Pallas: Revue d’Études Antiques


  • Duminil, Marie-Paul, U.E.R. d’Histoire, Université de Toulouse-Le Mirail (sole issue held)

Publication credits:

  • Les Universités de Limoges, de Pau et des Pays de l’Adour, Paul Valéry à Montpellier, de Perpignan et de Toulouse-Le Mirail / Administration: Services des Publications de l’Université, 56 rue du Taur, 31000 Toulouse (sole issue held)


  • Tome XXX, 1983: Astres, Astrologie, Religions Astrales, dans l’Antiquité[1]. [Front cover backed with publication credits] + [1 leaf] + 61 + [pp. 63-105] + [pp. 107-133] + [pp. 135-9] + [imprimatur] + [rear cover featuring table of contents, backed with advertisements]

Binding format and presentation notes:

  • Textured card covers (sole issue held)


[1] A compendium of seven essays by different scholars uincluding Wolfgang Hübner and Josèphe-Henriette Abry

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