Astrology Library Progress Report, 5th January, 2016

Astrolearn astrology library progress report

– No. 20: 5th January, 2016

A new calendar year has begun, and to mark it, I’m pleased to announce the launch yesterday evening of the Presentations page on Astrolearn.

Having previously been just a holding page featuring a slideshow of the cover art for the first four Astrolearn DVDs, the Presentations page as accessed from the main dashboard menu at Astrolearn is now a proper menu page linking to photographic presentations of past and in some cases present astrological authors and themes.

While these albums are not new – their contents have been familiar to my personal friends on Facebook for several years in some cases – they are new to the public and to this website.

You will also find albums showing how the archive on which this website is based looked a few years ago – in January 2010 and August 2012. It has continued to gradually expand since then, so some of the contents of the bibliography will not show in those pictures, but are nonetheless present in the collection today.

Because of bandwidth limitations on my present Internet contract, which I am not in an economic position to upgrade, I cannot take things any further with developing these albums or adding new ones for the rest of January. But there are already over sixty of them.

You will find that they vary greatly in length. Some that are focused on special collecting interests of mine, such as the ones on Llewellyn George, Maurice Privat, Sepharial, and W. J. Tucker, are extremely long and extend over more than one 200-photograph page. You will have to click the links at the foot of each page to continue to the next one in those cases.

I hope that you will enjoy these free educational resources. Please feel welcome to share links to any albums of interest among your friends and associates – or to the overall Presentations index page.

There have been no new acquisitions or arrivals of books this past week. At the time of writing, I have absolutely no money. A little family support should arrive tomorrow (Wednesday the 6th), enough to keep me going another month.

As mentioned previously, I shall be launching a formal funding appeal, initially in private to selected institutions, this coming Spring. In the meantime, if you represent an institution or other organisation that would be interested in sponsoring this website and its continuing development in return for integral advertising and / or research services, please do not hesitate to contact me.

As shown on the recently updated “About” page, in order to continue to work full-time with this website and invest in the further development of its underlying literary resources, I shall need an annual income of around GBP £20,000 – or the equivalent in other currencies. This is well below the average salary in Britain, where I grew up (£26,500 in 2015), or Sweden, where I live today.

It is my hope that in due course, an educational institution with interests in the history and cultural dimension of astrology, a research or heritage foundation interested in the preservation and investigation of historical and contemporary astrological literature, or even possibly a reputable commercial company involved with astrological products and services, will recognise the importance and value of my astrological archive and the potential of this associated website, and be willing to offer me a contract to this value in exchange for appropriate advertising and services.

With my best wishes to all,


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