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Announcement: Closure of Older Part of Astrolearn

The older part of Astrolearn, based on Content Management System infrastructure dating from (and installed in) 2009, was shut down permanently on Friday, 10th June, 2016, for a number of reasons, including presentation and site security, after the final legacy MSN Groups-era introductory astrology articles, previously hosted in the older part, were reformatted for WordPress and migrated to the newer WordPress part of the site.

The subdomain serving the older part of the site, www.astrolearn.com/astrology, has been redirected to www.astrolearn.com/astrology-articles. Owing to the studious retention of the exact URL endings for the 39 web-pages comprising the legacy introductory articles, redirection for those 39 web-pages should be automatic.

However, all the other articles previously hosted at www.astrolearn.com/astrology, which were already transferred to the newer part of the site months ago, but without the originals immediately being deleted, will now bring up 404: Page Not Found errors, as a result of having been hosted in a further subdirectory called www.astrolearn.com/astrology/articles. It was not possible to redirect that subdirectory to the new location at the same time as redirecting the main subdirectory, since the articles in the new location have been stored without an additional subdirectory.

So, if you have any bookmarks, or links on your website or blog, referencing articles at www.astrolearn.com/astrology/articles, please edit the first part of the URL to www.astrolearn.com/astrology-articles in all cases. It should be as simple as replacing one stroke with a hyphen. However, if in certain cases that fails, you can manually find the up-to-date URLs for the articles by searching the Articles menu page at www.astrolearn.com/astrology-articles/ .

One corollary of the closure of the older part of Astrolearn that came to light last night just hours after it was shut down was that the images on the Astrolearn scanned text DVD product pages had disappeared. Evidently they had been stored in the old part of the site. So last night, I reconstituted them using the equivalent images as stored in the WordPress part of Astrolearn, and they are all fully functional again.

It should be found that the presentation of the 39 web-pages’-worth of legacy introductory astrology articles has been significantly improved in the process of their recent reformatting. The off-white background, small purple text, coloured borders, and centre-justified formatting, have all been eliminated; and the makeshift tables in Courier New have been individually replaced by proper HTML-form tables, programmed one by one. I think you will find that that the resulting presentation is a lot clearer to read and more professional-looking than it ever was for the articles affected, whose presentation had previously been unchanged in 12 years. The text is unchanged except where obvious typographical errors were spotted.

The only significant change is a structural one to the formerly five-part Introduction to Planetary Influence article. The individual parts having been split to allow more precise focus, it now fills eleven parts, of which one for the introduction, and ten for the individual luminaries and planets. This change increases the total number of web-pages filled by the legacy introductory astrology articles from 39 to 45.

The Astrology Articles menu page now features separate links to all 45 web-pages, instead of just to the first page of each multi-part article. The menu page even gives hints of what is to be found in each part of the multi-part articles, to facilitate more precisely targetted browsing.

It is my hope to spruce up the basic presentation of the other articles accessed from the Astrology Articles page (the ones that were already moved months ago, i.e. those under all numbered groups from 2 onwards) along compatible lines with the newly moved ones over the coming weeks.

With best wishes to all,


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