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Ptolemy: Tetrabiblie – Quinlan-McGrath

Ptolémée, Claude; tr. Bourdin, Nicolas ‘[Bibliotheca Hermetica: Alchimie-Astrologie-Magie[1]:] La Tetrabible ou les quatres livres des Jugements des Astres[2]suivi de ‘Le Centiloque’ Culture, Art, Loisirs, Paris (copyright page attrib.) / E. P. Denoël (dj spine attrib.), 1974. Cloth in dj (light chipping to extremities of spine). [1 leaf] + [pp. 5-8] + [7] + [pp. 16-71] + [1] + [pp. 74-120] + [1] + [pp. 122-195] + [1] + [pp. 198-247] + [2] + [pp. 250-285] + [imprimatur]

Ptolemaeus, Claudius; tr. Winkel, M. Erich ‘Tetrabiblos Buch I und II – Die Hundert Aphorismen. Nach der von Philipp Melanchthon besorgten und mit einer Vorrede versehenen seltenen Ausgabe aus dem Jahre 1553 griechisch und lateinisch, ins Deutsche Uebertragen[3]‘ Linser-Verlag G.m.b.H., Berlin-Pankow, 1923. Original textured paper covers (light chipping to top of front hinge; minor chipping to extremities of rear hinge; further tiny chip lost from bottom edge of rear cover). Binding internally supported by staples through inner margins (final leaf has broken free of staples). (Former owner’s blue marginal lines to pp. 76-7; sparse blue underlinings and marginal glyphs to pp. 100-3.) [1] + [1 leaf] + [2] + 64 + [pp. 67-124] + [1] + [1 leaf] + [pp. 129-153] + [1]

Ptolemaeus, Claudius; tr. Winkel, M. Erich ‘Tetrabiblos Buch III und IV. Nach der von Philipp Melanchthon besorgten und mit einer Vorrede versehenen seltenen Ausgabe aus dem Jahre 1553 griechisch und lateinisch, ins Deutsche Uebertragen’ Linser-Verlag G.m.b.H., Berlin-Pankow, 1923. Original textured paper covers (light chipping to feet of spine hinges). Binding internally supported by staples through inner margins (lower half of final leaf has broken free of staples). [1] + [1 leaf] + [2] + [pp. vii-xii] + 92 + [pp. 95-145] + [1] + [2 pages of advertisements]

Ptolemy; tr. Robbins, F. E. ‘[The Loeb Classical Library[4], LCL 435:] Tetrabiblos[5]‘ Harvard University Press, Cambridge, Massachusetts /London, England, unclearly dated[6]. Small-format cloth in dj (light wear to tops of spine hinges and some extremities of flap-folds). [1 leaf] + [2] + [pp. v-xxvi] + [1] + [pp. 2-459] + [pp. 461-6]

Ptolémée; tr. Bourdin de Vilennes, Nicolas; ed. Barbault, André ’[Dans la Traduction de Nicolas Bourdin de Villennes, revue et Accompagnée de Deux Études par André Barbault, les Quatre Livres des Jugements des Astres de Ptolémée ou le] Tetrabiblos. [Lithographies Originales de Jean Picart le Doux]’ Club du Livre / Philippe Lebaud, Éditeur, 28 rue Fortuny, Paris 17, 1972. Exemplaire 44 from a limited edition of 324 copies signed by the artist to the limitation page. This one of the 43 on Auvergne paper accompanied by a boxed ‘suite’[7] of the illustrations used in the book on Japon Nacré and Rives papers. Book: very-large-format full-leather with reflective copper-coloured glass-like pictorial plate affixed to front board, in half-leather solid dj (lightly scuffed to raised bands and extremities of spine) with cloth-covered boards (cloth slightly frayed at inner margins). Held in a matching outwardly cloth-lined slipcase (cloth lightly frayed in a few places) with leather trim around opening (wear to top and bottom extremities of leather). Top edges gilt. Contents printed in large type on thick paper throughout. [1 leaf] + [2] + [double-page colour illustration] + 15 + [pp. 25-32] + [colour plate] + [pp. 35-40] + [colour plate] + [pp. 43-8] + [colour plate] + [pp. 51-6] + [colour plate] + [pp. 59-66] + [colour plate] + [1] + [pp. 71-80] + [colour plate] + [pp. 83-8] + [colour plate] + [pp. 91-6] + [colour plate] + [pp. 99-104] + [colour plate] + [pp. 107-8] + [1] + [pp. 111-6] + [colour plate] + [pp. 119-124] + [colour plate] + [pp. 127-132] + [colour plate] + [pp. 135-140] + [colour plate] + [pp. 143-152] + [colour plate] + [pp. 155-160] + [colour plate] + [pp. 163-8] + [colour plate] + [1] + [pp. 173-180] + [colour plate] + [pp. 183-8] + [colour plate] + [pp. 191-6] + [colour plate] + [pp. 199-206] + [1 leaf] + [11] + [1]. Suite: quarter-leather folder (moderate scuffing to extremities of spine) with cloth-covered boards. Held in matching cloth-covered slipcase (some fraying of cloth to top and bottom edges of boards) with leather trim around opening (scuffed at top and bottom extremities). Contents: 19 single-page colour illustrations and one folding double-page colour illustration on thick paper; together with the same 20 illustraitons on another kind of thick paper (a few very slightly worn at one margin) held together separately under a transparent plastic cover

Ptolemy, Claudius; tr. Schmidt, Robert; ed. Hand, Robert ‘Tetrabiblos Book I [Project Hindsight Greek Track Volume V]’ The Golden Hind Press, Berkeley Springs, WV, 1994. Card covers. Staplebound pamphlet. [4] + xi + 60

Ptolemy, Claudius; tr. Schmidt, Robert; ed. Hand, Robert ‘Tetrabiblos Book III [Project Hindsight Greek Track Volume XII]’ The Golden Hind Press, Berkeley Springs, WV, 1996. Card covers. Staplebound pamphlet. [3] + xvii + 76

Ptolemy, Claudius; tr. / ed. Schmidt, Robert H. ‘Tetrabiblos Book IV [Project Hindsight Greek Track Volume XIV]’ The Golden Hind Press, 532 Washington Street, Cumberland, MD, 1998. Card covers. Staplebound pamphlet. [3] + xxii + [duplicates of pp. xxi-xxii] + [pp. xxiii-xxvii] + 48 + [duplicates of pp. 47-8] + [pp. 49-72]

[Ptolemaeus, Claudius]; tr. Pfaff, Dr. Julius Wilhelm ‘Claudius Ptolemaeus astrologisches System, I. – IV. Buch (Tetrabiblos) – Aus dem Griechischen übersetz – Astrologisches Taschenbuch für das Jahr 1822 und das Jahr 1823, Erlangen, Palm’sche Verlagsbuchhandlung’ Neuer Abdruck – Herausgegeben von Dr. Hubert Korsch, Düsseldorf, 1938[8]. Probable custom cloth (light wear to outer corners of boards; separation to top 3 cm of rear inner paper hinge). [1 leaf] + [pp. 3-78] + [pp. 79-80 of advertisements]

Ptolemaeus, Claudius; tr. Pfaff, Dr. Julius Wilhelm, Professor in Erlangen, Keiserl. russischer Hofrat, Korrespondent der Akademie zu München und St. Petersburg – Mitglied der physisch-medizinischen Gesellschaft zu Moskau ‘[Astrologische Universal Harmonien, Sonderdruck 60:] Tetrabiblos: Claudius Ptolemaeus astrologisches System, I. – IV. Buch – Aus dem Griechischen übersetz – Astrologisches Taschenbuch für das Jahr 1822 und das Jahr 1823, Erlangen, Palm’sche Verlagsbuchhandlung’ Neuer Abdruck nach Dr. Hubert Korsch, Düsseldorf – Baumgartner Verlag / Druck- u. Verlagsanstalt Hans Baumgartner, (20a) Warpke-Billerbeck / Hann., undated[9]. Original card covers. [2] + [pp. 3-78] + [4 pages of illustrations] + [2 pages of advertisements] + [rear cover backed with advertisements]

Ptolemy; tr. William of Moerbeke; ed. Vuillemin-Diem, Gudrun and Steel, Carlos[10] ‘[Ancient and Medieval Philosophy – De Wulf-Mansion Centre[11], Series I[12], XIX:] Ptolemy’s Tetrabiblos in the Translation of William of Moerbeke – Claudii Ptolemaei Liber Iudicialium[13]‘ Leuven University Press, Minderbroederstraat 4, B-3000 Leuven (Belgium), 2015. Cloth. [4] + [pp. v-x] + 37 + [pp. 39-91] + [pp. 93-129] + [pp. 131-143] + [pp. 145-152] + [1 leaf] + [pp. 155-303] + [pp. 305-439] + [pp. 441-3] + [2 pages of advertisements]

Ptolemy; tr. Ashmand, J. M. ‘Ptolemy’s Tetrabiblos, or Quadripartite: being Four Books of the Influence of the Stars. Newly Translated from the Greek Paraphrase of Proclus. With a Preface, Explanatory Notes, and an Appendix, containing Extracts from the Almagest of Ptolemy, and the whole of his Centiloquy; together with a short Notice of Mr. Ranger’s Zodiacal Planisphere, and an Explanatory Plate’ Printed and Published by Davis and Dickson, Dealers In Scientific Books, No. 17, St. Martin’s-le-Grand, Newgate Street, London, 1822. This copy with a large fold-out 19th century manuscript table of conversion of degrees longitude to right ascension, and two unidentified 19th century manuscript natal figures, one with additional speculum data, laid in. Quarter ribbed cloth with paper-covered boards. Frontis. + [1 leaf] + xxviii + 242

[Ptolemy]; tr. Wilson, James ‘The Tetrabiblos; Or, Quadripartite of Ptolemy Being Four Books, Relative to the Starry Influences. – Translated from the Copy of Leo Allatius, with Critical and Explanatory Notes’ Printed and Published by William Hughes, Islington Green; and sold by all other booksellers, London, undated[13a]. Original limp cloth-covered boards (separating at top cm of both hinges, bottom 1.5 cm of rear hinge and bottom 5mm of front hinge; worn at some outer corners of boards; lightly rubbed along remainder of hinges; original spine label lost). (Internal front paper hinge mostly cracked and internal rear paper hinge partly so, but underlying spine strong.) [Frontis. table] + [1 leaf] + [pp. iii-xxv] + iii + 55 + [pp. 57-224]

Ptolemy, Claudius – see also under Argoli, Andrea; Cardani, Hieronymi; Choisnard, Paul; De Titis, Placido; Dykes, Benjamin N.; Gibson, Richard; Giuntini, Francisco; Grasshof, Gerd; Holden, James Herschel (‘Five Medieval Astrologers’); Jones, Alexander; Lehman, Dr. J. Lee, Ph. D.; and Morin, Jean-Baptiste, above; and under Partridge, John; Schwickert, Gustav; Tucker, W. J.; Worsdale, John; and Ziegler, Renatus, below

Ptolemy; tr. Taliaferro, R. Catesby ‘The Almagest’; bound with Copernicus, Nicolaus; tr. Wallis, Charles Glenn ‘On the Revolutions of the Heavenly Spheres’; bound with Kepler, Johannes; tr. Wallis, Charles Glenn ‘Epitome of Copernican Astronomy: IV and V’ and ‘The Harmonies of the World: V’ in ‘Great Books of the Western World[14] 16: Ptolemy. Copernicus. Kepler[15]’ William Benton, Publisher, Encyclopaedia Britannica, Inc., Chicago / London / Toronto / Geneva, 1952[16]. Cloth (wear to top of spine; moderate wear to foot of spine and outer corners of boards; light wear along spine hinges). Top edge of page block dyed green. Contents printed on thin paper. (Final printed leaf still joined to following blank at bottom edge: needs separating.) [1 leaf] + [2] + [2 leaves] + [p. ix] + [pp. xi-xiv] + 478 + [1 leaf] + [pp. 481-495] + [pp. 499-838] + [1 leaf] + [pp. 841-1004] + [1 leaf] + [p. 1007] + [pp. 1009-1085]

Puigvert I Planaguma, Gemma; intr. Mundo i Marcet, Anscari M. ‘[Ciencia i Tecnica 16 – Historia:] Astronomia i Astrologia al Monestir de Ripoll: Edicio i Estudi dels Manuscrits Cientifics Astronomicoastrologics del Monestir de Santa Maria de Ripoll’ Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona, Servei de Publicacions, 08193 Bellaterra (Barcelona), 2000. Card covers.  [1 leaf] + [3] + [pp. 9-11] + [pp. 13-23] + [1 leaf] + [pp. 27-61] + [pp. 63-71] + [pp. 73-6] + [1 leaf] + [pp. 79-125] + [pp. 127-175] + [1 leaf] + [pp. 179-197] + [pp. 199-201] + [pp. 203-5] + [pp. 207-8]

Pulippani, Prof. Dr. U. S. (Sundara Varadacary); intr. Rao, Sh. K. N., I.A.A.S. ‘Biorhythms of Natal Moon (Mysteries of Pancha Pakshi)’ Ranjan Publications, 16, Ansari Road, Darya Ganj, New Delhi (India), 2018[16a]. Printed paper-covered boards (moderate wear to extremities of spine hinges; light wear to outer corners of boards) in dj. [3] + [pp. ii-ix] + [1 page of advertisements] + [pp. 11-61] + [pp. 62-3 of tables] + [p. 64] + [pp. 65-114 of tables] + [pp. 115-131] + [pp. 132-3 of tables] + [p. 134] + [pp. 135-184 of tables] + [pp. 185-236] + [pp. 237-8 of tables] + [pp. 239-240] + [pp. 241-3 of advertisements] + [2 pages of advertisements] + [p. 246 of advertisements]

Puntar, Paolo [ed.]; intr. Cardona, Tullio ‘Storia dell’Astrologia’ Trattato Astrologico di Quanto Influiscono le Stelle dal Cielo – A prò, e danno delle cose inferiori per l’Anno 1698 – Calcolato alla Longitud. e Latitud. Città di Firenze – Da Bartolomeo Albizzini Fiorentino[17]‘ Agorà / Granviale Editori s.a.s., Venezia, Italia, 2010. Card covers. [2] + 3 + [pp. 5-7] + [pp. 9-21] + [pp. 23-5] + [2 pages of greyscale facsimile] + [1] + [pp. 30-108] + [pp. 125-140] + [pp. 109-116] + [pp. 141-156] + [pp. 117-124] + [pp. 157-263] + [pp. 265-8] + [2 leaves] + [2]

Puotinen, C. J. ‘Career Astrology: Vocational Counseling for the 1980s’ Ninth Sign Publications, Hoboken, NJ, 1980

Puotinen, C-J ’Computing Horoscopes with your Electronic Calculator: A Guide with Simple Instructions, Step-by-Step Example Problems, a Quiz or Two, Chart Computation Forms, and Information Regarding Time Corrections, Planetary Declinations and Longitudes, House Cusp Interpolation, Secondary Progressions, Solar Arc Progressions, Solar and Lunar Returns, Biorhythms and Midpoints…[18] Plus Information on Calculators, Their Manufacturers, Models and Distributors… A Study Guide and Work Book’ [Self-Published], S-1122 Castle Point, Hoboken, NJ, 1977. Errata sheet laid in. Large-format card covers with cloth-tape spine (loosening at uppermost inches of inner margin of front cover). Contents printed on single-sided leaves in typescript throughout, in a combination of turquoise, purple and pink inks. First two leaves, all from leaf 30 to leaf 48, and [leaf 56] printed on yellow paper.[2 leaves] + [leaves 1-55] + [6 leaves] + [leaves 61-7]

Puotinen, C. J. ‘The Retrograde Mercury Workbook’ Ninth Sign Publications, Hoboken, NJ, 1982. Large-format card covers. Bound by plastic comb threaded through holes punched in inner margins. Contents printed in typescript throughout. (Former bookseller’s sticker to title page.) [1 leaf] + [2] + [1 leaf] + 27 + [pp. 29-35] + [pp. 37-49] + [pp. 51-5] + [pp. 57-60] + [4 leaves of journal blanks]

Pyle, Jack R. and Reese, Taylor ‘Raising with the Moon: the Complete Guide to Gardening – and Living – by the Signs of the Moon’ Parkway Publishers, Inc., Boone, N.C., unclearly dated[19]

Quavene (pseud.) ‘Astrological Verses’ No publisher stated[20], printed by Hay Nisbet & Co. Ltd. Printers, Glasgow, 1925. Original thin card covers (3 inches’ separation to foot of spine; 1 inch to top of same). Staplebound pamphlet. [1 leaf] + [pp. 3-24]

Queste, André ‘L’Étude de l’Influence Astrale: Ouvrage suivi de 14 planches (17 figures) hors-texte’ [Éditions du] Mercure de Flandre, Valentin Bresle, Éditeur, 204, Rue Solférino, Lille, undated[21]. Paper covers (small chip lost from upper margin of front cover; 1 cm tear to foot of front hinge). (1-inch tear to foot of fold of final fold-out plate.) [3] + [pp. 7-22] + [1 leaf] + [pp. 25-45] + [pp. 47-53] + [pp. 55-76] + [1 leaf] + [pp. 79-87] + [pp. 89-95] + [pp. 97-101] + [pp. 103-5] + [1 leaf] + [pp. 109-115] + [pp. 117-127] + [pp. 129-142] + [Imprimatur] + [14 leaves of fold-out plates]

Quigley, Joan ‘Astrology for Adults’ Holt, Reinhart and Winston, New York / Chicago / San Francisco, 1969. Original cloth (moderate wear to feet of spine hinges and lower outer corner of front board; light wear to tops of spine hinges and other outer corners) in dj (2 inch tear to lower outer margin of rear cover; wear to extremities of spine and of flap-folds; 1.5 cm tear to lower inner margin of front cover; 1 cm tear to top edge of same; moderate surface wear to flap-folds). [1 leaf] + [3] + [1 leaf] + 282 pp + [6- pages of tables]

Quigley, Joan ‘Astrology for Parents of Children and Teenagers’ Prentice-Hall, Inc., Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey, 1971. Cloth in dj (4mm tear to top of spine and another to top edge of front cover; light wear to extremities of spine; small chip lost from lower outer corner of front cover, and another towards lower outer corner of rear cover; mostly light wear to extremities of flap-folds, but moderate to top of front flap-fold). [1 leaf] + [3] + 5 + [1 leaf] + [pp. 9-45] + [pp. 47-51] + [pp. 52-87 of tables] + [pp. 88-109] + [pp. 110-133 of tables] + [pp. 135-197] + [pp. 199-217] + [pp. 219-255] + [1 leaf] + [pp. 259-263] + [pp. 264-599 of tables] + [pp. 601-678]

[Quigley, Joan][22] ‘Astrology for Teens’  Bantam Books, Inc., a subsidiary of Grosset & Dunlap, Inc., 271 Madison Avenue, New York, N. Y. 10016. Card covers (lightly edgeworn)

Quigley, Joan ‘”What does Joan Say?” My Seven Years as White House Astrologer to Nancy and Ronald Reagan’ Birch Lane Press Book / Carol Publishing Group, New York, N.Y., 1990. Quarter cloth with paper-covered boards, in dj. 218pp

Quinlan-McGrath, Mary ‘Influences: Art, Optics and Astrology in the Italian Renaissance’ The University of Chicago Press, Chicago and London, 2013. Cloth in dj. [4] + [2 leaves] + [pp. ix-xi] + 7 + [pp. 9-63] + [pp. 65-92] + [12 pages of colour plates] + [p. 93] + [pp. 95-117] + [pp. 119-159] + [pp. 161-271] + [pp. 273-284]


[1] A collection of texts on alchemy, astrology and magic, directed by René Alleau

[2] This edition, in modern type, is based on the earlier French translation by Nicolas de Bourdin from the Latin version of Melanchton, but his translation has been revised and modernised by the present editorial team, with certain particularly confused passages having been retranslated from the edition of F. E. Robbins.

[3] With separate title page to [p. 127]: “Das Centiloquium, oder die Hundert Sentenzen Cl. Ptolemaei”

[4] A collection of publications founded by James Loeb in 1911, and collectively edited at this time by James Henderson

[5] A scholarly edition of the Greek text with facing English translation. The source text was collated by Robbins himself from numerous manuscripts of the Tetrabiblos, with careful reference to an earlier (tenth century) surviving manuscript of Proclus’ paraphrase of the same text

[6] An undated recent reprint of the original edition published in 1940. No printing history is declared

[7] In all, 74 copies were produced with an accompanying boxed suite of the illustrations on other types of paper, but those numbered 1-31 differed in the details of the types of paper used, and additionally came with original gouache paintings

[8] Reset from the original edition two-volume edition of 1822 and 1823

[9] As indicated by the credits, a reprint of the edition above. No library records could be found for this edition. It is presumed to have been published in the late 1950s based on its place in the present series of publications

[10] A further credit reads ‘with the assistance of Pieter de Leemans’. De Leemans is later revealed to have thoroughly revised the edition and indices.

[11] Described as a ‘research centre for Ancient, Medieval, and Renaissance philosophy at the Institute of Philosophy of the KU Leuven’

[12] A series of publications collectively edited by Russell L. Friedman, Jan Opsomer, Carlos Steel and Gerd Van Riel

[13] This volume is a critical edition of a previously unpublished Latin translation by Willem Van Moerbeke (c. 1215 – c. 1286) of Ptolemy’s Tetrabiblos based on manuscripts held at Oxford and Venice. It comprises a study (pp. 3-143 + bibliography); the Latin text (pp. 155-303); and extensive Greek-Latin and Latin-Greek lexical cross-referencing indices. The critical edition is said to have been planned many years ago by the late Fernand Bossier (1933-2006), former editor of the Latin series of the Corpus Christianorum series of publications. Bossier had written notes towards it, in collaboration with Luc Anthonis, who had prepared a provisional version of the text. Following Bossier’s death, the project was shelved until the present editorial team took it on, making use of the existing contributions of Anthonis and Bossier

[13a] Internal references to dated recent events in the preface indicate no earlier than the Spring of 1828, with credible COPAC records also suggesting 1828, though others estimate 1820, which is impossible in view of the internal references

[14] A series of publications edited by Robert Maynard Hutchins, with Associate Editor Mortimer J. Adler, an extensive board, three editorial consultants, and Executive Editor Wallace Brockway. The series is said to be ‘published with the editorial advice of the faculties of the University of Chicago’

[15] Ptolemy’s Almagest fills the first 478 main pages; Copernicus On the Revolutions spans pp. [497]-838; Kepler’s Epitome Books IV and V span pp. [839]-1004; and Kepler’s The Harmonies of the World Book V spans pp. [1005]-1085

[16] The copyright dates given for the individual translations differ, with that for the Almagest translation stated as 1938, 1939 and 1948; that for Copernicus On the Revolutions 1939, and that for Kepler’s Epitome also 1939; but no copyright date is expressly stated for Kepler’s The Harmonies of the World. It is not made apparent in what form the translations with earlier copyright dates were previously published

[16a] The original printing date of this oft-printed work is not given, but other online records suggest 1994, and internal references show it must be after 1991

[17] The present volume consists of a greyscale facsimile with facing transcription of an astrological almanac from 1698, preceded by a 12-page introduction to the history of astrology by Puntar. Unfortunately, the pages have been misbound in order in this copy, but it is nonetheless complete with all its pages

[18] The instance of ‘…’ in the title are as printed; I have not contracted the text

[19] Dated 1993, but this is highly suspect in application to the present printing in view of the presence of the publisher’s web-address upon the rear cover

[20] This copy bears a sticker to ffep indicating that it was sold (in the United States) by the Brotherhood of Light, Los Angeles. But in view of the printing address, the work is presumed to have been self-published by a British and most probably a Scottish author whose identity is unknown

[21] Library records show 1931

[22] For this first book, she writes under the pseudonym of “Angel Star”, but the copyright is credited to her, and she admits to being the author in later books

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