Bibliography of Astrology Page 66:
Furze-Morrish – Gale

Furze Morrish ‘Outline of Astro-Psychology’ Rider and Company, Hutchinson House, Stratford Place, London, W.C.1 / New York / Sydney / Melbourne / Cape Town, 1952. This copy signed by Thyrza C. de Escobar to ffep, and bearing stamp of Golden Seal Research Headquarters Library to same. Duplicate copy of original typed letter from Thyrza Escobar Jones[1] to the author, on letter-paper of the First Temple of Astrology, 733 So. Burlington Ave., Los Angeles, California, dated December 4, 1974, requesting permission for the First Temple of Astrology to republish the book, laid in. Cloth (moderate wear to top of spine; light wear to foot of same) virtually locked into dj by tightly-sealed mylar sleeve around dj, preventing visibility of outer parts of boards. Dj: (chipping to tops of spine hinges; light chipping to foot of front hinge and tops of flap-folds; otherwise, light wear to extremities of spine and feet of flap-folds, and along spine hinges; moderate wear to parts of top edge of front cover; 2cm tear to upper inner corner of front cover; light tearing along top edge of rear cover). (Extensive faint black inked underlinings, marginal brackets and marginal astrological glyphs to internal pages, believed probably in the hand of Escobar.)  [4] + [pp. 5-7] + [2 leaves] + [pp. 13-15] + [pp. 17-182] +  [1 leaf] + [pp. 185-7] + [pp. 189-376]. [Advertisements to rear dj cover and flap]

Furze-Morrish, L., B.A., D.F.Ast.S. ‘The Parallel in Astrology’ Vulcan Books, Seattle, WA, 1974. Large-format card covers (barcode label and separate unmarked circular sticker to rear cover). Staplebound pamphlet. Contents printed in typescript throughout. [2] + [2 leaves] + 54

Furze-Morrish, L. ‘The Ritual of Higher Magic’ Oak Tree Books, 15 Chapel Park Road, St. Leonards on Sea, Sussex, Hastings 3733 / London / Melbourne, undated[2]. Cloth (moderate wear to extremities of spine and along front spine hinge; wear to outer corners of boards; light wear to parts of edges of boards; damp-staining to lower outer margin of rear board; a few partial splits to front and rear inner paper hinges). [4] + [pp. 5-128]

Fussel, Stephan, ed. ‘Astronomie und Astrologie in der Fruhen Neuzeit’ Verlag Hans Carl, Nurnberg, 1990

Fuzeau-Braesch, Suzel ‘Astrologie et Connaissance de Soi’ Éditions Agamat, Palaiseau, 1994

Fuzeau-Braesch, Suzel ‘Astrologie: la Preuve par Deux’ Éditions Robert Laffont, Paris, 1992

Fuzeau-Braesch, Suzel ‘Astrology Off the Beaten Track: a Scientific Study of Planets and Personality’ Anomalist Books, San Antonio, New York, 2009

Fuzeau-Braesch, Suzel ‘Pour l’Astrologie: Réflexions d’une Scientifique, ou l’astrologie à l’épreuve de la science’ Le Grand Livre du Mois, Paris, 2000[3]

Fuzeau-Braesch, Suzel; Delboy, Hervé ‘Comment Démontrer l’Astrologie: Expérimentations et Approches Théoriques’ Albin Michel, Paris, 1999

Fügner, Willy G. ‘Aus Kosmischer Sicht: Entnommen der Vortragsreihe: “Wahrheit, Weistum, Weltgeschichte”’ Privatdruck, Werdorf, 1979. Card covers. 200pp + [fold-out chart]

Fügner, Willy G. ‘Aus kosmischer Sicht: Entnommen der Vortragsreihe: “Wahrheit, Weistum, Weltgeschichte”’ 3. Erweiterte Auflage – Rudolf Arnold Spieth Verlag, Stuttgart, 1983. Textured card covers. 211pp + [1 page of advertisements] + [fold-out chart]

Gabotto, Ferdinando ‘Nuove Ricerche e Documenti Sull’ Astrologia alla Corte Degli Estensi e Degli Sforza’ La Letteratura, Torino, 1891. Original paper covers. (All page gatherings still joined at top edges; need opening.) [1 leaf] + [pp. 3-30]

Gabriel (1) (Kingston, James); intr. Hepworth, George H. ‘Gospel of the Stars or Wonders of Astrology’ The Eskdale Press, 1, Madison Avenue, New York, 1897. Cloth (wear to lower outer corner of front board; moderate wear to lower outer corner of rear board; former library stamps to top and bottom edges of page block). (Former library pocket adhered to rear paste-down, with blank lending form tipped in to upper margin of facing endpaper; further library sticker to front paste-down.) [4] + [pp. 5-7] + [pp. 9-12] + [1 leaf] + [pp. 15-194]

Gabriel (1) (James Hingston, A.B., Graduate of Oxford), intr. Hepworth, George H., D. D. ‘Gospel of the Stars or Wonders of Astrology’ Continental Publishing Co., 25, Park Place, New York, 1899[4]. Original pictorial cloth (light wear to extremities of spine and outer corners of boards) with publisher’s elaborate coloured art print design. (Very slight separation at inner paper hinges between pp. 64-5 and pp. 112-3.) [4] + [pp. 5-7] + [pp. 9-12] + [1 leaf] + [pp. 15-194]

Gabriel (2) ‘La Géométrie des Maisons Astrologiques’ Editions Véga, Paris, 2002

Gabriel (2) ‘Les Grandes Éphémérides Tome Premier: 1500-1699’ Guy Trédaniel Éditeur – La Grande Conjonction, undated[5]

Gabriel (2) ‘Les Grandes Éphémérides Tome Second: 1700-1899’ Guy Trédaniel Éditeur – La Grande Conjonction, undated[6]

Gabriel (2) ‘Traité de l’heure dans le monde’ Guy Trédaniel – Éditions de la Maisnie, Paris / La Grande Conjonction, Paris, 1987

Gadbury, John ‘Cardines Coeli: Or, an Appeal to the Learned and Experienced Observers of Sublunars and their Vicissitudes, whether the Cardinal Signs of Heaven are not most Influential upon Men and Things: Proved by X. Remarkable Genitures, &c., in a Reply to the Learned Author of Cometomantia: Wherein the Character of Gassendus is Defended; And Sundry other Starry Truths are Justified’ No Publisher Stated, London, 1684. Leather (bound with a non-astrological work from 1689: Comber, Thomas ‘Roman Forgeries in the Councils During the First Four Centuries’). [1 leaf] + [12] + 9 + [p. 11] + [p. 10] + [pp. 12-72]

Gadbury, John ‘Collectio Geniturarum: Or,  a Collection of Nativities, in CL Genitures; Viz. Princely, Prelatical, Causidical, Physical, Mercatorial, Mathematical, Of Short Life, Of Twins, & c. With Many Useful Observations on them, Both Historical and Astrological. Being of Practical Concernment unto Philosophers, Physitians, Astronomers, Astrologers, And others that are Friends unto Urania[7]’ Printed by James Cottrel, London, 1662. Half-leather (edge-worn) with paper-covered boards. [2 leaves] + [11] + 110 + [18 pages whose page-numbers have been cut out by a previous owner] + [pp. 129-196] + [p. 193 (2)] + [pp. 198-199] + [p. 196 (2)] + [pp. 201-219]

Gadbury, John ‘Collectio Geniturarum: Or,  a Collection of Nativities, in CL Genitures; Viz. Princely, Prelatical, Causidical, Physical, Mercatorial, Mathematical, Of Short Life[,] Of Twins[,] & c. With Many Useful Observations on them Both Historical and Astrological. Being of Practical Concernment unto Philosophers, Physitians, Astronomers, Astrologers, And others that are Friends unto Urania[8]’ [Ballantrae Reprint], no place stated, undated[9]. Large-format laminated card covers. Bound by plastic comb threaded through holes punched in inner margins. [2 leaves] + [8] + [1 leaf] + [2] + 71 + [1 leaf] + [pp. 75-156] + [1 leaf] + [pp. 159-199] + [p. 196 (2)[10]] + [pp. 201-212]

Gadbury, John ‘The Doctine of Nativities, including The Doctrine of Horaray Questions’ Ascella Publications, 119 Dartmouth Rd, London NW2 4ES, 2003[10a]. Original card covers with glued cloth-tape spine wrapped around inner margins. [1] + [pp. 2-22] + [pp. 23-49 of facsimile tables] + [pp. 50-355] + [pp. 356-8 of facsimile tables] + [pp. 359-365] + [pp. 366-9 of facsimile tables] + [p. 370] + [pp. 372-385] + [pp. 388-458] + [5]

Gadbury, John ‘Genethlialogia, or, the Doctrine of Nativities, Containing the Whole Art of Directions, and Annual Revolutions: Whereby, any man (even of an Ordinary Capacity) may be enabled to discover the most Remarkable and Occult Accidents of his Life, as they shall occur unto him in the whole Course thereof, either for Good or Evil. Also, Tables For Calculating the Planets Places for any time, either Past, Present, or To come. Together with The Doctrine of Horarie Questions; Which (in the absence of a Nativity) is sufficient to inform any one of all manner of Contingencies necessary to be known’ Printed by Ja: Cottrel, for Giles Calvert, at the black Spread-Eagle neer the West-end of Pauls; William Larner, at the Blackmoor neer Fleet-bridge, and Daniel White, at the seven Stars in S. Paul’s Church-yard, 1658[11]. Two copies. Copy A: Half-cloth with paper-covered boards (binding breaking after title leaf). [8 leaves] + 251 + [pp. 254 (1) -255 (1)] + [pp. 254 (2) – 255 (2)] + pp. 256-267] + [pp. 269-270 (1)] + [pp. 270 (2) – 276] + [pp. 213-218][12] + [1 leaf] (= title to second part) + 36 + [p. 45] + [p. 38] + [4] + [p. 41] + [1] + [pp. 42-45] + [pp. 230-231] + [pp. 48-87] + [1] + [pp. 90-125] + [pp. 226-7] + [pp. 128-156 (1)] + [p. 156 (2)] + [pp. 158-187] + [p. 198] + [pp. 189-192] + [p. 183] + [pp. 194-204] + [p. 502] + [pp. 206-232] + [1 leaf] (= title to third part) + [pp. 235-246] + [p. 237] + [p. 248] + [p. 245 (2)] + [pp. 250-294] + [10] pp. Copy B: Vellum (boards bowed and separating at top and bottom of spine). [Frontis.] + [9 leaves] + otherwise as Copy A except lacks the additional pp. 213-218 at end of first part.

Gadbury, John ‘The Nativity of the Late King Charles’ The Wessex Astrologer Ltd., 4a Woodside Road, Bournemouth BH5, 2011[12a]. Glossy card covers

Gadbury, John ‘Nauticum Astrologicum; or, the Astrological Seaman; Directing Merchants, Mariners, Captains of Ships, Ensurers, &c. How (by God’s Blessing) they may escape divers Dangers which commonly happen in the Ocean. Unto which is added A Diary of the Weather for XXI Years together, Exactly observed in London, With Sundry Observations thereon. Being the Posthumous Work of John Gadbury, late Student in Physick and Astrology’ [Second Edition] – Printed for George Sawbridge, at the Three Golden Flower-de-luces in Little Britain, London, 1710. Half-leather (worn at top of spine and outer corners of boards) with cloth-covered boards. [1 leaf] + [6] + 155 pp + [p. 256] + [pp. 157-24] + [11]

Gaia; tr. Boro, Vetulia ‘Votre Horoscope: Amour, Caractère, Chance’ Éditions de Vecchi, Paris, 1983

Gailing, Stephanie ‘Planetary Apothecary: an Astrological Approach to Health and Wellness’ Crossing Press, Ten Speed Press, Berkley, California, 2009

Gainsburg, Adam ‘Chiron: the Wisdom of a Deeply Open Heart’ Soulsign, No place stated, 2006. Medium-format glossy card covers

Gainsburg, Adam ‘The Light of Venus: Embracing Your Deeper Feminine; Empowering Our Shared Future’ Soulsign Publishing, Burke, Virginia, USA, 2012

Gainsburg, Adam ‘Sacred Marriage Astrology: the Soul’s Desire for Wholeness’ Cold Tree Press, Nashville, Tennessee, 2005

Gainsburg, Adam ‘The Soul’s Desire & the Evolution of Identity: Pluto & the Lunar Nodes in Sacred Marriage Astrology’ SMA Communications, Alcalde, New Mexico, 2006

Galán, Félix Esquitino; and Conde, Marisa G. ‘Astro-Cabañuelas: Método autodidáctico para la previsión del tiempo meteorológico[13]‘ Samarkanda Ediciones, c/ Beatriz de Suabia, 94, 41005 Sevilla, undated[14]. Card wrappers. [1 leaf] + [1] + [pp. 6-7] + [p. 9] + [pp. 11-12] + 113 + [1 leaf] + [pp. 117-178 of diagrams, charts and tables] + [p. 179]

Gale, Mort ‘Moonpower’ [2nd Printing] – Warner Books, Inc., New York, N.Y., unclearly dated[15]


[1] i.e. Thyrza de Escobar after she married J. Allen Jones Jr., q. v.

[2] Worldcat records give 1947

[3] A reprint of the edition published by Editions Albin-Michel, S.A., Paris, 1996

[4] This popular reprint has proven much more common than the original on the second-hand marketplace

[5] Known to date from 1990

[6] Ibid.

[7] With added title page to first part: “Collectio Geniturarum: The First Part, In Fifty Illustrious Radixes: Being of eminent Use to the industrious Students In the Genethliacal Part of Astrologie. Together With something touching the Worlds Nativity” (same imprimatur). With added title page to [p. 73]: “Collectio Geniturarum: Or, A Collection of Nativities. The Second Part, In Fifty eminent Genitures; viz. Prelatical, Causidical, Physical: Being of Practical Concernment unto Philosophers, Physitians, & c. and all other Learned and Ingenious Persons” (same imprimatur). With added title page to [p. 157]: “Collectio Geniturarum: The Third Part, In Fifty Select Nativities. Viz. Of Genthemen, Merchants, Mathematicians, Short Life, Twins, & c. Being of Practical Concernment to the Sons of Art” (same imprimatur)

[8] Ibid.

[9] A facsimile reprint, issued in the early-mid 2000s, of another copy of the original edition above. The reprint notably ends seven pages earlier than my original, and has some of the erratic pagination corrected (notably the spurious second p. 193 becoming p. 197), although whether it was already thus in the original copy used or has been photographically retouched at the time of reproduction is unclear

[10] Corrected in ink to ‘200’ on the original copy of which this is a facsimile reprint

[10a] A retitled modern partial edition of ‘Genethlialogia’, q. v. immediately below. The mis-spelling of what should be “Horary” in the title, as quoted in my entry for this edition, is as it has been rendered on the front cover. The only internal title page is a facsimile of that of the original edition. Otherwise, the text in this edition has been completely retyped by Claude St. Arroman. Tables from the earlier part of the original book are included in reduced monochrome facsimile, while 200 pages of tables in Part II have been excluded altogether. The publisher (believed to have been Peter Hill at this time) promises in his note to the present edition that they would be available separately as an appendix at a later date; but I am not aware of this ever having materialised. Not long after this edition was published in 2003, Ascella ceased to supply bookshops. It is consequently likely to be scarce

[11] With added title page to second part: ‘Primum Mobile: or, Astronomical Tables shewing the Declinations, Right Ascensions, Ascensional Differences, and Oblique Ascensions of All the Points of the Ecliptique, From One Degree, to Sixty, of Latitude. Together with Tables of The Circle of Position, serving for Nativities, In all parts of the world, where the Pole is elevated not above 60 Degrees. As Also, Tables for Calculating the Planets places, for any time, either Past, Present, or To come. Serving as a Second Part to The Doctrine of Nativities’ Printed by J. C. for William Larnar and Daniel White, London, 1658. With added title page to third part: ‘The Doctrine of Horary Questions, Astrologically Handled: Wherein are Propounded and Answered All necessary Questions Contingent to the Life of Man. Added by way of Apendix to the Treatise of Nativities Before going’ Printed by J. C. for William Larner, at the Blackmoors head neer Fleet bridge; and Daniel White, at the seven Stars in Paul’s Church-yard, 1658.

[12] NB: pp. 213-218 at the end of the first work, headed ‘A Century of choice Rules or Aphorisms, fit to be considered by those that practice the Genethliacal Part of Astrologie’, are not headed with the title of the book, unlike all other pages, but are in a compatible type face and on matching paper, suggesting they were the contemporaneous work of Gadbury. It is unclear whether they are taken from another published work of his or whether they were included only in some early printings of this work. The paginations for the present work in library records do not allow for their inclusion.

[12a] Retyped copy of a facsimile edition of 2003 published by Ascella (not in this library)

[13] A manual of astro-meteorology based on Galán’s lifetime experience as an astro-meterological forecaster.

[14] Worldcat records give 1999

[15] Dated 1980; but it is not clear if this date relates only to the 1st printing

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