Astrology library progress report September 3 2015

Astrolearn astrology library progress report

– No. 6: 3rd September 2015

Since my previous report of a week ago, I have taken delivery of the Ély star book that I’d been expecting: “L’Astrologie, ou l’Art de Voir l’Avenir” (undated, 1896/7); but the Astrolite issues have not yet arrived. I hope to be able to report on them next week.

Further, a box of collected purchases from the United States dating back over three months arrived by courier from a mail forwarder around lunch-time today; and I’ve been busy cataloguing the contents ever since – so far, just in my MS Word master-file for the collection catalogue, but as soon as I’ve finished with this, the portion of the additions that concerns journals will be added in to the online listings via the Bibliography index page. And there are several such worth mentioning here first.

Worthy of particular note will be the addition of three English-language journal titles (albeit in only single-issue examples each) previously altogether absent from the bibliography.

These are: “Astrology and the Occult Sciences” edited by Ralph Kraum; “The New Frontier” edited by Karleen S. Lyon; and the “Journal of Astrological Studies” edited by Julienne Sturm (nowadays, Julienne Mullette). All three are believed to have been very short-lived publications; but even in single examples, they are certainly worthy of a place in the archive.

Additionally, the most recently published issue at the time of ordering of Archaeoastronomy magazine arrived (a double-year issue, dated 2012-2013, and yet slimmer than the previous three single-year issues, suggesting a slow-down in activity at the publication).

A single issue of Astrology Guide magazine from 1939 and three issues of Wynn’s Astrology from the early-mid 1940s also turned up in the box.

One major late 19th century addition is two years of further issues of “Signs of the Times” edited by Regulus – nearly all the issues published that were previously lacking from this collection are now present; and I’m very much looking forward to updating the online record with the details tomorrow.

The various books in the box are assorted ones, almost all from the 20th century. Because I have not begun uploading the books section of the catalogue to this website yet, the differences will not be apparent to anyone who has been following the development of the bibliography here at Astrolearn; but they do fill in some gaps and the final bibliography will be better for it. Among the more antiquarian highlights are two previously lacked Llewellyn George first editions: “Astro-Analysis” and “Health and Attainment by Cosmic Vibrations”, previously held only in second edition form.

There remains a lot of work ahead on cataloguing before the books section will be ready to upload, but all progress is good.


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