Psychic Magazine


  • Durville, Henri (all issues held)

Publication Credits:

  • Hector et Henri Durville, Imprimeurs-Éditeurs, 23, Rue Saint-Merri, Paris (IVe)


  • 1re Année – No 1, 1er Janvier 1914. (Top 8mm and bottom 3mm of spine chipped; wear to bottom edges of some internal pages.)
  • 1re Année – No 2, 15 Janvier 1914
  • 1re Année – No 3, 1er Février 1914. (Small insect stain to front cover.)
  • 1re Année – No 4, 15 Février 1914
  • 1re Année – No 5, 1er Mars 1914. Copy A with original double-sided publisher’s advertising flyer on green paper laid in. Two copies. Copy A: (First four leaves still joined at top edges: need separating.) Copy B: (Wear to middle of spine.)
  • 1re Année – No 6, 15 Mars 1914
  • 1re Année – No 7, 1er Avril 1914. (Leaves comprising pp. 103-6 still partly joined at top edges: need separating.)
  • 1re Année – No 8, 15 Avril 1914
  • 1re Année – No 9, 1er Mai 1914. (Leaves comprising pp. 131-4 and 137-144 still mostly joined at top edges: need separating.)
  • 1re Année – No 10, 15 Mai 1914. (Creasing to lower outer corner of front cover.)
  • 1re Année – No 12, 15 Juin 1914. Facsimile of old illustration headed ‘Supplément à «Psychic Magazine», No 12 (15 Juin 1914); laid in. (Leaves comprising pp. 185-192 still joined at top edges: need separating.)
  • 1re Année – No 13, 1er Juillet 1914. (Multiple 5mm tears to outer edge of front cover. Leaves comprising pp. 193-200 still joined at top edges: need separating.)
  • 1re Année – No 14, 15 Juillet 1914. (Multiple horizontal tears across spine. Separation to top 8mm and bottom 4mm of same. Heavy creasing to parts of inner margin of front cover and many internal pages, and to upper outer margins of most internal pages. Binding crooked, with consequent offsetting of lie of internal pages from covers. Tearing to exposed upper margins of some offset pages. 8mm tear to bottom edge of first internal page.)
  • 1re Année – No 15, 1er Août 1914. (Top edges of leaves comprising pp. 225-232 and 233-240 still joined at top edges: need separating.)
  • 1re Année – Nos 16 et 17, 1er et 15 Nov. 1914. (Wear to centre of spine. 2.5 inch tear to outer edge of rear cover. Leaf comprising pp. 241-2 disbound and heavily creased down inner margin, with stain to p. 241 causing partial effacement of some characters of text. 1-inch tear to top edge of leaf comprising pp. 245-6 down inner margin. Leaves comprising pp. 247-250 disbound and heavily torn at outer margins, with short tears to centre of inner margin.)
  • 1re Année – Nos 18 et 19, 1er et 15 Décembre 1914. Publisher’s double-sided 4-panel fold-out advertisement for their reprint of a three-volume work by Stanislas de Guaita laid in. (Tearing to binding around staples at centre of spine. Leaves comprising pp. 257-264 and pp. 265-272 still joined at top edges: need separating.)
  • 2me Année – Nos 20 et 21, 1er et 15 Janvier 1915
  • 2me Année – Nos 22 et 23, 1er et 15 Février 1915
  • 2me Année – Nos 24 et 25, 1er et 15 Mars 1915. (Light chipping to foot of spine. Moderate creasing across lower outer corners of all pages.)
  • 2me Année – Nos 34 et 35, 1er et 15 Août 1915. (4-cm tear to outer edge of rear cover and of last internal leaf, where it crosses some text.)
  • 2me Année – Nos 36 et 37, 1er et 15 Septembre 1915. Original paper advertising flyer for a book on magnetism laid in. (Short tear to top edge of front cover.)
  • 2me Année – Nos 38 et 39, 1er et 15 Octobre 1915
  • 2me Année – Nos 40 et 41, 1er et 15 Novembre 1915. (1.5 cm and separate 1.2 cm tear to top edges of front cover and first internal leaf. Further 2 cm tear to outer edge of first internal leaf, with wear to lower outer margin area of same. Binding slightly crooked.)
  • 2me Année – Nos 42 et 43, 1er et 15 Décembre 1915. Publisher’s 2-page fold-out A4 advertising flyer for multiple books laid in. Also laid in, publisher’s advertising flyer for annual subscriptions to Journal du Magnétisme and Psychic Magazine. (3mm tear to outer edge of rear cover. Trace of surface scuffing to rear cover.)
  • 3me Année – Nos 44 et 45, 1er et 15 Janvier 1916. (Heavy vertical crease down front cover, with lighter effects upon internal pages and rear cover.)
  • 3me Année – Nos 46 et 47, 1er et 15 Février 1916
  • 3me Année – Nos 48 et 49, 1er et 15 Mars 1916
  • 3me Année – Nos 50 et 51, 1er et 15 Avril 1916
  • 4me Année – Nos 76 et 77, 1er et 15 mai 1917. (Covers detached from page block. Separation and horizontal tearing down three-quarters of the length of the spine from the bottom; heavy chipping and tearing to upper outer corner of front cover and bottom edge of same; 2 cm tear to outer edge of front cover; 2-inch tear and separate shorter tears and areas of slight chipping to outer edge of rear cover; 2.5 cm tear and separate 1.5 cm tear and 8mm tear through outer edges of all internal leaves; heavy creasing to upper outer corners of all internal leaves.)

Binding format and presentation notes:

  • All issues held as original separate largish-format staplebound pamphlets in original printed paper covers. Issues typically each comprise 16 pages printed in dual columns, plus covers. Pagination is continuous within volumes, but many pages are unnumbered although counted. Many issues with horizontal creases through them from past improper folding
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