Bibliography of Astrology Page 146:
Petulengro – Pingisme

Petulengro, Claire ‘Health Signs: Maximise Your Body’s Potential Through Your Stars’ Pan Books, Macmillan Publishers Ltd., London SW1W, 2000

Petulengro, Claire ‘Love Stars: a Guide to All Your Relationships’ [Fourth Impression], Index Books, 2003

Peuckert, Will-Erich ‘Astrologie: Geschichte der Geheimwissenschaften Band I’ W. Kohlhammer Verlag GmbH, Stuttgart, 1960. Copy A with original looseleaf 12-page typed review by Walter Koch[1] laid in. Two copies. Copy A: Original cloth-like pebbled paper-covered boards in dj (smallish chip lost from top of front hinge, and another from outer margin of rear cover; moderate wear to top of spine; 8mm tear to top edge of rear cover; moderate wear to tops of flap-folds and patches of surface of same; light wear to feet of flap-folds and of spine). Copy B: Original cloth in dj (moderate wear to top of spine and parts of top edge of front cover; light wear to extremities of flap-folds). Both copies: [1 leaf] + [2] + [1 leaf] + [pp. 7-279] + [1 page of advertisements]. [Rear dj flap with advertisement]

Peyrebrune, Olivier ‘Les Valeurs de l’Astrologie’ Les Éditions de l’Athanor, Paris, 1977

Pezelii, D. Christophori ‘Praecepta Genethliaca, sive De Prognosticandis Hominum Nativitibus Comentarius eruditissimus, In qo non solum Astrologiae Praecepta & certa istius fundamenta demonstrantur, verum etiam varii casus, historia, eventus & exempla lepidissima proponuntur. Omnibus et Singulis, Cuiuscunque facultatis Studiosis lectu iucundus & scitu necessarius’ Typis Wolfgangi Richteri, impensis Iohan. Theobaldi Shonvvetteri & Cunradi Meulii, consortum, 1607. Paper-covered boards. [1 leaf] + 6 +227 pp

Pfaffle, Davie ‘Your Lucky Jupiter and Astrology Book 1’ PublishAmerica LLLP, Baltimore, 2005

Pfeiffer, Erwin ‘[ΣΤΟΙΧΕΙΑ – Studien zur Geschichte des Antiken Weltbildes und der Griechischen Wissenschaft Studien zur Geschichte des Antiken Weltbildes und der Griechischen Wissenschaft Herausgegeben von Franz Boll, Heft II:] Studien zum Antiken Sternglauben’ Druck und Verlag B. G. Teubner, Leipzig / Berlin, 1916. Original paper covers (1 cm separation to top of front hinge; 2 inches’ separation to foot of same; a few short edge-tears to covers). (Liquid-staining to lower outer margin of front cover and of all pages to p. 38 within, not reaching text beyond title page; further liquid-staining to outer margins of pp. 91-120, far from text.) Most page gatherings still unopened at top edges and some at outer edges: need separating.) [Front cover backed with advertisements] + [2] + [1 leaf] + [pp. v-vi] + [1 leaf] + 132 + [rear cover featuring 2 pages of advertisements]

Pfeiffer, Erwin ‘[ΣΤΟΙΧΕΙΑ – Studien zur Geschichte des Antiken Weltbildes und der Griechischen Wissenschaft Studien zur Geschichte des Antiken Weltbildes und der Griechischen Wissenschaft Herausgegeben von Franz Boll, Heft II:] Studien zum Antiken Sternglauben’ Edition Stereotypa – Verlag Adolf M. Hakkert, Amsterdam, 1967[2]. Original gilt-stamped cloth (cloth faded at spine). [2] + [2 leaves] + [pp. v-vi] + [1 leaf] + 132

Phaneg, G.[3] ‘Le Docteur Papus, avec une étude Chiromantique de Mme. Fraya’ Librairie Hermétique, Paris, 1909.

Phaneg, G.; intr. Lanne, Ad. ‘Louis XVII et l’Astrologie, avec une lettre autographe du Duc de Normandie et cinq figures astrologiques’ Dujarric et Cie, Éditeurs, 50, rue des Saints-Pères, Paris, 1906. Original paper covers. [3] + [1 leaf] + vi + [1 single-sided leaf of facsimile illustration] + 68 + [1] pp + [3 pages of advertisements]

Phaneg, G., Docteur en Hermétique, Professeur titulaire à l’École supérieure Hermétique ‘Méthode Pratique d’Astrologie Onomantique’ Librairie Française, 4, Place Saint-Michel, Paris, 1906. Original small-format thin card covers (bottom 1 cm and top 3mm of spine paper chipped away, with vertical splits down most other sections of same; book author and title identifiers hand-inked to spine paper; slight chipping to lower outer corner of front cover; slight ink-staining to parts of covers). (Original bookshop label of Libraire Lucin Bodin, Paris, adhered to inside of front cover. Blue-inked underlining and bracket to p. 22; word underlined in blue to p. 59; blue-inked page references added to pp. 55 and 57, with added marginal word to p. 55.) [1 leaf] + [1] + [1 page of advertisements] + [pp. 5-64] + [rear cover featuring advertisements]

Phares, Simon de – see under Simon, below

Pharos ‘Successful Marriage’[3a] Richard Arling, Ltd., 210-11, Picadilly, W1, London, undated.[3b] Original cloth (split down most of top half of rear hinge and part of front hinge; heavily frayed to rest of hinges and to extremities of spine; heavy wear to outer corners of boards; moderate wear to edges of boards) with artfully stamped title to spine. (Leaf comprising pp. 199-200 detached from binding but present. Separation at inner page margins between pp. 38-9, 54-5, 70-1, 86-7, 134-5, 150-1. 1.3 cm tear to bottom edges of leaves comprising pp. 163-4 and 167-8, not reaching text; equivalent 8mm tear to bottom edge of leaf comprising pp. 169-170 and 1 cm tear to bottom edge of leaf comprising pp. 183-4.) [1 leaf] + [2] + [p. v] + [pp. vii-x] + 218

Pharr, Daniel ‘The Moon & Everyday Living: Use Lunar Energies to Transform Your Life’ Second Edition, Second Printing – Llewellyn Publications, St. Paul, Minnesota, 2002

Phelps, Dr. J. R., ‘Birthday Horoscopes: Character Readings by Dr. J. R. Phelps’ Barse & Hopkins Publishers, New York, copyrighted 1908. Cloth (light wear to extremities of spine and outer corners of boards) with elaborate art design to front board. [2] + [pp. 5-9] + [pp. 11-153]

Phelps, Dr. J. R. ‘Our Astrological Birthday Book: Character Readings’ Goldthwaite Publishing House, Chicago, Ill., 1903. Card covers. [4] + [pp. 5-93] + [pp. 95-112] + [pp. 113-7 of advertisements]

Phillips, Ada, Miss, ed. ‘1980 Astrological Association Members’ – 57 Woodside, Wimbledon, London, undated[4]

Phillips. Henry, Jr. ‘Medicine and Astrology: a Paper Read Before the Numismatic and Antiquarian Society of Philadelphia, on Thursday Evening, June 7, 1866’ No Publisher Stated, Philadelphia, 1867[5]. Later card covers with cloth tape spine. Pamphlet, internally evidencing old staples. (Separation at inner paper hinges between lower parts of pp. 104-5 and 106-7.)  [1 leaf] + [pp. 101-107]

Phillips, Sir Richard [attrib.[6]] ‘The Wonders of the Heavens Displayed, In Twenty Lectures: By the Author of the Hundred Wonders of the World. With Numerous Engravings’ Printed for Sir Richard Phillips and Co., Bride-Court, Bridge-Street, London, 1821. Leather (leather cracked down front hinge but binding holding; outer spine split down middle but binding holding beneath; wear to extremities of spine and outer corners of boards). (Ffep loose.) [Fold-out illustration] + [1 leaf] + [1] + [p. iv] + [2] + [pp. v-xix] + [pp. xxi-xxxii] + [fold-out diagram] + 48 + [fold-out illustration] + [pp. 49-54] + [plate] + [pp. 55-6] + [plate] + [pp. 57-76] + [plate] + [pp. 77-8] + [plate] + [pp. 79-88] + [plate] + [pp. 89-92] + [fold-out diagram] + [pp. 93-6] + [plate] + [pp. 97-8] + [plate] + [pp. 99-100] + [plate] + [pp. 101-107] + [p. 80 (2)] + [pp. 109-124] + [plate] + [pp. 125-8] + [plate] + [pp. 129-130] + [plate] + [pp. 131-6] + [plate] + [pp. 137-143][7] + [pp. 192-214] + [plate] + [pp. 215-6] + [fold-out illustration] + [pp. 217-8] + [plate] + [pp. 219-220] + [3 plates] + [pp. 221-2] + [plate] + [pp. 223-4] + [plate] + [pp. 225-6] + [plate] + [pp. 227-8] + [plate] + [pp. 229-232] + [plate] + [pp. 233-4] + [plate] + [pp. 235-6] + [plate] + [pp. 237-256] + [plate] + [pp. 257-268] + [fold-out diagram] + [pp. 269-276] + [plate] + [fold-out illustration] + [pp. 277-280] + [fold-out illustration] + [pp. 281-304] + [bound-in errata slip] + [16 pages of advertisements]

Phillipson, Garry ‘Astrology in the Year Zero’ Flare Publications, London SE1, 2000

Phipps, Kelly Lee ‘Celestial Renaissance: a Revolution of Astrology – Forging New Pathways Through Awareness’ AstroFantasy Publishing, Key West, FL, 1997. Copy A signed by author to half-title: “To Jeff, Enjoy the Images! Love, Kelly”. Large-format card covers. Two copies. Copy A: (light wear to top of rear hinge). [1 leaf ]+ [6] + 316] + [pp. 317-9 of advertisements] + [p. 320]

Piancastelli, Carlo; ed. Baldacchini, Lorenzo; intr. Casali, Elide ‘[Quaderni Piancastelli[7a], 8:] Pronostici ed almanacchi: Studio di bibliografia romagnola’ Societa editrice il Mulino, Bologna , 2013[7b]. Card wrappers  (light wear to extremities of flap-folds; former bookseller’s  label adhered to rear cover). [4] + [p. 5] + [pp. 7-37] + [pp. 39-40] + [1 leaf] + [pp. 43-64] + [23 pages of plates] + [pp. 65-172] + [1 leaf] + [pp. 175-180] + [imprimatur]

Picard, Eudes ‘Astrologie Judiciaire – Les Maisons – Les Parts – L’Interprétation – Tables des Maisons pour les latitudes 22º – 35º – 40º – 45º – 49º – 52º – 56º’ Les Éditions Leymarie, 42, Rue Saint-Jacques, Paris, 1932. This copy hand-signed by author to half-title page, in dedication to Madame Robert André Rouché[8], 15 Août 1932 . Quarter leather (light scuffing to extremities) with paper-covered boards (worn at outer corners). Multi-colour place-holder ribbon bound in. Original  card covers and spine retained within. (Leaves comprising pp. 155-8 close to detaching, retained only by uper cords.)  [3] + [2 leaves] + [pp. ix-xi] + 141 + [2] + [pp. 144-6] + [1] + [pp. 148-296] + [1] + [pp. 298-312]

Picard, Eudes ‘Astrologie Judiciaire – Les Maisons – Les Parts – L’Interprétation – Tables des Maisons pour les latitudes 22º – 35º – 40º – 45º – 49º – 52º – 56º’ Librairie et Éditions Leymarie, 42, Rue Saint-Jacques, Paris, 1981. Textured card covers. [3] + [2 leaves] + [pp. ix-xi] + 141 + [2] + [pp. 144-6] + [1] + [pp. 148-312] + [Imprimatur]

Picard, Eudes ‘Manuel Synthéthique & Pratique du Tarot – Le Tarot – Les Lames mineures et majeures – Interprétation’ H. Daragon, Libraire-Éditeur, 96-97, rue Blanche, Paris (IXe), 1909. Custom quarter-cloth with paper-covered boards (moderate wear to outer corners); plain typed title label to spine. Bound thus without original soft covers. [2 leaves] + iii + 20 + [1 leaf] + [1] + [pp. 24-67] + [1] + [pp. 70-181] + [pp. 183-189]

Picard, Eudes (attrib.), [ed. Privat, Maurice] ‘Resumé[9]‘ No publisher or place stated, undated[10]. Quarter cloth with paper-covered boards (worn at outer corners). Printed in blue typescript on one-sided leaves of thin, semi-translucent paper throughout. (Many astrological glyphs drawn in by hand in blue pencil; page references in index added entirely by hand in blue pencil, and only to some headings, suggesting that the job was never completed in this instance; occasional words underlined in red pencil. Occasional hand-inked additions to text, presumed in the hand of the author or someone close to him.) (Vertical tear up from foot of leaf 209 repaired to reverse side of page with white tape.) [Leaves 1-28] + [leaves 28 bis-28 ter] + [leaves 29-108] + [leaves 110-111[11]] + [leaves 113-120] + [leaf 120 bis] + [leaves 121-122] + [leaf 122 bis] + [leaves 123-160] + [leaves 161- 243]

Picard, Eudes – see also under Privat, Maurice, above

Picatrix, the – see under Anonymous (14), above

Pico della Mirandola, G.; ed. Garin, Eugenio ‘[Edizione Nazionale dei Classici del Pensiero Italiano II:] Disputationes Adversus Astrologiam Divinatricem: Libri I-V’ Vallecchi Editore, Firenze, 1946. Numbered limited edition of which this copy is No. 142. Original quarter-cloth (separating at centre of rear spine hinge; frayed to varying degrees to remainder of hinges and extremities of spine) with paper-covered boards. (Binding completely split at rear inner paper hinge: needs professional repair. Separation before subtitle to Introduzione section, but cords beneath strong.) [2 leaves] + [frontis.] + [3] + [1 leaf] + [pp. 3-16] + [plate] + [p.17] + [1 leaf] + [pp. 21-2] + [1 leaf] + [pp. 25-623] + [1 leaf] + [pp. 627-669] + [1]

Pico della Mirandola, G.; ed. Garin, Eugenio ‘[Edizione Nazionale dei Classici del Pensiero Italiano II:]Disputationes Adversus Astrologiam Divinatricem: Libri VI-XII’ Vallecchi Editore, Firenze, 1952. Numbered limited edition of which this copy is No. 136. Original quarter-cloth with paper-covered boards (wear to upper outer corner of rear board. (2 cm tear to outer margin of page comprising pp. 5-6.) [2 leaves] + [Frontis.] + [2] + 7 + [1] + [pp. 9-350] + [p. 251 (2)] + [pp. 352-533] + [1 leaf] + [pp. 537-558] + [1 leaf] + [pp. 561-573] + [pp. 575-8] + [1]

Pico della Mirandola – see also under Bertozzi, Marco, above; and under Rabin, Sheila; Rutkin, H. Darrel; Vanden Broecke, Steven; and Zambelli, Paola, below

Picozza, Giovanni[11a], ed. ‘OLTreconFIne 14 – Cronache dai mondi visibili e invisibili: Astrologia[11b]‘ Spazio Interiore, Roma, 2014. Card covers. Contents printed in dual columns throughout, with numerous fine line illustrations and some colour illustrations. [5] + [pp. 6-11] + [2 pages of illustrations] + [pp. 14-23] + [2 pages of illustrations] + [pp. 26-35] + [2 pages of illustrations] + [pp. 38-47] + [2 pages of illustrations] + [pp. 50-61] + [2 pages of illustrations] + [pp. 64-73] + [2 pages of illustrations] + [pp. 76-131] + [pp. 132-143 of illustrations] + [pp. 144-169] + [pp. 170-5 of book reviews] + [1]

Pietro d’Abano ‘Abrahe Avenaris Judei Astrologi Peritissimi in re iudiciali opera[12]’ Gruppo Editoriale Castel Negrino, Strada per Castel Negrino N. 8, 20040 Aicurzio (Mi), 2006. Card covers (barcode label adhered to rear cover). Facsimile contents printed in dual columns throughout. [1 leaf] + [1] + [double-page spreads ii-lvii] + [double-page spread lx] + [double-page spread lix] + [double-page spread lviii] + [double-page spreads lxi-xci[13]] + [double-page spreads xciii-xcv] + [p. xcvi] + [1] + [imprimatur]

[Pietro d’Abano]; ed. Vescovini, Graziella Federici ‘[Il mito e la storia 3:] Pietro d’Abano Trattati di Astronomia: Lucidator Dubitabilium Astronomiae, De motu octavae sphaerae e altre opera[14]’ Seconda Edizione – Editoriale Programma, Padova, September 1992[15]. Lightly textured card wrappers (light wear to extremities of rear spine hinge and of flap-folds). (Rfep slightly torn at outer edge.) [1 leaf] + [2] + [pp. iii-xxx] + [2 leaves] + [2] + [pp. 17-46] + [1] + [3 pages of facsimile] + [pp. 47-52] + [2 leaves] + [pp. 57-151] + [2 leaves] + [pp. 157-169] + [pp. 171-192] + [2 leaves] + [pp. 197-221] + [2 leaves] + [pp. 227-239] + [pp. 241-263] + [2 leaves] + [pp. 269-279] + [pp. 281-295] + [2 leaves] + [pp. 301-7] + [pp. 309-324] + [2 leaves] + [pp. 329-345] + [pp. 347-365] + [2 leaves] + [pp. 371-394] + [2 leaves] + [pp. 399-406] + [1 leaf] + [pp. 409-419] + [pp. 421-5] + [pp. 427-437] + [pp. 439-455] + [pp. 457-484] + [3] + [imprimatur]

Pietro d’Abano – see also under Boudet, Jean-Patrice and Peter d’Abano, above; and under Seller, Fabio, below

Pingisne, Roderich W. ‘Praktische Astrologie: Wie berechnet und deutet man ein Horoskop?’ Verlag Malsch und Vogel, Karlsruhe,  1949. Original quarter-cloth with paper-covered boards, in dj (chipped at top of spine and of flap-folds; slightly chipped to feet of spine and flap-folds; small central internal tear to spine). (Previous owner’s red marginal bracket to p. 56, and very occasional small red marginal circles elsewhere; misprinted glyph corrected in blue ink to p. 86.) [5] + [pp. 7-163] + [6-panel fold-out table] + [4-panel fold-out entitled ‘Anlage I’] + [4-panel fold-out entitled ‘Anlage 2’] + [4-panel fold-out comprising ‘Anlage III’ and ‘Anlage IV’]


[1] (A former owner’s red circular stickers have been adhered to the outer margins of pp. 3-4 and 7 of the review; the last leaf has a 1 cm tear at the outer margin.)

[2] A  reprint of the above

[3] Pseud. of Georges Descormiers, according to Charles de Herbais de Thun

[3a] An early Sun sign synastry guide, divided along gender lines. For each Sun sign, separate sections are given over to the personality of men and women born under the sign, followed by one on men born under the sign in relationship with women born under every other sign, with typically from half a page to two-thirds of a page given over to each combination. Thus, in all 144 combinations are described.

[3b] The British Library record gives 1937

[4] Presumed 1980

[5] The eccentric pagination would suggest it is an offprint from a journal, perhaps the transactions of the Numismatic and Antiquarian Society of Philaelphia?

[6] COPAC records suggest that the Rev. C. C. Clarke, given as the author of ‘The Hundred Wonders of the World’, was a pseudonym of Sir Richard Phillips, the publisher of the present work. The evidence underpinning this attribution is unknown to me. The present work is on astronomy but includes a lot of fine plates and useful information on the solar system as it was understood in the early 19th century, plus a lecture on the zodiacal constellations with information on related mythology.

[7] Text is continuous from p. 143 to p. 192. There are no missing pages but the book is seriously mispaginated

[7a] A series of publications of variably direct or indirect relevance to the work of late author

[7b] A new edition of the original publication of 1913, with two added introductions by Baldacchini and Casali totalling 31 pages between them

[8] The daughter of the actor and theatre director Jacques Rouché

[9] A mysterious unpublished typescript with no title page, from the library of Maurice Privat. Author and title taken from spine. The contents do not match those of Picard’s ‘Astrologie Judiciaire’ or Privat’s own published works. Internal references to earlier authors are a stylistic match to Privat’s work; and the binding, typed style and handwritten aditions are a match for the other typescripts from Privat’s library in this collection.

[10] Guessed 1940s or 1950s

[11] There is no evidence of content missing before p. 109 or after p. 112. The error is therefore presumed to lie in the running design of the pagination itself

[11a] The overall project director, who is assisted by a team of five named editors and two illustrators

[11b] Contents consist of a series of 27 essays by different astrologers and scholars, mostly Italian; some American or of other nationalities but translated into Italian. Authors include Margherita Fiorello, Robert Hand, Meskalila Nunzia Coppola, Liz Greene, Lisa Morpurgo, Irene Zanier, Stephen Arroyo, Richard Tarnas, and Anna Maria Morsucci

[12] A recently published reduced photocopy of the (undated) original, Latin edition. It is not presented with any introduction that might otherwise helpfully have specified the date and other details of the text being reproduced. The Latin facsimile text is mostly fairly clear to read although the text is a little coarsened, with just a small ink stain on original double-page spread li obscuring a few words

[13] It is not clear why no double-page spread xcii is present in this reproduction. The previous page ends ‘Cum Privilegio’; and the left-hand page xciii is the first part of the index.

[14] Essentially a critical edition of the Latin text of Pietro d’Abano’s Lucidator dubitabilium astronomiae [pp. 57-324], with no translation but the editor’s notes in Italian and a lengthy introduction. The Latin text of Pietro’s Tractatus de motu octavae sphaerae appears as an appendix (pp. 329-365). Further appendices feature works by different authors: Cecco d’Ascoli De excentricis et epicyclis (pp. 371-394); and Pierre de Limoges Nota autografa ‘Iudei feriant in sabbato’ (pp. 399-406)

[15] After the first edition of 1988

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