Astrolearn Vintage Astrology CD 1:

Henry Coley, John Middleton, Joseph Blagrave

Astrolearn Vintage Astrology CD1

Astrolearn Vintage Astrology CD1, disc

Astrolearn Vintage Astrology CD1, rear cover

Contents of CD 1:

This particular CD contains the scans of three original antiquarian volumes from Astrolearn’s private collection, as detailed below:

  • Coley, Henry, Student in the Mathematicks, and Astrology ‘Clavis Astrologiae Elimata: or a Key to the whole Art of Astrology New Filed and Polished. In Three Parts. Containing I. An Introduction; By which an Ordinary Capacity may Understand the Grounds thereof, and how to set a Figure upon any Occasion: With the Schemes of the Cusps of the Coelestial Houses in Copper Plates, very useful in Horary Questions, &c. II. Select Aphorismes; with Rules and Examples how to Resolve or Judge all Lawful Questions Astrological, from a Radical Scheme Erected: Also Elections, and other necessary Precepts of Oart. III. The Genethliacal Part; wherein is shewn how to Rectifie and Calculate Nativities, according to Regiomontanus, Argol, and Kepler; with some Varieties in the Doctrine of Directions, Revolutions, and Profections, not before published: Also Tables, and all other Requisites, both for Calculation, and Demonstration. To which are added the Rudolphine Tables, whereby the Places of the Planets may be Calculated for any Time, past, present, or to come[1]’ The Second Edition, much Enlarged and Amended – Printed for Benj. Tooke, and Tho. Sawbridge, and are to be Sold at the Ship in St. Paul’s Church-Yard, and at the three Flower de Luces in Little Britain, London, 1676. Leather. Former ownership label of Charles F. Cox, New York. [Frontis.] + [2 leaves] + [62] + 187 + [p. 88 (2)] + [pp. 189-256] + [p. 25 (2)] + [pp. 258-345] + [p. 347] + [p. 346] + [pp. 348-350] + [2] + [p. 353] + [2 pages whose numbers have been corrected pp. 354-5] + [pp. 356-361] + [2 pages whose numbers have been corrected to pp. 362-3] + [pp. 364-5] + [2 pages whose numbers have been corrected to pp. 366-7] + [pp. 368-440] + [page whose number has been corrected to p. 441] + [pp. 442-569] + [2 pages whose numbers have been corrected to pp. 570-1]+ [pp. 572-3] + [2 pages whose numbers have been corrected to pp. 574-5] + [p. 576] + [plate] + [pp. 577-728] + [p. 722 (2)] + [pp. 730-759] + [1] + [1 leaf] + 69 + [1] + [pp. 81-92] + [p. 31 (2)] + [pp. 94-103]. Working volvelle to p. 18 of the main part of the book.
  • Middleton, John, Philomath ‘Practical Astrology. In Two Parts. The First Part containeth an easie Introduction to the whole Art of Astrologie, shewing the Number and Nature of the Signes, Planets, and Aspects. Together with several Names and Terms of Astrologie. Also how to erect a Figure of the Heavens, and to place the Planets therein; and how the Student ought to proceed in the whole Art. The Second Part sheweth the Resolution of all manner of Horary Questions which concern the Life of Man, his Estate, Brethren, or short Journeys. If the Querent shall ever have Children. Of Sickness, and how to find the Nature and kinde of the Disease. Also concerning Marriages, Law-suits, Publick Enemies: Of things lost or stoln; with all other necessary Questions whatsoever. Together with several Examples of Coelestial Figures erected for Horary Questions, and Judgements thereupon, whereby any man of an ordinary capacity may soon attain to the whole Art thereof’ Printed by J. C. for Richard Preston, near Grays-Inn-gate in Holburn, 1679. Leather (outer spine missing; front board detaching; rear board together with rear end-paper but detached from remainder of book; outer corners of boards worn and slightly chipped; leather peeling from rear board). (Ffep detached and chipped. Traces of water-staining to large parts of book. Worming to inner margins in places., without loss of text.) [Frontis.] + [1 leaf] + [16] + 214 + [p. 115(2)] + [pp. 216-249] + [p. 251] + [p. 250] + [pp. 252-272] + [p. 237 (2)] + [pp. 274-6] + [pp. 277-280 in typescript, in place of missing original printed leaves] + [p. 281] + [1]
  • Blagrave, Joseph, of Reading, Gent. Student in Astrology and Physick ‘Blagrave’s Introduction to Astrology in Three Parts[:] The First Containing the Use of an Ephemeris, and how to erect a Figure of Heaven to any time proposed: also the signification of the Houses, Planets, Signs and Aspects, the Explanation of all useful Terms of Art; with Plain and Familiar instructions for the Resolution of all manner of Questions, and Exemplified in every particular thereof, by Figures set, and judged. The Second Treateth of Elections; shewing their Use and Application, as they are constituted on the Twelve Celestial Houses, whereby you are inabled to chuse such times as are proper and conducible to the perfection of any Matter or Business whatsoever. The Third Comprehendeth an Absolute Method for Rectifying and Judging Nativities, the Signification and Portents of Directions, with New and Experienced Rules touching Revolutions and Transits, & c.[2]’ Printed by E. Tyler, and R. Holt, for Obadiah Blagrave, at the Bear in S. Paul’s Church-Yard, London, 1682. Leather. [1 leaf] + [2] + [Frontis.] + [2] + 12 + [12] + [pp. 25-177] + [2] + [pp. 180-3] + [1 leaf] + [pp. 187-217] + [1] + [pp. 220-1] + [p. 223] + [p. 222] + [pp. 224-329] + [7 pages of advertisements]


[1] With separate title page at p. 135: Coley, Henry, Philomat. “Clavis Astrologiae Elimata; or A Key To the whole Art of Astrology New Fil’d and Polished. The Second Part. Containing Brief Rules and Examples how to Resolve or Judge all Lawful Questions Astrologically, Contingent unto mankind, from a Radical Scheme of Heaven erected: Together with Elections, and several other useful precepts of Art”. With separate title page to p. 351: Coley, Henry, Philomat. “Clavis Astrologiae Elimata: Or a Key to the whole Art of Astrology New Fil’d and Polished. The Third Part. Containing The Genethliacal Part of Astrology. Exactly Performing, and briefly Comprehending the whole Doctrine of Directions; and Judgment of Nativities. Wherein is shewed (by an exact Method) the manner of their Rectification several wayes: together, with their precize Calculation onely by Proportions in Trigonometry. Also, how to set a Scheme Artificially the Rational way, and whatsoever is Requisite in Directing Significators to their several Promittors; with some varieties therein, not hitherto published; and divers useful Tables Added in this Second Impression. With Annual Revolutions and the manner of their Directions, &c. Together how to Judge the General Fate of the Native: and Consequently point out the most Propserous or Dangerous times that may probably happen in the whole Course of a Mans Life”. With separate title page after the main 760 pages: [Kepler, Johannes, ed. Morin, Jean-Baptiste] “Tabulae Rudolphinae. Or the Rudolphine Tables, Suputated to the Meridian of Uraniburge, First, By John Kepler, From the Observations of the Tres Noble Ticho Brahe, Afterwards Digested into a most Accurate, and Easie Compendium, By the Famous Johannes Baptista Morinus, Doctor of Physick, and Mathematical Professor to the French King; and Printed for him at Paris, Anno Dom. 1650” Printed in the Year, 1675, London

[2] With separate title-page at p. 185: “Blagrave’s Introduction to Astrology. The Second Part. Shewing The Manner and Use of ELections as they are constituted on the twelve Celestial Houses, with plain and familiar Instructions for chusing of times proper and convenient for the undertaking and performance of any business or matter whatsoever, according to the Author’s many years Practice and Experience” (same publication details but undated). With separate title-page at p. 219: “Blagrave’s Introduction to Astrology. The Third Part. Of Nativities. Shewing By New and Experienced Rules how to rectifie and judge a Nativity: also the natural signification and Portents of Directions; and how the time of any Accident or Alteration may be known, with plain and Familiar Examples thereupon. Also The true way of gaining the Revolutional Figure, and how to give judgment thereupon with the Significations and Use of Transits, and how the particular Accidents of each Day may be found’ (same publication details)

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