Astrological aspects calculation program in BBC BASIC improved

Today I have improved the program I wrote in early 2002 in BBC BASIC that automatically calculates all major and many minor aspects found for a chart whose planetary positions are entered by the user.

This is thanks to having recently got using a well-developed emulator for BBC BASIC called BeebEm. I typed in my old program from the transcript retained of the original program on this page; and once I’d corrected my own transcription errors, it was working perfectly once more.

However, I was motivated to improve it, so I have added in three additional points conspicuously lacking from the original version, which had been composed in just 24 hours. These are the Ascendant, the Midheaven and Ceres. Further, I’ve extended the range of minor aspects included down to those limited to an orb of as little as +/- 0.3º, according to the chart of harmonic aspect orbs in my old article on the subject that was written for MSN Groups shortly after the program itself in 2002.

While the program is available to type in for anyone who wants it, it is easy to make mistakes when typing in programs from print, so I’ve also saved it on a virtual floppy disc within the BeebEm emulator environment, and would be happy to email this to anyone who wants to use it on condition of respecting the copyright of my programming – just leave me your email address and I’ll send it to you some weekend soon.

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