Astrology library progress report, 10th January, 2016

Astrolearn astrology library progress report

– No. 21: 10th January, 2016

It has been bitterly cold this past week in my area of Sweden. Outdoor temperatures plunged to minus 21.8ºC here one night and remained well below minus 10 for the next 36 hours. The indoor temperature eventually reached as low as 15.5ºC in my study. As a result, productivity has suffered somewhat since I have been struggling just to stay warm most of the week. Although, the outdoor temperature now having moderated to just a few degrees below freezing, the indoor temperature here at my desk has recovered partially to 17.0ºC, it remains uncomfortably cold for working in. 

I have, however, performed some useful maintenance tasks on this web site, transferring many pages across from the old site infrastructure to the WordPress infrastructure to enhance the overall integration of its appearance, and opening it up to memberships for the first time.

In connection with the memberships, you will find that I have enabled access to various discussion forums that any registered members are free to use. My long-time colleague from past MSN Groups astrology forum-hosting days, Andy Muchall, has been appointed moderator of the forums, as I had agreed with him years ago. So far, there is very little activity there, but please do not let that put you off. The forums are there for people with an interest in astrology to use, and relatively quiet forums have certain advantages. While I have no compelling drive to push the forums, you can think of them as a facility that is here if you want to use it. Andy has set up a Twitter account in connection with this facility, and will post occasionally there in the hope of bringing in a few people over time.

I am looking forward to my sample batch of all 18 Astrolearn CD titles being delivered to the mail forwarding facility that handles my purchases in the United States soon. It has recently left the manufacturing depot in Nevada and is currently in transit. When it arrives, I should be able to have it, together with an assortment of books and magazines that have been accumulated there these past two months, sent on to me here. It will be several weeks yet before they get to me, however. When they finally do, and I have tested all the CDs to my satisfaction to make sure there were no errors, I shall upload images for dedicated pages within the Products section of the website.

It is unlikely that there will be much further news these next few weeks. Astrolearn DVDs remain available for purchase through the shop, and all sales will be much appreciated. I still need to have my book scanner professionally repaired at considerable expense before I can go further with scanning projects, so this is rather important.

Wishing everyone well,


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