Astrology books and papers by 22 authors acquired in 2019

First entry, January 19th: 2019 has got off to a slow start in terms of acquisitions, but the second and third were picked up today, so it feels like a good time to get the 2019 acquisitions log guide page up and running, following on from the example set with the 2018 one.

At present, my spare earnings from work have to be saved up primarily for internal improvements to the library building that is also my place of residence. As a result, I anticipate that additions will be more of a slow crawl than usual in the first half of this year, but still, they will be carefully selected and may include some surprises.

Update, February 3rd: I’ve just catalogued additions by another seven authors, taking the total so far this year to ten authors

Update, February 9th: This past week, a box of new and second-hand purchases made in the United States since the start of December arrived. One new book was badly damaged, but the rest is in acceptable condition. I’ve catalogued everything except the additional Raphael’s almanacs and updated the books listing here accordingly. Also newly arrived here in the UK, three academic volumes published by Brill. Additionally, a short early 18th century Latin treatise received from Germany the previous week has been newly catalogued. The number of authors featured among new acquisitions catalogued in 2019 has therefore more than doubled to 21.

Update, February 16th: Yesterday, I received a huge new two-volume work published by Otto Harrassowitz Verlag in Germany, Victoria Altmann-Wendling’s academic reference work on lunar concepts in Egyptian temples in the time of the ancient Greek and Romans. Weighing over 4 kg when packed, and extending to over 1050 main pages split between two volumes, it’s what could be called a major work of relevance to ancient astronomy and astrology

2019 book acquisitions by author, A-Z:

Alexander, R. K. (2011)

Altmann-Wendling, Victoria (2018) (in 2 volumes)

Annus, Amar, ed. (2010)

Barry, Joseph (1886)

Boner, Patrick J. (2013)

Ciraolo, Leda and Seidel, Jonathan, ed. (2002)

Döser, Öner (2018) * 2

Editors of Astrology Guide Magazine (1938)

George, Demetra (2019)

Junius, M. Ulricus and Wachtel, Justinus (1701)

Keskar, Govind H. (1909)

Lackner, Michael, ed. (2018)

Leo, Alan (undated, circa 1912)

Maximus and Ammon (1877)

Menconi, Dave, ed. (2015)

Obert, Charles (2015); (2018) * 2

Scheible, J. (1857)

Schmieder, Karl Christoph (undated, circa 1925)

Scofield, Bruce (2018)

Sehested, Ove (1973) * 3

Stone, Ken (1968)

Von Elmensberg, K. W. (1929) * 2; (1930)

This list will be periodically updated as new additions are received


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