Bibliography of Astrology Page 150:
Privat: Loi – Ptolemy: Secondo

Privat, Maurice ‘La Loi des Étoiles: Philosophie de l’Astrologie’ 3e Édition[1] – Éditions Bernard Grasset, 61, Rue des Saints-Pères-VIe, Paris, 1936. Card covers. [5] + [1] + [pp. 11-18] + [1 leaf] + [pp. 21-49] + [pp. 51-77] + [pp. 79-101] + [pp. 103-155] + [pp. 157-185] + [pp. 187-229] + [pp. 231-265] + [pp. 267-295] + [pp. 297-307] + [1 leaf] + [Imprimatur]. Pagination includes many full-page illustrations printed on ordinary paper and implicitly included in the pagination although unnumbered

Privat, Maurice, ed. / tr. ‘Principes de l’Astrologie Mondiale[2]‘ [Self-published], no place stated, undated except for one part dated to 1940[3]. Quarter cloth with paper-covered boards (heavy wear to outer corners). Contents printed in blue ink tyescript on single sides of semi-translucent thin paper throughout. (Occasional inked annotations and corrections in the same hand as the labelled diagrams, presumed that of Privat or someone close to him). Overall title: [1 leaf]. Remaining contents comprise:

  • Raphael; tr. Privat, Maurice ‘Astrologie Mondiale’: [2 leaves] + [leaf 2] + [leaves 1-88]
  • Sepharial; tr. Privat, Maurice ‘Les Équivalents Géodesiques: Théorie des Équivalents Géodésiques dans ses rapport avec l’Astrologie Mondiale, complétée par des preuves remarquables et des prophéties frappantes’: [2 leaves] + [leaves 1-59] + [leaves 60-62 of tables]
  • White, George; tr. Privat, Maurice ‘Les Noeuds de La Lune’ (extract, starting at Ch. 7, only): [2 leaves] + [leaves 2-12]
  • Sepharial; tr. Privat, Maurice ‘Les Eclipses dans la Théorie et dans la Pratique’: [2 leaves] + [leaves 1-60]
  • [Horicks, Louis]; ed. Privat, Maurice ‘Les Grandes Conjonctions Planétaires[4] – Ière Partie: Quelques points sensibles du Zodiaque et Théorie des Grandes Conjonctions. 2ème Partie: Les Dates des Grandes conjonctions planétaires’: [3 leaves] + [leaves 2-24] + [leaves 1-3] + [leaf labelled ‘4’, blank except for heading ‘Pluton’] + [leaves 5-7] + [blank leaf labelled ‘8’] + [leaf 9, to the lower half of which a sheet containing a hand-labelled diagram has been adhered] + [blank unnumbered leaf to which a sheet containing a hand-labelled and annotated diagram has been adhered] + [leaves 10-11] + [blank unnumbered leaf to which a hand-labelled diagram has been adhered] + [leaves 12-13] + [blank unnumbered leaf to which a hand-labelled diagram has been adhered] + [leaves 14-15] + [blank unnumbered leaf to which a hand-labelled diagram has been adhered] + [leaves 16-18] + [blank unnumbered leaf to which a hand-labelled diagram has been adhered] + [leaf 19] + [blank unnumbered leaf to which a hand-labelled diagram has been adhered] + [leaves 20-21] + [blank unnumbered leaf to which a hand-labelled diagram has been adhered] + [leaves 22-23] + [blank unnumbered leaf to which a hand-labelled diagram has been adhered, with a separate, more elaborately hand-labelled diagram representing the same astrological chart laid in loose alongside] + [leaves 24-25] + [blank unnumbered leaf to which a hand-labelled diagram has been adhered] + [leaf 26] + [blank unnumbered leaf to which a hand-labelled diagram has been adhered] + [leaves  27-8] + [blank unnumbered leaf to which a hand-labelled diagram has been adhered] + [leaves 29-30] + [blank unnumbered leaf to which a hand-labelled diagram has been adhered] + [leaves 31-2]
  • Volguine, Alexandre; ed. Privat, Maurice ‘Le Rôle de Sirius en Astrologie Mondiale’: [leaves 1-3] + [leaves 4-5 including adhered hand-labelled diagrams] + [leaf 6] + [leaves 7-8 including adhered hand-labelled diagrams] + [leaves 9-10] + leaf 11 including an adhered hand-labelled diagram] + [leaf 12] + [leaves 13-15 including adhered hand-labelled diagrams] + [leaf 16] + [leaf 17 including adhered hand-labelled diagram] + [leaf 18] + [leaf 19 including adhered hand-labelled diagram] + [leaf 20] + [leaves 21-3 including adhered hand-labelled diagrams] + [leaf 24] + [leaf 25 including adhered hand-labelled diagram] + [leaves 26-7]

Privat, Maurice – see also under Carter, Charles E. O.; Daath, Heinrich; Green, H.S.; and Picard, Eudes, above; and under Sepharial, below

Procker, Anthony ‘Solar Magnetism or Heliocentric Astrology – in twelve lessons, with Planetary and Sign Readings and Explanatory Charts’ The Omen Press, Evanston, Illinois, 1949. This copy signed to a presumed relative of the author by an unidentified ‘Ebba’ to lower margin of title page: “Linda Procker, Tuesday, July 2, 1963, from: Ebba”. Large-format card covers (2-inches’ separation to foot of front hinge, with connected horizontal tear across spine). Bound by staples through inner margins. Contents mostly but not all printed on single-sided leaves. [2] + [leaves 3-8] + [pp. 9-10 of charts] + [leaves 11-36] + [pp. 37-8 of charts] + [leaves 39-46] + [pp. 47-8 of charts] + [leaves 49-55] + [2]

Prokop, Proessor Dr. sc. med. Otto ‘Medizinischer Okkultismus: Paramedizin’ Vierte, überarbeitete Auflage – Gustav Fischer Verlag, Stuttgart / New York, 1977

Pruckner, Hubert ‘[Studien der Bibliothek Warburg[5], XIV:] Studien zu den Astrologischen Schriften des Heinrich von Langenstein[6]’ B. G. Teubner, Leipzig / Berlin, 1933. Former owner’s postcard depicting the Moon, taken from the Tarot de Charles VI at the Bibliothèque Nationale, tipped in to blank front side of series title page. Former owner’s bookseller catalogue entry for a copy of the 1659 English translation of a book on astrology by Petrus Gassendus laid in. Cloth[7] (light wear to extremities of spine hinges and outer corners of boards). [2] + [1 leaf] + [pp. vii-ix] + [1 leaf] + [pp. xiii-xiv] + 286 + [6 pages of advertisements]

Pryor, Olive Adèle ‘The Horoscope Volume I’ [The Astrology Center, St. Petersburg, Fla.], undated[8]. A4-sized thin card covers. Bound by staples through inner margins. Contents printed on single-sided leaves in turquoise typescript throughout. [2 leaves] + [single-sided leaves 1-60] + [single-sided leaf 62[9]]

Pryor, Olive Adèle; ed. Coull (?), Cordelia E. ‘Volume II – Lessons From Specific Charts[9a]’ [Astrological Book Center, 5014 – 8th Avenue, South, Gulfport, Fla.], undated[9b]. Large-format thin card covers. Bound by staples through inner margins. Contents printed on single-sided leaves in green typescript throughout. [2 leaves] + [leaves 1-64]

Pseudo-Avicenna; ed. Gutman, Oliver ‘[Aristoteles Semitico-Latinus[10] Volume 14:] Liber Celi et Mundi: A Critical Edition with Introduction’ Koninklijke Brill NV, Leiden, The Netherlands, 2003. Cloth. [4] + [pp. v-vi] + [1 leaf] + [pp. ix-xlii] + [1] + [pp. 2-5] + [pp. 7-27] + [pp. 29-45] + [pp. 47-9] + [pp. 51-167] + [pp. 169-179] + [pp. 181-275] + [pp. 277-281] + [2 pages of advertisements]

Ptolemy; tr. / ed. Toomer, G. J. ‘[Duckworth Classical, Medieval and Renaissance Editions:] Ptolemy’s Almagest[11]’ First Published – Gerald Duckworth & Co. Ltd., The Old Piano Factory, 43 Gloucester Crescent, London NW1, 1984. Cloth (light wear to foot of spine) in dj

Ptolemaeus, Claudius; ed. Hübner, Wolfgang ‘[Bibliotheca Scriptorum Graecorum et Romanorum Teubneriana:] Claudii Ptolemaei Opera Quae Exstant Omnia Volumen III. 1: Apotelesmatica. Post F. Boll et Ae. Boer Secundus Curis Edidit Wolfgang Hübner’ In Aedibus B. G. Teubneri, Stutgardiae et Lipsiae, 1998[12]. This copy signed by Hübner in pencil to ffep: “Herrn Josef Delz (?) in herzliches Verbundenheit, 1.10.98 W. H.”. Cloth. [3] + [pp. v-lxxv] + 438 + [1] + [1 page of advertisements]

Ptolémée d’Alexandrie, Claude; tr. / ed. Julevno ‘[Bibliothèque Astrologique (2me Série) Numéro 4:[12a]]  Le Centiloque ou Les Cent Sentences de Claude Ptolémée d’Alexandrie’[12b] Librairie Générale des Sciences Occultes Bibliothèque Chacornac, 11, Quai Saint-Michel, Paris, 1914. Original medium-format thin card covers (detached from volume within; 3mm chipping to both extremities of spine; separation to top 1.5 cm of front hinge; original printed price to spine covered over in blue ink). [1] + [1 page of advertisements] + [1 leaf] + [3] + [pp. 8-53] + [imprimatur] + [rear cover featuring advertisements]

Ptolomée [sic]; tr. de Bourdin, Nicolas; ed. Halbronn, Jacques ’Le Centiloque de Ptolomée ou la Seconde Partie de l’Uranie, par une exposition fort ample, commode à tous Astronomes, Philosophes, Astrologues, Médecins, Arboristes, Jardiniers, Nautonniers, Cronologistes, & Cosmographes – avec une postface: Études autour des éditions Ptolémaïques de Nicolas de Bourdin (1640-1651), par Jacques Halbronn [Collection Bibliotheca Astrologica]’[13] Éditions de la Maisnie / Éditions la Grande Conjonction (inner title page attrib.) / Guy Trédaniel, Éditeur / Éditions la Grande Conjonction (front cover attrib.), no overall place stated, 1993. Card covers. [4] + [double-sided leaves a ii-a iii] + [2] + [double-sided leaves b-b iii] + [2] + [double-sided leaves c-c iii] + [2] + [double-sided leaf d] + [2] + 265 + [2] + [pp. 268-295] + [1] + [2] + [pp. iii-lxxxiii]

Ptolemaeus, Claudius; ed. Lammert, Fr.; and Pseudo-Ptolemaei; ed. Boer, AE. ‘[Akademia Scientiarum Germanica Berolinensis – Bibliotheca Scriptorum Graecorum et Romanorum Teubneriana[14]:] Claudii Ptolemaei Opera Quae Exstant Omnia, Vol. III 2 – De Iudicandi Facultate et Animi Principatu; Pseudo-Ptolemaei Fructus Sive Centiloquium[15]’ Editio Alter Correctior – Lipsiae in Aedibus B. G. Teubneri, 1961[16]. Cloth. [3] + [pp.iii-xvi] + [2] + [pp. xix-xxxiv] + [pp. 3-70]

Ptolemy; tr. / ed. Solomon, Jon ‘[Mnemosyne: Bibliotheca Classica Batava[17] – Supplementum Ducentesimum Tertium:] Harmonics: Translation and Commentary[18]’ Koninklijke Brill NV, Leiden, the Netherlands, 2000. Paper-covered boards (light wear to upper outer corner of front board). [5] + [1 leaf] + [pp. ix-xix] + [pp. xxi-xxxvii] + 57 + [pp. 59-125] + [pp. 127-179] + [pp. 181-192] + [1 page of advertisements]

Ptolémée, [tr. Bourdin, Nicolas] ‘Manuel d’Astrologie: la Tétrabiblie’ Société d’édition Les Belles Lettres, Paris, 1993

Ptolemy, Claudius; tr. Schmidt, Robert; ed. Hand, Robert ‘The Phases of the Fixed Stars [Project Hindsight Greek Track Volume III]’ The Golden Hind Press, Berkeley Springs, WV, 1993. Card covers. Staplebound pamphlet. [2] + xvi + 78

[Ptolemy] Tolemeo, Claudio; intr. / tr. / ed. Bezza, Giuseppe ‘[Il Sole e l’Altre Stelle: Testi e Studi di Storia Dell’ Astrologia[19], 1:] Il Secondo Libro del Quadripartitum, con il Commento di CAli Ibn Ridwan’ Agorà & Co., Lugano, 2014. Textured card wrappers. [1 leaf] + [2] + [1 leaf] + [pp. ix-x] + 11 + [pp. 13-19] + [pp. 21-63] + [pp. 65-71] + [pp. 73-105] + [pp. 107-113] + [pp. 115-133] + [pp. 135-143] + [pp. 145-177] + [pp. 179-191] + [pp. 193-201] + [1]


[1] This is stated on the front cover but not within. There is no date on the title page, but the copyright page and imprimatur both indicate 1936. Copies marked ‘2e Édition’ and ones without edition marking on their front covers also appear to be dated 1936. It would seem possible that this book was a run-away best-seller that went through several printings in its first year, although this is not entirely clear

[2] This copy was acquired from remnants of the former library of Maurice Privat, via auction to a French bookseller. The volume is presumed to have been issued privately in small quantities, in the absence of any evidence of formal publication

[3]The overall production is presumed to date from the early 1940s, in line with this, but could be later.

[4]This work is said to have been a conference speech given by Horicks under the title ‘Quo Vadis’ at Bruxelles, February 1940, and subsequently published by him. Why Privat felt the need to reproduce Horicks’ text here (since it can be presumed originally to have been in French) with the addition of his own hand-labelled chart diagrams is not apparent in view of it having (according to his own testimony) already been published; but from his introduction it is clear that he admired it greatly.

[5] A series of publications edited at this time by Fritz Saxl

[6] The first 88 pages of this work are given over to commentary. Pp. 89-245 present editions of eight Latin texts, of which the first two are attributed to von Langenstein and by far the longest: 1. Questio de Cometa; 2. Tractatus contra astrologos coniunctionistas; 3. Die Pronosticatio zum Jahre 1368 der Pariser Nationalbibliothek; 4. Die Pronosticatio zum Jahre 1368 der Krakauer Universitätsbibliothek; 5. Die Pronosticatio des Gaufredus de Mellis; 6. Die Pronosticatio des Firminus Bellovacensis; 7. Die Pronosticatio des Johannes de Muris; 8. Der Tractatus contra astrologos des Nicolaus Oresmius. Indices conclude the volume

[7] This volume would appear to have been custom-rebound thus from the original card covers by a former owner in or some time after 1973. An advertisement for the same work, pasted to the rfep, describes the binding as “wrapper”. The price listed is $20, and a hand-inked date of May 17. 1973 has been added above

[8] Not in Worldcat. After 1965

[9] Indexed in the table of contents as leaf 61, so the printed pagination on the leaf itself appears to be in error, with no content ostensibly missing

[9a] The direct sequel to ‘The Horoscope Volume I’, and the second in a projected three-book series. The present volume consists of a compilation of nine of the author’s articles spanning 1952 to 1964: six of them previously published in The Astrological Review; two in the AFA Bulletin; and one in American Astrology, with the last one otherwise unpublished

[9b] Internal evidence strongly suggest 1969 or early 1970

[10] A series of publications founded by H. J. Drossaart Lulof, and edited by H. Daiber and R. Kruk together with an editorial board of five others. It is said to be “prepared under the supervision of the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences as part of the Corpus Philosophorum Medii Aevi project of the Union Académique Internationale”

[11] Toomer, writing the foreword in 1982, is scathing about the pre-existing English translation by R. Catesby Taliaferro. He reports that he has consulted not only the Greek original a pre-existing high-quality German translation but also medieval Arabic translations in order to arrive at the most accurate translation possible. Furthermore, he has error-checked the mathematical calculations in Ptolemy’s original text, and noted any serious discrepancies.

[12] This critical edition of the Greek text of the Tetrabiblos was revised by Hübner after the 1940 edition by Boll and Boer

[12a] The advertising to the rear shows that Nos. 1, 2 and 3 were translations by Julevno of the works ‘The Language of the Stars’, ‘The Light of Egypt’ and ‘Celestial Dynamics’, respectively, by Thomas Burgoyne, q. v. for the original English-language editions.

[12b] This edition features the original Latin source text displayed on pages facing Julevno’s translation

[13] The main paginated part of this volume is a monochrome facsimile reprint of the 1661 edition of Nicolas de Bourdin’s French edition of the Centiloquy of Ptolemy. The part paginated by Roman numerals at the end is Jacques Halbronn’s study, as indicated in the title.

[14] A very long-running series of critical editions of ancient Greek and Latin texts, edited at this time by Johannes Irmscher

[15] A critical edition of the ancient Greek text of the centiloquy spuriously attributed in bygone times to Ptolemy, together with another short work attributed to Ptolemy, with a lengthy introduction in Latin

[16] After the first edition of 1952

[17] A series of publications edited by H. Pinkster, H.W. Pleket, C.J. Ruijgh, D.M. Schenkeveld and P.H. Schrijvers

[18] A heavily annotated English translation only, based chiefly on the Greek text established by I. Düring in his book “Die Harmonielehre des Klaudios Ptolemaios”, published 1930

[19] A planned series of publications directed by Ornella Pompeo Faracovi, of which this is the first volume

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