Handbuch für freie psychische Forschung[1]

Editor: Anonymous (sole issue held)

Publication credits:

  • Herausgegeben vom Sekretariat des Internationalen Akademiker-Bundes durch Ed. Philipp, Leer und Leipzig (sole issue held)


  • Jahrgang, 1925[2]. Original paper-covered boards (top cm of outer spine chipped away). [3] + [1] + [3 pages of headed blank sections designed for owners to write in their own notes] + [pp. 9-12] + [1 leaf of plates] + [pp. 13-16] + [1 leaf of plates] + [pp. 17-57] + [pp. 58-62 of advertisements] + [p. 63]


[1] A compendium of articles on assorted esoteric topics, including in this issue ‘Über die Urfache der Unvollkommenheit in der Geburts-astrologie’ by Ernest Feuerstein, comprising pp. 25-31

[2] Appears to correspond to the year 1926, for which a calendar is presented early in the volume

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