Astrolearn Astrology Forums – Rules:

1. No personal insults are allowed to other members, named astrologers, or other named public figures. You may criticise points of view and positions taken up, but please do not denigrate people personally. Please be respectful, civilised and at least neutral; preferably kind. If you lack the self-control for this, please do not use the forums.

2. Please be mindful not to offend whole social groups with insulting comments and generalisations – this includes national, racial, gender-based, sexuality-based and religion-based groups, as well as those with physical or mental disabilities.

3. These forums are public and may be read by anyone of any age on the Internet, including children. Graphic adult content and language is therefore inappropriate. Please be considerate.

4. Please restrict advertising for your own professional services and websites to the Astrology News and Services Forum and mind the “one advertisement per month” limit. Moderators may at their discretion remove advertising that is irrelevant to astrology or that they believe to be unethical. Spammers for services of no relevance to astrology may be excluded without warning at moderators’ discretion.

5. Please try to post in a forum relevant to your subject of discussion. In existing strands, please keep broadly to the original poster’s topic, as a matter of respect and good organisation. If you have something else that is not relevant to that topic to say, please start your own strand.

Thank you!

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