pp. 267-350] + [p. 35 (2)] + [pp. 352-443 (1)] + [p. 443 (2)] + [pp. 445-677] + [p. 578 (2)] + [pp. 679-789] + [p. 709 (2)] + [pp. 791-817] + [p. 230 (2)] + [pp. 819 (2)-823] + [p. 884 (1)] + [pp. 825-888] + [p. 809 (2)] + [pp. 890-982] + [p. 938 (2)] + [pp. 984-5] + [p. 989 (1)] + [pp. 987-1120] + [pp. 1133 (1)-1136 (1)] + [pp. 1125-1177] + [p. 78 (2)] + [pp. 1179-1292] + [p. 1297 (1)] + [pp. 1294-1313] + [1]

Giuntini, Francisco (Iunctino Florentino, Francisco) ‘Speculum Astrologiae, Comprehendens Commentaria in Theoricas Planetarum, et in Sphaerum Ioannis de Sacra Bosco, una cum tabulis de Eclipsibus Georgii Purbachii, & supputationibus motuum Planetarum, secundum decreta Alphonsii Regis Hispaniae: & Nicolai Copernici, cum diversis aliis tractatibus Astrologicis. Autore Francisco Iunctino Florentino S.T.D. ac Eleemosynario ordinario Serenissimi Principis Francisci Valesii, Henrici filij, Francisci Nepotis, ac Christianiss Francorum, ac Poloniae Regis fratris unici, Andegavensis Ducis, &c. Saluo per omnia iudicio sanctae sedis Apostolicae – Tomus Posterior[12]‘ In Officina Q. Phil. Tinghi, Florentini: Apud Simphorianum Beraud, Lugduni, 1581. Quarter vellum (cracking and tearing at top of spine; separating down front hinge but binding solid beneath) with paper-covered boards (worn at outer edges and corners). (Slight chipping to outer edges of first few leaves. Damp-staining to prefatory pages, continuing to p. 20 of main text; and sporadically from pp. 1075-1150, with some to upper margins only before this. Small worm-hole to pp. 85-128, affecting a few characters of text. Inner marginal worming from pp. 269-308, not affecting text. Occasional neat old brown ink manuscript annotations.) [1 leaf] + [4] + [pp. 1-2] + [pp. 9-44] + [p. 54 (1)] + [pp. 46-182] + [p. 381 (1)] + [pp. 184-602] + [plate] + [pp. 603-693] + [p. 494 (2)] + [pp. 695-721] + [p. 772 (1)] + [pp. 723-1085] + [p. 1079 (2)] + [pp. 1087-1094 (1)] + [pp. 1093 (2) –  1096 (1)] + [pp. 1095 (2) – 1142 (1)] + [pp. 1141 (2) – 1146] + [p. 1149 (1)] + [pp. 1148-1170] + [1]

Giuntini, Francisco – see also under Junctin de Florence, below

Gladigow, Burkhard ‘[Spudasmata: Studien zur Klassischen Philologie und ihren Grenzgebieten[13], Band I:] Sophia und Kosmos: Untersuchunen zur Frühgeschichte von σοφός und  σοφίη’ Georg Olms Verlagsbuchhandlung, Hildesheim, 1965. Original plain card covers integrally bonded to thin card dj at spine. [8] + [pp. 9-155] + [1]. [Rear dj flap with advertisements]


[1] The only date given is a copyright date of 1998, but whether this relates to the original edition or the current one is not apparent, although it appears more likely to be the current one in view of the advertising at the back indicated prices “effective March, 1998”

[2] A work divided into three chapters, of which the third, “The Modern World in Daniel”, is by far the longest, spanning pp. [33]-78. The first two are entitled “Celestial Cause” and “Concerning the End of the World”

[3] A facsimile reprint, issued in the early-mid 2000s, of the original edition shown above

[4] This work is apparently an undeclared reprint of Gaston, Wilbur ‘First Principles of Astrology’ (q. v.) under altered author and title names, with the running title at the head of each page notably remaining ‘First Principles of Astrology’. The illustrations from the original edition have been removed.

[5] A reprint of the 2000 edition, q.v. above

[5a] A series of books aimed at 13-16-year-olds, designed to be ‘particularly helpful for CSE and other project work’

[6] A basic, Sun-sign-level publication

[7] Privately sold by the late Tom Gillen, son of Jack; presumed jointly published by them

[8] Not before 2003 or after 2006. The introduction notes that this revised edition was prepared from a copy of the original edition that [Jack and Tom Gillen] “located” in 2003, albeit one lacking pp. 17-18 and 77-8

[9] Presumed a joint publication of Jack and Tom Gillen. It is a combined facsimile reprint of parts of three former publications by Jack. These begin with a reprint of an article said to have first been published in Jack Gillen’s magazine Astrology Researcher in 1977, entitled “The Astrological Factors in Predicting Pro and College Games” (pp. 1-72). Next comes thirty pages of excerpts from the first eight chapters of Jack Gillen’s book “Key to Speculation for Professional and College Football”, first published in 1979 by Jupiter Publications of San Antonio, Texas, as a 159-page book. Finally, there is a reprint of an eight-page supplement to that book first published in 1980 under the name ‘A.T.S.A.’.

[10] A significantly modified new edition centered around a facsimile reprint of most of the contents of the above. The section from pp. 59-81 is new. Chapter II, on the Planetary Aspects, originally commencing at p. 59, now starts at p. 82. A further new section spans pp. 92-101. Chapter III, on the Planetary Signs, has been retained in whole, but whereas it originally spanned pp. 69-74i, it now spans pp. 102-116, thanks to the pagination being corrected. The following five chapters are unaltered. A new page of material (p. 187) has been added to the end of Chapter IX, Dow-Jones Predictions. Thirteen new pages (pp. 231-243) have been added to Chapter X, Analyzing Corporate charts. Four pages of biographical summary of the author and press cuttings follow. New from pages 248-275 is a section entitled “The Top 20 Stocks from 1970-2002”, featuring numerous company names grouped into different industrial sectors. The original Chapter XI, “New Your Stock Exchange Birthdates” (pp. 191-255 of the original edition), listing the incoporation dates of numerous companies, has been culled wholesale from this edition. Likewise the original Chapters XII, “New and Full Moon” (tables, pp. 257-274) and XIII, “Planetary Tables” (pp. 275-8), both of which only contained ephemeris data

[10a] After the original edition published by Kings Hart Books in 2009

[11] With separate title page to p. 1009: “Francisci Iunctiini Florentini, Sacrae Theologiae Doctoris, Tractatus Iudicandi revolutiones nativitatum. Opus nunc demum ab ipso authore multis in locis auctum, ac sublatis omnibus erroribus integritati restitutum”

[12] With additional title page to p. 535: “Francisci Iunctini Florentini, Sacrae Theologiae Doctoris, Commentaria in Sphaeram Ioannis de Scro Bosco accuratissima. Nunc demum ab ipso Authore multis in locis aucta, ac sublatis omnibus erroribus integritati restituta”. With additional title page to. p. 933: “Compendium de Stellarum Fixarum Observationibus. Opus Mathematicae studiosis utilissimum, ab Auctore recognitum, ac loculpletatum. Auctore Fracisco Junctino Florentino, sacrae Theologiae doctore, ac Eleemosynario Serenissimi Principis Francisci Valesij Christianissimi Francorum ac Poloniae regis Fratris unici, Andegavensis, Alenconiorum &c. Ducis”

[13] A series of publications collectively edited by Hildebracht Hommel and Ernst Zinn

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