Astrolearn https:// certificate security upgrade complete

Astrolearn now runs exclusively on https://

As most reading this will know, https:// is a secure web browsing protocol that uses encryption to process all data requests sent to and from websites, virtually eliminating the risk of third-party interception of log-in details and other important information at that stage in the process.

In 2017, Google deprecated the traditional http:// protocol, starting to display ‘Not secure’ messages across any page accessed via it.

Within the latter part of 2017, we responded by acquiring and installing an https:// security certificate for Astrolearn, an impressively complex multi-stage process.

Thus, for some months now, secure versions of every page in the website have been available for those preferring them, and access to the home page has been https://-based by default.

However, we noticed that following links from the home page to other pages in the site continued to direct one back to http:// versions of those other pages. This could be very annoying from the standpoint of a user logged in under https:// being asked to log in again under http://, or else having to manually type an ‘s’ into the browser window and reload the page.

We have therefore taken things further by forcibly redirecting all http:// pages to the https:// versions of the same. This means that as from January 1st, 2018, when you follow internal links within the site, you will always end up on the https:// versions. In other words, once you land on any page at Astrolearn, you will now stay on https:// for the duration of your browsing session within the website.

Although the Astrolearn shop is still closed for the time being as a result of our library and DVD production facilities being in storage while we lack premises to accommodate them, this change will mean that we are fully compliant with the latest web standards on secure browsing and data submission by the time the store reopens, which we hope will be possible by the late summer of 2018, subject to our move being complete by then.

Wishing you all a happy new year,


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