Bibliography of Astrology Page 125:
McCullough – Melville

McCullough, Jefferson Walker ‘Guide to Mentality in the Horoscope’ Almak, 140 Hayes Road, Rock Hill, Conn., Nov. 1976. Card covers. Staplebound pamphlet. Text contents printed in reduced facsimile typescript throughout. 28pp

McCullough, Nance ‘Equal vs. Unequal’ Biography Press, Aransas Pass, TX[1], 1980. Large-format slightly oversized card covers (light wear to top of spine; two short tears to top edge of rear cover; former price sticker adhered to rear cover). [1 leaf] + [2] + [single-sided leaves 1-3] + [pp. 4-4a] + [leaves 5-8] + [2-panel fold-out chart 9a[2]] + [leaves 10-21] + [pp. 22-22a] + [leaf 23]

McCullough, Nance ‘Love Formulas – 2’ NAMAC Publishing, Ingleside, Texas, 2002

McCullough, Nance ‘Solar Returns: Formulas & Analyses’ NAMAC Publishing, Ingleside, TX, 1999

McDevitt, Theresa H. ’Defining Relationships Astrologically’ The Venus Press, Jupiter, Florida, 1991[2a]. Original envelope stapled down to inside of rear cover, as issued, containing 2 single-sided leaves of once-folded printed A4 supporting material. This copy ink-signed by author in presentation to a friend to lower margin of title page, March 2nd 1992. Large-format card wrappers (1 cm tear to foot of rear hinge; flaps glued down to insides of covers, presumed as issued; lower half of rear inner paper hinge broken). [Pp. 3[2b]-18] + [pp. 19-26 of tables] + [pp. 27-35] + [chart] + [pp. 1-2 of forms] + [1] + [pp. 42-125] + [2 identical leaves of order forms] + [12 differently coloured cards[2c] printed with content on both sides] + [4 plain cards printed on both sides]

McDevitt, Theresa H. ‘Why History Repeats: Mass Movements and the Generations Past – Present – Future’ Second Edition – American Federation of Astrologers, Inc., Tempe, AZ, 2005

McDonald, Andrew ’The Pattern of Time: Essays on Traditional Astrology’ Caeli Enarrant, London, 2014. Matt card covers

McDonald Strickland, Pat ‘Person to Person Astrology: Insight into Compatibility’ Stated First Printing – American Federation of Astrologers, Inc., 6535 South Rural Road, Tempe, Arizona, 1986. Card covers

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McEvers, Joan, ed. ‘The Houses: Power Places of the Horoscope’ Llewellyn Publications, St. Paul, Minnesota, 1989

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McEvers, Joan – see also under March, Marion, above

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McGovern, Terrence Joseph ‘Traitie de l’Espère and Minor Astrological Works: a Critical Edition [French Text]. [Studies in Romance Languages and Literatures, Series Vol. XCII, Microfilm Series XLVI.] The Catholic University of America, Ph.D., 1974’ University Microfilms, A Xerox Company, Ann Arbor, Michigan, unclearly dated[6]. No covers. A4 looseleaf sheets[7]

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For earlier volumes in this series, see under Saxl, Fritz, below

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Mcintosh, Kirsty ’Criminal Astrology Volume 1: Understanding the Crime Chart’ Stated First Printing – no publisher or place stated, printed in Australia, 2018. Matt card covers

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McMinn, David ‘Market Timing: Moon Sun Research 2006-2009’ Twin Palms, Blue Knob 2480, Australia, 2009. Large format card covers (light wear to extremities of front hinge and upper outer corner of front cover). [4] + 134 + [pp. 135-6 of tables]

McMinn, David ‘Market Timing by the Moon & the Sun’ [Second Revision] – Twin Palms Publishing, Blue Knob 2480, Australia, 2006[8]. Large format card covers. [4] + 153 + [pp. 154-8 of tables]

McMinn, David ‘Market Timing by the Number 56’ Revised – Twin Palms Publishing, Blue Knob 2480, Australia, 2004[9]. Large format card covers (light wear to top of front hinge). [4] + 127 + [pp. 128-134 of tables]

McNutt, Minnie & Boehrer, Kt ’The Propaedutics of Declination: An Introduction to the Use of Co-Declinations in Astrology’ Printed by Craftsman Publications, El Paso, Texas, 1975. Large-format card covers (browning to inner and lower margins of both covers). Staplebound pamphlet. [Front cover backed with copyright page and instructions] + [pp. 1-64 of tables] + [rear cover backed with completion of instructions]

McRae, Chris ‘Geodetic Astrology for Relocating and World Affairs’ The Wessex Astrologer Ltd., 4a Woodside Road, Bournemouth BH5, 2016. Large-format glossy card covers

McRae, I. I. Chris, PMAFA ‘The Geodetic World Map – An Astrological Concept for Personal Relocations, Financial and Political Activity, and Geophysical Disruptions’ Stated First Printing – American Federation of Astrologers, Inc., 6535 South Rural Road, Tempe, Arizona, 1988. Large-format card covers. [3] + [2 leaves] + 10 + [pp. 11-19 of tables] + [pp. 20-111] + [pp. 112-3 of tables] + [p. 114] + [3]

McRae, Chris ’Great Conjunctions – Shifting Times’ Stated First Printing – MMA / Seek-It Publications, Scottsdale, AZ, January 2021. Outwardly glossy card covers

McRae, I. I. Chris ‘Understanding Interceptions: a Key to Unlocking the Door’ American Federation of Astrologers, Inc., Tempe, AZ, 2000

McRitchie, Kenneth D. ‘Environmental Cosmology: Principles and Theory of Natal Astrology’ Cognizance Books, Toronto, 2004

McWhirter, Louise; intr. Vohryzek, Mary ‘Astrology and Stock Market Forecasting’ 2nd Edition, 3rd Printing – ASI Publishers Inc., 63 West 38th Street, Suite 505, New York City, New York 10018, 1988. Cloth (moderate wear to extremities of spine hinges and most outer corners of boards; wear to lower outer corner of rear board). [1 leaf] + [5] + [2 leaves] + ix + [pp. 3-184] + [1] + [pp. 186-198] + [6 blanks headed ‘Notes’]

McWhirter, Louise ‘McWhirter Theory of Stock Market Forecasting’ Stated First Edition – Astro Book Company, 67 West 44th Street, New York, N. Y., 1938. This copy with bookplate of Alma Crawford Graning to front paste-down. Original cloth (heavy wear to lower outer corners of front board) with gilt titling to front board and originally to spine (where severely faded). [4] + [p. vi] + [p. ix] + [1 leaf] + [pp. 3-230]

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Medusa, Mystic (pseud.)[12] ‘Sun Signs & Soul Mating[13]: What Your Friends Won’t Tell You, Your Sun Sign Will’ Thunder Bay Press, an imprint of the Advantage Publishers Group, 5880 Oberlin Drive, San Diego, CA, 2005. Paper-covered boards (light wear to extremities of spine hinges and outer corners of boards) in dj (light wear to feet of rear spine hinge and rear flap-fold). [1 leaf] + [3] + [3] + [pp. 10-64] + [pp. 66-120] + [pp. 122-339] + [1] + [pp. 342-681] + [2 blank pages headed ‘Your Sun sign notes’] + [4 blank pages headed ‘Your soul mate notes’] + [1]

Meece, E. Alan ‘Horoscope for the New Millennium’ Llewellyn Publications, Saint Paul, MN, 1997

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Mehta, M. S., I.F.S. (Retd.); ed. Rao, K. N. ’Ashtakvarga: Concept & Application’ Second Revised Edition – Alpha Publication, 2640, Roshan Pura, Nai Sarak, Delhi, January 2002[13b]. Outwardly glossy card covers (moderate general edgewear, especially to front cover). (Ranjan Publications advertisement adhered to blank lower margin of p. 76. Former bookseller’s address sticker to rear paste-down; same bookseller’s blank price sticker adhered over original printed price to copyright page.)

Mehta, M. S., I.F.S. (Retd.); ed. Rao, K. N. ’Planets and Travel Abroad (Education, Settlement, Medical Treatment, Diplomatic Posts, Deputations, Travel with Parents, Preaching)’ Reprint – Sagar Publications, 72, Janpath, Ved Mansion, New Delhi, March, 2007[13c]. Outwardly glossy card covers. Unpaginated throughout (as issued)

Mehta, M. S. and Dadwal, Rajesh C. ’Advance Predictive Techniques of Ashtakvarga’ [2nd Reprint] – Sagar Publications, 72, Janpath, Ved Mansion, New Delhi, 2018[13d]. Outwardly glossy card covers (light wear to extremities of rear hinge)

Mehta, M. S. and Radhika, A.; ed. Rao, Shri K. N. ’[Hindu Astrology Series:] Time Tested Techniques of Mundane Astrology with over 100 illustrations’ Reprint – Vani Publications, 2431, Chhipiwara, Near Chawri Bazar, Delhi, 2022[13e]. Outwardly glossy card covers

Meier, Shirley Lyons ‘Elemental Voids: More Than Meets the Eye’ Full Moon Books, Sugarland, Texas, 1983

Meier-Parm ‘Berechtigte und Unberechtigte Einwände Historischer Gegner’ No publication details given, 1970[14]. Paper covers. Staplebound pamphlet. [Pp. 19-32]

Meier-Parm, Heinrich Christ. ‘Ein Blick ins Wassermann-Zeitalter: Versuch eines geschichtlich-astronomischen Rückblickes und Vorausblickes’ Erste Auflage – Uranus-Verlag, Memmingen, Bayern, 1937. Card covers. [1 leaf] + [Pp. 7-73] + [1] +[4 pages of advertisements]

[Meier-Parm, Heinrich Christian] Cache of original papers and documents, especially relating to his involvement with the Kosmobiologische Akademie, Aalen, in addition to those separately listed under Anonymous (33) above. Comprising:

  • Kosmobiologisches Akademie Aalen Arbetisgemeinschaft E. V. – Satzungen vom 10. 8. 1969. Looseleaf pamphlet
  • Assorted hand-inked papers, mostly on line-ruled, hole-punched paper, occasionally on plain paper
  • A few receipts
  • 2-sheet typed document headed ‘Daten-Angaben’, held together by an old paper-clip. (Some pink felt-pen underlining to first sheet.)
  • [Beig, Bert; Hausmann, Hans] Kosmobiologisches Akademie Aalen Arbetisgemeinschaft E. V. – Mittteilungsblatt Nr. 20, 10. Juni 1969. Looseleaf pamphlet. (Number mistakenly corrected to 27 on first page.)
  • [Ebertin, Dr. Baldur R.] Kosmobiologisches Akademie Aalen Arbetisgemeinschaft E. V. – Mittteilungsblatt Nr. 23, 1. Juli 1970. Three copies. All copies: single-leaf pamphlet
  • Piece of film conserved in a small translucent paper bag, showing two complete frames and one incomplete frames illustrating an astrological chart
  • Original business card of Erich von Beckerath
  • Handwritten address slips for Maurice Froger, Th. Landscheit, Meier-Parm himself, and a Helmut Eichhorn
  • Cutting from Aalener Volkszeitung Montag 3. August 1970 with its report on the 1970 cosmobiology congress (duplicating the one laid in with its programme, q. v. under Anonymous (33) above)
  • Typed letter from Reinhold Ebertin to Meier-Parm, dated 20.6.1969 and hand-signed ‘Reinhold’
  • Original copy of typed reply to the above by Meier-Parm, dated 24. Juni 1969
  • Original envelope bearing stamp of Kosmobiologische Akademie Aalen Arbeitsgemeinschaft e.V., addressed to Meier-Parm, postmarked 2-4-76, and containing two typed application forms to attend seminars to be held in Wiesbaden from 23rd to 25th April and Aalen from 14th to 16th May respectively, together with a detailed programme of each event on separate once-folded A4 sheets, and a separate typed covering letter dated 29.3.1976 from Baldur Ebertin
  • Standard typed letter from Dr. Baldur R. Ebertin relating to the 29th Cosmobiology Congress of 17-21 August 1977, addressed in print to Meier-Parm and dated 12. Juli 1977
  • Typed postcard from Reinhold Ebertin to Meier-Parm, postmarked 26.7.71 and hand-signed ‘Reinhold’
  • Typed letter from a Max Rudolf Kriedel to Meier-Parm, dated 28 December 1975, together with three printed graphically based astrological documents, all in their original envelope bearing the stamp of Kriedel
  • Participant card for Parm in respect of unspecified year’s cosmobiology congress, led by Dr. Baldur R. Ebertin
  • Original copy on thin copier paper of typed letter dated 16.9.1965 addressed to Meier-Parm, unsigned, but manifestly on behalf of Ebertin Verlag, and retained within the outermost leaf of a copy of Kosmischer Beobachter 14. Jahrgang Nr. 9, September 1965

[Meier-]Parm ‘[Astrologische Universal-Harmonien, Sonderdruck 33]: Ganzheitsschau im Horoskop – Die Bewertung der Geburtsfigurine als Lebenseinheit’ Verlag Baumgartner, 20a) Warpke-Billerbeck (Hann.), 1954. Single-sided sheet of diagrams entitled ‘Lunamater’ laid in. Original card covers with cloth spine. [2] + [pp. 3-29] + [pp. 31-208]

Meier-Parm ‘Ein Kampf für Kosmos und Mensch – Sonderdruck der Zeitschrift “Kosmobiologie” aus den Jahrgängen 1967 und 1968’ Ebertin-Verlag / Reinhold Ebertin, 708 Aalen, Tulpenweg 15, 1968. Paper covers

Meier-Parm, Heinrich Christian ‘Mit dem Horoskop durch die Politik: Die neue Methode der politischen Astrologie’ Ebertin-Verlag, Erfurt, 1933. Original oversized card covers (short tear to overhanging outer edge of front cover). [2] + [pp. 3-23] + [pp. 24-5 of tables] + [pp. 26-41] + [pp. 42-3 of tables] + [pp. 44-52]

[Meier-]Parm ‘Der Planetoid Vesta, oder das Prinzip des gastlichen Hauses’ Ebertin-Verlag, Aalen, 1974

[Meier-]Parm ‘Pluto im Planetenbild’ Uranus-Verlag, Memmingen / Bayern, 1935. Thin textured card covers (defective and damp-stained). [2 leaves] + [pp. 7-89] + [1] + [6 pp of advertisements]

[Meier-]Parm; intr. Glahn, A. Frank ‘[Astrologische Universal-Harmonien Sonderdruck Nr. 20:] Pluto im Planetenbild’ Verlag Baumgartner, (20a) Warpke-Billerbeck (Hann.), 1952[14a]. This copy signed by author to upper margin of page facing title page, ‘Mit freundlichen Grußen aus Aalen, 1952/5? Hei. Meier=Parm’. Original card covers. [4] + [pp. 5-84] + [pp. i-iv of advertisements]

(Meier-)Parm ‘[Astrologische Universal-Harmonien, Sonderdruck Nr. 20:] Pluto im Planetenbild’ Verlag Baumgartner, (20a) Warpke-Billerbeck, Hann., unclearly dated[15]. Original card covers. [4] + [pp. 5-84] + [rear cover backed with advertisements]

Meier-Parm, Heinrich Christian ‘[Kosmische Formen und Lebensgesetze[16] 3. Teil:] Spannungsherrscher und Schicksalstypus: Eine neue Beurteilung der gesicherten psychologischen Elemente der Astrologie’ Uranus-Verlag, Memmingen (Bayern), 1939. Original quarter-cloth (light separation to top 1.5 cm of rear spine hinge) with paper-covered boards. [2] + [pp. 5-83] + [pp. 85- 138] + [1 leaf] + [2 pages of advertisements]

[Meier-]Parm ‘[Astrologische Universal-Harmonien, Sonderdruck 45]: Ratschläge für praktische Astrologen’ Baumgartner-Verlag, (20a) Warpke-Billerbeck (Hann.), 1955. Original card covers. [1] + [pp. 2-56] + [rear cover backed with advertisements]

[Meier-]Parm ‘Die Wahre Beziehung von Horoskop und Roulette: Wie zähmen wir den Geldriesen? [Empfehlungen, Untersuchungen und Ratschläge][17]’ Parm, Goldbekweg 7, Hamburg, undated[18]. Limited numbered edition, this copy hand-numbered No. 63 to limitation page on inside of front cover. Also signed by author in dedication to his friend W. Thiel on blank verso of title page. Original card covers. (Former owner’s telephone numbers for contacts[19] scrawled to inside of rear cover.) [Front cover backed with limitation page] + [1 leaf] + [3] + [pp. 5-133]

[Meier-] Parm ‘[Aktuelle Probleme[20], Verlags-Nr. 214:] Der Weise regiert seine Sterne: Leben mit dem Kosmos – Von den Denkweise der Astrologie, ihrer Problematik und ihren Grenzen’ Baumgartner-Verlag, (20a) Warpke-Billerbeck (Hann.), 1958. Card covers. [2] + [1 leaf] + [pp. 5-126] + [2 pages of advertisements] + [rear cover backed with advertisements]

Melville, John ’Crystal-Gazing and the Wonders of Clairvoyance, Embracing Practical Instructions in the Art, History, and Philosophy of this Ancient Science – Illustrated with Diagrams’ New and Revised Edition – W. Foulsham & Co. Ltd., Sixty-One Fleet Street, E.C., London, 1920[21]. Original cloth (light wear to extremities of spine hinges and outer corners of boards) with (somewhat faded) gilt titling to front board and spine, in pictorial dj (1 cm tear to top of front hinge; small chip lost from foot of front cover; 8mm tear with slight chipping to foot of rear flap-fold; minimal chipping to other extremities of flap-folds). [1 leaf] + [2] + [pp. 7-20] + [diagram] + [pp. 23-6] + [diagram] + [pp. 29-32] + [diagram] + [pp. 35-6] + [diagram] + [pp. 39-48] + [1 leaf] + [pp. 51-89] + [pp. 91-8]. [Advertisement to rear dj flap.]


[1] Over the top of the original imprint has been pasted a label bearing the revised one: “NAMAC Publishing, Ingleside, Texas”

[2] No leaf 9 is present, at least in this copy; and there is no evidence of any missing context, the previous section ending on p. 8.

[2a] Copyrighted 1989

[2b] There is no evidence of a missing leaf before p. 3, which is the title page; the error seems to be in the pagination

[2c] All the cards are perforated down their inner margins and were designed to be cut out as reference material; fortunately, in this copy they are intact

[3] Dated 1976, but this might be an undeclared later reprint.

[4] After the first of February 1980

[4a] From fresh appearance and strong print, estimated 2000s, although possibly 1990s

[5] The author presents his thesis that “observation of the indirect effects of celestial and other factors on the pineal gland was… the major reason that those who used astrology in their work held such strong beliefs concerning the planets’ influences on us” (p. 13)

[6] A print-on-demand facsimile-based reprint, issued March 2009, of the original dissertation

[7] I have not yet been able to paginate this because it remains shrink-wrapped within temporary card end-supports awaiting binding

[7a] Professor of Anthropology at Syracuse University

[7b] A series of publications collectively edited at this time by W. Butler Burton, Chairman of a board of ten scholars, also including James Evans

[8] Revised from the edition of 2004, itself revised from the original edition of 2002

[9] Revised from the original edition of 2002

[10] This volume teaches Astro*Carto*Graphy with the aid of eighteen detailed case studies of mostly famous individuals and mundane events, and additionally twelve of the author’s personal life experiences. The many unnumbered pages in the book are a combination of Astro*Garto*Graphy graphs and tabulated data, typically occurring in different orders and mixtures in different places. In view of the already exceptionally convoluted pagination scheme to this volume making any additional breakdown of these pages liable to impede a clear vision of the outline of the book structure, I have not been more specific except in the few instances where the pages between numbered pages are only graphs

[11] A critical edition of eighteen medieval English texts

[12] The author is a popular media astrologer in Australia, whose original identity appears to be a closely guarded secret, but one website claims that Mystic Medusa is now her official legal name

[13] The ‘Soul Mating’ section of the book espouses a wholly unorthodox approach to synastry, relying exclusively on the use of the asteroids Psyche and Eros, while making no reference at all to any of the conventionally used planets. The ‘Sun Signs’ section does go as far as to devote attention to Sun sign synastry.

[13a] After the original edition of 2003

[13b] The date of the original edition is undeclared, but a foreword by the author to the second edition indicates it sold ‘in no time’; a separate introduction by Rao is dated June 16, 1999 and would appear probably to correspond closely to the date of the original edition

[13c] After the original edition of March, 1996, and stated ‘Second Revised Edition’ of January, 2002

[13d] After the original edition of 2007 and first reprint of 2012

[13e] After the original edition of October 2008, second edition of October 2009, and first reprint of July 2015

[14] An offprint from Kosmobiologie 37 J. / 2., 1970

[14a] Reprinted from the original edition of 1935, q. v. above

[15] Dated 1952, but this copy includes advertising extending to Nr. 46 in the series, suggesting a later date of printing or at least binding

[16] A multi-part work completed in manuscript in February 1936, according to the author’s foreword dated July 1938

[17] This added subtitle appears only on the front cover, not on the internal title page

[18] The only available library records do not give a date. But the advertisements at the rear show dates to 1977 for the serial magazines features; and the author’s signature on this copy is also given as 1977, which can be presumed correct

[19] Including a Hr. Rudolph, possibly Ludwig Rudolph

[20] A small series of publications that ran in parallel to the Astrologische Universal Harmonien series, with its own separate numbering system arbitrarily commenced at 201 to distinguish it from the numbering of the astrological series

[21] After the original Nichols editions of 1897, 1903 and 1910

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