Other non-book items of relevance to Astrology or to books in the collection:

[Astro-Research Society of Saint Louis] Programme of Astro-Research Society of Saint Louis for meetings at the American Legion Hall, 3525 Pine Street, 1946-7. Textured paper covers. Staplebound pamphlet. 8pp

[Fischer, Rudolf] Lot of five bundles of chart blanks formerly in the possession of Rudolf Fischer of Pforzheim, each held in its own separate clear document sleeve. Comprises:

  • Block of Ebertin-Verlag HSF1 Halbsummen-Positionen graph blanks (gluebound at top edges)
  • Group of Karl Rohn Verlag Transitübersicht table blanks
  • Group of Karl Rohn Verlag Monats-Transitübersicht table blanks
  • Block of Ebertin-Verlag KP 2 Kosmopsychogramm chart blanks (gluebound at top edges)
  • Group of Karl Rohn Verlag Großes Horoskop-Formular chart blanks

[Halgar] A4 folded flyer for ‘Sagittarius, the Archer: Halgar 1932 Forecast 1933’, copyrighted 1931

[Hazelrigg, John] ‘[No. 72:] Astrological Fate Cards’ The U.S. Playing Cad Company, Cincinnati, U.S.A., 1908. Set of 67 cards with 15-panel fold-out diagram, 4-page presentation slip and staplebound instruction booklet in original gilt-stamped box (torn along inner edge of lid, with wear to upper outer corner of same and to three corners of bottom of box; early owner’s address label adhered across lid)

Muchery, Georges ’Règle à Calcul des Aspects Astrologiques’ Éditions du Chariot, Paris, 1957. Device comprising double-sided strip of card printed in twin columns and designed to be moved vertically within a card wrapper set with twin slots cut as windows in its front panel and printed with the ruled degrees of the tropical zodiac

[Reich, Heinrich] Large 6-panel folded  art deco-style zodiacal art chart on paper, representing in turn the ruling planets, glyphs and zodiacal pictures for each of the 12 signs, in segments sequentially ordered from 1-36 in a spiral pattern radiating outwardly from a central point. Signed ‘Tuanima’, strongly indicating that it is the work of Heinrich Reich[1], q. v. in books section above

[Richter, Paul Heinrich] ‘Tattwatabelle von Paul Heinrich Richter und Jan Jansen’[2], published by Bernhard Sporn, Zeulenroda i. Thür, undated. Narrow card folder (separation down lower half of outer edge) printed on both sides with instructions, with front-facing window. (Handwritten table of Sonnenaufgang for various named German, French and Swiss cities adhered to inner margin of rear cover by former owner.[3]) With separate strip of card printed in five alternating bands of colours, designed to be slid up and down through the window

[Waite, A. E.] The Rider Tarot Deck – U. S. Games Systems, Inc. 38 East 32nd Street, New York, N. Y., copyrighted 1971. Set of 78 cards with separate instruction booklet. Booklet: Paper covers. Staplebound pamphlet. [Front cover] + [pp. 3-46] + [rear cover featuring 2 pages of advertisements]



[1] An astrologer and abstract painter who wrote a book called ‘Tuanima – Bilder antworten der Seele’ (1955) and had another one published by his own ‘Tuanima-Verlag’ in 1953

[2] To compare with the inserts in Karl Brandler-Pracht’s book “Tattwische und Astrale Einflüsse”, q. v.

[3] This table is a complement to the printed table on the rear cover of the folder. The times given differ from those on the printed table by over half an hour in some cases. The handwritten table is presented on lined paper and torn at outer and lower margins but perfectly legible

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