Supplément Scientifique du journal “Astres”

Full title:

  • Supplément Scientifique du Journal “Astres” – Organe officiel du Centre National d’Astrologie Scientifique (all issues held)

Editor: Raclet, Louis-Marie (all issues held)

Publication credits:

  • Centre Nationale d’Astrologie Scientifique, 165 rue Pelleport, Paris 20e (all issues held)


  • No. 1, [1953][1]. Copy A in original binding: (5mm separation to top of front spine hinge; 1.5 cm and 5mm internal tears towards foot of flap-fold.) Both copies: [Leaves 1-35]
  • No. 2, [1954]: De la Connaissance Astrologique[2]. Copy A in original binding: (Some old damp-induced light rippling and mostly marginal staining to many pages.) Both copies: [Leaves 1-38]
  • No. 3, [1954]: Un Ordre des Astrologues est Créé. [Leaves 1-40]
  • No. 4, [1954]: Prix Astres 54 – Astrologie d’hier et de demain[3]. Copy A in original binding: (Two short tears to outer edges of [leaf 1] and leaf 25. Red inked marginal glyphs to leaf 35.) Both copies: [Leaves 1-42] + [1 leaf of advertisements]
  • No. 5: [undated, late 1955 or early 1956]: Un Plaidoyer en Faveur de la Recherche Astrologique – Congrès International Permanent d’Astrologie. [Leaves 1-37]
  • No. 6, Mars 1956: Ouverture du Congrès International Permanent d’Astrologie: Compte-rendu. [Leaves 1-24] + [Leaves 1-18][4]
  • No. 7, Mai 1956: Compte-rendu intégral des Communications présentées à la réunion du Congrès International Permanent d’Astrologie à Bruxelles, le 25 février 1956. (Incomplete copy: lacks the continuation of the French translation of W. J. Tucker’s ‘It Is In the Stars’ that should follow under separate pagination.) [Leaves 1-27]
  • No. 8, Décembre 1956: Compte-rendu intégral des communications présentées aux réunions à Paris du Congrès International Permanent d’Astrologie[5]. Copy A in original binding: (Internal 1 cm tear towards foot of flap-fold). Both copies: [Leaves 1-23] + [2 pp[6]] + [leaves 1-18[7]]

Binding format and presentation notes:

  • Nos. 1, 2, 4 and 8 each held as original fascicules in their own separate large-format card folders holding single-sided looseleaf sheets printed in typescript
  • Nos. 3, 5, 6 and 7, and duplicates of Nos. 1, 2 and 4, bound together in a custom cloth volume, mostly without their original covers, No. 1 with its front cover


[1] Features articles by Louis-Marie Raclet; M. Moinard la Villedieu; Jean Lheureux; and Paulette Loyet

[2] Features articles by M. Moinard la Villedieu; a ‘Frederi’; A. Volguine; Jean Lheureux; Louis-Marie Raclet; and Paulette Loyet

[3] Features papers by Louis Icard (followed by an extensive commentary by Louis-Marie Raclet); Yves Christiaen; Reinhold Ebertin (in French translation by André Boudier); Jean Lheureux; and Messieurs Duchatel et Pasquier (a joint paper)

[4] = The first part of the serialisation of a French translation of W. J. Tucker’s ‘It Is In the Stars’

[5] Features papers by Henri J. Gouchon; J. Desmoulins; Guy Rossi; Georges Dupeyron; and Philippe Cayeux

[6] Content summaries for the eight issues of the present periodical published by then

[7] ‘C’est Écrit dans les Étoiles – – It is in the Stars – – par le Dr. Willam J. Tucker” (Texte traduit par Georges Dupeyron) “- Suite’ (continued from Suppléments Scientifiques No 6 & 7). Included an an annex to this issue as the continuation of the serialised translation of Tucker’s work ‘It Is In the Stars’ begun in No. 6 and continued in No. 7 (though lacking in our copy thereof).

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