Alan Leo When the War Will End 1915

Leo, Alan, Editor of “Modern Astrology” ‘When the War Will End: a Scientific Prediction’ Newspaper Publicity Co., 61 Fleet St., London, E.C., undated[1].

Original paper covers (tiny chip lost from top edge of front cover; light chipping to extremities of spine and to lower corners of rear cover; 3 cm separation to foot of spine). Singly staplebound pamphlet. 8 pp + [rear cover featuring advertisements]

[1] The overall publication is undated, but one of the two essays in it is dated January 28, 1915, and the introduction refers to “October last, 1914”, so 1915 would seem to be indicated as the year of publication

About this Book Scan

Carefully scanned in full colour from our original printing of the undated first edition published in 1915.

When the War Will End is a brief predictive mundane astrological tract authored by Alan Leo. It was published as a discrete pamphlet in 1915 during the early stages of the European War of 1914-1918, often known as the Great War or the First World War.

Our relatively low asking price for this scan reflects the brevity of the content, although the original printing is nowadays very rare, and our source volume was not cheap or easy to obtain.