Magazines and Gauquelin documents donated by Geoffrey Dean added to library catalogue

In 2016, Geoffrey Dean of Western Australia kindly donated a large collection of books and journals pertinent to astrology that he had gathered since 1978, the year after the publication of the landmark survey of astrological techniques and research ‘Recent Advances in Natal Astrology’, which he had co-ordinated together with Arthur Mather of Scotland under the auspices of the Astrological Association of Great Britain.

Owing to my international relocation shortly afterwards and subsequent need to get established in a job back in the UK prior to affording a new permanent home for the library, I was not in a position finally to unpack most of his donations before late 2018.

While most of the books remain to be catalogued, in recent weekends I’ve taken the time to handle most of the journals that were not duplicates of those already in the library.

These have included at least a dozen titles completely new to the collection, and I’ve now nearly finished cataloguing these and have integrated all the new catalogue entries to date into the online version of the overall catalogue.

These are primarily the following fifteen titles:

  • AFAN Newsletter
  • Asteroid-World
  • Astro*Talk
  • Astrologers’ Forum
  • Australian Astrologers Journal
  • Macoy Astrological Digest
  • Matrix Magazine
  • Matrix Journal
  • Phenomena
  • Planet Watch
  • SAFAC Newsletter
  • The Seattle Astrologer
  • Sirius
  • Star*Tech
  • Zetetic Scholar

Additionally, I’ve updated the records for several astrological journal titles that his donations have significantly extended our holdings of – notably:

  • Astro-Psychological Problems
  • CAO Times
  • The FAA Journal
  • The Fraternity News
  • Journal of the Seasons
  • Kosmos
  • The Mutable Dilemma.

Aside from these English-language journals, he also supplied enough missing issues to complete our holdings of the following Dutch astrological research journal:

My sincere gratitude to Geoffrey for his generosity in gifting these valuable recent historical literary resources to our library. I have no doubt that they will make for plenty of worthwhile future research by astrologers, historians and other scholars.

Another significant contribution he has made is of titles by Françoise and Michel Gauquelin in the ‘Scientific Documents’ and ‘New Birth Data’ series, published in the 1970s and early 1980s. These too have been catalogued by me this weekend, and added to the relevant pages of the main bibliography section (as linked via the clickable names of the authors immediately above).


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