Astrolearn Vintage Astrology CD 14:

Raphael I (Robert Cross Smith)

Astrolearn Vintage Astrology CD 14 Front cover

Astrolearn Vintage Astrology CD 14 Disc

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Contents of CD 14:

This particular CD contains the scans of three original antiquarian volumes from Astrolearn’s private collection, as detailed below.

  • Members of the Mercurii, the ‘The Astrologer of the Nineteenth Century: Or, the Master Key of Futurity, and Guide to Ancient Mysteries, being a Complete System of Occult Philosophy. Embellished with Five Beautifully Coloured Plates, and Ninety Illustrative Engravings of Horoscopes, Hieroglyphics, and Talismans’ [Stated] 7th edition[1], Supervised and Corrected, with Numerous Additions, by Merlinus Anglicus, Junior, Gent. – Printed for Knight and Lacey, Paternoster Row, London; and Westley and Tyrrell, Dublin, 1825. Preceding half-title has the variant form of ‘The Astrologer of the Nineteenth Century. Or the Master Key of Futurity, being a Complete System of Astrology, Geomancy & Occult Science’ and originally credits the book to publication by William Charlton Wright, with this imprint overlain by a piece of glued-on paper for Knight and Lacey. Paper-covered boards. [24 pages of advertising] + [Frontis.] + [Half-title with vignette] + xii + 50 + [plate] + [pp. 51-228] + [plate] + [p. 229-546] + [plate] + pp. 547-560] + [4]
  • Raphael ‘The Familiar Astrologer; An Easy Guide to Fate, Destiny, & Foreknowledge, as well as to the Secret and Wonderful Properties of Nature: Containing Also A simple, easy, and infallible Guide to the Foreknowledge of the future Fate and Destiny of any individual, by means of the “Reign of the Planets,” the Hour of their Birth, and other Methods not requiring difficult calculations. The curious Art of discovering future Events, by Lots or Points, interspersed with the Horoscopes of Eminent and Remarkable Characters, both living and dead. Secrets relating to Nativities for the learned in Astrological Lore. Strange and Marvellous Tales, Legends, and Traditions, relating to Ghosts, Apparitions, Angels, Spirits, Demons, Witches, Fairies, &c. &c. Ancient Traditions relating to Charms, Spells, Enchantments, and the mysterious properties of Herbs, Stones, and Roots; with Directions for forming Talismans, Amulets, and other wonderful yet powerful Agents in the operations of Nature. Charms relating to All-hallow Eve and Saint John’s Night, and others said to cause Love, Hatred, Good-fortune, & c. Ancient Practice of raising Spirits explained. Charms to discover Theft and punish the Thief. Rare and curious Secrets in Natural Philosophy. Art of Interpreting Dreams and Visions. Marvellous and Wonderful Prophecies. Eplanation of Omens, Soothsaying, Ancient Augury, Sibylline Books, and Divination of various kinds &c. &c. &c. With a Variety of the Most Valuable and Interesting Matter, Not to be Found in Any Work of the Past or Present Time’ Printed for John Bennett, Three-Tun Passage, Ivy Lane, Paternoster Row, London, and sold by all booksellers, 1835. Leather (rebacked; outer corners of boards worn). [Frontis. ‘Millions of Spiritual Creatures Walk the Earth’] + [1 leaf] + [2] + viii + [pp. 3-134] + [plate ‘The Witch of Eye’] + [pp. 135-212] + [plate ‘Thomas Perks, Raising a Spirit to his Own Destruction’] + [pp. 213-280][2] + [pp. 283-380] + [plate ‘The Alchemical Arcana’] + [pp. 381-402 (1)] + [pp. 401 (2) – 522] + [plate ‘Ancient Superstitions. Palmistry’] + [pp. 523-542] + [plate ‘The World of Spirits’] + [pp. 543-716]
  • Raphael ‘A Manual of Astrology, or the Book of the Stars, Being the Art of Foretelling Future Events, By the Influence of the Heavenly Bodies, In a manner unattempted by any former Author and divested of the Superstitions of the Dark Ages[3]’ C. S. Arnold, Tavistock Street, Covent Garden, London, 1828. Half-leather with paper-covered boards. Frontis. + [1 leaf] + xiv + [3] + [pp. 18-140] + [plate] + [pp. 141-256]


[1] NB: This more common work bears almost no resemblance to the original journal ‘The Straggling Astrologer’ as bound up in ‘The Astrologer of the Nineteenth Century’ Stated Sixth Edition, lacking any of its date and issue structure, and is essentially a rambling compendium of material, some but not all taken from the original journal.

[2] The text is continuous from p. 280 to p. 283; the error is in the pagination

[3] The first title page with pictorial vignette is thus. It is followed by a second, more detailed title page reading: “A Manual of Astrology, or the Book of the Stars: Which Contains Every Requisite Illustration of the Celestial Science; or the Art of Foretelling Future Events, By the Influence of the Heavenly Bodies. Comprising: 1. An historical narration of the antiquity and verity of Astrology. 2. Elementary Principles of the Science; comprising a complete system of the Universe according to modern Astronomers. 3. The Natures of the Twelve Signs, the Houses of Heaven, the Planetary Orbs, the Fixed Stars, &c. &c. 4. The art of casting a Figure or Theme of Heaven, or Scheme of Nativity, for any time whatever, by Perpetual Tables. 5. Requisite descriptions of the Zodiacal and Mundane Asects. 6. The Doctrine of Nativities; with select experimental Rules, for foreseeing each particular event, from the cradle of infancy to the tomb of age. 7. The method of working Celestial Directions, both in the zodiac and in mundo. 8. The art of foreknowing the chief events of life by Celestial Periods; a new and important discovery. Also the theory of Progressive Directions. 9. A number of remarkable Horoscopes, evincing the power of the Stars in Life and Death. 10. The art of resolving every important question in the affairs of human life, by the science of Horary Astrology; with the Horoscope of London Bridge, &c. &c. 11. The theory of State Astrology; or the method used by Astrologers in foretelling the fates of Kingdoms, Thrones, and Empires, exemplified by a prophetic glance at the late Lunar Eclipse. 12. An highly curious extract from an Original Manuscript; communicated by a valuable correspondent, relative to the mystic signatures of the Seven Planets. The whole illustrated and exemplified by various important and appropriate Diagrams, and Three Elegant Engravings”. This page bears the extended publication credit: “Published by C. S. Arnold, Tavistock Street, Covent Garden; Oliver and Boyd, Edinburgh; and Westley and Tyrrell, Dublin, London, 1828”

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