Bibliography of Astrology Page 149:
Pottenger, Mark – Privat: Astrologie

Pottenger, Mark, ed. ‘Astrological Research Methods Volume 1[1]: an ISAR Anthology[2]’ Second Printing – International Society for Astrological Research, Los Angeles, CA, September 1995[3]. Large-format card covers. [1 leaf] + [2] + 5 + [pp. 7-8] + [1 leaf] + [1] + [pp. 12-70] + [1] + [pp. 72-4] + [1] + [pp. 76-7] + [1] + [1 leaf] + [pp. 81-149] + [1] + [pp. 151-182] + [1] + [pp. 184-215] + [pp. 216-7 of graphs] + [pp. 218-223] + [pp. 224-5 of graphs] + [pp. 226-284] + [1 leaf] + [pp. 287-329] + [1] + [pp. 331-402] + [2] + [pp. 405-421] + [pp. 423-467]  + [8 blanks headed ‘NOTES’]

Pottenger, Rique – see under Bach, Eleanor; and Michelsen, Neil, above

Pounds, F. Sims, Jr., B.A., D.O., MAFA ‘Research in Medical Astrology – A lecture given at Boston 1964 AFA Convention’ No publisher or place stated [presumed self-published], undated[4]. (Defective copy: lacks leaf 3.) No covers. Large-format single-sided leaves, loosely bound by single staple at one corner. [Leaves 1-2] + [leaves 4-8]

Pounds, Dr. F. Sims, Jr. ‘Seventy-Five Windows: Medical Astrology and Low Blood Sugar’ American Federation of Astrologers, Inc., Tempe, AZ, 1978

Powell, F. Montagu, M.A. the Rev., Late Vicar of Pembroke Dock and of St. Luke’s, Southampton; Chaplain to the Late Bishop of St. David’s and to His Grace the Duke of Buccleuch ‘Studies in the Lesser Mysteries[5]’ [Ballantrae Reprint], no place stated, undated[6]. Laminated card covers. Bound by plastic comb threaded through holes punched in inner margins. [2 leaves] + 123 + [1]

Powell, Ivor ‘Astrology in the Kitchen’ Elm Tree Books, Hamish Hamilton, 90 Great Russell Street, London WC1, 1974. Cloth (light wear to extremities of spine) in dj (slight tearing to foot of front flap-fold). [1 leaf] + [2] + [pp. 5-6] + [1 leaf] + [pp. 9-15] + [illustration] + [p. 18 (= first half of a table)] + [continuation of table begun on p. 18] + [pp. 21-3] + [illustration] + [pp. 27-30] + [illustration] + [pp. 33-89] + [illustration] + [pp. 93-153] + [pp. 155-8]

Powell, Robert A. ‘Christian Hermetic Astrology: the Star of the Magi and the Life of Christ’ Anthroposophic Press, Hudson, N.Y., 1991

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Powell, Robert A. ‘Hermetic Astrology: Towards a New Wisdom of the Stars: Volume 2: Astrological Biography’ Second Edition[9] – Sophia Foundation Press, an imprint of Sophia Perennis, San Rafael, California, 2006[10]. Cloth in dj. (Thin vertical black line down most of centre of p. 379 – apparently a printing error, and visually obtrusive but does not affect legibility of underlying text.) [7] + [pp. viii-x] + [1] + [pp. xi-xviii] + 430 + [Imprimatur]

Powell, Robert ‘[All About Astrology Number 19]: History of the Houses’ ACS Publications, Starcrafts LLC, 334 Calef Hwy., Epping, NH, copyrighted 1996. Paper covers. Staplebound pamphlet. [pp. 2-31]

Powell, Robert ‘[All About Astrology Number 11]: History of the Planets’ ACS Publications, 5521 Ruffin Road, San Diego, CA, copyrighted 1985. Paper covers. Staplebound pamphlet. [pp. 2-35]

Powell, Robert ‘History of the Zodiac[11]’ Sophia Academic Press, San Rafael, California, 2007. Cloth (light wear to feet of spine hinges) in dj. [1 leaf] + [4] + 214 + [imprimatur]

Powell, Robert ‘[All About Astrology Number 3:] The Zodiac: a Historical Survey’ ACS Publications, 5521 Ruffin Road, San Diego, CA, copyrighted 1985. Paper covers. Staplebound pamphlet. [pp. 2-31 inc. reverse sides of covers]

Powell, Robert and Dann, Kevin ‘The Astrological Revolution: Unveiling the Science of the Stars as a Science of Reincarnation and Karma’ Lindisfarne Books, an imprint of Anthrosophic Press / Steiner Books, 610 Main St., Great Barrington, MA, 2010. Card covers. [4] + [1 leaf] + [2] + [pp. ix-xii] + 237 + [1] + [1 page of advertisements] + [2]+ [imprimatur]

Powell, Robert and Treadgold, Peter ‘The Sidereal Zodiac’ Revised Edition – American Federation of Astrologers, Inc., 6535 South Rural Road, Tempe, Arizona 85282, 1985[12]. Card covers (light wear to top of spine and upper inner corner of rear cover). Staplebound pamphlet. (Defective copy, with many pages unprinted: see gaps in pagination.) [3] + [pp. v-vi] + 4 + [pp. 6-7] + [pp. 10-11] + [pp. 14-15] + [pp. 18-19] + [pp. 22-3] + [pp. 26-7] + [pp. 30-1] + [pp. 34-5] + [pp. 37-9] + [pp. 41-5]

Prantl, Max ‘Astrologie als Tiefenpsychologie und Seelen-Heilkunde’ Turm-Verlag, Bietigheim / Württ, 1967. Original cloth. [1 leaf] + [2] + [p. 5] + [pp. 7-13] + [pp. 15-128] + [1 leaf] + [pp. 131-157] + [p. 159] + [p. 160 of advertisements]

Prasad, Pt. Ganga ‘Perpetual Market Forecast and Business Astrology’ Shree Mahalaxmi Publications, Morar (Madhya Bharat), 1960. Textured paper covers. Sub-surface string binding. [Front cover backed with advertisements] + [2] + x + 100 + [rear cover featuring 2 pages of advertisements]

Pratt, Laurie ‘Astrological World Cycles’ Reprinted by Dorothy B. Hughes, 1833 Queen Anne Avenue North, Seattle, Washington, undated[13]. Large-format card covers. No spine. Bound by metal screws through inner margins of extended cover flaps beneath covers. Contents printed on single-sided leaves throughout. [1 leaf] + [leaves 1-57]  

Préaud, Maxime[14] ‘[Collection Lattès / Histoire “groupes et sociétés”[15]:] Les Astrologues à la fin du Moyen Age’ Éditions Jean-Claude Lattès, 75006 Paris, 1984. Card covers (light wear to top of spine; moderate wear to outer corners of front cover; occasional light edgewear to covers). [4] + [pp. 7-16] + [1] + [1 leaf] + [pp. 21-49] + [1] + [1 leaf] + [pp. 53-62] + [1] + [1 leaf] + [pp. 67-93] + [1] + [1 leaf] + [pp. 97-107] + [1] + [1 leaf] + [pp. 111-129] + [1] + [1 leaf] + [pp. 133-155] + [1] + [1 leaf] + [pp. 159-172] + [1] + [1 leaf] + [pp. 177-185] + [1] + [1 leaf] + [pp. 189-205] + [1] + [1 leaf] + [pp. 209-222] + [1] + [1 leaf] + [pp. 227-230] + [1] + [1 leaf] + [pp. 235-242] + [1] + [pp. 245-7] + [2] + [imprimatur]

Préaux, Claire, Membre de l’Académie; Professeur à l’Université libre de Bruxelles ‘[Mémoires de la Classe des Lettres: Collection in-8o – 2e série, T. LXI – Fascicule 4 – 1973:] La Lune dans la pensée grecque’ Palais des Académies, Bruxelles, unclearly dated[16], presumed 1973. Card covers (light wear to extremities of spine hinges and outer corners of covers). [2] + [pp. 3-5] + [pp. 7-314] + [1 leaf] + [pp. 317-389] + [pp. 391-3] + [rear cover backed with advertisements]

Prescot, B. ‘Remarks on the Architecture, Sculpture, and Zodiac of Palmyra; with a Key to the Inscriptions, addressed to the Right Hon. Charles W. W. Wynn, M.P.[,] President of the Royal Asiatic Society, &c. &c. &c.’ C. J. G. & F. Rivington, London; and Evans, Chegwin & Hall, Liverpool, 1830. Apparently original plain paper covers (chipping to extremities of spine and towards top of spine; 1 cm tear to outer edge of front cover) with hand-inked title to front cover. [Frontis. plate] + [1 leaf] + [3 leaves of illustrations] + [pp. 3-20] + [leaves 21-6 in printed manuscript hand, as issued]

Press, Nona Gwynn ‘New Insights Into Astrology’ Second Printing – ACS Publications, San Diego, CA, 1995

Prete, J. Robert and Gallo, Angela Louise ‘Celebrity Horoscopes: Birth Charts of Famous Men & Women’ Rising Sign Publishing Co., 5153 Lankershim Blvd., North Hollywood, Calif., 1975. Two former press clippings announcing death of Richard Burton laid in. Card covers (moderate wear to spine surface). Staplebound pamphlet. (Former owner’s typed ownership label adhered to half-title page. Former owner’s red-inked note to upper margin of p. 10 and black-inked note to upper margin of p. 48.) [1] + [1 page of advertisements] + [5] + [pp. 8-104.]

See also under Gallo, Angela Louise

[Preuss, Walter[17]] ‘[Astrologische Universel-Harmonien, Sonderdruck 1:] [Aspekt-Deutung[18]:] Die Lehre von den Bedeutungen der astrologischen Aspekte’ Verlag Baumgartner, (20a) Warpke, Post Billerbeck / Hann., undated[19]. Original card covers. [1] + [pp. 2-5] + [pp. 6-9 of tables] + [pp. 10-49] + [1 page of advertisements] + [rear cover featuring 2 pages of advertisements]

Price, Lew Paxton ‘Astrology: the Cosmic Stradivarius’ [Self-Published], 1974 . Cloth[20] (slightly stained). Text contents printed in what appears to be a reduced typescript throughout. [8] + [2 pages on pink paper] + 66 + [p. 67 on one-sided sheet of green card] + [pp. 69-103] + [1] + [pp. 104-6 printed on pale yellow paper] + [pp. 107-111] + [pp. 113-137] + [pp. 139-145] + [pp. 147-151] + [pp. 153-6] + [pp. 157-164 printed on pink card] + [pp. 165-8 printed on pale yellow paper] + [pp. 169-174 printed on pink paper] + [pp. 175-9] + [1] + [pp. 182-3 printed on turquoise paper] + [pp. 185-191] + [pp. 193-225] + [pp. 227-237] + [pp. 239-249] + [pp. 251-7] + [pp. 259-282]

Price, Lew Paxton ‘Dimensions in Astrology’ Published by Eternal Enterprises, Sacramento, CA, 1986. Card covers. Staplebound pamphlet. [Double-page spread of zodiacal illustrations to inside of front cover and facing page] + [7] + 7 + [2 pages of maps] + [pp. 8-48] + [double-page illustration] + [pp. 49-104] + [1] + [1 page of advertisements] + [double-page spread of zodiacal illustrations to inside of rear cover and facing page]

Prithuyasas, son of Vihara Mihira; tr. Santhanam, R. ‘Horasara’ Ranjan Publications, 16, Ansari Road, Darya Ganj, New Delhi (India), 2017[20a]. Card covers

Privat, Maurice, ed. / tr. ‘L’Astrologie Horaire[21]‘ [Self-Published], Monaco, unclearly dated[22]. Quarter cloth (frayed at uppermost inch of both hinges; moderately worn down remainder of front hinge and to foot of spine; lightly worn to remainder of rear hinge) with paper-covered boards (heavy wear to lower outer corners; wear to upper outer corner of front board; light wear to upper outer corner of rear board). Contents beyond overall title page printed in typescript on single-sided leaves of semi-translucent thin paper throughout. (Very occasional hand-inked additions and corrections to the text, presumed by the author.) Overall title: [1 handwritten leaf on card]. Remaining contents comprise:

  • Leo, Alan; ed. / tr. Privat, Maurice ‘L’Astrologie Horaire’: [leaves i-iv] + [leaves 1-67] + [leaf 68 including adhered hand-labelled diagram] + [leaves 69-73] + [leaf 74 including adhered hand-labelled diagram] + [leaves 75-6] + [leaf 77 including adhered hand-labelled diagram] + [leaf 78] + [leaf 79 including adhered hand-labelled diagram] + [leaves 80-1] + [leaf 82 including adhered hand-labelled diagram] + [leaves 83-4] + [leaf 85 including adhered hand-labelled diagram] + [leaf 86] + [leaf 87 including adhered hand-labelled diagram] + [leaves 88-9] + [leaf 90 including adhered hand-labelled diagram] + [leaf 91] + [leaf 92 including adhered hand-labelled diagram] + [leaves 93-4] + [leaf 95 including adhered hand-labelled diagram] + [leaves 96-7] + [leaf 98 including adhered hand-labelled diagram] + [leaves 99-103] + [leaf 104 including adhered hand-labelled diagram] + [leaf 105] + [leaf 106 including adhered hand-labelled diagram] + [leaves 107-113]
  • Bethen; ed. / tr. Privat, Maurice ‘Le Centiloque’: [leaves 114-(top of) 124]
  • Coley, Henry; ed. / tr. Privat, Maurice ‘Les Aphorismes’: [leaves 124-5]
  • Hermes (attrib.); ed. / tr. Privat, Maurice ‘Le Centiloque’: [leaves 126-(top of) 139]
  • Ptolemée (attrib.); ed. / tr. Privat, Maurice ‘Le Centiloque’: [leaves 139-156]
  • [Privat, Maurice, presumed[23]] Appendice: Les Noms: Correspondance de l’Alphabet avec les Planètes pour trouver un Nom’: [leaf 157]
  • Picard, Eudes; ed. Privat, Maurice ‘Correspondances des Signes du Zodiaque’: [leaves 158-175]
  • Raphael; ed. / tr. Privat, Maurice ‘L’Astrologie Horaire’[24]: [2 leaves] + [leaves ii-ix] + [leaves 1-18] + [leaves 18a-18b] + [leaves 19-27] + [leaves 27a-27b] + [leaves 28-110] + [leaf labelled 111 in print, but with ‘-112’ added in ink[25]] + [leaves 113-146]
  • Picard, Eudes; ed. Privat, Maurice ‘Les Maisons Dérivées’: [leaves 147-239]
  • Privat, Maurice ‘Cent et Une Remarques sur l’Astrologie’: [1 leaf] + [leaves i-iv] + [leaves 1-82]

[Privat, Maurice, ed. / tr.] ‘L’Astrologie Médicale Anglaise, contenant l’Astrologie Médicale de Raphael et l’Astrologie Médicale d’Heinrich Daath’ – no publisher or place stated, undated[26]. Quarter-cloth (light wear to extremities of spine; moderate wear down front hinge) with paper-covered boards (wear to outer corners). Printed in typescript on one-sided leaves of semi-translucent thin paper throughout. Overall introduction: [2 leaves]. Remaining contents comprise:

  • Raphael; ed. / tr. Privat, Maurice ‘Astrologie Médicale Humaine’: (Many glyphs and several chart diagrams inked in by hand, as intended by design). (Many page numbers shaved by binder’s trim; some completely cut off by it, if as presumed they were printed). [2 leaves] + [leaf ii] + [leaves 1-6] + [2 leaves] + [leaves 9-56] + [1 leaf] + [leaves 58-72] + [1 leaf] + [leaves 74-84] + [leaf 85] + [leaves 86-108]
  • Däath, Heinrich; ed. / tr. Privat, Maurice ‘L’Astrologie Médicale’: (Some page numbers shaved but legible; many gaps in latter half of work where diagrams were supposed to have been drawn or pasted in by hand but have not been on this copy and are therefore missing). [1 leaf] + [leaves 2-134]

Privat, Maurice ‘L’Astrologie Scientifique à la Portée de Tous’ Éditions Bernard Grasset, 61, rue des Saints-Pères, Paris-VIe, 1935. Paper covers (small heart-shaped hole in upper margin of rear cover, appearing deliberately cut out). (Lower outer corner of leaf comprising pp. 73-4 cut out, far from text.) [6] + [pp. 9-113] + [2] + [pp. 116-323] + [16] + [Imprimatur] 

Privat, Maurice ‘L’Astrologie Scientifique: La Tradition. Orné de nombreux bois gravés du XVIe siècle’ Éditions Bernard Grasset, 61, Rue des Saints-Pères -VIe, Paris, 1938. Paper covers. (Heavy separation to most of rear inner paper hinge; slight separation, but occasionally a little heavier though cords still holding, at inner paper hinges between pp. 32-3; pp. 48-9; pp. 96-7; pp. 128-9; pp. 176-7; pp. 208-9; pp. 224-5; pp. 320-1; pp. 352-3; pp. 416-7; pp. 432-3; pp. 464-5; and pp. 480-1.) [1 leaf] + [5] + [pp. 9-477] + [pp. 479-488] + [rear cover featuring 1 page of advertisements]

Privat, Maurice ‘Ceux qui Sont Nés…’ Éditions Stock, no place stated, undated. Ten of the originally issued twelve separate volumes. All volumes: Small-format colour-printed card covers. Staplebound pamphlet. Issues classed as 7e, 8e or 10e édition: [Front cover backed with advertisement][27] + [2 pages of advertisements] + [pp. 3-32]. All other issues: [2 pages of advertisements] + [pp. 3-32]. Titles comprise:

  • No 2: ‘… du 21 avril au 21 mai sous le signe du Taureau’ 18e édition. (Separation down whole length of spine; crudely repaired by clear tape wrapped around spine and glued down to inner margins of covers.)
  • No 3: ‘… du 22 mai au 21 juin sous le signe des Gémeaux’ 8e édition. (Moderate chipping to foot of spine.)
  • No 4: ‘… du 22 juin au 23 juillet sous le Signe du Cancer’ 17e édition. (1 cm chip lost from foot of spine.)
  • No 6: ‘… du 24 août au 23 septembre sous le signe de la Vierge’ 19e édition. (Moderate chipping to foot of spine.)
  • No 7: ‘… du 24 septembre au 23 octobre sous le signe de la Balance’ 18e édition. (Light chipping to foot of spine; light tearing to extremities of spine.)
  • No 8: ‘… du 24 octobre au 22 novembre sous le signe du Scorpion’ 17e édition. (1 cm separation to foot of spine.)
  • No 9: ‘… du 23 novembre au 22 décembre sous le signe du Sagittaire’ 7e édition
  • No 10: ‘… du 23 décembre au 20 janvier sous le signe du Capricorne’ 10e édition. (Front cover detached; rear cover held at top staple only; most of spine chipped away.)
  • No 11: ‘… du 21 janvier au 19 février sous le signe du Verseau’ 19e édition. (Black-inked underlining to pp. 3-5.)
  • No 12: ‘… du 20 février au 21 mars sous le signe des Poissons’ 19e édition. (4 cm separation to foot of spine.)


[1] The only volume in this series to have appeared, as of 2015

[2] A compendium of 56 articles by an impressive cast of contributors, divided into three sections under the headings “The Nature of the Research” (ten articles); “Research Design, Data Collection and Analysis” (25 articles); and “Special Topics and Future Studies” (21 articles). Seventeen of the 56 articles are by Françoise Gauquelin; nine are by T. Patrick Davis; four are by Mark Pottenger; three are by Graham Douglas; two each are by Glenn Perry, Nicholas Kollerstrom, Mark Urban-Lurain, Suitbert Ertel, Jane Lee, and Peter Roberts; and one each are by Charles Harvey, Mavis Klein, J. Lee Lehman, Douglas Kyle Pierce, Lois Rodden, Ronald B. Tiggle, Mike O’Neill, Theodor Landscheidt, Frank McGillion, Raymond A. Merriman, and Geoffrey Dean

[3] The only copyright date given is 1995, suggesting that the original printing was earlier the same year

[4]  Presumed 1964

[5] A compendium of five essays on Bible topics, some of them making reference to the signs of the zodiac or the Sun

[6] A facsimile reprint, issued early-mid 2000s, of the original edition published by the Theosophical Publishing House, 9 St. Martin’s Street, W.C. 2, London, 1930

[7] The date of the first is given as 1987.

[8] A print-on-demand book; this copy printed February 2010

[9] The date of the first is given as 1989.

[10] A print-on-demand book; this copy printed February 2010

[11] A “revised and updated” edition of the author’s Ph.D. thesis “The Definition of the Babylonian Zodiac and the Influence of Babylonian Astronomy on the Subsequent Defining of the Zodiac”, which was submitted to the Polish Academy of Sciences (Institute for the History of Science) in 2004

[12] The date of first publcation is given as 1979.

[13] Worldcat tentatively suggests [1957], though it seems likely that this relates to the printing date for the original edition. Dorothy Hughes reprints typically seem to date from the 1970s-1980s

[14] The author, a male born on 6th July 1945, is described on the rear cover as a former student of the École de Chartres who was working a conservator at the Bibliothèque Nationale (de France) at the time of publication.

[15] A series of publications directed by Pierre Fressange

[16] From the inner title page: “Impression décidée le 1er juin 1970”. Yet the official series issue date and legal deposition date are both 1973, suggesting that this earlier date is an irrelevance.

[17] The name of the author is not given internally but has been recorded by the DNB

[18] This part of the title appears only on the front cover, not on the internal title page

[19] Perplexingly, the DNB dates the original edition of this number in the series to 1952 even though it is nominally the first in the series. If this is correct, it can perhaps be presumed to have been planned to fill the first slot in the series at an early stage, but released considerably later than expected as a result of the time taken to write it exceeding expectations. The present copy was evidently bound up at a considerably later date than 1952, since the inside of the rear cover features advertisements for many later numbers in the series, up to and including Nr. 46

[20] The front board has been stamped with the names ‘Bill and Leona Sellers’ to its lower margin, in the same silver ink and gothic font as the title and author label. It is not immediately clear whether the book was issued thus to buyers of known name, perhaps along with most other copies ordered directly from the author, or whether this is a custom-rebound copy; but some of the internal title pages are in a similar font, strongly suggesting that this was in fact the author’s own design for the front board

[20a] Online records indicate that the original edition thus was published in 1982. A different translation by V. Subrahmanya Sastri and M Ramakrishna Bhat had earlier appeared in 1949

[21] This copy was acquired from remnants of the former library of Maurice Privat, via auction to a French bookseller. The volume is presumed to have been issued privately in small quantities, in the absence of any evidence of formal publication

[22] The final component work, by Privat himself, is dated 1940; the others are undated, and it is not clear in what order he undertook the translations as compared with his own work featured, but it seems a reasonable assumption that the overall volume was produced in the 1940s, and probably the early 1940s

[23] The author is not specified, but it seems equally possible that it has been directly translated or copied from an established source, or composed by Privat in his own words

[24] This translation has been supplemented by original content on Pluto by Privat, notably on the pages numbered 18a, 18b, 27a and 27b

[25] The addition of ‘-112’, together with the continuity of the text, would appear to suggest a simple numbering error to the printed pages here, with none missing

[26] Guessed 1940s or 1950s

[27] The advertisement in these earlier issues is for La Loi des Étoiles by the same author, the second and third editions of which were dated in press to 1936. This is the only definite clue we have to their dating. The notice in the Bibliothèque Nationale dates the printing of its set to février 1937 and does not specify an edition number. It would seem improbable that ten full editions would have been exhausted within a couple of years of their going to press unless the editions each comprised short print runs and demand spread beyond expectations, but we can perhaps reasonably speculate that the later editions that do not advertise La Loi des Étoiles were in print when the latter book was no longer available – perhaps in the late 1940s or 1950s

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