Astrology Books and Papers by 269 authors acquired in 2021

First entry, February 7th, 2021: 2021 began with a fair flurry of arrivals of books ordered in late 2020 and a few others ordered right at the start of January 2021, but has since quietened down to a state of near-total inactivity on the arrivals front, as I began a prolonged saving drive in January. Consequently, it seems unlikely that the total of authors will advance much at all on the 38 recorded thus far this year for the next couple of months at least. Special thanks to astrologer Michaël Mandl for his kind donation to the library of a complete set of Dr. Baldur Ebertin’s ‘Kosmobiologische Diagnostik’ (1984) and various issues of Italian astrological journals, among other items, in January. Also included in the count are two boxed sets of cut-out cardboard astronomical devices from the 1970s, credited primarily to Paul R. MacAlister and Floylydia M. Etting, and to Roderick S. Webster, respectively. Each comes with its own original printed multi-page instruction brochure(s) so they have both been included in the book count although they are not only books.

Second entry, February 28th, 2021: In defiance of my previous projections, stocking up on a host of recent modern astrology books shortlisted as long ago as last summer in the past few weeks, together with the arrival of a final small lot of previously purchased books from the USA just days after the previous entry was posted, and a small number of gap-filling second-hand book purchases from France by Gustave-Lambert Brahy and Frédéric Maisonblanche, has swollen the number of first-named authors featured in the year to date to 82. The paused saving drive has now been resumed!

Third entry, May 2nd 2021: My saving goal having been largely achieved around April 22nd, I’ve resumed catching up with modern works previously lacked. Further, my astrologer friend Kirk Little has kindly donated various editions of modern works spanning the 1940s to the 1990s that the library previously lacked; and Adam Fronteras and Azwin Subramanyan have both kindly donated editions of their books. Finally, I purchased an original printing of the illustrated 1822 edition of William Lilly’s History of His Life and Times. These additions have combined to swell the number of first-named authors by whom previously unheld editions and printings have been added to the library in 2021 by 23 to 105.

Fourth entry, May 29th 2021: Several academic works and a small number of modern non-academic books have been acquired in the past four weeks, further swelling the author count in the year to date by another ten to 115

Fifth entry, July 11th 2021: There have been various new arrivals in the past six weeks in both the modern astrology and academic spheres, between them adding another 29 first-named authors to the roll call for the year to date to take the total to 144.

Sixth entry, August 15th 2021: Over the past five weeks, further mostly new arrivals have increased the author count for the year by another 24 to 168.

Seventh entry, September 18th, 2021: Over the past five weeks, the continuation of new arrivals to update the holdings of the library has joined forces with a small number of second-hand acquisitions from the USA to raise the number of first-listed authors by which books have been newly acquired this year by another 36 to 204. The pace of acquisitions of both new and second-hand books is now expected to slow down dramatically over the Autumn, since budgets for them have been exhausted for the time being. As before, the most recent 36 first-listed authorial additions are temporarily coloured in green until it is time for the next update. The previous 24 green-coloured rows have been returned to black.

Eighth entry, October 16th, 2021: In the past four weeks, books and pamphlets by an additional 19 first-named authors have been received and catalogued at the library, raising the total author count for the year to date to 223. Many of the new arrivals were sent on from the USA where they had been purchased previously; three were kindly donated by Margaret Cahill of Wessex Astrologer. Of most significance is the arrival of the oldest printed book to be permanently held by the library to date by a margin of six years, Cardano’s Libelli Quinque (1547), purchased with thanks from an antiquarian bookshop in Prague. The need to recover its considerable cost will necessarily limit further acquisitions until January, so the author total for the year is not expected to advance much from here. The green colour-coding has been updated to show the newest arrivals.

Ninth entry, November 5th, 2021: Within the past three weeks, a further small shipment of second-hand books from the USA has turned up, and, separately, a few new books, mostly academic and historically focused. One of the second-hand arrivals, by Thyrza Escobar, is only an incomplete photocopy, and has therefore been discounted from the count, although it is represented in the list below. Also discounted from the count because the edition itself is not altogether new to the library was the arrival of a complete copy of the original edition of Hans Niggemann’s The Principles of the Uranian System, supplementing and essentially replacing the long-held defective copy of the same book, which was missing about three leaves in different sections. Although the separate arrival of various second-hand books by Brian Clark from Australia that are new to the library has done nothing to add to the author count because a new book of his had already been purchased earlier in the year, the other arrivals between them have raised the total number of first-named authors by whom books have been acquired in the year to date by another 13 to 236. As usual, the latest arrivals have been temporarily colour-coded in green in the list below until it is next updated.

Tenth entry, November 26th, 2021: Another three weeks later, a further nineteen first-listed authors and editors have been newly represented for the first time in acquisitions made this year. This is the result of a number of further new and second-hand purchases having been made in the intervening period, and of another grouped lot of second-hand purchases from the USA having been received and catalogued. This brings the total number of authors represented this year to 255. The latest additions, as usual, are shown in green in the list below.

Eleventh entry, December 25th, 2021: A month on, the final arrivals of the year have now been catalogued. They take the cumulative author count for the year up another 14 to a grand total of 269, not counting the three volvelle devices produced by the Simplex Publishing Company that were recently purchased – these have been separately catalogued under Non-Book Items of Relevance to Astrology, q. v. in the index to the online bibliography. Among the most interesting arrivals in the final month of the year has been a 1786 second edition of Whalley’s pioneering English translation of the Proclus paraphrase of Ptolemy’s Tetrabiblos. This was the only English edition available before that of Ashmand appeared several decades later than the second edition of Whalley’s translation. The library already had first editions of Ashmand’s and Wilson’s translations of the early 19th century; an early edition of Whalley’s translation predating them fills a distinct gap in the holdings of historical astrological literature of importance. Also received in the past month, but not yet catalogued online at the time of writing (though they will be soon) have been an additional twelve issues of Grant Lewi’s fairly short-lived mid-20th-century magazine The Astrologer, which remains in only a partial state of being collected, but it significantly advanced from where it was.

2021 book acquisitions by author, A-Z:

Abdul-Khaliq, Ajani (2017; undated)

Abu Ma’Shar, tr. Dykes, Benjamin N. (2020)

Adamah, Benjamin (2019)

Addey, Crystal (2016; 2021)

Adler, Dr. Oskar (2011 * 7)

Akasoy, Anna and Raven, Wim, eds. (2008)

Akopyan, Ovanes (2020)

Albano, Giacomo (2011; 2019; 2020)

Allen, Frank Theodore (1918)

Alvarado, Luis (1991)

Ambelain, Robert (1949)

Anrich, Elsmarie (1949)

Antic, Ivan (2010)

Arroyo, Stephen (2019)

Ashman, Bernie (2021)

Astrology Vixen, The (2020)

Avelar de Carvalho, Helena (2021)

Barrett, Stanley (pseud.) ([1940])

Bartlett, Michael (2019)

Beaulieu, Paul-Alain; Frahm, Eckart; Horowitz, Wayne; Steele, John (2018)

Ben-Dov, Jonathan (2008)

Benjamine, Elbert (1940; circa 1966)

Bennett, Naomi C. (2021)

Bhattotapala (2018)

Bianchi, Lorenzo and Sannino, Antonella, eds. (2018)

Blackman, Everett (1999)

Blake, Faye (2017)

Blue, Mary (2015; 2020)

Boland, Yasmin & Farnell, Kim (2019)

Boner, Patrick J. (2021)

Boulanger, Louis (1998)

Bowen, Alan C. & Rochberg, Francesca, eds. (2020)

Brahy, Gustave-Lambert (1939; 1943; 1944 * 2; 1982)

Butler, Renn (2018; 2019)

Campbell, Dave (2021)

Campbell, Garrett (2012)

Campion, Nicholas (2016)

Cardano, Gerolamo (1547)

Carter, Charles (1939; circa 1980s)

Chambertin, Ilya (1970)

Charmasson, Thérèse (1980)

Clancy, Paul ([1941])

Clark, Brian (1993; 1994; 1995 * 2; 1999; 2000 * 2; 2002; 2021)

Clark, Cumberland (1929; undated)

Cunningham, Donna (2004; 2006; 2009)

Currie, Matthew (2019)

Dalton, Joseph G. (1942)

Damiani, Anthony J. (1975)

De Baker, Michael (2019; 2020)

De Souza, Pereira (1958 *2)

Dee, John; ed. Skinner, Stephen (2019)

Desjardins, Laura Rose (2020)

Dikshita, Vaidyanatha (1932; 1933)

Discepolo, Ciro (2009 * 2; 2010; 2011 * 7; 2012 * 5; 2013 * 3; 2014; undated circa 2010s)

Doane, Doris Chase (1996)

Dolan, Marion (2017)

Dotson, Brandon; Cook, Constance A; Lu, Zhao (2021)

Dreschler, Sandra Lee (1980)

Ducos, Joëlle; Lucken, Christopher, eds. (2018)

Eastwood, Noel (early 2010s; 2015; 2019)

Ebertin, Dr. Baldur R. (1984, * 3)

Edward, Pauline (2013)

Egan, Douglas C. (2016)

Ekstrom, Dr. Gustave C. (c. 1943)

Eleftheriadis, Petros (2021)

Elliot, Rose (1995)

Enaus, Janie (2012)

Escobar, Thyrza (photocopy from 1968 original)

Esmann, Jan (2017)

Eyre, Mike (2020)

Fagan, Cyril (1947)

Falvey, Tom (2017)

Farebrother, Sue Merlyn (2019)

Feder, Len (undated, circa 2010s, * 2)

Fernandez, Maurice, ed. (2015)

Finn, Rosanne (2019)

Firebrace, Brigadier R. C. (1960)

Foelsch, Kuno (1940)

Forrest, Steven (2013; 2020 * 2)

Forshaw, Peter J., ed. (2017)

Freed, Jennifer, PhD (2020)

Fronteras, Adam (2002; 2019)

Furst, Dan (2015)

Gargatholil (2020 * 5)

Gehl, Jennifer (2019)

Géminos (1976)

George, Llewellyn (c. 1917)

Gerke, Barbara (2012)

Godden, Patricia (2015)

Goldstein-Jacobson, Ivy M. (unclearly dated; 1975)

Goos, Hannelore (2016)

Green, Jeffrey Wolf (2012; 2016; 2019)

Greene, Liz and Arroyo, Steven (1984)

Grell, Philipp R. (undated, 1930s or later)

Grenet, Micheline (1994)

Groneberg, Brigitte R. M. (1997)

Grove, Timothy Paul (2021)

Guinan, Ann K. et al (2006)

Hablitz, J. J. (1949)

Haberkamm, Klaus (1972)

Hall, Judy (2005; 2013)

Hayes, James T. (1974)

Hazel, Elizabeth (2020 * 2)

Heline, Corinne (undated)

Hodgson, Leoni (2018; undated, circa late 2010s / early 2020s)

Hourihane, Colum (2007)

Hübner, Wolfgang (2021)

Huff, Al (2017)

Hungad, Temple (1931)

Hunger, Hermann, ed. (2001; 2006; 2014)

Iacobi, Hermanus (1872)

International Voices of Evolutionary Astrology (2021)

Jacobs, Tom (2010 * 2; 2012; 2013)

Jain, Manik Chand (1973)

Jansky, Robert Carl (1974 * 2; 1982)

Jayne, Charles A. (1974; 1977; 1970s)

Jayne, Vivia (1975)

Jensen, Phebe (2021)

Jones, Marc Edmund (1948)

Jones, Mark (2020) 

Jonsson, Björn (undated, 1993 or later)

Kalidasa (1999)

Kalyana Varma (1983)

Kapoor, Dr. Gauri Shankar (circa 1990s)

Kayhle, Alexandra (1952)

Kent, April Elliott (2020)

Kimmel, Eleonora A. and Manfred R. (1972)

Kingsbury-Smith, Alexander (2021)

Klein, Hanne (2012)

Knappich, Wilhelm (1958)

Kochunas, Brad Hiljanen (2008)

Kovar, Milo (1977)

Labouré, Denis (1985; 1994; 2019)

Lackner, Michael; Tam, Kwok-kan; Gaenssbauer, Monika; Yip, Terry Siu-han (2020)

Lambert, W. G. (2007)

Lanyadoo, Jessica; Greenaway, T. (2020)

Lass, Martin (2003)

Lawrence-Mathers, Anne (2020)

Leinbach, Esther V. (1974)

Leo, Hermann (1922)

Lévi, Éliphas (1898)

Lewis, Sue (2015)

Lewis, Ursula (1979)

Ligteneigen, Johan (2019)

Lilly, William (1822)

Liuzza, R. M. (2011)

Loffredo, Alice (2007; 2013; 2018)

Lopate, Mitchell D. (2019)

Lovell, Rev. Eolis Winkler (1978)

Ludendorff, Mathilde (1932)

Luna, Jade Sol (2013)

MacAlister, Paul R.; Etting, Floylydia M. (1976)

Maimonides (1998)

Maisonblanche, Frédéric (1981; 1982 * 2)

Makransky, Bob / M. J. (1995 or later; 2017)

Maltwood, K. E. (1950)

Manetho (2020)

Manilius, Marcus (1739)

Mantreswara (1974)

Marchant, Jo (2020)

Markab, Robert (1946 or later)

Marquis, Melanie (2018)

Mars; rev. Patel, N. (1946)

Mason, Sophia (1977)

McCleary, Rollan (2012)

McDonald, Andrew (2014)

Mcintosh, Kirsty (2018)

McRae, Chris (2021)

Meridian, Bill (2018)

Merlin, Katharine (2020)

Mitchell, Chris (2021)

Mitchell, Glenn (2020)

Moritz, Martin Sebastian (2021)

Muchery, Georges (undated, c. 1929)

Müller, Alwin Hugo (1931)

Mulligan, Bob (2001)

Munkasey, Michael (2017)

Nauman, Eileen (1979)

Neal, Jeremy Allan (2012)

Néroman, D. (undated, c. 1948)

Noble, Michael-Sebastian (2021)

O’Reilly, Michael (2020)

O’Toole, Bridget Mary and Paul, Helen (1975)

Obert, Charles (2020)

Oestmann, Günther (2020)

Old, T. G. (2018; 2019; 2021)

Omodeo, Pietro Daniel (2014)

Orleane, Pia (2018)

Papus (1996)

Patri, Joni (2019; 2020 * 3)

Pearl, Sharrona (2010)

Perry, Wendell C. (2013; 2020)

Pesavento, Larry & Smoleny, Shane (2015)

Pingree, David (1973)

Price, Alison (2017)

Price, Derek de Solla (1974)

Ptolemy (1786; 2019)

Purdy, Julia (2020)

Rajesh, Dr. K. Guru (2018)

Rao, Bangalore Suryanarain (1892; 1893; 1921 * 2; 1941 * 2; 1943)

Reis, Robert (2015)

Rele, Dr. V. G. (c. 1960)

Reynolds, Frances (2019)

Richards, Andrea (2021)

Richards-Wheatcroft, Alan (2015; 2018; 2021)

Rockers, Viktor (1929)

Rodríguez-Arribas, Josefina (2021)

Romany, Eve (2013)

Rose, Sioux (2009; undated)

Rudhyar, Dane (1948)

Ryan, W. F. (1999)

Saif, Liana et al, eds. (2020)

Sakoian, Frances and Acker, Louis (1984)

Salerno, B. D. (2016)

Samsó, Julio (2020)

Santhanam, R. (1984)

Schuler, Robert M. (1979)

Seward, Prof. A. F. (undated, c. 1930)

Sextus Empiricus (2018)

Seymour, Dr. Percy (1992)

Shah, Manubhai S.; Pancholi, Sundarlal B. (1966; undated)

Shah, Nadiya (2013; 2019; 2020 * 2)

Sheehan, William; Bell, Trudy E.; Kennett, Carolyn and Smith, Robert W., eds. (2021)

Shepherd, Jessica (2020)

Sherab, Tenzin and Jamling, Tenzin Tsewang (2016)

Skinner, Christine H. (2016; 2017; 2019)

Sobisch, Jan-Ulrich (2019)

Sorokina, Maria (2021 * 2)

Sparkly Kat, Alice (2021)

Spring, Elizabeth (2014; 2018; 2021)

Sripati (1957)

Staudenmann, Mary Jane (2014?)

Stein, Zane (2020)

Stellas, Constance (2019)

Stephenson, Bruce (1994)

Stern, Sacha and Burnett, Charles, eds. (2014)

Stökl, Jonathan (2012)

Stubbs, Chris (2012)

Subramanyan, Azwin (2021)

Sullivan, Erin (2021)

Tarrant, Harold (1993)

Taylor, Kay (2016)

Thibodeau, Robert (1978)

Titsworth, Joan Davis (1975)

Tobin, Patti (1980)

Topping, Grace Davis (1998)

Townley, John (1977)

Traister, Barbara Howard (2001)

Trenoweth, Alex (2021)

Ulanowski, Krzysztof (2021)

Van der Waerden, B. L. (1970; 1988)

Van Tricht, Filip (2019)

Voss, Lena (1928)

Wadsworth, William (2014 * 2; 2015 * 2)

Wang, Xing (2020)

Ward, Sue (2021)

Waterfall, Tony (2016)

Webster, Roderick S. (1984)

Whitaker, Anne (2021)

White, Frederick, presumed (c. 1934)

Wilhelm, Ernst (2003)

Williams, David (undated, c. 1954)

Wilson-Ludlam, Mae R. (1986)

[Winneker], Blanche E. (1972)

Winter, John Garrett, ed. (1936)

Wolf, Rhea (2013)

Wood, Chauncey (1970)

Wyss, Phoebe (2014)

Yott, Donald H. (1981)

Zolar (1970 * 2; 1971)

All the books concerned have been integrated into the live catalogue. Please follow the links to the four-part A-Z books index from for their titles and full catalogue records, bearing in mind that the names of authors by whom no books were previously held will not be shown in the index, but their books will nonetheless appear in the correct alphabetical position in the relevant catalogue pages. 

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  1. Hello I have a huge comprehensive astrological library acquired over the last 45 years in England and the US. Please advise what kinds of books you would like and I will put a specific bequest in my will for your library. My estate will obviously pay shipping to the UK.
    I was an active member of the AA and the AL during my 7 year stint in London. Thanks very much.

    • Hello Pamela,
      Thank you so much for your kind message!
      I was away for a while in March supporting one of my parents, so I’m sorry I didn’t see your message until yesterday, when I approved it in the system. Shall email you shortly from my main email address at solger75 [at] with a fuller response.
      Very best wishes,
      Philip Graves (librarian / site manager at Astrolearn)

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