Astrolearn Vintage Astrology CD 18:

George Beaumont; John S. Bowron;

W. S. Cross; Ebeneezer Sibly;

The Spirit of Partridge; Rupertus Stella;

P. J. Swift; Zuriel

Astrolearn Vintage Astrology CD 18 Front cover

Astrolearn Vintage Astrology CD 18 Disc

Astrolearn Vintage Astrology CD 18 Rear cover


Contents of CD 18:

This particular CD contains the scans of eight original antiquarian volumes from Astrolearn’s private collection, as detailed below:


  • Beaumont, G., Minister of the Gospel ‘Fixed Stars: Or, an Analyzation and Refutation of Astrology: the Principles of this Science being plainly laid open, and their absurdity and Wickedness clearly demonstrated. To which is added, Many Anecdotes, Shewing the Folly, and also the Mischievous Tendency, of Fortune-Seeking, Fortune-Telling, and Almanack Predictions. Likewise Some Eminent Testimonies, Both in Prose and in Verse Against Astrology, Fortune-Seeking, Fortune-Telling, &c.’ Second Edition, Greatly Enlarged – Printed by C. Berry[1], Norwich, 1814. Quarter cloth with paper-covered boards (moderate wear to bottom edges and outer corners). (First leaf slightly marginally chipped at outer edge and upper outer corner; second leaf at upper outer corner only.) [2] + [pp. iii-iv] + [pp. 5-144]
  • Bowron, John S., M. D. ‘Observations on Planetary and Celestial Influences in the Production of Epidemics, and on the Nature and Treatment of Diseases’ John S. Taylor, No. 143 Nassau Street, New York, 1850. Thick paper covers (both covers slightly chipped; outer spine mostly chipped away). Internally, old string binding partly broken (needs rebinding). Some inked marginal annotations. 72pp.
  • [Cross, W. S.] ‘Reasons for Belief in Judicial Astrology; Comprising Some Advice to Students, and Remarks on the Dangerous Character of Popish Priestcraft: Also, a word or two upon astrological books and directions, in an appendix’ Effingham Wilson, Publisher, Royal Exchange, London, 1849. Cloth. v + [pp. 7-59] + [Imprimatur]
  • Sibly, E., M. D. F. R. H. S. ‘A Key to Physic, and the Occult Sciences. Opening to Mental View, the System and Order of the Interior and Exterior Heavens; the Analogy betwixt Angels, and Spirits of Men; and the Sympathy between Celestial and Terrestrial Bodies. From whence is Deduced, An obvious Discrimination of Future Events, in the Motions and Positions of the Luminaries, Planets, and Stars; the universal Spirit and Economy of Nature, in the Production of all Things; the Principles of etherial, and atmospherical Influx, in constituting the proper Recipient of Life; the active and passive Tinctures requisite in the Generation of Men and Brutes; and the Foundation and Necessity of that invisible Agitation of Matter, which stimulates and impels every living Creature to the Act of begetting its like; the Properties of Vegetable, Mineral, and Animal Magnetism: the fundamental Causes and Qualities, visible or occult, of all Diseases, both of Mind and Body, and the simple Modes prescribed by Nature for their Prevention and Cure. To which are added, Lunar Tables, calculated from Sidereal Motion; exhibiting upon the most simple, yet unerring Construction, the actual Moment of the Crisis of every Disease, and the consequent Termination thereof, whether for Life or Death. The Whole Forming An interesting Supplement to Culpeper’s Family Physician, and Display of the Occult Sciences; published for the good of all who search after Truth and Wisdom; to preserve to all the Blessings of Health and Life; and to give to all the Knowledge of Primitive Physic, and the Art of Healing’ Printed for the Author, and sold by Champante and Whitrow, Jewry-Street, Aldgate, and at the British Directory-Office, Ave-Maria Lane, London, undated[2]. Quarter-leather. [Coloured frontis.] + [2 leaves] + 8 + [coloured plate] + [pp. 9-28] + [coloured plate] + [pp. 29-62] + [coloured plate] + [pp. 63-74] + [coloured plate] + [pp. 75-246] + [coloured plate] + [pp. 247-256] + [coloured plate] + [pp. 257-260] + [coloured plate] + [pp. 261-312] + [two coloured plates] + [pp. 313-340] + [coloured plate] + [pp. 341-344] + [coloured plate] + [pp. 345-390] + [coloured plate] + [pp. 391-395] + [1][3]
  • Stella, Rupertus [pseud.] ‘The Astrologian’s Guide in Horary Astrology, Being the Full Disclosure of that Science whereby a True Answer may be obtained to every Question relating to Futurity, and by which the Student may also discern Things past and present’ Simpkin and Marshall, London, 1832. Two copies. Copy A: Paper-covered boards (paper chipped from top and tail of spine and slightly down front hinge, retaining most of original title label; slight wear to outer corners of boards). (Paper lost from central portion of front paste-down). Copy B: leather, rebacked with modern leather or imitation leather. (Frontispiece outer margin has small horizontal tear and has been laid down on a fresh paper backstrip; title page and reverse side browned.) Both copies: [1 leaf] + [Colour frontis.] + [3] + [pp. iv-viii] + 95 + [2] + [pp. 98-184] + [folding table] + [pp. 185-207] + [1] + [210-214]
  • Swift, P. J. ‘Destiny of Europe!!! The Nativity of Napoleone Bonaparte, Emperor of France. The Geniture is investigated agreeably to the true Principles of Astrological Science; and the Time of BIrth ascertained beyond the possibility of a doubt, by a faithful elucidation of the Planetary Causes: which have produced the remarkable Events of his past Life. In addition to which, a Correct and Scientific Judgment is given on his future Extraordinary Fate!’ Printed and Published for Whitfield and Swift, No. 1, Arnold Place, Francis Street, Walworth: and Sold by M. Jones, 5, Newgate Street; Varden, Boro’; Thompson, Blackman Street, J. M. Flindall, Labeth Marsh, and most of the Booksellers in the Metropolis’ undated[8]. Half-leather (spine heavily chipped; front board detached) with paper-covered boards. [2] + ii + ii + [plate] + [pp. 9-32]
  • Zuriel (pseud.) ‘A Series of Lectures on the Science of Celestial Philosophy, or the Language of the Stars. Part I. Containing the Fundamental Principles’ Printed for the Author: Published by Sherwood, Gilbert, and Piper, Paternoster-Row, London, 1835. Half-leather with paper-covered boards. (Liquid-staining to upper-outer areas of pages within.) [Folding table] + [5] + [pp. iv-viii] + [pp. 9-80]



The Spirit of Partridge

Full title:

  • The Spirit of Partridge; or, the Astrologer’s Pocket Companion, and General Magazine: Including the First Part of Partridge’s Opus Reformatum, With Eleven Curious Nativities; Biographical Memoirs of Eminent Men: Observations on the New Planet Herschel, From Practice, With other valuable Remarks on Astrology not extent[4], And Astronomical Tables With the Place of Herschel for 1780, 81, 82, 83, complete, never before Published (overall vol. title page)

Editor: Anonymous (all issues)

Publication credits:

  • Stated Second Edition[5] – Scientific Press: Printed and Published for the London Astrological Society, By Davis & Dickson, Mathematical Booksellers, St.-Martin’s-le-Grand, London, and Sold by all other Booksellers[6], 1825


  • No. 1, Thursday, Aug. 5th, 1824. [pp. 5-24]
  • No. 2, Saturday[7]. [pp. 25-48]
  • No. 3, Saturday. [pp. 49-68]
  • No. 4, Saturday. [pp. 69-88]
  • No. 5, Saturday. [pp. 89-108]
  • No. 6, Saturday. [pp. 109-132]
  • No. 7, Saturday. [pp. 133-152]
  • No. 8, Saturday. [pp. 153-172]
  • No. 9, Saturday. [pp. 173-192]
  • No. X, Saturday. [pp. 193-216]
  • No. XI, Saturday. [pp. 217-236]
  • No. XII, Saturday. [pp. 237-256]
  • No. XIII, Saturday. [pp. 257-276]
  • No. XIV, Saturday Dec 04. [pp. 277-296]
  • No. XV, Saturday Dec 18. [pp. 297-316]
  • No. XVI, Saturday, January 1, 1825. [pp. 317-336]
  • No. 17, Saturday, January 15th 1825 . [pp. 337-356]

Binding format and presentation notes:

  • All issues bound together in half-leather (wear to extremities of spine; heavy wear to outer corners of boards) with paper-covered boards (edgeworn). Pagination continuous. Volume concludes with astronomical tables and index. [1 leaf] + [pp. iii-iv] + iii + [1] + [pp. 5-356] + [56]


[1] A long list of participating booksellers follows

[2] COPAC library records variously suggest 1794 or 1795 for this, the first colour-plate edition (there was another, later colour-plate edition with lower-quality colouring schemes, and there were also several monochrome issues)

[3] NB: all plates called for are present; but the plate supposed to be bound opposite p. 349, “The Insensible Perspiration”, is instead bound opposite p. 340, and the second of the two plates found bound between pp. 312 and 313, “Progressive Formation of the Foetus, Plate I”, is supposed to be bound opposite p. 311 and has been misplaced opposite p. 313

[4] [sic]

[5] This appears on the unpaginated last page before the first internal issue begins, but not on the title page

[6] This credit from the overall volume title page

[7] None of issues 2 to XV is dated; clearly it was weekly for a while but publication became irregular at some point, since there are 20 and not 14 whole weeks separating Aug. 7th from  Sat. Jan 1st. My best guess is that issue 2 appeared on Aug. 14th and it appeared weekly thereafter until No. X, Oct. 9th, then fortnightly thereafter until its conclusion.

[8] Library records show 1812

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