Astrology library progress report – 1st October 2015

Astrolearn astrology library progress report

– No. 10: 1st October, 2015

During the past week, I have completed the enhanced cataloguing (i.e. with the addition of binding format and pagination details and other miscellaneous enhancements) of the main shelves of hardback books on astrology and also cherry-picked a good number of academic and otherwise important paperbacks that were found in several shelves of general paperbacks in the bookcases behind my desk for enhanced cataloguing. But there is still a lot to be done. I’m now working on some some of the previously overlooked shelves in the central aisle of my study / library.

My previous time estimates for completing the job were over-optimistic. Perhaps I had to persuade myself that it could be done in a month so that it didn’t seem too daunting. At this stage I am expecting to continue to work solidly through October on getting the catalogue in order. I’m also giving serious consideration to the idea of going to print with the completed catalogue before commencing uploading its contents here. There are various options to look into.

Stephan Heilen’s critical edition of two didactic poems by Lorenzo Bonincontri (1410-c. 1491), collectively entitled “De Rebus Naturalibus”, as published in 1999, has arrived safely. The poems have some astrological teaching content, much like the Astronomicon of Manilius, to which they have been compared. I’m also eagerly anticipating the release of his massive two-volume critical edition in over 1400 pages of Antigonus, but I probably won’t be able to afford it straight away (it will be close to 200 Euros). Interestingly, Heilen had the prolific Wolfgang Hübner as his academic supervisor, and it would seem to me that he has learned quite a lot from Hübner with regard to the meticulous standards of the latter for preparing and presenting critical editions.

The set of the 25 instructive letters from Hans Baumgartner’s “Astrologische Universal-Harmonien – Fernlehrgang der Astrologie” series is not yet here but I’m expecting to be able to report on it this time next week.

Several assorted 20th century French astrological works should be on their way in the post to me shortly too, and I’m looking forward to reporting on those. One that has made it is:

Charles Ridoux “Évolution géopolitique mondiale – Le tournant (1980-2020)” (Rocher, 2002).

Ridoux is described on the rear cover as professor of medieval French literature at the university of Valenciennes. His study of mundane astrology as presented here appears to be erudite and well-informed as one would expect from a university professor, especially with regard to the political history of various countries and regions he discusses. Dedicated at the front to André Barbault (in print), it’s really a most interesting book, but seems to be extremely scarce on the used book market. I was thankful for a moderately-priced 10-Euro copy in outwardly coffee-stained but internally clean condition.

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  1. Hello Chrissy, thank you for the kind comment! What does yours look like at the moment? Do you have a fair number of books on astrology too? I’d be interested to know.

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