Alan Leo Astrology for All 1899

Leo, Alan ‘Astrology for All: To Which Is Added a Complete System of Predictive Astrology for Advanced Students’ Published at 9, Lyncroft Gardens, West Hampstread, London, N.W., dated 1899[1].

Original cloth (wear to lower outer corners of boards). Printed on slightly glossy paper throughout. (Binding internally cracked but holding before last leaf of tables.) [1 leaf] + [pp. iii-iv] + 104 + [26 pages of tables]

[1] This date, however, appears misleading, as it relates only to when the first parts of the eventual book began to be serialised in “Modern Astrology” magazine. Serialisation was finished only with the June, 1900 issue, and the completed book advertised as ‘now ready’ on the rear cover of that of July, 1900, so the true year of publication was clearly 1900

About this Book Scan

Carefully scanned in full colour from our original printing of the 1899 first edition.

Astrology for All was the first of Alan Leo’s series of seven astrological text-books giving a thorough theoretical and practical grounding in natal and predictive astrology according to his school of astrological thinking.

The original edition of 1899 was printed on expensive glossy paper but was briefer than later editions. Its comparison with the editions of 1904 and 1908 can be enlightening on the progress of Alan Leo’s thinking with regard to astrology and in particular how it should be taught to students during the decade following the first publication of this book. You can also purchase our scan of the 1904 edition from Astrolearn.